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 Hike or Death, [adventure]
 Posted: Feb 11 2018, 08:16 PM


Ri decided to go out and leave Omega's Camp... Temporarily. She'd gone into the tunnels a few times and the last time had turned decidedly sour. So, she needed a break. At the same time, she didn't want to spend her time in Omega's Camp. It'd gotten boring and she needed to stretch her legs properly instead of sitting on her ass. The opportunity to get a good walk around with hopefully no other humans around. Sure, whenever the redhead decided to go out and hang around, occasionally aggressive pokemon would find her.... Or Venom would piss them off. That's usually how it went down, since the Seviper didn't really seem keen on diplomacy... Or anything vaguely resembling it. She wondered if she could somehow convince him to calm down a bit.... That'd be nice.

Maybe if he appreciated flower crowns more.

Sadly, there were less flowers in the mountains than in the rainforest surrounding Ashfield City. Oh well. She wasn't going to stay in the mountains forever. She'd consider going to visit Blue but er.... She kind of wanted to go back to Ashfield, and Oasis sounded like the prickly sort, especially to immigrants. Ri still kind of screamed immigrant, and she wasn't the type to hide something like that.

Anyway, here Ri was out on her walk, holding Yuki's basket in hand, as the Seel lay there with her eyes closed. She was probably pretending to sleep, since the redhead had noticed that as of late... The water-type napped less. She still slept a healthy amount, though she pretended to be asleep a lot of the waking hours, judging by how quickly she responded when disturbed... Usually by Arashi. She thought their relationship was shaping up well... Though, er.... She couldn't hear what they were actually saying, but she gathered that Yuki could be a bit... Abrasive maybe, judging by how Arashi could get huffy or rather upset after the two spent some time barking at each other. That was her best guess, anyway.

Venom was, as usual, slithering by her side. He seemed to be in a good mood... Probably. He seemed generally unbothered by Ri's latest chattering... Though, he never did seem bothered. Which was nice, since she was talking about Blue at the moment and recalling the shitty mess that was her last tunnel adventure.... Despite the fact that everyone present had been there.

Sai trailed further behind... Kind of keeping her distance. Ri was a little worried, since sometimes Sai seemed quite and the redhead could barely keep from calling her despondent at times. It was... Concerning, but Ri didn't know what to do or how to help. The behavior made her anxious.

Arashi was... Her normal self and bouncing along ahead of them... Though, not too far. Close enough that Ri wouldn't have much of a problem rushing forward and picking up the zebra if need be. Arashi wasn't light as a feather, but she wasn't too obscenely heavy like Venom was, so Ri would be able to pick her up.

Anyway, that was them. A girl and her company of pokemon, walking in the mountains... With said girl chatting away the silence.

She really hoped nothing too deadly happened upon them.

 Posted: Feb 19 2018, 02:17 PM



The shell-bearing bug knew just where to go to find the best berries for miles around. These particular berries, a golden yellow with darker speckles, were not common in these parts. They were well known for their healing properties by both human and Pokemon alike.

But this particular bush of Sitrus berries was his. He had found it many months ago, nestled in a cranny in one of the infinite rocky rolling hills of his homeland, and he had frequently defended his bush from others who wanted to pluck from it.

He was currently reaping the fruits of his labor; the berries were nearly overripe, but that was how he liked them. Plucking them with his yellow limbs one by one from the bush, he pulled them into his white and red shell for fermentation. These would surely make for a delicious juice!

So absorbed was he in his task, however, that he did not see Ri and her company approaching from a distance- neither did he see the creature who was approaching rapidly from behind.

//Those berries! Give them to me! I.. I need just a few!//

The Shuckle's initial reaction to the greedy voice was to flinch and suck his limbs into his shell defensively; a moment later, though, he was popped back out, shuffling around to face the intruder and waggling his front limbs threateningly. His small, beady eyes squinted at the snow-covered creature that challenged him and demanded his berries.

//No! These are mine, I have worked hard for them! You can't take them from me!//

But the Vanillite was not going to be easily deterred.

//Give them to me, or else! The icy creature demanded in a screechy voice. To emphasize her point and make a show of force, she spun about, sending a blast of frozen winds all about her- the blast even reached Ri and her group, though they were far enough that it was merely an unpleasantly cold wind rather than a damaging one, unless they had already begun to move toward the two wild creatures, in which case the icy wind might have had a bit of a bite to it.

a wild Shuckle has appeared!
level slightly lower than Venom ◒ male ◒ ability unknown ◒ withdraw ◒ #AC3931
100% health, +1 defense. Heck, am I being mugged? >:u

a wild Vanillite has appeared!
level higher than Venom ◒ female ◒ ability unknown ◒ icy wind ◒ #407899
65% health. Gimme! D:< Using icy wind to intimidate the foraging buggo.

 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 03:20 PM


Ri was really glad that she managed to grab Arashi, before she could rush forward out of excitement. She'd had to drop Yuki's basket in her rush to grab the Blitzle, before she could get too far. She'd heard the Seel's cry of surprise, but looking back, the redhead figured that she seemed fine... Just a bit surprised at being dropped so suddenly.

Looking ahead, Ri was glad that she'd grabbed Arashi in time. The whole group had noticed that they'd been approaching a wild pokemon. She noticed that it looked... Actually a bit colorful. A sort of yellow... Um... She wasn't really sure how to describe it other than as something yellow inside a red shell. Nevertheless, the redhead was pretty sure that Arashi had spotted the Shuckle as well, and was about to go running towards him before Ri had caught her.

Nervously, she spared a glance at Venom. Between Venom and Arashi... The pair actually had a rather bad habit of uh... Well, the two were more um... Independent and prone to running off with no warning than Yuki or Sai. Ri had a feeling that even if Yuki could go about on land with ease, she would still stay in her basket... The younger water-type had a rather unmotivated attitude in general. Sai wasn't normally aggressive and usually was content hanging back... Ri noticed she only really uh... Followed Venom's lead.

Thank fuck that Venom just seemed to be eyeing the scene ahead curiously, but still staying a good safe distance far away. Especially good, since ahead, Ri could see up ahead that uh... Well... The Shuckle appeared to be no longer alone. She wasn't really sure what was happening, but the screaming ice cream cone let loose a gust of wind... Thankfully, Ri and her group were far enough away still that it was just... Uncomfortably chilly and rough by the time it reached them. Ri groaned out loud, "Ugh."

She wasn't even surprised when she saw Venom slithering away, up to the Shuckle and Vanillite, after the cold wind had subsided. She just groaned again.

It didn't take a genius to know where Venom was going up there.

When Venom reached the two pokemon that were up ahead, one of the first things he noticed was the berry bush... He uh.... Had a vague feeling those were.... Helpful berries, but otherwise he didn't really know what was the big deal with this dumb bush. He didn't like berries anyway, so why did he have to know about them?

Judging by the presence of the bush... They were probably fighting over it. Venom decided to make the great decision of joining in on the fight... Not for the berries, but just to fight. It'd be great if both of them died. The... Sai wasn't here yet to uh... Provide support yet... But she'd get over here eventually, he was sure. In the meantime, he struck at the flying icy... Thing with his tail blade.


Venom (Seviper): 100%, Using NIGHT SLASH on Vanillite, Making more poor life decisions probably

Sai (Psyduck): 100%, Over here with the human and babies

Arashi (Blitzle): 100%, +1 Defense, But I want to say hi :UUUU

Yuki (Seel): 100%, +1 Defense, Probably pretending to be napping

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