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 Back to Nature, [adventure][Saint - Judas]
 Posted: May 24 2017, 05:57 PM


@summerrain @Saint Judas

It almost seemed to work, her simple strategy to get the unfortunate human to follow her. He took a step towards her, like a good boy- but then he was casting his head about, apparently confused.

She inhaled deeply and then heaved a great, drawn-out, suffering sigh that whistled silently through her beak.

What was it now? She watched the long, bespectacled human look here and there, retrieving some item from the jungle floor but seemingly unsatisfied with that discovery. Had he lost something? She was not exactly surprised. She allowed him to flounder around for a while, testing her bruised wing carefully. The initial pain was long gone by now, replaced by a low throb whenever her muscles pulled tightly. She gave another sigh and resettled her wing. Her golden eyes locked once more on the human, who still hadn't rediscovered whatever it was he was looking for.

Quickly running out of patience, she gave a light squawk and began hobbling around to see if she could see... well, she wasn't certain what she was looking for, exactly, but presumably she'd know it when she found it. She just had to keep an eye open for something that didn't look like it belonged.

Perhaps she simply had a better perspective than he, being so close to the ground as she was, but she stumbled upon the foreign object without much trouble, caught up in a tangle of roots near the tree that she had fallen from. She hobbled over to it and pecked at it a couple of times; once her curiosity was satisfied, she cooed for the human to come and retrieve it.

Now that that was done and over with, they could leave, couldn't they? She hopped a few hops in the direction she had originally tried leaving in, and then turned around to see if the human would actually follow her this time.

a wild Pidove appeared !
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Saint Judas
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 07:24 AM

Idle Staff


Tag - @summerrain @Jani
*winces* Hey, sorry Jani, want to finish this...? I guess? Gods, sorry
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A mere glance back at the bird, a worried flicker of azure eyes, was enough to make Judas wince, guilty, slumping on himself helplessly like a child, his expression sorrowful and pained with apology. She was so patient with him, really, he didn't mean to be so much trouble but.... but he couldn't leave.... leave without it. Gods, but he must be bringing so much ill-fortune to her... after all was it not his fault she had been hurt to begin with? And even when she tried to help him despite him having caused her injuries, how did he seem to react but to dither over stupid things?

Still, he couldn't stop growing more worried and frantic, trying to hasten his search feeling the pressure of the bird's patience, to very little luck. It was important..... he needed it! A squawk made him jump slightly, the sound itself not aggressive or startling in nature but his nerves on edge again as he jerked around to the dove with a slight flinch.

With relief he saw it was not the bird leaving and giving up on him, abandoning him to his own floundering, or any other such thing, the avian once more graciously lending aide to him despite all the ways he was sure he had long ago lost the right to ask of her. Turning to check near where he remembered vaguely thinking he had first fallen, he pawed carefully but quickly through the underbrush, shaking his head as he kept coming up with nothing. He couldn't have lost it.....

His savior. A coo, soft, and he snapped his head to the dove. Rising quickly and a little stiffly, he stepped nearer, an audible noise of relief, caught somewhere in his throat between a sigh, a moan, and a grown, left his lips, and a moment later he was gently lifting the wooden instrument delicately from the tangle, finding the bow to it secreted in a tangle of brambles. He hugged it to himself, a hand running over it carefully, finding the lacquer scuffed and in some places chipped at but the wood largely without harm. He didn't know what he would have done if it had been truly lost or broken... it was one of the only things he had of himself, of his entire life and person.

Azure eyes closed in relief, he opened them as the moment of reassured panic abating. He was still holding the instrument tenderly, but his gaze was quick to search and find the dove, distant, almost sad, but beyond all filled with gratefulness. She was already hopping away again, looking back to see if he was following, and this time he was quick to trail after her obediently, a murmur of "Danke..." Leaving his lips quietly, more words seeming to hesitate on the tip of his tongue, uncertain how to be said to fully demonstrate his gratefulness. Perhaps he didn't have a way to at all... how could he? His head low as he pressed the wood of his instrument against him, he stepped carefully after the dove.


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