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 Fallen Uncle; the restart, (starter, redoing)
 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 11:22 PM


"HENRY!" Skids cried over the wind as Salem flew through the skies.

The old dragon type gave an accompaning roar with his trainer's cries. Lumious looked terrible. The once bright and lively city with hope towards the future, ruined. Buildings were collapsed, roads were no more, and deep pits rested where the ground had torn itself apart four hours ago from their own earthquake and the aftershocks from another much father away. The pokemon lab was only half there now, the other half had fallen into the earth, swallowed a if devoured.

"Henry?! Where are you?!" Skids turned his gaze away from the buildings and looked toward the streets. "Oh Salem...I should've left you with him..."

A grumble left Salem as they flew, for once...his human was right. Even thought Salem wasn't as fond of Henry as Skids was, the dragon didn't want something horrible to happen to em. It had been four hours, FOUR hours since he last saw Henry. They said they would be fine and Skids...just left him here, he allowed them to stay here. In all this chaos and destruction, every street looked the same to him now; and that's saying something for a taxi driver. How could he have allowed it?

There was a ding sound and he pulled out his holo device, his sister...oh dear. Giving a uneasy sigh, he turned it on and looked at the form of his older sister. She had been crying again, it was getting more common these days.

"Are you two okay? Please tell me Henry's okay!" she begged, Skids did his best to smile.

"He's okay, I just have to find him again. We got a little separated." He answered.

"You wha..." the feed filled with static and her voice glitched out.

However Skids felt a strong gust of wind blow at the two and the man turned the device off. Looking over where it was coming from, he scowled.

"Seriously?!" Skids hissed.

Over from the direction of the power plant, the winds had picked up and the sand floated into the air. Sandstorm. Giving a pat to Salem's back, the dragon swerved in the air and started to fly as fast as they could to get away from the oncoming winds. Skids looked desperately to the streets, where could Henry be? He had to be okay, if anything had to happen he had to be okay!!

"Hen.." Skids started but a sound left Salem as the two were engulfed in the raging winds of the sand storm.

The dragon struggled to keep themselves even, the wind trying to make the old east spiral out of control. Skids clinged to the salamance as they were tossed about. However this sandstorm was stronger than most of what they got, it picked up the smaller debris and that was also flying around with em. Trying to adjust his position to better aid in Salem's flying to be stable, Skids felt something hard and sharp hit him on the side of his face and head. A rock? A piece of metal? Skids didn't know, for the force caused em to lose consciousness as a deep cut appeared on the side of their face. His limp body slid off and Salem gave a shocked roar at this. They tried to dive after their trainer but the winds and the growing sand making it hard to say, prevented them from doing so.


 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 05:51 PM


You Are Safe.

The sandstorm whipped violently, but the winds started to curve around him as the powerful voice breached his mind. Orbs of orange light appeared, blocking and deflecting the wind to protect him from further damage. Some appeared around him, clinging close and holding his torso with a gentle warmth. Though they could not stop the winds, to save his pokemon nor to search for Henry, they kept him safe for a moment, as they continued to multiply around him. Soon enough, the saffron light was all he could see, the storm and destruction all around blocked out by the new light spreading.

Once they had gotten a sure grip on him, with the storm no longer a threat to his fragile body, his body started to move, being yanked away from the town and destruction. It felt like a jerking motion at first, but was much smoother as the void expanded around him, surrounding him in emptiness. After a few moments, he slowed until eventually coming to a stop, the beads falling under his feat and providing a platform of sorts. The world around him was still empty, but these beads provided some sort of comfort for him to lean on, if needed.

Then, a bead of water dripped and cooled his cheek, landing on his cheekbone and trailing down his face. It attempted to soothe pain and discomfort within him, though he hadn't been terribly damaged before coming to this place, so it simply cooled and searched before the droplet fell to the ground from his chin. It landed, quickly spreading out in a trail of blue water, creating a new platform below his feet. It stretched out into the emptiness, filling everything around him with the cool blue aura that matched the color of the water.

Let us begin.

Up ahead, the water bubbled up. Out of it started to rise a pole that certainly hadn't been there before. It grew up, reaching around waist level for him, before fanning out into a table. The water filled the clear table, spreading and creating the surface. Once it was complete, the air above it almost seemed to shimmer as a couple items appeared. They came into existence from nowhere, each colored normally and much more real than anything else that had been here. Etched into the table were the words "Choose One".

