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Pokemon: Terrene > Junior Tournament > Blue vs Ivan

Posted by: Jani Jul 1 2018, 06:30 PM
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The final round of the tournament is taking place right in front of the city, in front of southern entrance through the outer wall. The new cobblestone road is underfoot. It is a relatively mild day for mid-summer; still quite warm, of course, but with a pleasant cool breeze. It has begun to drizzle ever so slightly; it will begin to pick up into a steady but light rain as the battle starts. The sun still shines strongly through the thin layer of rain clouds, illuminating and warming the battlers and their humans. A decent-sized crowd has gathered on both sides of the road to watch the culmination of this event; they are eager for a good, competitive battle. Feel free to use the environment to your advantage! Good luck, combatants! The deadline for this round is July 16th.

Posted by: BestBella Jul 2 2018, 09:36 AM

Blue kept her head to the sky as she walked along the cobblestone path. It was an oddity to see rain. But then again, it was an oddity being here in general. This place was nothing like Oasis, and she didn't know what to make of it... She had to admit it was nice, actually. Well, she guessed that getting this far in the tournie had done some good after all. The time away from her home was nice. But... She still wanted to go home soon. She wanted to see Chuck again.

The girl stared up at the sky as she kept walking, her houndour and mareep close by her heels. She occasionally glanced back down at look at the crowds of people nearby. She smiled sheepishly and awkwardly waved. It was slightly unnerving, being by so many people... They wouldn't really hurt her though, right? Blue glanced down to Sasha, who was kicking around puddles of water. Mary simply seemed to bark in laughter, and lightly swatted some of the water into Sasha's face. The mareep gave a look of mock surprise and betrayal before kicking some water at the dog. The two soon began a tiny war of just splashing water at each other. A small smile grew on Blue's face as she continued forth.

Okay... So the other person should be here soon... She wasn't late, hopefully. But then again, she hadn't been late all the other times. Still, the nervous feeling filled her head. She tried to pass the time waiting by scanning over the crowd. Most of the faces she could barely even recognize as someone she'd seen before. A certain series of people reminded Blue of Dusk, and she immediately perked up. Was Dusk here? The girl now tried to look over the crowds to look for her friend.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Mary stood close to their human and eyed the crowds of people. The two weren't typically used to seeing this many humans, even in the other rounds. Mary seemed to be more on edge than her mareep friend, though. When the next opponent appeared, Sasha would almost instantly step forwards. A hint of a cocky smirk was on her face as she stood boldly in the rain.


user posted image : Sasha, level 13 (Set lvl 5) : Health 100%. Energy 50%. Are we ready to rumbleeeee?

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 2 2018, 09:59 AM

Creature | F | Lv. 5 | HP: 100 | EN: 50

Egg Post 2Casually pretending the egg was here the whole time

Making it to the final round of the tournament for juniors, Ivan arrived to the battlefield. There would be more people watching this time around. He wanted more people to witness him. He needed them to know that he was growing stronger. The man wanted people to be worried, especially people like Beta or Avery. These leaders who branded him.

The man figured it would be best to go with Creature once more since it was raining out. Perhaps the weather could give the fish some kind of advantage? At least she'd be comfortable, unlike last time, having to battle in the first and stone.

Ivan had his ghost and demon away while electrike and makuhita watched from the sidelines. The wooper was balled away for now until he was ready to send her into battle. For now he approached who he spotted would be his opponent. Another short woman. He wondered if it was some kind of coincidence that they kept making it this far. The man, had his eggs strapped to his back as he came over to speak with her.

As the man came over, the sheep the girl had by her side stepped forward. This one was prepared for a fight and he kind of liked that. Pokemon that coward were of no interest to him. It would appear that the girl would also a demon in her possession. Ivan wondered how it had affected her as the rattata did him.

She was more interesting by her team alone. He wondered what her personality was like. Was she also cold and collected like the last opponent? Bowing to the young woman, he grinned. "Let's make it a good on, eh kid?" The man sent out the wooper who appeared onto the battlefield in front of Sasha. She looked up at the sheep with a worried glare. This pokemon was rather big compared to the young fish and it looked kind of mean. She worried that she had to fight the mareep but if so then, at least the rain felt great.



Posted by: BestBella Jul 2 2018, 11:08 AM

When the next opponent showed up, Blue had to rub her eyes for a second to make sure she was seeing things correctly. When she stared at him, she didn't exactly seemed scared. Sure, he was really tall, but she was pretty used to that by this point. Literally everyone she had ever met had been taller than her. When he approached her, she looked up to him in some small shock. She wasn't really sure what to make of his clothing choices. It was all black and seemed sort of heavy, which seemed add considering what time of the year it was. But then again, she was the loser wearing a thick coat.

