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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 All Things End, Starter
 Posted: Jul 8 2018, 06:55 PM


user posted image

Inaris Ki'tarial, Assassin

Colorless eyes blink open, though they see nothing. Slow, quiet breaths are taken, though as soon as his target neared, they would stop entirely for a minute so he could sneak up on his target better. Almost there... He could hear their steps, their harsh breathing from running, and the not so silent crying. Perfect. Soon enough, he could get rid of this person. Soon enough, he'd get his fix. A feral grin made it's way onto his face. To this person, he would appear almost as if a demon to take them straight to hell, most likely. He always was good, at scaring people. The man continued smiling as he edged forwards on the branch, ready to leap down at a moment's notice. This was going to be fun. The steps came closer, the crying continuing on steadily. Judging by the sound, he has about 10 seconds before they were directly beneath him.


With a laugh, he jumped. He landed heavily on top of the person, nearly missing. He had miscalculated, apparently. Regardless, his thin arms struggled to pin down the other person, who was much larger than he. The struggle was not going to be an easy one, this time. In fact, it seemed as if Inaris were starting to lose the fight. No. NO! He wouldn't let himself lose. A growl escaped his lips as he tried harder, using every bit of strength he possessed to try and pin the other down. There was no WAY he was going to let this person get the best of him!

 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 02:28 PM


You Are Safe.

As the skirmish between the two continued, both fighting to gain power over the other, the voice would suddenly make itself known. It was strong, and only Inaris would hear it, the other completely unaware of the sound. But he wouldn't have time to think much on it. Suddenly, he was pulled away from his target, the force unknowingly tearing him from his goal. Orbs of deep orange light appeared all around him, quickly multiplying as the wrapped around his chest, his body, the pressure near his body showing the blind man where they were. They closed in, gripping him firmly, preparing for what was to come. It both held him back and protected him from any sort of retaliation.

And then it pulled. His body was yanked back, and the colors of the world were shrinking away, getting further and further only to be replaced with nothing. The blank expanse reached out in every direction as his body moved, the odd sensation pressing on his body and creating a myriad of uncomfortable feelings. But though the feeling seemed to drag, the movement was sudden and quick. Only mere seconds would pass before it was over, the blank replaced with orange. The ground sat hard beneath him, unnaturally flat and smooth, no sounds of any creature or things near. He was alone, aside from the eerie presence that seemed to hover unseen in the space around him.

Then there was a flash of light. It was yellow and bright, just a few feet in front of him, though he'd only hear the sound of the crackling. A few sparks erupted from the center and spread, the sound of electricity buzzing and bursting lightly. As it did so, the sparks continuing to move and multiply, the world turned into a dull, but light yellow. It continued until the entire area around him was the same yellow, a few other hues of yellow mixed for complexity to make it easier on the eyes. Though the electricity seemed to cover almost all the ground, it seemed to simply dodge around him.

Let's Begin.

As the world started to change around him, he'd feel a current of power feeding into him. It was strong and empowering, playing on and encouraging feelings of excitement. It kept him energized, and would continue to do so as he proceeded through. There were a series of bangs, loud bursts of energy creating tables. They went in order, to allow him to hear each direction they burst in. Every few seconds after, they would click, trying to guide him if he wanted to investigate more thoroughly. Once he decided he was done, whether my completing the tasks or simply deciding to skip them all and continue, they would stop, leaving only a single clicking that led to the door to leave this place.

Complete All, Some, or None.

The different sounds sparking up would come in different rhythms, each chiming in a different direction diagonally from where he was. The front left clicking led to a table, smoothly rounded edges creating a circular shape. On the table were a few buttons. Currently, the world was quiet, nothing in the background to fill the empty space aside from the clicks or sounds he made himself. But, if he investigated the four buttons on this table, he'd find that would change. When pressed, three of the four buttons would press a melody into the world, softly playing from the table to keep from drowning out the guiding sounds.

One of the buttons would play a positive, peaceful melody. It was calm and serene, slow and melodic. Another would be more harsh, the sounds of deeper and louder instruments dulled only in volume. It was a more violent and rushed tone. Another would provide a more monotonous tone, a bit of percussion in the background that could quickly be tuned into white noise. The final button would simply stop whatever music was playing, returning the world to the silence. Once a button was pressed, any other button would be unpressed so only one of them would be active at a time.

The back-left table had flat edges, creating blunt corners. The table was a perfect square, holding only a few things on it. If checked, he would find three similarly shaped vials, each with a stopper to keep the contents in. At touch, they would each be identical. If he opened them, he would find that each had a distinct scent to it. Once he started on these, he would find himself feeling compelled to take one of these. Only one however, finding that if he tried to take multiple they would all disappear and reappear on the table. One had a sweet scent. Another had a strong, but pleasant aroma to it. The last had a horrid, offensive odor to it.