On the table appeared a party hat, with blue and red lines swirling up to the top where a bundle of golden confetti was bound, creating the tip of the hat. There was the signature stretchy string at the bottom for fastening the hat to one's head. The material was a bit thicker and more durable than these flimsy hats were known to be, and if he tried he would not be able to tear or undo the hat. The inside of the hat was a plain white, no effort having been spent on decorating the inner lining, as most wouldn't see it if worn properly.

The item next to it was a neatly folded blanket. It was plush, extremely soft to the touch. It exuded a comfortable warmth to it, colored in a rich velvet. The edges were lined in a touch of grey, doubling up over the folds of it. If picked up, he'd find that it wasn't an overly large blanket, extending just larger than his torso. It would squish lightly in his grip, a bit thick in make.

Once the first choice had been made, both items would disappear, quickly being replaced on the table by a new choice. The item to his left was a great book, the thick reddish-brown spine covering a few inches from the table. The hard cover was the same gorgeous color, designs pressed delicately into the edges of each surface. The cream colored pages on the inside were filled with tons of information, the front cover marking this book as an encyclopedia. The topics it covered seemed endless, the table of contents spreading many pages.

The other item was a smaller device, the shining silver making up its mechanical coloring. There was a little black screen on the back, accompanied by a series of unlabeled buttons. In the front was a circular portion, protruding from the front with a small lens at the end of it. It was a digital camera, though it had nothing to power it at the moment. The power button at the top would have no effect, nor would pressing any of the other buttons on the device have any effect.

The same as before, once a choice had been made between the two items, both would vanish in a poof of mist and new items would appear. To his right was a clear bulbous item, with a metal base much smaller than the top. The outside of the metal piece was carved into, circling up in a screw like fashion. Inside the clear top were a few skinny, flimsy metal pieces that would provide light if the bulb was plugged into a base. Unfortunately, there was no base provided to plug it into, so it would be left dull.

The second item came in a pair. The sky blue radiance of the soft cloth wove together, leaving little ligaments that matched up to his hand. The somewhat stretchy, silky gloves were neatly stacked on one another, the wrist ends a bit thicker than the rest of the fabric, having been folded over and sewn closed. If he decided to try on the gloves, he'd find they were a perfect fit, pulling comfortably over and between each of his fingers. At the bottom of each was a small metal loop, which could link the two together.

The final items appeared, once the previous choice had been made and it's objects had disappeared. To the left was a small notebook-like object, blank black decorating the cover of the page. The inside would show the grid blocks that decorated a monthly agenda, though aside from that these were mostly blank. There were dates, matching up for the days and months of the year of the world he'd grown up in. It represented planning and order in life, though there was no pen to accompany the little book.

To the right rested a strange ball with an odd texture. When touched, it felt almost a little grainy and malleable, and would prove to be just so. The green blob could be pressed and would form to whatever shape was pressed upon it. The putty-like substance could be squeezed and shaped in any way he desired, if he wanted. It was much less stringent in structure than the agenda across from it.

Cross through the door.

A mist rolled in all around him, fogging up the air and blocking out his sight of the far horizon, where nothing lie except the water he stood in currently, the ripples from his feet continuing as he moved. Not too far out, a door appeared to him, the mist funneling a path from him straight to it. The sapphire glow of the stone making up the main component of this door shined through, accompanied by the silver detail work etched into the edges and face of the door. Once it was pulled open, he'd see a watery film stretching across the frame, reflecting him and the world around him. But he'd find this would not block his passage through, simply keeping him from seeing what lay behind it's reflection.

And continue forth.

Welcome to the void between universes. Ho-oh and her beasts will challenge Skids in a variety of ways, to discover how he faces and overcomes the obstacles they lay. The three legendary beasts will take turns creating puzzles or riddles to solve, or challenges to complete. Each will have a variety of answers to choose from, but don't fret - there are no right or wrong answers. If Skids is unsure or unwilling to complete a challenge, he need only sit down and they will progress to the next step. They will use his methods and choices to help determine what type of pokemon compliments Skids, and his process will be considered when selecting his partner. However, Ho-oh's decision is influenced by what she believes works best in tandem with Skids, so where the answers lead may yet surprise you!


 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 09:11 PM


A voice had come to him though at first, Skids wasn't sure if it was just part of his imagination in a dream or if it was real. The cold water on the cut made him stir enough to wake up with a groan and he sat up. A hand going to the injury. It didn't sting too badly by time he touched it but the blood still was leaving it. His hand having a line of red on it till he set it down on the watery platform he was sitting on.

"What is...going on here?" Skids questioned himself as he stood up, watching the water bubble further ahead after the voice spoke up again.

So he didn't hear things after all. Hm...okay then. Seeing a table appear form the water, he headed over there and gave a curious look to the words etched in stone.

