Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Posted: Mar 2 2018, 06:24 PM



◒ Job Categories & Pay Ranges

The pay range is first described as a percentage of the maximum pay anyone can get in a season (400 tokens), and then described as the range of tokens that the percentages represent. These job categories are fairly general, and should fit just about any job your character could have.

Crafters: 50-80% - [200-320 tokens]
*exception: metal working, 40-90% - [160-360 tokens]

Gatherers/Farmers: 30-60% - [120-240 tokens]

Government: 55-85% - [220-340 tokens]

Healers: 60-90% - [240-360 tokens]

Hunters/Fishers/Trappers: 40-70% - [160-280 tokens]

Religious: 10-40% - [40-160 tokens]

Researchers: 25-55% - [100-220 tokens]

Service People: 30-60% - [120-240 tokens]

Traders: 35-65% - [140-260 tokens]
*exception: exotic or high value goods, 25-75% - [100-300 tokens]

Unskilled Branded: 20-40% - [80-160 tokens]

◒ Skills in Jobs

Up to three skills will affect the pay that your character, with some skills affecting the pay more than others. For each job, your character can have a Primary Skill, Secondary Skill, and Tertiary Skill. As is evidenced by the name, the Primary Skill affects the earnings the most, as it is essentially the skill that is required to accomplish the job in its entirety. If a character was a tailor that had a negative crafting skill, for example, they wouldn't be likely to earn much money selling their subpar wares; but a tailor with a high crafting skill would have no trouble selling their high quality items. (However, just like when we make rolls for successful skills, a -1 in a skill is not detrimental; -1 is treated just like 0.)

Primary skills will add (or subtract) 3% per skill level; Secondary skills will add (or subtract) 2% per skill level; Tertiary skills will add (but not subtract) 1% per skill level. These all go towards a bonus that will be added onto whatever amount we RNG from your character's pay range.

If there is no skill that fits well as a Primary skill for a certain job (meaning it is a job that is not a skilled job, or your character doesn't use that skill in that job, or it is a job that uses a skill that we don't track), you may instead have two Secondary skills or two Tertiary skills; if there are no skills that fit well into either Primary or Secondary, you may instead have three Tertiary skills. Or, if it is truly a skill-less job, you may have no Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary job skills. However, you may not choose to not include a skill that should, logically, be a Primary (or even Secondary) skill.

◒ Job & Skill Guide

This guide outlines what skills would be typically used in each category of job. Please keep in mind that the skills listed here are not guaranteed to your character if you apply for them to have the job; even if it is a skill recommended in this guide, you still have to decide for yourself what skills your character uses in their job.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Primary: Crafting
Secondary: Charisma
Tertiary: Foraging, or none
Crafting is the obvious skill for crafters, representing how skilled they are at working with their material(s) of choice. Charisma is pretty hard to get around; since you're dealing with crafted goods which are often not immediately required for survival (unlike food), being able to pitch the sale or at least broker a deal with a Trader to sell them on your behalf fairly essential. Foraging could factor into this if your character goes out and finds the materials themselves rather than have someone else find the materials for them.

Primary: Foraging
Secondary: Wayfinding, or none
Tertiary: Charisma, Stealth, or none
Scouring through the wilds looking for berries or other food, rare materials, shed Pokemon horns or feathers, anything. Whatever the character can find to sell, whether they have a specialty or not. Foraging is the skill that represents how skilled the character is at, well, foraging for whatever it is they forage for. It's a good idea to have a good sense of direction so they don't get lost- hence Wayfinding. Charisma could come into play if they sell these items themselves, particularly if the items they find are more obscure and not directly useful. Stealth could be used if the character needs to sneak close to Pokemon in order to take what they are looking for.

Processors (alt. of Gatherers)
Primary: None
Secondary: Foraging, Crafting, or none
Tertiary: Charisma, or none
This job covers the processing of materials to be used in crafting or some such: butchers, skinners, smelters, lumberjacks, spinners, etc. Most of these jobs are manual labor, and thus require very little to no skill, so having high skill won't get the character much benefit. The good news is, having really bad skills won't put them much behind, either. Any Secondary or Tertiary skills would depend on what the specific job is, as this category covers a very wide variety of possibilities.

Farmers (Plants)
Primary: None
Secondary: Foraging, Wayfinding, or none
Tertiary: Charisma, Wayfinding, or none
Doing farm work is generally not a very skillful job, being primarily manual labor, but it is good to be able to pick vegetables and fruits without killing plants, or maybe venture out to the edges of the fields or beyond without getting lost, depending on the location of the farm. And again, Charisma could be useful if the character has to peddle their own wares, though given that they would be selling food, it's less of a difficult sell.

Farmers (Pokemon)
Primary: None
Secondary: Combat, Charisma, or none
Tertiary: Charisma, Wayfinding, Foraging, or none
Doing farm work is generally not a very skillful job, being primarily manual labor, but it is good to be able to wrestle and handle the Pokemon without harming them (Combat), or perhaps the kind you work with appreciate a kind tone and a gentle touch (Charisma). In addition, knowing good quality grass or grain from poor quality (which is part of Foraging) could add some minor benefits. Again, Charisma could factor in more if the character has to peddle their own wares.

