Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Cbox/IC-but-not-canon Shenanigans
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 01:38 PM


I noticed that we often discuss hilarious possible happenings in cbox, even when they're impractical or just downright impossible. And a lot of times they're... well... hilarious. I get the urge to save them.

I think the best way to explain exactly what I mean is through example, so here are some of mine/other people's.

Caul being cute
Paul always goes on rants about his hobbies and things and Cynth is there in the background like ":) that's nice". Smiling and nodding in the background.
Paul: "...but white is all the colors combined! If you mix every color you're supposed to get white and all the wavelengths are doing all the things but instead, I mixed all the paints and it turned black. WHY is this happening?!” /flips a table, then goes white and immediately rights the table/ "Why is this table upside down?! Tables. Don't. Go. Upside down!"
Cynth: "You flipped it because you were frustrated."
Paul: /mortified/ "You mean I did this?"
Cynth: "Yes. About five seconds ago."
Paul cries because he created disorder instead of order.
Cynth: "There, there. It's okay. It's fixed now."
Paul cries harder because what did he ever do to deserve this woman.

Paul vs. Avery
Avery: /standing near the bay, deep in thought/ "So, if I'm swimming, I should leave my sword on the beach so it doesn't get rusty. And my longcoat will create drag and make it very difficult to swim, so I'd better leave that here, too. My shoes should probably be fine, though. I doubt my shirt will cause any problems with drag, since it's not baggy or loose. Okay, I think that's everything that I'm leaving here." /takes off his sword and longcoat and wades into the water fully-clothed/
Paul: /shouting/ "CANNONBALL!" /comes streaking out of nowhere, completely naked, and makes a leaping dive into the water/
Avery: -_-;

Kira the Vulpix: You know what'd be great
Bella The Eevee: :UUU
Kira the Vulpix: If Shae, Andrew, and Blue just
AjSol: what?
Kira the Vulpix: Exchanged notes on their relationship with Ri
AjSol: pfft
AjSol: yus
Kira the Vulpix: Shae: "She seems pretty rude and crass."
AjSol: it would
Kira the Vulpix: Andrew: "She punched me once."
Kira the Vulpix: Blue: "I dunno she seems nice enough?"
Kira the Vulpix: Shae: "[is filled with determination to unlock Ri's niceness]"
Kira the Vulpix: Andrew: "Are you sure we're talking about the same person."
Bella The Eevee: Blue: "Can we all just agree to force Ri to be happy plz and thank you."
Kira the Vulpix: Ri: "[sneezes] I have a bad feeling"

Rixie: at some point I kind of want him to knock something over and the architect is just like ">:U OH MY GOD AVERY. Go haul rocks out of the quarry. At least you can't destroy stuff there."
Rixie: Avery as a child: "can't destroy stuff while hauling rocks? challenge accepted."
Amissa the Lapras: Child Avery: Hold my beer
Rixie: Adult Avery: >:U Why does this child have alcohol. /takes it away/ Drink berry juice. Your brain is valuable. (Note that that was not a question. just a statement of deep disapproval that began with the word 'why')

Rixie: also, Shas, that is totally the thing to do with Paul and Thia lol. I just might have to. I'll have to ask if Paul is able to recognize her
Shasyu: omg the image of paul and thia in a situation where she learns to trust him and then...
Shasyu: remembers he killed her bf
Shasyu: not that they could ever but just imagine
Kiraaaaaaa: I feel like Ri would give Thia horrible ideas
Kiraaaaaaa: Ri: “lets castrate him”
Rixie: pfft x{
Rixie: yeah, I doubt he'd be able to remember he killed her friend... but he might be able to recognize her face as someone important...? ugh... he might hit on her.. /sigh./
Kiraaaaaaa: Ew
Rixie: or he might get a weird sense of "I should not hit on this person. I can't remember why. But I know I should not."
Shasyu: the two of them feeling like they know each other and Paul's like "did we make out or something?"
Rixie: rofl
Shasyu: its a very luke and leia situation
Rixie: I like Shasyu's idea :P
Rixie: it IS THOUGH
Shasyu: luke's first kiss was his twin sister
Shasyu: before he knew!
Rixie: yup
Kiraaaaaaa: .... y’know. I feel like Thia would be proud if she discovered that Ri hit Paul
Kiraaaaaaa: And tried to kick him in the nuts
Rixie: hmm.... I mean. probably? she'd probably say "You should've murdered him. but defintely a good start."
Kiraaaaaaa: Thia: “it’s always good when women properly defend themselves against evil men”
Shasyu: Cynthia falling in love and then the guy getting jealous of how close paul and thia become. and she's like "he's my brother"
Kiraaaaaaa: I keep forgetting that Thia is uh. Not well adjusted oml. Thia i feel is like... Super deceptive in a way. Like Andrew. You forget they’re not well adjusted in the wake of trauma dumpsters like Ri
Rixie: I mean. she is. until there's romance or perverts around.