"Choose one eh? That should be hard in all honesty." Skids commented, though he felt like he should be doing something more important than making a choice.

The party hat was hard to ignore, after all he was a silly man. He enjoyed doing surprises to people he cared for and to lighten up the days of others. The material seemed better than the norm for these hats but it didn't really matter. If the hat was ever needed, it would always go into a box and he would always try to work with what he had rather than buy a new hat, while still possibly having one in decent shape. Course since he had to make a choice, he turned his gaze to the blanket.

The softness of blanket made him smile, it was a comforting feeling. He always did like things that were soft or plush feeling, like fur. Soft...kind of like...oh no. Skids memory was still partially with him, enough for him to recall the pokemon living with him and his nephew.

"Henry!" Skids exclaimed in worry, looking around.

No...Henry would be okay....right? His memories quickly deserting him, the man felt rather uneasy despite the memories of his dear nephew starting to fade. A hand gripped the soft material and his normally jolly mood soured. Picking up the blanket, he held it close and he stood there. The only thing that helped snap him out of his saddening state was watching the hat vanish and taking note of two new items.

While not back fully into his normal spirits, he draped the blanket over his shoulders by only partially unfolding it. That way, the whole of the blanket wouldn't be touching the ground and he could easily fold it back up. Until then, he examined the two items. A book and a....weird little device of the age. That was a easy one, the old fashion book was always a nice texture to have in hand. And in his mind, a bit more reliable when anything could go wrong with those electronic things.

Still he paid the electronic thing some attention, giving it a few taps and pressing a button or two. A shrug left him, just furthering his feelings on the book. So he was quick to leave it be and start to pick up the old fashion way of getting one's information. The book was a little heavy but considering what it was, it made sense.

More mist and more choices? Geez what was the point of this again? Oh wait, he had never been informed of what the choice was. Shaking his head. He looked at the odd lamp like thing as he set the book down. It wouldn't work either, like that other device. To him, a candle would work just fine for light if it was night and if it was day? Sunlight worked! The pair of gloves were tested for a moment, and his brows raised at the fact that they somehow fit rather well. The material was nice and soft, smooth. Kind of like the blanket but not giving him the reminder of fur as the blanket did.

However the little loop for the gloves was a nice thing, so he removed them and latched em together. Positioning that latch onto a loop in his own belt so he wouldn't have to shove them into his pants. The lamp thing disappeared and once again, another choice.

Another book of sorts? Surprised, he opened the book and recognized it. Oh...one of these things. While he had used em in the past, it was just to right important information down. Like birthdays or anniversary's that his friends or family had. Closing it, he shook his head. He never was one for planning every little thing. So when he came to the putty like thing, it perplexed him. Although he found himself quickly sidetracked by it, messing with it's shape. Kind of like how his life went. It didn't go down a straight line like people with those planner books. His was all over the place, it went up and down, straight and sideways.

The man jumped slightly at the voice and nearly dropped the ball. Though he held onto it and returned it to it's ball shape as he watched a door appear. Holding the putty ball in one hand, he went towards the door. Inspecting it's detailing and color in curiosity. Though as he pulled the door opened, he was surprised to see himself. The cut on his face was still bleeding and he turned his head to get a better look at that.

"Welp, that'll scar." Skids muttered before giving a shrug.

The blanket slid slightly and he was quick to fix it on his shoulders. Returning his attention to the reflective surface. He reached with his free hand and set it against the substance. His eyes widening as he felt his hand go through the substance and he pulled it back. That was freaky. Taking a deep breathe, he exhaled.

"Okay....here we go Skids..." Skids muttered to himself as he went through.


 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 07:59 AM


Nicely done.

The calm soothing voice resonated and faded in his head as he passed through the doorway, the chill of the watery world behind him leaving completely. It was replaced with a sudden warmth - nothing too strong or uncomfortable, but sudden in change as he passed through the film of water into a void filled with red flames, flickering up and licking at his skin without burning. Though it would likely be threatening at first, he'd find that the fire would do him no harm.

Continue forward.

A few feet in front of him, the fire started to roar up in three spots, each forming a table before calming down. On each of these tables appeared an item. On the first appeared a square shaped cage, with a full top and bottom and bars making up the side, leaving the middle open and able to be seen through. This object would project a feeling of containment. On the top appeared an inscription that read 'Any threat must be contained.'

On the second table there was a miniature hammer. This object projected a feeling of power, the unmistakable feeling of absolute judgment. The handle appeared to be made of fine wood, and the handle was deep black, the fiery red inscription shining on the top of the weapon. This writing read 'Any threat must be destroyed.'

