Our old universe has
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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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Jul 13 2018, 04:19 AM
Dear Diary,

I don't see my Mommy very often, but my Daddy says that she loves me. She lives in Snowpoint City, and Daddy says that she trains pokemon of her own. I go with him to visit her every year, but she always seems so cold towards me. We don't hug. She never tells me that she loves me. It's rare even to get a smile. Now that I have a pokemon, I can travel to go and visit her. I can't help wondering though, that if she's had pokemon and she's loved me all this time, why hasn't she ever traveled to Floaroma Town to visit me? Why doesn't she write letters, or send packages? Why doesn't she ever call?

In Snowpoint City, the snow blows down on the town from Mount Coronet, and Mount Coronet is the highest point in the whole region. There's also a temple there. I've never gone inside the temple before, but I know that it's ancient. It was built in the time when people worshiped pokemon. They prayed like the people in Floaroma Town when the meadows were bare. I wonder if praying creates miracles like that. I wonder if I pray inside the temple for it, will Mommy love me for real? Will she see my face and realize all at once that she cannot live without me? Will she hold me, and kiss me, and tell me how she's missed me so much? I'll find out when I see her. I'll look into her face and I'll say, "My name is Summer Sharp, and I'm your daughter. I've loved you, though I barely know you. Do you love me?"

--Summer Sharp

Nimbus was happy for the most part with his new trainer and accommodations. His boy was kind and affectionate, and there was plenty of space to play on the farm. Nimbus was allowed to graze when it was nice outside, and most rainy days were spent playing with Soren. When it was time to rest, there was a cozy barn to curl up in with the other pokemon of the farm. At first, Nimbus shared a stall with Genesis. Both of them were small enough for this, and Nimbus felt safer snuggled up to the larger herbivore.

Back when he'd lived on Luke's farm among his herd, he'd slept with his family. All those warm woolly bodies all pressed together and dreaming the dreams of electric sheep was enormously comforting. That seemed like a long time ago for a little lamb, months ago, and Nimbus had only been a few months old when Soren bought him. Lately both he and Genesis had grown bigger, but the girafarig was definitely growing faster. She no longer wanted to share a stall. Genesis knew how big she was probably going to grow, and she was going to need all of the space to herself. Besides, she'd told him, he was old enough to sleep on his own.

The spring had now passed and melted into a sumptuous summer. The clouds hung low and heavy as dusk came. There was a crackling in the sky that foreshadowed the rain to come and hopefully bring cooling relief to Crater City as well as its workers. "It's too bad that it waited until after the work was over to start raining. Hopefully it will continue in the morning and we can squeeze in some playtime," Soren said as he settled his pokemon in for the night. This ritual now entailed ushering Nimbus into his new stall. "Bye now, goodnight guys," Soren gave each of his pokemon a gentle embrace before taking the lantern and heading into the farmhouse for his own sleep.

It was dark in the barn after Soren left, but not necessarily quiet. Some of the mudbray still chatted among themselves, discussing their day and the work they'd done as they ate from barrels of food that the humans provided for them. The miltank were notorious gossipers, and they would go on for a bit. Even once the talk died down, the barn would be filled with the soft reassuring sounds of the pokemon breathing as they slept. Nimbus shifted in his stall. It smelled of clean hay, and now he could hear the soft pattering of rain on the rooftop.

It should have been comfortable, but Nimbus felt a suffocating loneliness. I'm big enough to sleep on my own now, he thought to himself as he tried to remain determined. He was a strong independent mareep ram, and he didn't need anyone else just to fall asleep. And yet all he could think about was how safe and how loved he'd felt curled up amongst his brothers and sisters, next to his mother. He remembered the sound of her heartbeat and the smell of her wool. Why did he feel so alone? Genesis was young too, and she didn't seem to even think about her family. Was he simply too weak to make it as a trained pokemon?

Nimbus managed to stay in his barn stall for a while, though he did not sleep. Once the thunder came in a boom that shook the floor, however, he couldn't stop himself from leaping up and running over to Genesis with a piteous bleat. He buried his head against her flank, shivering and desperate for comfort. "Go away, Nimbus," Genesis hummed impatiently, butting the lamb away with her head.

He backed away and stood out in the aisle as a flash of lighting momentarily lit the barn from the outside. He stood there trembling until another blast of thunder sent him skittering into another stall. This one held Destiny, the sawsbuck that once belonged to Soren's mother but had been inherited by his father. The sawsbuck gave him the creeps. She was strong and beautiful with fur that smelled like a verdant forest. Her eyes however, were cold and empty. He'd never met a creature who seemed so devoid of feeling until he met her. He brushed against her flank on accident, and her head turned towards him. Those dead eyes were looking right at him, and he felt his skin crawl. With a baa of terror, Nimbus bolted out of the stall, then out of the barn and out into the rain.

