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 these guys don't appreciate i'm broke, [Event; with Shasyu]
 Posted: May 15 2018, 08:18 PM



The rattata could tell the sandshrew was too uncomfortable and she probably wasn’t going to earn his trust. Grimm was just giving off too many scary vibes and it probably didn’t help that the demon emitted a anxious aura. Either way it didn’t matter to her. She didn’t really care for the mouse but was just trying to get him calm enough so that he wouldn’t try to attack again.

Watching the sandshrew trail off, the demon rolled her eyes. She held back the urge to say something sarcastic to avoid conflict. Though as the conversation ended between the rodents, it appeared that the blue, human-like pokemon was trying to get her attention. He wanted her to join in on the training and she wasn’t exactly interested. But as she knew, it was probably best to just play along. She casually strolled up to the wall they were attacking and gave a light tap to the wall with her paw.“Take that, wall, the rattata said unenthusiastically.

While the demon rat didn't seem to care much, electrike was super excited about training. She truly believed she was teaching this wall a lesson. It was even better that the fighting pokemon encouraged her. She wanted to grow stronger than the other pokemon in Ivans team in case the day ever came that she needed to run. No one could stop her if she was stronger.

Ivan wasn’t sure what Grimm was saying to the makuhita but the fighter seemed jolly. He hoped that the ghost was trying to lure the bulky pokemon to his side. If that was the case then he would be sure to try to stay on her good side. He kept punching the walls, making sure the makuhita could see how resilient he was as his knuckles began to bleed lightly.

Grimm couldn’t help but cackle at the makuhita’s enthusiasm. He believed he had her hooked and he needed to keep going. “Plenty of other place. Other caves...other terrain...other pokemon to fight all the same,” the ghost cooed. “If you...came with us, this human would surely lead you to greater challenges than you have ever met.”

Ivan stood up tall. He didn’t know if it was a good idea to make the fighting type look up at him. The man held out his hand to the makuhita. It was a gesture of invitation. He didn’t want to try and ball the fighter, until it was more likely to go with him. Ivan needed it to feel like it was its choice to come. Besides, he wasn’t exactly looking for prisoners.

His pokemon had to want to work with him to complete his goals. The man wanted to get stronger and so did this makuhita. They could do that together. “Come grow with us and nothing will stand in our way,” he spoke with a grin on his face. His low voice vibrated through the cave as he cooed.

 Posted: May 18 2018, 10:33 AM


befriending results

Makuhita is naive and blissful, and generally excited by the prospect of adventure, though admittedly due to her naivety she's not sure what anything is outside of the mountain. So, while the idea is enticing, she might need a little more convincing. I was borderline, but I think I'll roll for it anyway. She is, admittedly, somewhat impressed with Ivan (he's bleeding and acts like it's nothing!). The chances are set at 30%. RNG says... 79! ACK! Looks like this fighter does need some more convincing!!

Now that they were all training, the blue pokemon was content enough to focus on his own training. With the growing of the training squad, he needed to shine as their leader. As such, his blows against the wall become harder, creating more sound and pain. But this did not bother him. It was for the good of the group. He needed to stand tall and show them through this peaceful training, so they could all become stronger. Together. That was his dream, and seeing it come to fruition was beautiful.

The sandshrew was pretty much stuck in place, not really wanting to stick around with this ghost but definitely not about to go off alone. That was like, asking for the ghost to hunt him down and kill him. Or worse! No, he stayed, and as the rat turned it's attention to joining the training, albeit apathetically, the shrew decided to get back to it before the fighting-type got on his case as well. He returned to his place at the wall, peeking unsure glances at the duskull internittently as he scratched at the rocky surface.

The makuhita, while intrigued by the prospect of venturing and finding new places and challenges, was hesitant. What about the training squad? What was she even getting into, if she said yes? After all, as a pokemon that had never been outside the caves, she didn't know what to expect. Were there big baddies wanting to eat her? No, wait, she could just beat them up. Yeah! She was tough, and could do it for sure! But then again... her eyes wandered off to the rest of their little misfit group, wondering how they would feel about it. She knew that Sawk had explored outside the tunnels before, and had returned. Maybe he knew something?