The last table held a scroll of parchment, neatly rolled and held together by a crimson red ribbon. The ribbon would be easy enough to remove, and the paper washed a feeling of kindness and pain. The pale tan scroll could be unrolled to reveal the inscription inside. It read 'Any threat must be shown mercy.'

Choose one, and face the path ahead.

Once his mind was set on one of the objects, a path would appear ahead. The object itself would turn into harmless fire, falling from his hands to the floor. Simultaneously the tables and other things they held would follow suit, disappearing into the flames that covered the ground and opening the way forward to the next set of challenges.

If the cage was chosen, the path ahead would open so a deep pool of water. There was plenty of room and depth to cross the pool by swimming, if desired. Just above the pool was an intricate wooden beam maze, which could be crossed by balancing and finding the right paths. Once climbed upon, all the paths could be seen clearly, but the beams were narrow enough that it would be difficult to balance and cross.

If the hammer was chosen, the path forward opened into a hole, which looked to open up to the sky. The light blue hue shined below, with fluffy white clouds floating around. A simple double bar ladder was suspended above the opening, showing the only way across. The structure could be climbed upon, in order to cross by walking atop it, or he could use his arms to swing across, dangling above the free and open sky. If he fell, he'd be lifted and moved across the gap safely.

if the scroll was chosen, the path would open to an obstacle course of sorts, raised slightly above the rest of the world. The first piece was to vault over a hurdle, then to continue the moment to hop across a series of small round platforms, only big enough for one foot each. Then, he'd need to scale a wall that stretched up 9 feet and slide down the other end. Once that was complete, he'd have to jump and catch a rope to swing across a large hole in the ground, which would take him to the other side. Or, he could simply walk around the course, choosing to take the easy, quick way.

Complete the box.

At the end of the path stood a pedestal, with a box and 3 gems, each with a different word upon it. They read 'Strength', 'Charisma', and 'Wit'. On the top of the box there were three sockets, properly sized to hold the gems. Beneath these, the instructions were clear. Order the three in order of importance. The most to the left, and the least to the right.

Behind the pedestal stood the next door, its brilliant ruby color outlined in a shining gold frame, etches of the detail work done in the same golden hues. The handle glowed as it called to him, beckoning him to continue forward. When the door, which was surprisingly light given its grand make, was opened, he'd find himself facing the same as the door before. A thin film of water hid what was to come next, showing his reflection in its surface before he would be able to pass through.

And then we continue.

 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 12:29 PM


The soothing voice was nice however Skids jumped as he walked right into flames of a raging fire it seemed. As he flinched and closed his eyes due to not seeing any way away from them, he waited for the flames to just devour him. However they never did. The voice would sound off again, telling him to go forward and as he opened his eyes, they widened slightly with the realization that the flames were doing nothing to him. Sure they were warm but no pain or overheating occurred.

"Strange..." Skids muttered as he moved forward with the items he had taken in the last area.

Even though the flames didn't hurt, he kept his distance just enough from the raging pillars of flame as the tables formed. Only approaching them when they had died down and become normal tables with a item upon each. So he looked down at the items with curiosity but the first feeling that hit him as he read the inscription made him shudder.

Containment? No no no. Shaking his head, he pulled his eyes away from the small cage, disliking that feeling it was giving him. He had just enough time to read the inscription though that didn't help him feel any better. Now while he never was a threat to others, he hated the idea of containment. He just...hated to be tied down to a place without a good reason. It would start to bore him. Granted, this thing was talking about threats. Not himself.

Trying to understand why he was being given these choices but also trying to do as this odd voice said. He looked to the hammer. Placing a hand lightly on it to feel the wood of the handle. A feeling of strength and power rushed through him, making him pause longer than he intended. It was once again the inscription upon this item that would make him pull back and leave the item be. While he wished to be strong for those around him, power had a way of changing people for the worst. Corrupting and taking them over.

A scroll of parchment laid there, it's crimson red ribbon reflecting the dancing flames all around them. His fingers touched the ribbon's ends and the feeling he got was kinder. Curious, he untied it enough to be able to read it. The old parchment had a nice feel against his skin. Mercy. That was the one thing he would honestly try to do above all. Rolling it back up, he tied it gently and placed it in his pocket. His mind made up and thus the obstacle course would appear before him.

"Oh my..." Skids muttered as he stared up at it.