The girl smiled lightly in greeting, and nervously glanced down at Sasha and Mary. The sheep was lightly bouncing in place, eager to fight. She couldn't tell if that was a good or bad thing at this point.

As he spoke, she perked up slightly. She bowed back to him, and nodded. "Sure thing, sir. Nice to meet you." She murmured. Blue then stepped back along with Mary to give Sasha some more room. The sheep simply stared as the wooper was released from its pokemon. It was pretty small in comparison to her, and it kind of made her want to chuckle. Its dorky face simply amused her for some odd reason. But still, this was a battle, and she'd have to fight.

Sasha glanced back at her human and Mary to look for some type of action of the girl preventing her from attacking. Surprisingly though, the human just simply stood there, and awkwardly nodded at her. The mareep shrugged slightly, and turned back towards the water type. She nodded curtly before suddenly charging at her opponent. Her hooves slammed into the cobblestone as she did, letting the loud noise fill the air.

Blue took a deep breath, and sighed. Hopefully this wouldn't end up like the last round, right? She shivered briefly at the thought of the tepig... Yeah, hopefully this goes better. "Don't go overboard, please!" The girl hesitantly shouted towards her pokemon.


user posted image : Sasha, level 13 (Set lvl 5) : Health 100%. Energy 42%. Using Tackle (-8%) on Creature. RUMBLEEEEEE

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 2 2018, 11:21 AM

Creature | F | Lv. 5 | HP: 66 | EN: 42

Tackle does 34%

Creature used Acid Spray on Sasha. [lowers special defense 2 stages.]

Egg Post 3Casually pretending the egg was here the whole time

Seeing the mareep charge in for the first attack, the wooper began to panic. She ran in circles figuring out what to do and in confusion she allowed the sheep to tackle her. The creature rolled back along the ground, feeling Sasha's heavy blow.

Picking herself and realizing she'd really have to fight back, she aimed for her more defensive abilities. She wanted to throw off the sheep as best she could. Immediately she picked herself up and dashed toward the mareep with her little feet and spray acid from her mouth, hoping to blind the sheep. If not, wherever she hit it, the burns would be painful.

Ivan was impressed with the sheep's raw power. She seemed to really send the wooper flying backward with that tackle. He wondered if the wooper had what it took to beat this thing. It wasn't like the one he encountered in the plains that was young and week. This one was toned and well developed.



Posted by: BestBella Jul 2 2018, 02:15 PM

Sasha had to admit, she wasn't really expecting the small creature to vomit acid at her. From the looks of it, she had expected it to shoot water or ice or something like that. But ack, pokemon could be surprising, she guessed. The sheep stumbled back as the acid made contact with her wool and skin. The attack stung heavily, but she tried her best to ignore it. She was pretty used to taking hits from others at this point, so she could tune out the stinging and burning out for the most part. Didn't change the fact that it hurt, though.

The mareep heard her human shout in the back. Overboard? Well, sorry she didn't realize how much damage she could do. Still... Yeah, she wasn't trying to kill. She briefly paused in thought, but soon snapped back and stepped back to charge herself to attack again. She tensed up her muscles, and began to attack once again.

Blue took a deep breath, trying to keep herself from getting too worked up over this. She tried to focus on the patterns that the rain made in the ground as it splashed down. She took another deep breath, and withdrew her hands from clutching her sleeves to quickly bring up her hood. The fluff lining it fell onto her face, but she could see through it anyways. Not exactly clear, but she could see what was generally happening.


user posted image : Sasha, level 13 (Set lvl 5) : Health 79%. Energy 32%. -2 Sp. Defense. Using Tackle (-8% + -2%) on Creature. RUMBLEEEEE

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 2 2018, 05:09 PM

Creature | F | Lv. 5 | HP: 42 | EN: 34

Tackle does 24%

Creature used Water on Sasha.

Egg Post 4 Casually pretending the egg was here the whole time

Creature was relieved the acid affected the mareep well enough. She would have liked it even more if that attack was enough yo take the sheep out but that was unrealistic expectations. She didn't know if the sheep could do much other than tackle but she was sure it couldn't zap her.

Others had tried to electrocute her before and it didn't hurt. She never understood but she was glad. Surely enough the mareep charged in to tackle. The fish thought she could hope out the way but she was too slow. She felt the tackle hit her as she flew back once more. This time she was able to catch herself.