Immediately, he felt his wool becoming heavy as the water soaked it. Now he was looking at a night not only alone in a stall, but cold, wet, and alone. If mareep had the tear ducts to cry, Nimbus would surely have surrendered to tears. He could bleat for rescue, but he didn't think anyone would come. Genesis didn't seem to care, and Destiny certainly didn't. The other farm pokemon were kind enough to him, but whenever he felt frightened they seemed to feel he was someone else's problem. There was no one on this farm who loved him...except maybe his boy.
Jul 12 2018, 06:38 AM
Cecilia couldn't remember having ever heard of pyukumuku until her first summer in Forest Beach Village. Now suddenly, she heard about them all the time. These slimy pokemon were infesting the beaches, creating hazards for the villagers and the pokemon themselves starved or dehydrated in the sun. The worst was when a child or citizen accidentally stepped on one and was attacked. Some people had already gone out and cleaned up the beach, but the pokemon just came right back. This time, Cecilia volunteered to handle it, seeing it as her duty to help the village in any way that she possibly could.

"It's too bad that I do think they're good to eat," Cecilia muttered to herself as she walked out to the beach with Sweet Pea on her shoulder. Cecilia was dressed much lighter today than usual, since she was on the beach in the full summer heat. She wore a pair of shorts and a tank top, nothing fancy since she was working. Cecilia's rowlet gave a sleepy yawn. Sweet Pea didn't love being awake during the day, but she knew she had to forgive her trainer for keeping inconvenient hours. She was only human, and that couldn't be helped.

Cecilia had studied pyukumuku in her pokedex before coming down to the beach, so she already had a good idea what the creatures should look like and what kind of attacks they might have if they attacked. With that in mind, it seemed like Sweet Pea, her grass type pokemon, was best suited to assist in this chore. Cecilia removed her boots once she reached the beach, preferring to do he work barefooted than fill her boots with sand. "Okay girl, let's get started," Cecilia told Sweet Pea, and gave her a little pat on the back to wake the rowlet up some.
Jun 30 2018, 03:09 AM
I blame you guys for getting me hooked on this. I didn't know this game existed until I think Kira or Bella mentioned I could get it on my phone. So I just started and right now I'm rocking a team of Squirtle, Pidgey, and Growlithe. I had a rattata but I sacrificed him for training purposes, and then I regretted it when I got to a water level and my growlithe was at disadvantage.

So, for those of you who are also playing, what kind of team do you have? How far have you gotten? What starter did you choose? (I picked squirtle)

We also mentioned in the c-box that perhaps the chances of encountering shiny pokemon are different in Quest, and I agree. I found a shiny machop myself.
Jun 28 2018, 09:15 AM
I found these tips for beginning roleplayers that I know was aimed at players of Dungeons and Dragons, but I thought these also sounded like really good tips for Terrene too.

1. Don't split the party. Never. Ever. Split the party. If you adventure with a buddy, stick with your buddy.

2. Delving deeper increases the risk but also the reward. You could do an adventure inside the relative safety of a town or close to it, but the really cool loot and pokemon are probably found way out in the wilds where the death monsters are lurking.

3. Always have a plan.

4. Always have a balanced party. Or at least do the best you can. It's a shame for a character and their pokemon to go down because of bad type match ups.

5. Leave before you can't leave. Always make sure you character and their pokemon have enough energy, health, and medicine to handle any conflicts they encounter on the way back home.

6. Stock up on mundane equipment. Don't take those supply packs for granted. Even stuff like a fire starter or berries can be important in an adventure.

7. Don't fight everything. Diplomacy, subterfuge, and stealth are also perfectly good ways to handle encounters. Not everything needs to be killed.

8. Get a map. Know where you are and don't get lost.

9. Winning every fight is impossible. Knowing when to retreat is a vital skill to cultivate.

10. Learn as much as you can.

All of this was basically stolen from this web page and edited to apply to Terrene. If anyone has any other tips they'd like to add, please post them right here in the thread.
Jun 28 2018, 02:19 AM
[[Can we please spawn a zigzagoon from the swarm? Along with anything else you'd like to hit us with, of course.]]

The Lion's Plain stretches before me, and I can't keep from staring at the sheer wonder of it. Destiny frolicks through the long grass, her summer coat a verdant green with a healthy shine that reflects the sunlight beaming down on us from above. The meadow is blooming with plants I don't know the name for, but they appear like a riot of colors to my eyes. Bright yellows, deep purples, innocent looking whites, and reds like a fresh wound.