Now he was no spring chicken and honestly, he sort of wished he was younger. As he looked at the obstacle course, he noticed something. He could just walk right past it. No. Nothing in life came easy, you had have to take the hard paths in life and struggle. Though with these items, it would be harder. Removing the blanket for a moment, he set the book on it. The ball of putty would go into a pocket. Wrapping the blanket around the book. He tried tieing it into a bag like shape. Just to help contain the book as he had no pockets big enough for it and then, he tied it around his chest and over his shoulders. Not the best of things he could've tried but it would work for now.

Taking a running start, he managed the hurtle just fine; although if he jumped a few inches too soon he would've hit it with his foot. The small stepping stones were a tricky part. The man had a decent amount of balance, though as he got to one rock. He slid and a startled sound left him as he grasped hold of the rock. Now resulting in the man dangling in the air as he hung on for deer life. His heart was pounding away in his chest as he took a few moments before working on pulling himself up to where he could find a way to fix this situation and get to the next one.

He ended up crouched on the stone before reaching for the next and using two stones at once to stand back up again. The book though made his balance harder to find and he did nearly fall again. But he kept his footing and progressed. The wall was by far the hardest thing. His grip would give and he would slid back down to the start. There wasn't anything to hold onto on this wall. The man's stubbornness kicked in, making him go at this wall as he climbed it. Slowly and eventually, making his way to the top and jump onto the rope to swing from it.

Landing in front of the box, he stopped to catch his breathe. His heart still pounding in his chest and his lungs somewhat desperate for air. When he was ready, he paid attention to what was being asked of him once more, looking at the gems as their appearance was rather lovely. Though he stayed on task. Charamisa, Strength, and Wit? Hm...well they were all important. But for strength, did they mean physical strength? Picking up the Wit, he placed it into the first hole to the left. Then Charisma and Strength.

Heading to the ruby door, he didn't stop to marvel at it as much as he did the first time. Figuring, that it was just the same. Save for it's color. Opening it, the watery flim greeted him again but he took a deep breathe and went on through.


 Posted: Mar 14 2018, 10:28 AM



The veil of water broke to pieces just as it had before, the orbs of soft light pushing out until they evaporated. He crossed into a new, dark world behind the door. The darkness was familiar, possibly less foreboding. Unlike the elements that had greeted him before, this appeared much more empty. As he stepped through, the ground beneath his feet would spark in a small flash of yellow, a small platform shaping to his step to keep him up.

For a moment, only the light was that beneath his feet. With each step he chose to take, the light would trace on the ground under his form, ready to provide solid ground where he may have been unsure before. Then, light appeared in the distance. Not just one, but 4 colored lights shined and twisted together. They crashed into the floor, the booming sound filling the endless space around him. In it's place stood a pedestal, beautiful shining marble with blue, green, purple, and red all intertwined in harmony.

Atop it's flat surface lay a scroll, the cream parchment sticking out in the environment, or lack thereof. It gave it almost a glow itself, the light reflecting off it's subtle color. It was unrolled, the black characters on it easily seen and read. Once he got closer, it was almost like the letter were trying to jump out at him, grasping at his attention as they waited to be read.

I weave words together
With effort or with ease
My intent is not trickery
A purpose bent to please
A solution hid in midst
To lock or just to test
Bring with you your wit
And I won't be a pest.

What am I?

There were two paths forward: To answer the riddle correctly, or to not. If Skids didn't even come up with an answer, the path of not answering correctly would appear just the same, but only after he had resolved against answering the riddle. For each answer he gave, the scroll would light up. For incorrect answers, he'd feel a jolt of energy at his fingertips, though it was not painful, only alerting. If the correct answer was given, then the path forward would light up, brilliant gold as the void was lightened. If he couldn't answer the riddle, a thin, dull line would appear and guide him forward, leaving pieces of what's to come hidden in the darkness.

More puzzles await.

A new voice spoke, more energetic than those previous. Shortly up ahead awaited a table on a single support, with parchment and a pen. When he got close enough, he'd find the writing waiting for him, similar to the riddle he'd just passed. The top read "Solve this Anagram to show your wit.". Below were a few lines, with letters in a seemingly random order.

Enter Strong In Whisper

If an incorrect answer was written upon the paper, the ink would simply fade away, allowing him to try again. If the answer was correct, the black ink would shine and change to yellow, the pen vanishing in a wisp of smoke into the air. Then, the path would guide him forward once again.

If he had solved the riddle correctly and been able to see further, he would find a hidden path to his left, hiding another table that would not have been seen otherwise.

The Shining Path

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
While the table could be seen, the illumination of the golden hue giving him a more clear view of his surroundings - or lack thereof - the path didn't actually extend to the table.It seemed to be floating in air. Though if he tested it, the same thing as when he arrived would occur. Sparks of harmless electricity would collect beneath his feet to provide him seemingly solid ground so that he may walk towards the items awaiting him.