Primary: Charisma, Combat, or none
Secondary: Charisma, Combat, or none
Tertiary: Stealth, Foraging, Wayfinding, Crafting, or none
At this point, this mostly just encompasses people working for Beta, but perhaps one day there will be other places with some form of organized government as well. The skillset is highly dependent on your specific job within the government. Beta's people are primarily paid in an item or multiple items that equal or nearly equal the token amount that is RNG'd for them; there is typically a choice of a couple different items per each seasonal pay.

Primary: Medicine
Secondary: Foraging, Crafting, Charisma, or none
Tertiary: Charisma, Foraging, Crafting, or none
Medicine is the obvious Primary skill for healers. Depending on the character's specialty, they could focus more on finding and evaluating rare herbs and ingredients to make medicines (Crafting, Foraging), or they could be more of the trauma-surgeon and you need steady hands and a fine touch (Crafting). Regardless of the specialty, a good bedside manner will almost always get the character more returning patients (Charisma).

Primary: Hunting, Fishing, or Trapping
Secondary: Wayfinding, or Combat, or none
Tertiary: Stealth, Combat, Crafting, or Charisma, or none
Clearly, a hunter would need the Hunting skill, and so forth for Fishers and Trappers. Depending on which of these jobs they take, and how they perform the jobs, different skills could be used. For example, greater Stealth or ability to Wayfind would benefit a hunter more than a fisher in most cases. Crafting for a trapper could mean that they build their own traps; or it could represent how well they lay and hide a trap.

Primary: Foraging, Wayfinding, Stealth, Crafting, or none
Secondary: any of the above, or Charisma, or none
Tertiary: any of the above, or none
The skills here are highly dependent on what your character decides to research and what setting they decide to research in. This job is very flexible in terms of what skills you can have. Perhaps they are gathering materials from the wild to look at, perhaps they are sneaking about observing wild Pokemon, maybe they are putting on the charm to ask for donations to science, or maybe they are poring over a lab bench using very fine motor skills to mix two things together to obtain a specific desired result.

Primary: Charisma, or none
Secondary: None
Tertiary: Medicine, Foraging, or none
This is not a common job category to fall into, but there are some people in Terrene who keep shrines; some of them may even speak to a small congregation each week or month. The skills here are highly dependent on what the job is, but Charisma is likely necessary. Medicine may be useful, depending on what it is the character does in the course of their religious duties.

Service People
Primary: Wayfinding, Combat, Foraging, Crafting, or Charisma, or none
Secondary: any of the above, or none
Tertiary: any of the above, or none
This is a job category that has encompasses a wide variety of odd jobs and professions; tutors, nannies, messengers, maintenance and repair persons, delivery boys or girls, and a number of others fall into this category. As such, the skill sets will vary widely, though Charisma will factor into many of them.

Primary: Charisma
Secondary: Wayfinding, or Crafting, or none
Tertiary: Foraging, or Crafting, or none
Charisma is a given for Traders, as they must talk to people and entice them into buying or selling at a price that they may resist. Wayfinding is important for traveling traders, but not for those who remain in one city. Foraging and Crafting can be important so the character can know the value of goods, as well as possibly find or create their own on slow days or during their travels.

Unskilled Branded
Primary: none Secondary: none Tertiary: none
Given that this is an unskilled job category and that they do a wide variety of jobs, it is unlikely that there are any skills that could influence it. In some cases, we may allow a Tertiary or even Secondary skill to apply, provided you can make a good argument for it.

◒ Getting the Job

To officially get your character a job that they can claim seasonal pay for, you'll simply PM an admin to discuss the job and the skills required for said job. Please note that, even if you are choosing from the skills that are recommended in the above guide, you must still explain your choices. Describe how each skill plays into how your character performs their job.

IC-ly, your character can have multiple jobs, but for the purpose of seasonal pay, you can only select one job that the seasonal pay can come from. Once an admin has approved the job and the skills have been decided, your character will be added to the job directory topic, as well as a topic that will track character jobs in the staff thread.

◒ Getting Paid

Once your character officially has a job, they can get basically a seasonal paycheck that represents what they would have earned working for an entire season. This pay system is entirely OOC; IC-ly, your character will be getting paid whenever they do a job, not in a lump sum at the end of a season.

To claim your characters seasonal pay, all you have to do is post in the seasonal pay claim thread sometime during the last month of the season, stating the character who needs to be paid, what job they have, and what the levels their relevant skills are. Then an admin will look at the pay range for their job, RNG a number within that range, and then add on the bonus from the skills and award your character that amount of tokens.

If your character leaves to an area where they cannot reasonably perform their job- for example, to travel to Paradise Island- for an extended period, their seasonal pay may be docked or suspended based on how much of the season they were gone for. Docked pay would be mean losing anywhere in the range of 25-75% of their seasonal pay- the admins will confer with you and with one another if this should happen to determine what is fair and realistic.

Regardless of whether your character has an official job or not, you can always write a dev (or in some cases, a social) where your character works to earn some extra tokens. The amount of tokens earned depends on the type of work, just like seasonal pay. The amount earned will be 10-20% of what that job's seasonal pay range is. This amount will be RNG'd at the end of the working thread.

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