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Posted by: Jani Jan 19 2017, 12:11 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

◒ The Site

Q: Why are there limits on how many topics a character can be in at one time?

A: First, to help make sure our admins and mods aren't overwhelmed trying to keep up with a ton of topics. Second, to motivate players to finish the topics that they begin, and to help prevent players from accidentally taking on more than they can handle.

Q: What is the average wait time for admin/mod replies?

A: It depends on the mod and on the day and season, but I would say the average wait time is about 3-5 days. Please be patient with us as we have to balance world building, event and quest creation, our own characters, and mod replies- not to mention that nonsense called Real Life! If you find yourself waiting on mods, try any of the following: plot with the other characters, plan or write a development thread, write something in the Forgotten Lives or Alternate Universes forums, or just hang around and chat (we are a very chatty group most of the time).

◒ The World

Q: Would all of the shops in the market in Ashfield work out of their own buildings/strip mall style, or would they have like market stands around?

A: A mix of both. More successful businesses are likely to have built or bought an actual building for their shop, while smaller businesses (niche businesses or poor businesses) will operate out of stands, or even just stand on a corner and peddle their wares out of their backpack. After all, this city wasn't built by a city planner- it was built by individuals. Nothing is particularly organized. Any organization that occurs happens naturally: for example, a couple shops happen to be set up near each other, thus customers visit that area more often, thus other merchants looking to sell their stuff will be more likely to set up a stand there, where the customers already are.

Q: Are there regular citizens in Crater, that aren't Workers and aren't part of the hierarchy?

A: Yes. Those who move in from other settlements, those who are born to non-Workers or to other regular citizens, or immigrants who miraculously avoid detection by the Peace Officers assigned to do the branding, become regular citizens.

Q: Are tattoos or piercings a thing in Terrene?

A: Obviously, immigrants who come over with markings such as these will keep them. But getting them while in Terrene, while not impossible, is not common. For example, the process of getting a tattoo or a piercing results in a high risk of infection. After all, not a lot of advanced medical knowledge has survived the trip from the Suffering Universe into Terrene. People re-use needles because of the difficulty of obtaining tools; they don't always properly sanitize, or if they do attempt to sanitize/clean the area, they may use material that actually does more harm than good out of sheer ignorance; the material used for tattoos (ash or ink made from berries or roots or what-have-you) isn't always sanitary; and so forth. There are similar problems with piercings. It should also be noted that metal piercings would be taken as signs of extreme wealth due to the difficulty in obtaining metals.

Q: People eat unfertilized Pokemon eggs in Terrene- but how can they tell when eggs are unfertilized?

A: Unfertilized Pokemon eggs do not have spots. They still have color, and the color represents the primary type of the "mother" who laid them.

Q: Are Fairy Island and Paradise Island visible from the mainland?

A: Fairy Island is visible when the air is perfectly clear and visibility is high- no fog, no darkness, et cetera. Paradise Island is never visible from the mainland.

◒ The Characters

Q: When and how fast does the memory loss occur when our characters are brought from the Suffering Universe??

A: There are many ways it can occur. Some lose their memories the instant they are taken from the Suffering Universe, and struggle with their memory loss all through their void experience. Some lose their memories slowly as they remain in the void. Others retain their memories all through the void, but lose them as soon as they are placed in Terrene.

Q: On Beta's Workers / "The Branded", where is the brand located, what does it look like, and how are they branded?

A: Typically, the brand is located on the forehead. It is literally a hot-iron brand in the shape of the beta symbol (β), approximately an inch tall and three quarters of an inch wide. When a new immigrant comes through in Crater, they are typically branded by Peace Officers, or occasionally a Deacon or another Worker. Children born into Worker families aren't branded until they are old enough to begin doing chores and leaving their home on their own to run errands or just to do children things. (Typically around age 7 or 8.) This often leads parents to try to give their children to non-Worker, regular Crater citizen families before the child reaches the age of branding, in hopes that they can live a better life.

Q: What do the characters/NPCs know about the Legendaries?