This however, seemed to be more of a choice then a puzzle. Resting on this surface were the thirds of a sphere, all smoothly cut and evenly sized. Held together, he could recreate the object they could make together, though the different colors of each piece made it an odd creation. The blue piece, once touched, would fill him with a sense of loneliness and abandonment. It made him feel like he was forgotten, like no one cared to seek him out. The red piece touched upon would provide a sense of hate, all directed at him. Surrounded by others, but each spitting out insults and disdain towards him. The last, the yellow, filled him with a sense of weakness. It made him feel as if he was but a pawn, to be controlled and instructed by others in what to do. A mindless husk with no power to make choices for himself.

And behind these disturbing objects was a hollowed cube, inside which was a fierce, intense fire. Written into the table were the instructions for this task. Choose one, the most unbearable of three, to cast into the fire." As soon as one was in the fire, it would consume the piece of sphere and immediately go out. Then, he was free to leave this and return to the main path.

The path seemed to finally come to an end, marked by another grandiose door. This one lacked a handle, though the small table in front of it held a variety of things to be sorted out. It stood tall with ruby stone, warm gold decorating the frame and details etched into its surface. There was a pile of tiles, with a series of letters, some repeated, some missing entirely. A rolled up scroll sat neatly next to it. Once unrolled, it provided the instructions to this task.

In order to move forward
You must solve one last puzzle.
When Y is 1 and A is 3,
Find my letters, then unscramble me.

10 14 11 11 22
23 22
22 9 7
20 21 22 10 16

Skids would find there were more letters than he needed, but there was plenty of room on the table to separate those for the answer from those not included. Once the correct answer was spelled out with the tiles, or he chose to give up, the door would audibly click, cracking open a sliver. It was enough that he would be able to open it the rest of the way, and see the difference behind in. there was a staircase awaiting him this time, lined in deep orange bricks. It ascended, leading up into a warm saffron light, greeting him as he entered.

And Face Judgment.

Feel free to PM or hit me up in the cbox about answers for the riddles/puzzles.

 Posted: Mar 14 2018, 02:05 PM


When the light sparked around his feet, he stared in curiosity and interest. He would move around like a silly person, testing to see if the light would truly follow and give his feet a platform to stand upon. It did each time despite him not walking in a straight path. The only thing that stopped him was the massive boom sound that soon came. Causing him to tense as he stood still.

"Sorry." Skids called out before rushing along to what new thing awaited.

The marble had a interesting look, though something in Skids was telling him that. He wondered why it did. He bent down and set a hand against the stone, feeling it's smooth form, and tracing the colors a little with his fingertips. Standing back up, he paid attention to the scroll that seemed rather desperate for his attention. And once he gave it to it, he found it hard to take his attention away from it.

This felt like a knowledge based or themed one, though he couldn't say for sure. Riddles weren't his strong suit. Then again, what really was? He used to be a trainer. Though...even then....riddle solving never came up. Even after he quit being one, he hadn't come across any of them.

Writing down Knowledge, he received a shock. IT startled him more than anything as it didn't cause any harm. Though he figured, this was just a way of saying "wrong".

"Alright then." Skids muttered.

So Knowledge was wrong. But it felt like something that would go with knowledge though. So...what would it be? Scholar? Once more a shock was given as he scribbled that word down. Nope. So knowledge and scholar were no goes. So what else went with that? Information....nope, another shock. Maybe it was trap? Once again, no.

A sigh left him. A few more stupid answers, and well what did he expect? Nothing but shocks that started to grate on his nerves. Setting the thing down, he just walked past. Pretty much expecting to possibly fall off a cliff at this point. After all, this was the first thing he didn't do according to the way that this thing wanted. Yet, he didn't fall off of anything. He wasn't destroyed or hit with lightning. He was alive still.

And eventually another path formed for him to walk down. A voice that he ignored as, Skids no longer was in the mood. His mood souring further, his will to even try fading. Anagram?

"I don't even know what that is..." Skids grumbled, feeling old...feeling stupid.

Enter Strong in Whisper? Wouldn't that just be saying Strong in a low soft voice? Maybe it meant a softer word for strong? But...what was that? Was the strong suppose to mean physical strength? Or the strength that came from elsewhere? How the hell was he suppose to know this?!!

What chances did he have at this? What chances did he have at anything at his age? Even though his memory had faded a great deal, something told him deep down that these things were nowhere near his strong suit. That even though he was able to do somethings, stuff like this was harder than anything he ever did in life. The man was struggling, trying to figure out what the hell to do. The man was panicking and his heart was beating faster, he didn't know. He didn't know anything now!