Rixie: "Rachel Ray's new hit show, Cooking with Avery" I can't decide if it would be better if he's the one who is doing the cooking or if someone is trying to show him how to cook new things
Bella The Eevee: Both
Rixie: chef: "Look, you can arrange the salad with the fruit all along this side of the plate so it looks elegant and beautiful and enticing. isn't that nice?"
Rixie: Avery: "...eating leaves is inefficient. arranging the fruit along the sides is inefficient. food goes in your mouth, not in pretty patterns."
Rixie: chef: "well you do it then >:U"
Rixie: Avery: "okay. put the food in the pan. all of it. turn on the heat. wait until it's cooked."
Rixie: chef: "but that's so boring and plain..."
Bella The Eevee: Avery accidentally burns down the house
Rixie: Avery: "it's efficient"

Temper tantrum for Avery:
Some well-meaning other person, “look you gotta let those emotions out sometime.”
Avery “no. Too dangerous.”
“What are you afraid of?”
“Myself. Hurting others. Doing unreasonable things that I will regret.”
“Come on just loosen up for like 10 minutes. You can’t possibly do that much damage in 10 minutes.”
“I... guess...”
—10 minutes later—
Everything is destroyed and there are fires and smoke in the distance. Avery’s clothes are torn and his fists are full of blood.

Rixie the Flygon: Avery: "HEARD YOU TALKIN ****"
Rixie the Flygon: "like I woudln' find out!"
Bella The Eevee: :UU
Kira: Ri: ".... I meant **** is my default setting, so all you heard was me talking."
Kira: Ri: "And how was I supposed to know that you know this kid."
Kira: Ri: "Also why am I supposed to care"
Bella The Eevee: Blue: "How about no murder right now okay? Okay"
Amissa: Soren is silent because he's afraid of both Ri and Avery when they're mad
Rixie the Flygon: rip soren
Kira: sorry Soren
Bella The Eevee: Blue and Soren can be afraid together
Kira: Welp
Amissa: Genesis however, would find this fascinating
Amissa: Genesis is just thinking "fight! fight! fight!"
Kira: wow
Kira: Sai is trying to hide Venom from Carnation
Kira: Sai: "I'm really sorry he's an idiot but he's also my partner please don't set him on fire"
Amissa: "Seriously, pokemon battle all the time. I've never seen humans battle each other. I must research this!"
Kira: wow
Bella The Eevee: RIP
Aj the Snorlax: Andrew: "Friend? Or one of the people that could make my life hell?"
Bella The Eevee: Sasha: "I bet on the buff guy."
Aj the Snorlax: Ri: "Andrew back me up"
Kira: Nah
Kira: She wouldn't do that
Rixie the Flygon: I don't even know if they'd be willing to come to blows
Kira: Ri can get herself killed by herself thanks
Rixie the Flygon: xD
Kira: Ri would probably settle for disrespecting Avery verbally
Rixie the Flygon: and Avery is good at ignoring verbal disrespect