The brand on my forehead aches. I'm told the pain will fade quickly, but the soreness of my dignity is proving harder to heal. I think about it all the time, the fear that I felt and the helplessness. I screamed for my mother in that moment, though I couldn't remember her face my instincts told me she would save me. She of all people would find me and rescue me, but even my own instincts have betrayed me. I know now that I have no mother, no father, no anyone, no anything. All I have is Destiny.

Perhaps that's why I come out the the plain, because those people who branded me told me I shouldn't go. I couldn't stand to miss out on this great natural splendor because of someone else's fear. I had a mother once, and a father to according to this diary. I don't believe they would have wanted me to hide behind walls my whole life. I think they would have wanted me to grow to become the best that I could be. I think they'd want me to be fearless.

--Summer Sharp

Soren and Genesis were growing better and better at doing deliveries. As Genesis grew stronger, it became easier to pull the carts. As she learned the routes, Soren barely had to lead her. Soren wasn't very big or strong, but customers rarely complained about having to help him lift the heavier parcels after he'd charmed them with his pleasant manners and positive attitude. As Soren and his pokemon improved, they were also able to work better as a team. Genesis was learning human language and found that she could even connect with Soren's mind, though it was difficult and tiring so she didn't do it often. All of this allowed them to finish their work faster, which freed up more time for Soren to meet Ambassador Avery for training whenever the man was available. When Soren wasn't running off to meet the ambassador, he tried to make time to help his friend Jillian with reading lessons.

Jillian and Soren met when she came to help on his farm one day, but they found it difficult to practice reading in Soren's home. The farmhouse was never empty, and even hiding in the barn wasn't enough to save them from interruption. Taavi, the youngest member of the household was usually the culprit. He was also learning to read, and he loved nothing more in the world that being read to and practicing letters with Soren and Jillian. However, he had a short attentions span, and he often became loud and disruptive. Besides that, Soren got the feeling that Jillian didn't want to share her reading lessons with a toddler. Maybe it made her feel stupid, or maybe she just didn't care for noisy children.

Reading lessons over at Jillian's home didn't end much better. Like Soren's home, hers was also crowded. Though there weren't any small children like Taavi to disrupt them, she did have some noisy and nosy individuals there too. The more the two thought over their options, the more they realized that there was no real place inside Crater City where they would be guaranteed peace enough to practice reading and writing. They didn't have a lot to work with as far as reading materials either. Soren saved the written instructions that he was given each morning as he left for his deliveries which had street names, addresses, and names of people who lived in the city. Jillian also had her own book that came with her from the other world and her pokedex. Today Soren also had a book that he'd borrowed from the ambassador's mother, Rachel Aster. It was very simple and clearly geared for children. It looked as if it was written and illustrated by Rachel herself. Each page had a letter, and for each letter the name of one or more flowers was written beside it.

A is for Aster which blooms like a star.
And amaranth is for eternity
May your life take you far
Amaryllis for pride
Anemones for fair winds
Anthurium makes air clean
And next B begins.

"Rachel is one of Beta's generals. Weird that I've met her, but I've never met Beta. I wonder who delivers to him? I mean, even he has to eat." Soren sat beside Jillian. They were using a stick to write in the dirt until they could obtain other means to practice writing. Genesis, Soren's girafarig, laid just behind her trainer with her legs folded neatly beneath her. She'd grown taller since Soren first caught her, and she rested her chin atop Soren's head so that she could see the letters too. She was as interested in learning human written language as she was in learning the verbal stuff. If Jillian could learn, then certainly Genesis thought she could too.

Soren's other pokemon was a mareep lamb named Nimbus, and he was nearby frolicking in the long grass with Jillian's pokemon. They didn't go onto the plain ever, so this was a fun new experience for all of them. Soren figured it was safe enough since he was with Jillian, and she was an adult with pokemon of her own. Between the two of them, surely they could protect each other. The longer summer days allowed them more daylight to study by, but the light was now beginning to fade.

"It might be easier to read if I make a fire. I have a firestarter. Actually, I have a tent too! If you want, we can stay out here and study all night," Soren suggested hopefully. Jillian would probably say no. Grown ups were always telling him how dangerous it was outside the city walls and how he should never leave, but Soren was too happy just reading and enjoying the unfamiliar sounds and smells of the plain surrounding him to want to leave already. Even finishing his work as fast as possible, it still felt like he and Jillian barely had any time to really make progress.

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