Finally, he just broke. The man already had some bad feelings at the start of this. Now..those feelings were getting worse, he was feeling so out of. So horrible and as he searched for something of comfort in his mind, he found nothing but a bottomless pit of things that were blacked out. As if a child had spilled a canister of paint in his mind, nothing was coming back to him. Overwhelming feeling of fear went through him, did he even have anyone now? Did he have anything?!! Hands started to shake as he reached and felt the softness of the blanket.

He turned his gaze away from the confusion of the anagr...whatever the hell that is. Even though he was a grown man, tears left his eyes. falling against the table as he stood there.

"I can't....i'm sorry....I don't know anything.." Skids apologized to whatever was in this place with him. "I don't understand ...why don't I understand anything now?"

A hand was raised and placed against his forehead. This was disgraceful in anyone else's eyes...a grown man of his age, crying. Over what? Because they couldn't solve some riddles? His issues had been building since he realized, his memory was going. What was left? A feeling...a feeling that suddenly came to him, as if trying to tell him that there was something he could still do.

Find them.....there's someone you need to find. his thoughts finally chimed in.

Who? Who was he suppose to find? Would they even want him to be the one to find em? As much as the feeling and notion of there being one thing that remained in him, his negativity had surged. This place with it's darkness, save for the glow of some items if those remained and his feet lighting up with sparks of light. It felt dark...and it was empty. Moving forward, he walked away from this one as well, already having established that he didn't know what to do. And basically, he couldn't do it.

One last puzzle and while the man's tears had quickly ended, his disinterest eyes fell upon the confusing riddle. His eyes barely glancing up at the door. He was done, emotionally and mentally right now. He sighed.

"looks like all you'll get is disappointment...whoever you are..." Skids said as he looked up. "I can't do any of these....guess my wit...doesn't work for things like these...Can I please...go? I don't care where I go at this point I just....want to get out of here."

Grabbing onto the blanket, he pulled it tighter on himself. Seeking some form of comfort so tears wouldn't start coming out. Skids was always a man who cared for others and while he did bottle things up now an then, there wasn't really anyone there for him to grieve his issues too. Sure back in Kalos, he had his pokemon. And while they gave comforting gestures, they weren't able to give comforting words. Pulled from thoughts as he heard a sound, he looked to see the door cracked open slightly. A small smile was on his face but it faded quickly.

"Thank you...maybe....the next person will be less of a disappointment for you..." Skids said.

Reaching for the door, he opened it and started to walk on the stairs. The warmth from the light felt somewhat nice but....his mood had soured far too much. He just wanted out.


 Posted: Mar 17 2018, 01:57 PM



The man ascended the stairwell, the radiance at the top awaiting his arrival for the final piece of these challenges. The information was still incomplete, and thus the defeated human would still be asked to provide a few more choices, his depression having no effect on the number of tasks that lie ahead of him. As he reached the top, the saffron light encompassed everything around him, the strength of the empowering presence seeking to aid him in completing the final questions.

Just a little further.

Straight ahead, a podium appeared, with a slot open in the middle of it. It was impossible to tell where it may lead, and there was no way to open up the podium. Laying upon it's surface were two tablets. On the first was written 'One for all'. The second, 'All for one' Inscribed above the slot were instructions to choose one, and enter it into the hole. As soon as a tablet was placed within, the podium would vanish, the objects and words the contained with it.

Make your choices.

Another appeared up ahead, looking identical to the first. The same slot, same height, same instructions. This time there were three tablets. The first was 'Defense', the second 'Strength', and the third 'Speed'. Once a tablet was entered, it would vanish just as the first had, taking away any trace of anything having been there.

A third podium appeared just as the others had. This one held only two tablets. The choices this time were 'Strong-Willed' and 'Adaptable'.

A final podium appeared, and the process repeated yet again. The two tablets here were inscribed with 'Direct' and 'Abstract'. Once this podium was completed and disappeared, there would not be another in it's place. As the last choice was made, the man would find himself free of tasks, being provided a bit of a breather. As whatever had provided these tasks seemed to simply linger unseen, he would be able to rest for a few moments as the judgment was made.

They define who you are.

 Posted: Mar 17 2018, 02:15 PM


Wincing slightly as the light flooded in, he closed his eyes slightly before opening the rest of the way. A bit surprised that he was still in this weird place. Well...he did say he just wanted out and didn't give a place to go to. So....welp, something was probably punishing him for such a request. A sigh left the man as he walked towards the first obstacle. Standing before the tablets with familiar writing on them. A phrase he knew he heard at some point in his life.