Kira: also rixie uh
Kira: do you realize how scary avery is
Kira: he is scary man
Kira: he's also huge so that doesn't help
Rixie: yep
Bella The Eevee: Scary swordman
Kira: only an idiot wouldn't fear him
Rixie: :'D
Kira: aka ri
Kira: [sweats at avery's ire]
Bella The Eevee: [Squints] Would Blue be afraid of Avery?
Kira: um
Kira: With this routine?
Kira: Definitely
Kira: Blue: "[mouse-like squeak]"
Kira: Normally?
Rixie: I mean. he's not usually like this.
Kira: Blue: "[pokes Avery] Are you a friend"
Kira: Avery: "Uh"
Kira: Blue: "I decided. Yes you are."
Kira: Avery: "Would you like to move to Crater small child"
Kira: Blue: "I'm nineteen"
Kira: Avery: "Would you like to move to Crater young child-sized adult"
Bella The Eevee: Blue: "??? :D ???"
AjSol: Ri: *follow blue into crater*
Kira: well uh
Kira: more like
Kira: Ri: "Are you sure you don't want to come to Ashfield with me?"
Kira: .... OH MAN can you imagine the mess that would be if like
Kira: all of Ri's friends lived in Crater
Bella The Eevee: Oh geez
Kira: And she begrudgingly moves in too and just
Kira: She probably gets in trouble like once
Kira: And then has to bite her tongue to avoid getting kicked out
Bella The Eevee: RIP
Kira: Because the idea of never seeing Blue against hurts a lot more than being forced to stand by
Kira: If she sees stuff she doesn't agree with
Kira: And Crater is full of that stuff
Kira: Also, I can guarantee that Ri would be following Blue around
Kira: Ready to beat any jerks who try to burn anything into Blue's forehead
Kira: She wouldn't know exaaactly how the branding works without asking
Kira: SO She's probably assuming that they'd do it to anyone
Kira: Even to someone who looked freaking 12
Kira: but seriously oml that'd be terrible
Kira: Ri: "So I'm living here now."
Kira: Avery: "No."
Bella The Eevee: [Squints at Blue] Why did I even make you look 12
Kira: Ri: "Uh, yeah I am."
Kira: Avery: "[squints]"
Kira: I feel like Avery would not trust that Ri is worthwhile addition to the city
Kira: probably b/c she isn't
Bella The Eevee: :UU
Aya: Yes, their meeting at the festival probably didn't leave the best impression xD
Kira: Yeah no
Kira: Ri was straight up abrasive
Bella The Eevee: "Slavery"
AjSol: Andrew: *Push blue and ri away from Avery*
Kira: .... Suddenly I had a thought
Kira: Like what if someone made Ri apologize to Avery
Kira: It'd probably come out like this
AjSol: Andrew: Lets stay away from the scary man that can make our life hell"
Kira: Ri: "[looking at anything but Avery's eyes]"
Kira: Ri: "So... yeah... I'm sorry about the things I said and whatever. I was just being an a**hole. That's just me."
Bella The Eevee: :UU
Kira: Ri's version of apologizing includes explaining that she's terrible
Rixie: He's just, "...Okay."
Kira: Social awkwardness set to the max
Kira: Ri is not great with emotional honesty
Bella The Eevee: RIP

 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 08:55 PM


Terrene CAH Shenanigans

"Rachel Ray's new hit show, Cooking with Avery"
Rixie: I can't decide if it would be better if he's the one who is doing the cooking or if someone is trying to show him how to cook new things
Bella The Eevee: Both
Rixie: chef: "Look, you can arrange the salad with the fruit all along this side of the plate so it looks elegant and beautiful and enticing. isn't that nice?"
Rixie: Avery: "...eating leaves is inefficient. arranging the fruit along the sides is inefficient. food goes in your mouth, not in pretty patterns."
Rixie: chef: "well you do it then >:U"
Rixie: Avery: "okay. put the food in the pan. all of it. turn on the heat. wait until it's cooked."
Rixie: chef: "but that's so boring and plain..."
Bella The Eevee: Avery accidentally burns down the house
Rixie: Avery: "it's efficient"

"The Delibird gave me a fricken' Avery for Christmas!"
Rixie: /imagines Avery popping out of an enormous box, looking extremely pissed off/
Bella The Eevee: Avery stabs through the present

"Beta and Omega are secretly fangirls."
Rixie: But the real question: fangirls of who?
Bella: Each other.
My new One True Pair is Beta x Omega