To the front and right of his original position, he'd find another table with flat, blunt edges. This one was shaped in a rectangle, the longer edge facing where he approached from. On the table were many loose pieces, but closest to the front was a complete structure. It was a wooden construction, the deftly smoothed pieces shaping what could be felt as a miniature of a chair. Around it, he would find a series of pieces that matches those that made up the chair. If he so chose, he could create a second miniature chair, using the pieces and his patience to figure out how they fit together without being able to simply see them. The words would speak into his mind, informing him to construct the chair to complete this task.

Behind and right of his original position, the table's edges were smooth, matching that which rested diagonally across from it. It had an ovular shape, though it was much smaller than the circular table. On the table was a single item, a long wooden piece with circular segments. The wooden base grew in size with each segment, and the tops were fastened tightly with cloth. Each of the drums would make a differently pitched beat when struck, and if he did strike one, he would hear a beat playing. It would alternate between the four tones he could create with the small drum-set on the table, creating a pattern of 20 beats. It would repeat each minute he stood at the table, until he completed the pattern in full or walked away. It was complex, but with only four tones he could surely figure out where to strike for each tone to recreate the pattern.


With his decision that he was ready to move on from these challenges presented, all the clicking would stop. Then, a single clicking would start, leading him towards a single point. Once he got there, he would find a door. It was made of a smoothly finished gemstone, no points to dig or cut but smoothly rugged edges making the surface of the door. There was flatter, smooth metallic line-work engraved into the door. If he followed it, the end would take him to the edge of the frame or the knob, depending on which direction he went. When the door was opened, he'd find it moving easily, and he'd be free to cross through. As he did, he'd feel as if he pushed through a thin veil of water, the beads rolling off his body.

And Continue.

Welcome to the void between universes. Ho-oh and her beasts will challenge Inaris in a variety of ways, to discover how he faces and overcomes the obstacles they lay. The three legendary beasts will take turns creating puzzles or riddles to solve. Each will have a variety of answers to choose from, but don't fret - there are no right or wrong answers. If Inaris is unsure or unwilling to complete a challenge, he need only sit down and they will progress to the next step. They will use his methods and choices to help determine what type of pokemon compliments Inaris, and his process will be considered when selecting his partner. However, Ho-oh's decision is influenced by what she believes works best in tandem with Inaris, so where the answers lead may yet surprise you!


 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 01:02 PM


user posted image

Inaris Ki'tarial, Assassin

Inaris growled when he felt himself pulled away from his target, the uncomfortable feeling that surrounded him making him want to hit whatever was responsible. There was no real sound, nothing but him and an eerie presence for a minute. Finally, he felt ground beneath his feet and listened for any other sounds that would alert him to the presence of anything else. Had he been kidnapped? Why had he been taken here?

He could hear the crackle of electricity, almost deafening in his sensitive ears. He felt a current of power entering him, electrifying, bold, and almost making him feel excited. But this also stirred his anger, his teeth clenching and his hands making fists as he stood. He could hear banging and clicking, but still nothing indicating anything living was in here with him. There were no footsteps, no sound of breaths, nothing he could hear that indicated a living presence. But still, there was undoubtedly something watching him.

He followed the clicking to the table to the front and right of him, first. He bumped into the table, stumbling and letting out a frustrated noise. He felt around, something similar to a chair on the table from what he could tell. What was this bullshit? Angrily, he knocked it over, not caring for these stupid games. He moved on, following the clicking once more to the table on the left. This one, he wisely kept his hands out in front of him to avoid bumping into.

This table held nothing but four buttons, from what he could feel. He pressed the first one slowly, wary of what it could cause. A peaceful, soothing melody played, to his own disgust. Music, really? The second button he pressed reluctantly, slightly more satisfied with this music. It didn't provoke a false sense of calm, at least. He left it be after the second button, not caring to find out what other music was available. He turned 180 degrees, hearing more clicking in that direction. It was barely audible over the music, though he didn't care.

This table, upon further inspection, held three vials. Should he take one? He looked more closely, able to smell them as he went closer. One smelled horrible, and his nose wrinkled with disgust. definitely not. The next was a strong, yet pleasant odor that frankly nauseated him. Definitely not. the third smelled sweet, not quite as strong as the others. Whatever. He picked that one up, tucking it into the large sleeves of his robes. He followed the clicking to the last table, finding what seemed to be.... were those drums? He wasn't seriously expected to play them, was he?! Throwing the drums to the floor, he stomped on them, ignoring the slight pain that it caused him to do so. No, he would not play the game of whatever was controlling this space.