One for all, was the one he choose. Picking it up and setting it in. He always supported others, always putting the support of others above whatever he needed. The individual that was him, supported the group that they were in. He supported his pokemon and his nephew back in his former life. Giving support, was what he knew how to do.

Approaching the next one, he raised a brow at it. Strength, Defense, and speed. Well all of those were needed in anything. But...he figured that it meant this in a different way. While Skids valued a different strength, he picked Strength up first and set it in. Going for Defense and speed. Strength needed defense, if you weren't able to defend yourself, then speed was somewhat useless. The podium disappeared and yet another appeared.

"Why...why keep doing this.." Skids muttered as he made his legs go forward, despite his body just wanting him to stand still.

For some reason, the man felt some desire to finish this. With how he gave up back there, part of him was like keep going. Finish as least this area. Adaptable and strongwilled were his choices... his hand picked up Adaptable, holding it in his hand as he debated on it. Should he pick this? Would his choice even be a good one? He set it down, trying to make up his mind. Gritting his teeth in a growing frustration, his hand tightened around the object. The thought of just throwing it away came to mind but...what would that do then? Would it think that was his answer?

His facial features softened as he sighed, lifting up the Adaptable once more and setting it in the thing. As the podium and items disappeared, he took a seat on the ground. A defeated sigh leaving him as he just pulled the blanket tighter around himself. Hanging his head low as he sat there. He was done...no man his age should have to do all this.

Yet the thing reappeared with a new question, Abstract or Direct. Pulling himself up, he looked between the two. Abstract was usually something not physical, like ideas or thoughts. And while thoughts were comforting, he did prefer to have something real in mass for comfort. So he picked up the direct as he figured, that was meant to the be the opposite. So he placed Direct in and it vanished slowly from sight once more.


 Posted: Mar 17 2018, 03:01 PM


For a few long moments, there was silence. No movement, no further tasks, and no voices. The powerful presence stayed strong, and her power continued to flow through Skids' body. This lasted for a couple minutes until three auroras of light started to dance through the room, the feelings of the powers in control of them coming with them. They floated around for a few moments longer, nothing else happening quite yet. It was unclear what they were waiting for.

And then, the room seemed to spin. A strange force pulled him from behind, the light in the room suddenly going out. He couldn't see anything, the void around him completely dark. After a few moments though, it stopped. The presences were gone, and he was standing somewhere now. A chill breeze flowed through and woke his senses, assuring he'd returned to some sort of normalcy. His head started to clear, even without the assistance of the powers that had been helping him.

As his mind started to regain itself from the disorientation, the blurry world started to take shape. Trees were in every direction, though he was in a clearing of some sort. There was no grass where he stood, it seemingly being a patch of dirt devoid of the green life. In a semi circle to both sides and behind him stood large, strange totems. All of his senses were returning to normal, and even as his memories slipped away, he knew this wasn't the same void he'd been in before.

The wind blew through the trees, shaking the leaves. Otherwise, it was completely quiet around him. The air was filled with the beautiful aromas of the forest. Compared to the artificial air he'd gotten out from, the fresh air was likely a welcome change. Up ahead there was a trail, and even further he could make out what looked like buildings, signs of other people who might be able to explain what this place was, and what he was doing here.

Walking up the path to the city was a small, furry creature. Most of the fur covering it's body and two alert ears was gray, with the fur on its face, chest, and paws a darker color close to black. A red nose and red eyes stared forward towards him, a fang sticking out of it's mouth on either side. It padded towards him, the shaggy tail hanging slightly above it's body as it moved. As it approached, he'd feel as though this pokemon was familiar, but wouldn't know why as the last of his memories drifted away.

Throughout the challenges, the beasts collect much information for Ho-oh. Once they presented their findings, she selected the final questions for Skids, based off the types that matched most to him. Through his answers and decisions, Ho-oh has chosen that a Dark type with high Attack and balanced stats is a logical match for Skids. After using this, and many other factors, she has chosen the pokemon and pushed Skids through the portal outside Ashfield City, where his new partner awaits. @Readlliea

Skids has obtained a Poochyena!

Choose a gender

Choose an egg move

Choose an ability

Choose a name
(the name can be put off until later if you so desire)

[ This topic has ended, but you may resume the adventure in Ashfield City. From now on, the Poochyena is yours and is under your creative control. The die roll for the chance to have a Pokedex resulted in an 59, so Skids does not start with a Pokedex. Send me a PM when you've made the necessary decisions regarding your new Pokemon. Good luck and have fun! ]

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