 Posted: Jun 5 2018, 05:34 PM


user posted image

Okay so I drew this image and this conversation happened

Aj the Snorlax: Can I just say people would be looking at them weariedly? And I am example c curious what Ri would say if she stumbles across that?
Siv the Whismur: yeah. definitely lol
Kira: Ri: "..... Do I want to know why this is necessary"
Siv the Whismur: lol
Aj the Snorlax: Dusk: "I been here for two weeks, in that time she almost killed herself at least three times a day"
Ri: ".... You try wrapping her in bubble wrap?"
Bella The Eevee: Blue: [Twirling toddler leash with fingers in the background]
Aj the Snorlax: Dusk: "She enjoy popping them to much"
Kira: Ri: "Maybe just stick her in a box, then?"
Bella The Eevee: Blue: "Guys what you are talking about up there"
Kira: Ri: "[binds Blue with duct tape] Nothing"
Kira: Ri: "[stuffs Blue into a box marked for Ashfield]"
Kira: Ri: "Don't mind this."
Aj the Snorlax: Dusk: *Make airs holes and add a few treats and a wooden doll*
Kira: Ri: "[stuffs Sasha inside as well] What"
Bella The Eevee: Can this be canon please

 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 11:42 PM


A crackship to end all crackships
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

KIRaaaaa: I just thought of the ultimate crackship
Kaien: what's the ship?
KIRaaaaa: Possibly crazier than BetaxOmega
Rixie the Flygon: Averi
Kaien: LOL
Lazy Siv: what is it, Kira
KIRaaaaa: Yep
KIRaaaaa: Rixie got it
KIRaaaaa: Bc it’s impossible
Rixie the Flygon: knew it
KIRaaaaa: There is no way
KIRaaaaa: It’d be pretty funny tbh
Lazy Siv: okay
KIRaaaaa: Tho is Avery capable of romance
Lazy Siv: honestly Avery and anyone is automatically a crackship
KIRaaaaa: Probably not
Lazy Siv: ...ok that may be a stretch but
Rixie the Flygon: RIP
KIRaaaaa: Avery: “a crush is an emotion right? Better put that in my little box of emotions.””
Kaien: I mean, maybe xD
Lazy Siv: it's hard to imagine Avery having like
Rixie the Flygon: /cries and hugs my giant boi/ he didnt mean it
Lazy Siv: any romantic stuff at all, ever
Mobile!Bella: Avery eats a bucket of ice cream after a breakup
KIRaaaaa: Ri upon realizing she had a crush on Avery
Lazy Siv: oh dear
KIRaaaaa: Goes to bang her head against the wall
KIRaaaaa: For an hour
Kaien: Girl: Touches Avery's arm - Avery: *freezes up silent*
KIRaaaaa: Everyone seems concerned
Lazy Siv: lol Kaien
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “ASDFGHJKL;”
Lazy Siv: that's me in real life
Rixie the Flygon: Bella. go for TWO buckets of ice cream
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “What the hell is wrong with my taste in men"
Mobile!Bella: Blue: "Ri are you okay"
Kaien: Poor Ri
Lazy Siv: Kaien stop reading into my soul
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “NO”
Rixie the Flygon: heck. make it three. and then he proceeds to vomit from too much ice cream xD
Mobile!Bella: RIP Avery
Kaien: LOL
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “ITS NOT”
KIRaaaaa: Ri screams into the sun
Rixie the Flygon: he's a big guy who doesn't do things half-assed. if he's gonna drown his sorrows in ice cream, he's gonna DROWN HIS FREAKING SORROWS.
Lazy Siv: lol
KIRaaaaa: And probably insults Avery like a lot more than she actually does
Rixie the Flygon: but yeah Avery is actually kinda lonely
Mobile!Bella: Avery needs friends
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “ahahahhaha no way he likes me back. Better make sure he couldn’t possibly ever even tolerate meee”
Kaien: Avery needs someone who's patient as heck
Rixie the Flygon: Avery would probably hide in his room if he realized he had a crush on Ri
Rixie the Flygon: just like "nope. not leaving. shut up and go away."
KIRaaaaa: Aka in the world of crackship Averi
KIRaaaaa: They both just
KIRaaaaa: Shut down and go “NOPE NOT HAPPENING”
KIRaaaaa: How would Avery react to a chocolate statue in his likeness
Mobile!Bella: Oml