A: It depends on who you ask. In the old world, the Legendaries were all but forgotten; they were literally only myth and legend that hardly came up in conversation, both before and after the Suffering began. Some Immigrants may remember snippets of whatever Legendary brought them through into Terrene, depending on how much interaction they got while they were between universes. Arceus at least is fairly well known in Terrene: this is due mostly to Beta's stories, though many other Immigrants' foggily remembered experiences corroborate and append his words. All other Legendaries, however, remain either shrouded in mystery or essentially forgotten, lost to time. There are always stories of them, though. Pokemon, however, have a closer connection with the Legendaries; they have an innate sense of them and cannot entirely forget them.

◒ The Pokemon

Q: How do immigrant starters work? Where does the starter come from? Do they need to be caught with a pokeball?

A: First off, here is a wonderful example of what typically happens when an immigrant appears in Terrene: The Pokemon can come from anywhere in Terrene; the legendary essentially gives them an instinct, an urge, to travel until they arrive where the human will appear. The starter will need to be caught in a pokeball if you want to help prevent it being stolen, however, the pokeball is a freebie and is not one that needs to be bought nor is it one that needs to be taken out of the starter pack pokeballs.

Q: What is the general level of intelligence of Pokemon?

A: Somewhere between real animals and humans. They are primarily driven by instinct, just as animals in real life are, but they are also capable of some abstract thought, as well. However, they are not as intelligent as humans, with the exception of Dragons and Psychics, and likely some Ghosts as well, if the particular Ghost was human in their previous life.

Q: What does PokeSpeech sound like? Is it like the anime, where they say their species name repeatedly, or more like the noises from the games, or something else?

A: A mix of all of the above, honestly. Ideally, the Pokemon should sound very similar to whatever their design is based on: cats will meow and hiss and purr, dogs will bark and growl and howl, birds will chirp or hoot or screech or twitter, and so forth. Often, these sounds will sound similar to if they were stating their species' name, but it isn't as if they are clearly pronouncing their species' name over and over as they communicate like they do in the anime.

Q: Since evolution takes place over time and isn't a sudden-burst-of-light event, how can I describe it?

A: You'll have some creative freedom with this, obviously, but I recommend taking inspiration from real-world animals (who molt or shed their shells, skin, fur, etc), as well as try to follow any cues that Pokedex entries give, and then just applying as much logic as you can. Try to imagine how a Pokemon would grow from one form to the next form, then think about how you could describe that happening over a period of time (you could take some inspiration from For many, it will merely be a period of rapid growth. A Spearow evolving into a Fearow, for example, would begin growing faster, its feathers would change color, it would begin growing that red fleshy crown atop its head. It might be a bit clumsy for a while as it gets used to its rapidly growing body, especially that much longer wingspan. If you need ideas for how to evolve a certain Pokemon, just PM a mod or admin, or even bring it up in the cbox!

Q: Are Pokemon still brought through the Suffering Universe? If so, what is the experience like for them?

A: Yes, they are, though not with much frequency. Their experience is much quicker, as they do not need to be assigned a helper when they are pulled through. This results in them often retaining more of their memories than humans do, though they still do lose most of their lives to the void. Additionally, the location where they appear is much more random, and they are just as likely to appear out in the wilderness as they are in a city.

Q: How long can a Pokemon survive in a pokeball, without being released to eat and drink?

A: Since the Pokemon is in a sort of stasis when contained in a pokeball, they can live for two or three months without food and water if they are kept in their pokeball the entire time. Of course there is some variation, for example, a water-type or grass-type would not be able to live as long without water as many other types. Many grass-types are particularly vulnerable due to their higher need of both sun and water.

Q: How much EXP does a Pokemon gain from attacking and/or knocking out a human?

A: It depends on the situation. If a big ol' Machamp just bopped a human on the head and KO'd it, not much experience would be earned, if any. If a Pokemon was defending its trainer from an attacking human, and there was a somewhat lengthy struggled with multiple "turns," EXP gain similar to or greater than a regular Pokemon battle could be earned. It is all up to the mod that you are playing with and how well it is played out.

Q: How do held items work, especially with Pokemon that have no hands?

A: It depends on the item and the Pokemon, and it is up to your interpretation a lot of the time. A soothe bell could be used on a collar for a Skitty, for example. A lucky egg could be something a Shellos rubs for good luck before a battle. Or, if it is something like wise glasses or a black belt, those could simply be worn by the Pokemon.


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