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 Footprints in the Snow, [Social - Kira]
 Posted: Mar 7 2018, 07:49 PM


The silence kind of... Left Blue alone to her thoughts, something she never really loved but something she did often.

She had gone and ruined this... Everything was fine. Everything was fine until she showed up. Pyro wouldn't have been hurt and this whole Venom and Sai incident wouldn't have happened if she had just stayed home... Ugh.

A sudden urge of fear swept over Blue.

Blue crossed her arms and sunk her nails into them. She felt her throat tighten and dry up. She began to panic and fidget. She felt like she was going to die. She withdrew her hands from her arms and grabbed her hair with them. She attempted to curl herself into a ball.

She was shivering still, her thoughts not allowing her to stay calm. She sat there pathetically for a couple moments, which attracted the attention of her houndour and mareep.

Tears started flooding out of her eyes, which the girl immediately started to tense up about. She uncurled herself and had a few spasms in her arms as she quickly leapt up. Using her sleeves, Blue quickly wiped away the tears. "Shit." She murmured, not even bothering with noticing her choice of wording.

"I-I... Ne-ne-need to g-et-go now..." It was difficult to choke out words, but Blue managed to do it with much strain. She quickly spun around and rubbed her teary eyes with her sleeves. Although it hurt her to speak, she still murmured a farewell. "B-bye..."

She needed to get home. She was done with socialization. Blue tried to take a deep breath and walk away.

Sasha winced as she saw the quickness in her human's jump and walk... Was something the matter? Usually the human was so happy and calm... But then again, she had changed since they first met. The mareep turned to Sai and sighed. "(I... I should probably go now. Human seems distraught. Mary! Pyro!)"

The two seemed to perk up at the sheep's call, the skunk fully pausing and standing still in the snow. The houndour nodded in understanding, and grabbed the baby by the scruff. Pyro shrieked for a split second, and quieted down at the low growl of the demon.

"(See you, Arashi!)" The stunky called out quickly as Mary hauled him away towards his trainer. Sasha didn't even make a comment as she passed the snake sprawled on the ground. She didn't consider it at all, to be completely honest.

She was too focused on her trainer to give a shit about trash.


 Posted: Mar 7 2018, 08:32 PM


When Ri looked at Blue again, she saw the shorter girl with her arms crossed, nails digging in. Her concern rose as the younger's panic and anxiety seemed to permeate through her skin. The redhead's own hands began twitching in response, before she settled on clenching them into fists. She was about to open her mouth, when suddenly she flinched.

Tears, thick blobs of salty water began leaking out from the little lamb's eyes. Ri's own thoughts began swirling, like a storm of distress and concern. She kept biting at her own lip, briefly opening and closing her mouth, trying to grasp at some words that might soothe Blue, and perhaps allow the redhead to cheer up the kid. But she couldn't act fast enough. The kid was tensing up, and like a spring she suddenly uncoiled. She was rambling, and Ri had risen quickly to her own feet, eyes flashing with concern, her control slipping.

She wanted to cry out and reach out, but Blue was already turning away, tears probably still falling even as she wiped them away.

Ri's words caught in her throat, and she couldn't even mutter a goodbye in response, lamely just standing there, as Blue called her pokemon. Then she was leaving... And Ri only stood there like a fucking idiot, eyes wide, her nails digging into her palms. When Blue and her pokemon were gone, she didn't exactly slap herself. But she certainly to unpleasant scratching her nails against the side of her face as she let out of a snarl of frustration. She slumped into the snow, and slammed a palm into her forehead. "Fucking moron..." She growled at herself, cursing at herself under her breath.

Sai was barely paying attention... But suddenly Sasha seemed to be leaving. She shrugged. "(... Bye.)" She whispered, without turning her head to wave goodbye. She was sitting there, and she... Figured it'd be a time before they would get back on the move and move from this place.

Arashi tilted her head. "(O-Okay! Bye Pyro!)" She called after Pyro, as the Stunky was being pulled away by Mary.

Soon, Sasha, Mary, and Pyro were gone with the human. Sai and Arashi both saw their own human's distressed state, though it seemed significantly more angry than the smaller human's state of upset.

Sai could see there was something beneath the anger. But... She was unfamiliar with this kind of anger. Venom's anger was all murder and indignation. This was... Something different, more complex, something the Psyduck couldn't grasp quite yet. Maybe one day she would... But not today. She had a feeling like the only place she could think of that she'd recognize this kind of anger... Was in a mirror.

Arashi was far too young to understand the angry. It only confused her. She looked around. Venom was still out cold, Sai seemed... Uh... Not very fun right now. The human was angry, and the human had Yuki. She stood up and backpedaled a little bit, before she tumbled and fell into the snow. She scrambled quickly to sit back up properly. She was... Kind of confused about this situation but.... She guessed there was no one to talk about it. At least... Not right now.

 Posted: Mar 13 2018, 07:29 PM


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Very anxiety. Much sad. This was a tense ending, but an interesting little story/interaction to follow along with!

Gentle reminder- how could a hoofed sheep wipe away tears and reassuringly pat another Pokemon? Let's not forget that these are Pokemon who cannot think or move like humans do, even though we all want to comfort poor Sai. :C

I'll go add all these

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