Kaien: Ri: *Screams* Avery: *Can not compute* Arshia: "Have you considered... not feeling?"
KIRaaaaa: I realize that’s impossible in Terrene
KIRaaaaa: But this is crack
Rixie the Flygon: the same way he reacts to any gift
Rixie the Flygon: "...okay."
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “[sweats] I panicked okay”
KIRaaaaa: What would Avery do if he realized that Ri had a really hard time saying no to loved ones
Rixie the Flygon: he'd get stupid protective and anytime someone she cares about asks something of them, he'd say no for her. just like barge in all huge and abrasive-like and be like "She's busy okay. bye."
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “What the hell avery I am not busy >:U”
KIRaaaaa: OH NO. It just occurred to me that in this crack AU
KIRaaaaa: Carnation forcibly exerts his parental influence into Ri’s team
Rixie the Flygon: oml yesssssss
KIRaaaaa: And bans Venom from the house
Mobile!Bella: Venom sleeps on the couch
Rixie the Flygon: I'm not sure if he'd ban him from the house or just ban him from talking xD
Mobile!Bella: Oh geez
Rixie the Flygon: oh dang. and Cosmos and Yuki would finally meet
KIRaaaaa: Sai cries because omg Carnatiin is a treasure
KIRaaaaa: Is this what it’s like to deal with someone who is not a literal psycho
Rixie the Flygon: which would be... probably bad for Cosmos <_> possibly bad for Yuki too, not sure.
Rixie the Flygon: lol poor Sai
KIRaaaaa: I mean probably oml
KIRaaaaa: Feedback loop of seel negativity
Mobile!Bella: Seel sass everywhere
Rixie the Flygon: Cosmos squints at his sister: "oh. so my being screwed up is genetic even. wonderful. guess there's literally no hope of ever getting better."
KIRaaaaa: Yuki: “..... you’re weird.”
KIRaaaaa: Yuki gets tired of Cosmos in like
KIRaaaaa: 2 seconds
Mobile!Bella: I just realized
Aj the Snorlax: I kinda want the daily adventurw of Due, Rue, Soren and Avery, Paul and Cynth and Andrew and the 7DS
Rixie the Flygon: Cosmos: "yeah. I know. you're weird too. sucks doesn't it?"
KIRaaaaa: Yuki: “I mean I’m pretty chill. Yeah the world sucks but who cares “
KIRaaaaa: In crack AU imagine Soren meeting Ri
KIRaaaaa: Soren: “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend”
Rixie the Flygon: oh lord
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “[awkward sputtering ]”
KIRaaaaa: A
KIRaaaaa: Avery: “she’s notL
KIRaaaaa: Soren: “????”
KIRaaaaa: Andrew: “She is”
KIRaaaaa: Andrew: “someone needs to tell this kid the truth”
KIRaaaaa: Avery: “I would appreciate less lies >:/“
Mobile!Bella: The horrible truth
Aj the Snorlax: Andrew: *in reality Andrew is stuck in the brush due to Lilliam*
Aj the Snorlax: Lillian*
KIRaaaaa: avery: “ppl who go outside Crater end up like that [points at Ri]”
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “I’m in hell kill me now”
Aj the Snorlax: Andrew: Dating a high member of Beta social?
Mobile!Bella: Blue: "[Hands Ri a luvdisc and hugs] You're not dying okay"
Aj the Snorlax: Andrew: Quick kid! Run outside the city wall, you jave a girl waiting for you when you come back!
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “i could if Avery would let me borrow his sword >:U”
KIRaaaaa: Avery: “I’m not letting you use my sword for auicide”
Aj the Snorlax: Soren: Okay??? *confuse soren sounds*
KIRaaaaa: Wow Ri made this then dark in 2 seconds
Mobile!Bella: RIP
Aj the Snorlax: Lol
Rixie the Flygon: Avery: "if you die I will literally bring you back and kill you for it >:U"
Mobile!Bella: Blue just grabs the sword and chucks it from Ri
Rixie the Flygon: "...and then bring you back again I guess."
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “how does that even work@
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “what’s dead is dead >:U”
KIRaaaaa: Honestly I think the funniest thing about this is
KIRaaaaa: Avery the stoic vs
KIRaaaaa: Ri the literal epitome of teen angst
Mobile!Bella: If AveRi can happen in Crack AU I'm sure revival can
