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 Lending a hand, [Social with Amissa]
 Posted: Jun 22 2018, 07:54 PM


Lending a hand
Primrose gasped in surprise and almost took a step backward as the smaller human's hand started approaching her. She stopped midway her defensive reaction though, realizing what the boy was trying to do. She stood still, putting on a tiny, awkward smile, accepting the show of affection. Given Soren's smile, she was very happy about this, so... It was a good thing. Still, she felt strange when others paid attention to her in that way. Her own human wasn't this... friendly. She didn't dislike Jillian, of course, she appreciated the respectful distance between them, but being pet gave her such a fuzzy, warm feeling inside.

Jillian was starting to turn away, ready to head back, when the boy suddenly struck with a surprise attack. She had lowered her guard to the point that she wasn't expecting this at all - she wasn't even watching as he was petting Primrose, she trusted the Pachirisu to be able to defend herself in a crisis. As the boy wrapped arms around her, Jillian stood still, uncertain how to react, a lot like Primrose had done seconds before. As soon as the embrace was loosened, she took a step backward to gain some distance and be able to avoid another... Hug. He really was a child, wasn't he? The boy probably needed this kind of a thing or it was a common way to say goodbye around these parts. Either way, it was better not to question it.

"Right," she said, as if the hug hadn't happened. "Take good care of yourself and your Pokémon. Primrose, let's go."

The woman began walking away and the Pachirisu ran after her, barely keeping up on her tiny legs. Unlike Jillian, Primrose took a moment to stop, look back and wave at Soren, before they went on.

MINT 100%
In pokeball
Small human is n-nice...
HAZEL 100%
Bad girl. In pokeball.
In pokeball
TAGS @Amissa We can end it here I suppose? :D
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 Posted: Jun 29 2018, 12:35 PM


topic closed
▲▲ +50 tokens for a complete topic
▲▲ +2 random berries to each for a day of hard work [Equivalent to about 30 tokens]
▲▲ x1 custap berry & x1 jaboca berry to Soren
▲▲ x1 jaboca berry & x1 sitrus berry to Jillian
▲▲ +1% loyalty to Genesis [Housing Bonus]
▲▲ +1% loyalty to Nimbus [Housing Bonus]

Awww this was a cute thread! It's nice to see these two getting along so well. Ever bright Soren seems to be helping Jillian to learn more thiiiiings!! They certainly make an interesting pair, and their pokemon are presh.

Since Soren receives items as payment for his job, and Jillian technically doesn't have one registered yet, we decided on items for this as well. Also, we are going to add a 'Unskilled Branded' job category to the list so that characters like Jillian can technically have a job for payment at the end of the season if the player wants.

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