Once she was able to get her footing she opened her mouth, shooting a water gun at the sheep. Even if water types were weak to water, it didn't mean they their attacks were weaker. Perhaps the pressure wpuld knock her back enough so she could prepare for a follow up.


Posted by: BestBella Jul 3 2018, 04:01 PM

Sasha stumbled back slightly as she tossed the wooper back, trying to regain her footing. It felt slightly awkward stepping in the growing puddles, as she wasn't quite used to the feeling of it. The rain on her wool felt odd, and she sighed. God, she should be thankful that there's actual rain, but... Fuck, it was strange.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a forceful beam of water was shot in her direction. The mareep flinched up, and braced for impact. It hit harder than expected, and the sheep staggered back from the force of all. Well, shit, more water... Sasha bared her teeth and shook her body violently, as if trying to shake off the extra water that tried to stick to her wool. The mareep then turned her head to the facing opponent. Okaaay, so this thing hit harder than she expected, big deal... But she didn't feel as confident as before.

Sasha growled under her breath, and drew herself back slightly to prepare for her attack. The mareep then burst forwards, her hooves making an even bigger racket against the cobblestone ground. She skidded off to the side of the wooper, and tensed up her muscles as she tried to attack the water type from the side.


user posted image : Sasha, level 13 (Set lvl 5) : Health 46%. Energy 15%. -2 Sp. Defense. Using Body Slam (-17%) on Creature. Why tf did that hurt.

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 3 2018, 05:07 PM

Creature | F | Lv. 5 | HP: 42 | EN: 14

Creature Dodges Body Slam.[throws in my one free dodge card]

Creature used Acid Spray on Sasha. [lowers special defense 2 stages.]

Creature used Water Gun on Sasha.

Egg Post 5

The sheep was still going, even after the acid burns. Even after the force of water pushing her back. Creature wasn't sure what it was doing to take. The wooper could see how determined she was to win. If the fish wasn't careful, she'd likely be killed in this battle.

Watching as the sheep tried to confuse her by running off to her side and charging in to slam the fish, wooper tried using the wet ground and her slimy body to her advantage. Creature dove forward and slide across the ground just enough to dodge the body slam by the sheep. She was sure that impact would have broken a few bones, if not killed her.

Turning onto her back, only having dodged the attack by a few inches, the wooper sprayed more acid at the sheep in defense. She didn't know if the attack would do much but she felt like it was a good idea. Still she needed to put some distanced between her and the Sasha, so she fired off another water gun with the pressure, pushing back Creature a few feet from the mareep. She waited for to see what the sheep would do next.



Posted by: BestBella Jul 3 2018, 06:04 PM

Sasha had begun to feel tired as she attempted to slam into the fish. Unfortunately for her, the wooper had managed to escape by using the water. A few unknown curses went under her breath as the sheep turned to face where her opponent had gone to. Despite her growing lack of energy, she was still determined to fight. She shook her body to shake the rain off her wool, and started to aim for another attack.

But before that, another spray of acid was tossed in her direction. Sasha let out a loud bleat as it made contact with her, the burning feeling returning to her senses. But she quickly bit down on her teeth and refused to let out another pained cry. The human would get upset and probably try to get her out of there, and...

"Sasha, move!"

The sheep's eyes went wide at the familiar panicked shout from her trainer. Before she could process the girl's words, she realized that the wooper was trying to launch another shot of water at her. She tensed up, and quickly scurried away from the attack. She was not in the mood to get hit by one of those again. She had had enough of this stupid water at this point.

Heavy breaths went into the air as Sasha prepared another attack. She tensed up her muscles, and started to charge at the wooper. She decided to take an erratic zigzag pattern as if trying to confuse her opponent.

Blue clutched her sleeves tightly, and felt a small sting of pain in her throat. Oh god, why did she yell..? It felt horrible to yell, even more so to order someone around... Well, at least Sasha was safe... The girl began to reach into her backpack for her mareep's pokeball, just in case. Mary whimpered beside her, eying the battle with fearful eyes.


user posted image : Sasha, level 13 (Set lvl 5) : Health 19%. Energy 7%. -4 Sp. Defense. Using Tackle (-8%) on Creature. I'M NOT DONE YET >:U

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 3 2018, 06:29 PM

Creature | F | Lv. 5 | HP: 16 | EN: 3

Creature used Water Gun on Sasha.