KIRaaaaa: On a sugar rush
Rixie the Flygon: lol Bella. we've disobeyed so many rules of the unvierse in this AU that revival is also probable
Rixie the Flygon: I loev it
KIRaaaaa: XD true
Rixie the Flygon: Rachel would try to pamper Ri T_T
KIRaaaaa: In this crack AU ppl are so confused on why this crass outsider redhead is hanging around Avery
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “???”
KIRaaaaa: Rachel: “it’s called human kindness plz accept”
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “WITCHCRAFT [jumps out the window ]”
Kaien: oml
Kaien: Leona meeting Rachel
Rixie the Flygon: Rachel wants grandbabies so bad
KIRaaaaa: Rachel: “so when are you giving me grandchildren :DDD”
KIRaaaaa: Avery: “never”
Kaien: Leona: *Internally screaming*
Rixie the Flygon: probably RIP
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “[spits out her drink] WHAT”
Rixie the Flygon: Rachel would try to pamper Leona too OML
Kaien: Leona would probably be glaring at that comment
KIRaaaaa: Tbh the one thing that makes sense in this crack AU
Kaien: but having Avery as a kid, she probbaly wouldn't care
KIRaaaaa: Is Ri’s aversion to physical intimidation
KIRaaaaa: *intimacy
Rixie the Flygon: physical intimidation
Mobile!Bella: :UU
Kaien: LOL
Rixie the Flygon: I mean. Avery is way better at physical intimidation than physical intimacy
KIRaaaaa: Honestly that’s the canon relationship
KIRaaaaa: Ri is better at making enemies than friends
Mobile!Bella: Is forcing Blue to hug Ri when they meet again a good idea
Rixie the Flygon: yeah. Rachel is immune to Growl, Glare, Glower, Leer, etc. xD
Aj the Snorlax: Bella!
Mobile!Bella: Yeah?
KIRaaaaa: Who knows
Aj the Snorlax: Doodle idwas
KIRaaaaa: imagine it
KIRaaaaa: Soren: “I don’t like how this feeling feels”
Rixie the Flygon: she'd try her darnedest to figure out what Leona likes and shower her in that though. regardless of how much trial and error it takes
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “run away from your feelings”
Aj the Snorlax: Children of the Shipping
Mobile!Bella: Ohhh geez
KIRaaaaa: Avery: “feelings are inefficient”
Rixie the Flygon: Ri has green eyes right?
KIRaaaaa: Yes
KIRaaaaa: Why?
Rixie the Flygon: ...I'm a biologist. <.<;
KIRaaaaa: .... and?
Rixie the Flygon: the second step to every ship is punnet squares
Mobile!Bella: [Sweats]
KIRaaaaa: OML
Kaien: punnett squares!
Mobile!Bella: Rixie oml
Aj the Snorlax: Bad Rixie
Mobile!Bella: I love punnett squares but oml
Rixie the Flygon: they'd probably have black or blond hair and blue-green or green eyes
KIRaaaaa: What alleles do we have tho
Rixie the Flygon: red is one of the most recessive sadly
Mobile!Bella: :U
Kenos the Pidgeotto: /hisses at the science
KIRaaaaa: Tragic
Rixie the Flygon: but Avery carries blond hair so it's possible for blond... maybe strawberry blond? Honestly strawberry blond genes are stupidly complicated.
Kaien: red hair is such an IRL hack
KIRaaaaa: So if we’re breaking the laws of the universe already
Rixie the Flygon: so I don't even know
KIRaaaaa: What if like
Kaien: /squints at own fam
KIRaaaaa: There’s no pregnancy no anything
KIRaaaaa: Just
KIRaaaaa: Some babies show up
Aj the Snorlax: Pfft
KIRaaaaa: And they appear to be Avery and Ri’s bio kids
Mobile!Bella: The baby just poofs into existence
Rixie the Flygon: that would probaby be for the best for Ri's dignity.
KIRaaaaa: Rachel: “I’m soo happppy”
Mobile!Bella: "hello family i have arrived"
Rixie the Flygon: LOL BELLA
KIRaaaaa: .... I cannot imagine Avery doing y’know the thing
Aj the Snorlax: Andrew: "So, these kids show up at my ranch? They have a note with your name on it?"
KIRaaaaa: Oml
Rixie the Flygon: why not? he's still a man yknow xD
KIRaaaaa: Omg Rixie
Rixie the Flygon: /yanks the wheel out of biology's hands/ okkkkaaay thats enough of that :'D
Rixie the Flygon: but yeah Avery would have such conflicted feelings about having kids