"Saaawwk! Should I go explore the world? You've been there, right?" The blue creature had previously not been paying attention. The human was punching the wall and speaking things that were incomprehensible, and the ghost... well, he was tuning that one out. The pokemon really wasn't much of a talker, preferring to focus on the training and exercise. But he was willing to take a moment for the yellow creature.

"What? Explore the world? Why would you do that?" He looked between the ghost and human, trying to figure out what was going on. "Oh, these guys want you to join them? Well, it's tough out there. You'd have a lot of training to do, and not nearly enough rock. After the mountain, the world gets really... squishy, and open. The ceiling is completely unreachable and changes color a lot. It's weird." His words didn't exactly soothe her hesitation, but the description was interesting at least. A ceiling that changes colors? Squishy things? It was tempting. But also, she liked rocks. Rocks were literally her entire home.

"Hmmm I'm not sure..." She trailed off, kicking lightly at the ground as she considered the idea.

a wild Makuhita has appeared!
level similar to Grimm ◒ female ◒ ability unknown ◒ moves unknown
100% Health. What's Adventure :O:D:O #TRAININGSQUAD #cf8b00

a wild Mienfoo has appeared!
level slightly lower than Rattata ◒ male ◒ ability unknown ◒ moves unknown

a wild Sawk has appeared!
level similar to Rattata ◒ male ◒ ability unknown ◒ moves unknown

a wild Sandshrew has appeared!
level similar to Rattata ◒ male ◒ ability unknown ◒ METAL CLAW
 Posted: Yesterday at 06:19 pm



Ivan was a bit disappointed that the yellow fighter didn’t seem sure about joining him. She was hesitant and he didn’t know if he had the patience for that. He knew it wasn’t easy convincing a wild pokemon to just tag along with a strange human or anyone for that matter. He’d give it a bit more effort before attempting to move on. While his pokemon seemed busy training, the man and his ghost continued behind the makuhita to continue convincing her to join.

Grimm listened as the yellow one chatted with the blue one. The two fighters were very annoying and didn’t really know nothing about the outside world. Sure the sawk may have seen it before but his reasoning was awful and was likely just hiding in here out of fear for the real world. Sure it was probably a good reason to fear leaving the cave, especially since living out there is what led to his death. The duskull had a goal here and getting this makuhita to come along was not going to be easy.

“Training can only get you so far,” the ghost spoke. “True strength comes from facing things head on. If it’s tougher out there, you’ll only grow stronger. Besides, it’s always fun to punch a few squishy things,” the ghost continued. He chuckled a bit, trying not to laugh for too long. He wasn’t aiming to creep the fighter away.

Not following the dialogue between the Grimm and the makuhita, the man leaned so the fighter could see him. “Perhaps you’re afraid? It’s alright, I understand,” said the dark-haired man. Ivan pointed to the branding on his forehead. It was healed at this point but the damage it had done to him emotionally was still seering. He was angry and wanted revenge.

The only way to do that was to continue to build an elite team. The man had to show this pokemon that only through experience could she grow stronger. “The world tried to hurt me,” Ivan went on as he pulled his sleeves up to reveal his burn wounds. Though he didn't know how he got them, he still tried to use them to his advantage. “My scars are proof that I survive,” the man continued. He showed the makuhita he bleeding knuckles. The ones he used to punch at the wall. “I will only grow stronger. You can grow with me.”

Knowing full well, the round fighter wouldn’t understand a word, Grimm did his best to translate. He had to make sure to sound as dramatic and intense as the human did or else the speech could have no effect. The two hoped their efforts worked. Having this one with them, would benefit them, despite it being for two different reasons. One being strength and the other pure entertainment.

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