Egg Post 6

Ivan watched as the wooper handled herself well enough. She had taken a lot of damage but somehow was proving to be tricky. She used her skills and typing to her advantage and her quick wit showed him that she was worth the catch.

The sheep was able to get out of the way in time from the water gun. Creature wasn't able to propell herself backward like she wanted to and now that she was close range to the sheep, the angry mareep charged forward, tackling her the few feet she was trying to escape.

Feeling pretty dizzy at this point, she knew she would go down from the next attack. If she didn't do something here, she may as well have just give up. The wooper opened her mouth once more to fire off her last water gun. She had no more energy to do anything else. She was done after this. If somehow the attack would miss, then she'd allow the sheep to finish her off. @BestBella


Posted by: BestBella Jul 3 2018, 07:40 PM
Blue tensed up as she realized that the wooper was going in for one final attack. Oh god, oh god, oh god! She didn't think Sasha could survive another hit, by the looks of it. The mareep seemed weak and ready to fall over at any moment. The girl heard Mary start barking loudly, and she hastily went through her bag.

After pulling out her pokeball, Blue looked up and froze as the water gun seemed to hit Sasha. The mareep let out a yelp and staggered back. But thankfully, it did not seem to be a direct hit. Sasha did however tumble onto the ground and lay still. She didn't move at all except for the heavy rise and fall of her sides. The girl winced, and frantically ran into the battle area. Mary followed hurriedly at her heels.

Blue quickly bent down to Sasha, and winced as she realized the burn marks and the bits of wool lost off the mareep. Oh god... Please let her be okay... She felt the need to hug her partner and tell her reassurances, but she didn't want to potentially bring back up the pain from the prior attacks. So instead, the girl patted the mareep's head lightly and murmured a small, "Good job," before returning her to her pokeball.

She simply sat there for a few moments, staring at the pokeball she held in her scarred hand. The light nudge of her houndour touched her hand, and Blue finally realized that she should probably get up. The girl hoisted herself up, and looked up towards the trainer of the wooper. She didn't look angry or even disappointed in her lose. In fact, her expression only showed a shadow of her worry and content. She was thankful that she didn't have to disappoint someone else by winning.

She slowly put Sasha's pokeball back into her pack, and turned back to Ivan. Hesitantly, she began to walk up to him. Mary was still at her heels, eying the wooper and her trainer with suspicion. Blue looked up to the man, and nodded. "Well, congratulations, sir. I hope you have a nice day." She murmured politely. A sheepish and tired smile was held on her face.

After taking a small bow, Blue turned and started to rush towards where she'd assume there'd be stuff for healing. She wanted to take care for Sasha as soon as possible. The houndour at her feet stuck around for a few seconds, squinting up at Ivan before she too started to walk away.


user posted image : Sasha, level 13 (Set lvl 5) : Health 5%. Energy 7%. -4 Sp. Defense. Recalled to pokeball. Highkey fudged the health because nobody wants a ded sheep right now.

Posted by: Shasyu Jul 3 2018, 08:00 PM

Creature | F | Lv. 5 | HP: 16 | EN: 3

Creature returned to her ball

Egg Post 7

Ivan was just a bit shocked to see the wooper win the battle. She managed to summon enough energy for one last attack and it led to knocking the sheep out. The young girl returned her pokemon and eventually approached Ivan to congratulate him.

The tall man looked down at her and bowed his head. "It was my honor, miss," he said in return. He meant it. Her pokemon was tough and as often as Ivan enjoyed the torment of others, he felt no reason to mock the girl. She was young and didn't seem to have any other agendas that to bond with her pokemon.

"Good luck on your travels," he said as she walked away. Ivan returned the tired fish to the ball. She was just lying there looking exhausted anyway. Makuhita and Electrike dashed up to the tall man who seemed ready to head out. With his egg strapped to his back, the trainer went off to find some place to take a break from the crowd.

Sure winning was what he wanted but he didn't do it for the people. He did it to show Beta that he could. Even if he wasn't strong enough to face the leader, he was growing. Someday he'd get there and when this man was dead, his city would die with him. @BestBella


Posted by: Kaien Jul 9 2018, 01:07 PM
Battle Results

Ivan wins the Junior Tournament! Official prizes will be awarded with the closing of the tournament.

4x2 = 8 +2 = 10 EXP for Creature
6x5 = 30 tokens for Ivan
4x2 = 8 EXP for Sasha
6x5 = 30 tokens for Blue

Creature levels to 9 and learns Mud Shot! Sasha levels to 14!


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