Aj the Snorlax: /pats Rixie/
KIRaaaaa: Ri would also just like
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “oh god I have no idea how to take care of kids I’m going to corrupt them somehow “
Rixie the Flygon: he'd probably start out like "oh. neat." and then realize that they're small humans and PANIC
KIRaaaaa: But also
Rixie the Flygon: because he's super chill with baby Pokemon and honestly prefers raising his Pokemon from babyhood
Kaien: I'm heading to beed
Kaien: good night ~~
Kenos the Pidgeotto: night!
Rixie the Flygon: gnight Kaien!
KIRaaaaa: Bye Kaien
Mobile!Bella: Blue and Andrew are stuck as babysitters
Mobile!Bella: 'nighttt Kaien
Aj the Snorlax: Sweet Dreams Kaien
Rixie the Flygon: but he might get a little squicked out at the fact that "wait... but they're not actually baby Pokemon... they're baby HUMANS... what... do I do now?"
KIRaaaaa: At least until Ri’s aggressively overprotective instincts come back
KIRaaaaa: And then she goes back to cooing and fussing
KIRaaaaa: And getting snappish and angry like
Aj the Snorlax: Andrew: *Stares at Ri and Avery Babies*
KIRaaaaa: Really easily
Rixie the Flygon: good lord. Avery and Ri would make the most TERRIFYINGLY protective parents
KIRaaaaa: Yeah no
Rixie the Flygon: stuff of nightmares right there
KIRaaaaa: Avery is huge and has his sword
Aj the Snorlax: Andrew: "Okay, um Lillian? No, Jezzy? Nope! Um um um" *breaks down*
KIRaaaaa: Meanwhile Ri has not enough morals and is a little crazy and has a giant snake
Rixie the Flygon: and he gets super freaking scary when he perceives something to be a threat to something he cares about <.<
Mobile!Bella: Blue is just hugging the baby in the background
KIRaaaaa: Ri’s threats start getting graphically out loud
Rixie the Flygon: it is canon that he almost decked Imp in the face even though it's just a sparring match
Aj the Snorlax: Either Andrew will make the best Babysitter cause they always safe or the worst cause Sins
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “anyone touches my baby and I’m going to cut their lungs out of their chest”
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “and then their lungs are going where the sun doesn’t shine >:U”
Rixie the Flygon: meanwhile Avery just gives silent violent gestures
Mobile!Bella: Oh geez
KIRaaaaa: Ri’s threats are very graphic and violent
Rixie the Flygon: but yeah Avery did not like watching his plant dino get burned <.<
Aj the Snorlax: Though it might be the former then the later cause Cute Small thing = Highest Protiery to Andrew
Rixie the Flygon: it took all his self control to keep from jumping into the fray himself
Mobile!Bella: :U
KIRaaaaa: ....... you know
Aj the Snorlax: Are we havin three random conversation right now?
Rixie the Flygon: they are loosely connected
KIRaaaaa: I think Ri and Avery are more similar than i thought?
KIRaaaaa: I originally thought “whoa totally different”
Rixie the Flygon: mostly in their over-protectiveness
KIRaaaaa: Yeah
Rixie the Flygon: oh. and I guess in some of the unwilling-to-show-emotion.
KIRaaaaa: They’re both emotionally constipated. They just bottle up differently.
Rixie the Flygon: yeah
KIRaaaaa: Ri pretends to be a jerk. Avery pretends to be a robot.
Aj the Snorlax: Andrew number two goal is to have Ri show him some emotion
KIRaaaaa: Ravery sounds like an even better ship name
Rixie the Flygon: oh lord
KIRaaaaa: Like rave
KIRaaaaa: Also almost sounds like bravery
KIRaaaaa: Which I’m pretty sure both have scores of
Aj the Snorlax: He almsit succed sometimes
Rixie the Flygon: I like to believe someday Andrew will manage it someday
KIRaaaaa: me toooo
Rixie the Flygon: bravery/stupidity xD
Aj the Snorlax: Maybe someday soon ish
Mobile!Bella: [Glances] Blue force this lady to show emotion
Aj the Snorlax: Cause he is getting close, as he close enough for her to feel hurt
KIRaaaaa: Honestly, the final milestone is when you get Ri to show some emotional honesty