 Posted: Jul 14 2018, 11:44 AM


How Fun.

With all four complete, there was a short amount of time where he'd be left, as he was destroying the drums. Even though the door hadn't been entered to push on to the next part of this place, the world started to shift around him. The clicking would cease, and the energetic power coursing through him would dwindle into nothingness, leaving him to his own energy. It almost felt as if it was getting just a bit chilly, a drop in temperature pricking at his skin. The only sound he would hear was the gentle pushing and pulling of shallow waves, as water pressed in. In a matter of seconds, the water was pressing against his feet, moving thin and gentle across the ground but not filling any higher than a couple centimeters.

From one direction in particular, he'd feel a bit more chill coming from it. This however, was different than the chill permeating through the air. It was more direct, as if an object caused the increased cold itself. If he chose to investigate, he'd find that was the case. There was another table, this time made out of solid ice. It wasn't so absolutely frozen to cause any damage to his skin, but the chill coming from it was still intense. It was smooth and rounded, the circular and flat surface curving progressively to the base in the water. If he tried, he'd find any attempt to break or chip the ice unsuccessful.

You May Choose One Weapon.

Matching the words of this new, calm voice, there were three weapons on the icy table. As it spoke, he'd find a new power pushing into him, this one calm and encouraging a more curious and analytical side. Whether he felt wholly influenced by the energy or not, there would be no other change aside from the items silently appearing on the table. If he felt strongly about rejecting the supporting energy attempting to help energize him through what these forces had in store for him, then he would feel the external power relenting and leaving him to his own.

Of the weapons presented, he'd find all of them were bladed. The main difference between each of them was the size and sharpness of each, though all of them were sufficient sharp enough to be used for a variety of cutting needs. The smallest of the three options had a blade equal in length to the hilt. The hilt seemed perfectly shaped for him, his fingers curling around the grooves carved into the smooth stone. Of the three, the edge on this one was the most sharp and thin. To the contrast of this, there was another next to it that was much larger. The hilt was of a middle length, just barely long enough that he could wield it with both hands. While not perfectly shaped so as to allow different options to the wielder, it was still a comfortable hold for him. The blade itself was three times the length of the hilt. While sharp enough to do damage, it was the dullest of the weapons. The final choice was something in between these two. The hilt was clearly for one hand, ornate and carved well to suit him, with a guard that circled around him hand. The long blade was three times the size of this hilt, which was about half the size of the largest weapon.

Do As You Will.

Once he'd decided on a weapon, the other two would disappear. If he tried to pick multiples, he'd find them all reappearing on the table until he chose one, allowing him to only take a single blade further. With that decision made, he would start to hear some noises, the water in the ground giving away the movements. In three equally space directions around him, he'd be able to pick up differences in the sounds. Two of the three would almost sound like footsteps, if the way the water splashed as the feet were removed and placed in again were anything to give it away.

In the third direction, he would hear nothing. There was no movement of the water, no dripping, no movement at all. Whether there was nothing, or the noise was being cancelled out was uncertain. If he chose to venture down this direction, he would find the latter being correct. Even his own steps, and the water that splashed with each movement, would silence. He would still feel them moving, but all noise, including any sound that he would make, were cancelled out here. It was effectively cutting off another of his senses if he came here, leaving him in a place were he'd be unable to know if there were others around him.

The other two directions both held sound, though the amount of sounds would vary. In one direction, he would hear only a single set of footsteps sploshing through the water. It was patterned and constant, the form walking stepping through at an even pace. If he went towards it and searched the source of the sound, whether diplomatically or otherwise, he would find there was a sort of cloth and wooden structure. It seemed to be animated, with a thick rounded body and two ligaments carrying it, shaped like the basic bone structure of legs and feet, moving around in an even circle constantly unless he did something to stop it from moving.

The other direction had many sets of footsteps. As they overlapped, it would be impossible to count from sound alone, as the patterns of each dummy was on its own pace, sometimes overlapping and sometimes separate from those around him. They would not attack nor defend themselves in the instance of a fight, simply continue trying to walk on their separate set paths. If he went down and chose to find out how many there truly were, he would find there were 15 separate dummies.They were all of similar size and stature, just moving at different paces as they mindlessly walked around.

Cross Through The Door.

No matter which path he chose, once it was chosen he would hear the water moving nearby, the waves pushing against something large and solid. It splashed against the base and, even if he'd taken thee muted route, he would find himself able to hear this one single sound. If he approached and checked it out, he'd find the structure was a door. It had a rough and uneven surface to it, though all the points and edges were smooth so as not to be able to cut. The metallic designs laid into the door would lead him either to the edge, or to the handle. The door would open easily enough, and allow him to enter into whatever was through the doorway.

Only One Way Out.

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