KIRaaaaa: But yeah when I get the chance I wanna doodle for this crack AU
KIRaaaaa: It’s a goldmine of terribleness
KIRaaaaa: Soon
Mobile!Bella: I need Blue and Ri angst dorkiness
KIRaaaaa: same
Rixie the Flygon: I kind of want a doodle of them being threatening and angry at some perceived threat
Rixie the Flygon: Avery just giving the silent death glare and grabbing his sword. Ri being... Ri.
KIRaaaaa: Ri is either being loud and angry and graphic
KIRaaaaa: Or uh
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “oh heya there you thought that would be a good idea? Well I was just thinking it’s be a great idea to remove your organs in alphabetical order! :D”
KIRaaaaa: I’m not sure even with the power of crack
Rixie the Flygon: oml. Avery would casually correct/offer suggestions to her
KIRaaaaa: We could make these two hug or even touch DANGIT
KIRaaaaa: Oml that sounds terrible and great
KIRaaaaa: Knight helps the nerd to kill ppl better
KIRaaaaa: Because Ri is an angry nerd really
Rixie the Flygon: "Hm... No, no, Ri, don't start with the appendix. Adrenal glands comes before."
KIRaaaaa: Ri: “oh yeah.”
KIRaaaaa: Tbh this AU she probably does eventually start calling him Avery”
Rixie the Flygon: yaaay xD lol
KIRaaaaa: But privately refers to him in her head as Wolf
KIRaaaaa: And would die if she ever accidentally said it out loud
Rixie the Flygon: he'd just be like "wait wut?"
KIRaaaaa: Though if he pressed
KIRaaaaa: Ri would begrudgingly admit that he kind of reminds her of a wolf
Rixie the Flygon: Avery: "...ok." /confused blush?/
KIRaaaaa: Big, protective, and honestly kind of cool
KIRaaaaa: Ri then starts loudly pretending that brief exchange never happened
KIRaaaaa: Because Ri’s solution to most things is run away from your problems oml
Rixie the Flygon: honestly he just ignores things when he doesn't know how to deal with them =X
KIRaaaaa: [pokes them both] get better coping mechanisms >:U
Rixie the Flygon: (exhibit A: ignoring the Wobbuffet because he's not really sure what it wants and he sort of wants it to go away)
Jani: They'd be perfect for each other if, well, you know
Jani: They weren't who they were
Rixie the Flygon: right
KIRaaaaa: Yeahhhh
Jani: All this conversation is making me realize how similar they are xD
Rixie the Flygon: the older I get, the more I believe in the "opposites attract" thing because when you lump two people who are very similar togeter you usually just get an even more magnified version of that person =x
Rixie the Flygon: which is not always healthy
KIRaaaaa: Yeah makes sense
Jani: I think you need a bit of both
Jani: You need common ground, especially in the very important areas
Rixie the Flygon: true. you can't be so different that you have NOTHING in common.
KIRaaaaa: Yeah... if we went complete opposite of Ri
KIRaaaaa: You’d get someone extremely selfish
KIRaaaaa: And Ri could never be happy with someone who wasn’t loyal
KIRaaaaa: This magical crackship admittedly
KIRaaaaa: Would probably make Ri and Avery even worse at dealing with their emotions
KIRaaaaa: Because neither would prompt the other to try

 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 06:33 PM


Kira: hey so what if Andrew found Ri sleeping on his floor
Aj the Snorlax: He would move her to the couch or to his bed if able, if not just toss a pillow and nlanket over her
Aj the Snorlax: He would also tease jer a lot after she wake up
Kira: Paul walks in: "What how did you get a chick I didn't even notice :UUU"
Kira: Ri: "Eh wHaT what's going on"
Kira: Paul: "[sweats] oh heyyyyyy it's youuuu"
Kira: Ri: "Oh great this asshole"
Kira: Andrew: "I sense trouble."
Kira: Andrew: "[stares at Ri] You're cute when you sleep."
Kira: Andrew's Thoughts: "best way to distract ri from violence"
Kira: Ri: "[extremely loud upset sputtering] I NEEDTOLEAVE [leaps out the window and runs away]"

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