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It's the most wonderful
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winter will be here until
March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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 Posted: Nov 30 2017, 04:24 PM


user posted image

The tunnels need some more attention, or it's gonna take an entire year to get the plot to advance to it's next stage. :U

Every character gets one freebie trip into the tunnels, meaning they don't have to officially travel there. Of course, the main deterrent for going into the travels is that... they have groups of higher-level spawns, and a lot of characters only have one or two Pokemon sitting in the 5-7 level range.

Solution: the buddy system! This thread is for people who want to take their characters into the tunnels, but want a little bit of help to make it more likely that their characters won't, uh, die.

If you have a character who is a) actually at Omega's camp or b) still has a freebie to use, and you are looking for a partner, post here! It would be helpful to include your character's Pokemon and levels, and maybe say what tunnel you'd want to go through. For reference, easy tunnel has levels 3-7, medium has 8-12, hard has 13-17.



As for me, both Cynth and Zahir still have their freebies.

Cynth's team:
*Trick the Ponyta, level 9. Only offensive moves are Tackle and Ember, but he does know Morning Sun, which will help keep him alive a little longer, at least. He's also a convenient torch so the tunnel won't be pitch black. :)
*Indie the Rockruff, level 10. Along with Tackle and Bite, knows Crush Claw, Sucker Punch, and Thunder fang. Something of a strategist.
*Imp the Rockruff, level 11. Along with Tackle and Bite, knows Fire Fang, Sucker Punch, and Thrash. Thrash is an ace-up-the-sleeve that can do a lot of damage and could potentially save an otherwise deadly situation.

Overall, with the right partner, I'm confident Cynth could handle the medium tunnel, and maybe even the hard tunnel if she tagged along with someone with a buffer team than hers. I'm 100% fine with her accompanying a fresh character into the easy tunnel, as well. She only has the one freebie spot, so it's mostly first-come first-serve, though I will show preference for fresh characters, since the fresh characters are less likely to be able to do it on their own.

Zahir's team:
*Ras the Burmy, level 5. Not gonna lie, Ras is pretty useless in the tunnels, knowing only a rock-type move which is not helpful against the rock-types that tend to inhabit a tunnel. She could really mess up a Zubat, though. Probably. xD

If anyone wants to drag my little suspicious chameleon boy into a tunnel, I'm all for it! The little buggo might gain another level or two when I get around to finishing Zahir's first thread, but even if she does, her move pool won't be any better so she'll be as useless as ever. And don't count on Zahir being willing to risk his life to help out your character if things get dicey. Overall, taking Zahir into the tunnels is a terrible idea but I'm 100% ON BOARD with the idea.

 Posted: Nov 30 2017, 05:04 PM


Totally taking advantage of this freebie
Likely going for the Easy Tunnel

My only character is Victor Emerson

His team includes

Ghost: Lv.7 Alolan Vulpix.
Moves - Powder Snow, Moon Blast, Tail whip

Spirit: Lv.7 Ledyba
Moves - Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Silver Wind, Tackle, Supersonic

Wisp: Lv.3 Budew
Moves - Grass Whistle, Absorb

user posted image
 Posted: Dec 23 2017, 03:06 AM


Hello, yes, I love events!

I only have one character to offer and it's the kind and innocent Sonia!
She still has her freebie trip to use.
She is fairly new to Terrene and I like her Pokémon not being dead, so I'll just go for an easy tunnel... Unless someone can handle the medium tunnel on their own and wants to carry her like a princess... I dooo kinda like some of the Pokémon that spawn in there. <<

Anyway! Here's her team:


Level 9 / Sylveon / Pixilate / Fairy-type
WISH ◒ Fairy Wind ◒ Disarming Voice ◒ Helping Hand ◒ Tackle ◒ Tail Whip ◒ Sand Attack ◒ Baby-doll Eyes

So, this is Sonia's only battling Pokémon. He attacc, he protecc, but most importantly he can kinda heal?? Anyway, Kaname's your mon against the fighting-types of the tunnel, but steel-types and the omnipresent Zubat will hurt him, so it'd be great to team up with someone who can handle them.
I was also "smart" enough to pick Pixilate, effectively making him unable to use Normal-type moves and replacing them with Fairy-type, so anything that resists Fairy is gonna be a problem.
He does have some support moves that might come in handy though!

Level... 2 / Rattata / Guts / Normal-type
BIDE ◒ RAGE ◒ WATER GUN ◒ Tackle ◒ Tail Whip

And here we have Sonia's water-gunning rat! Yep, she's a baby. :') I might have to work on her level a little before going into the tunnel, unless someone wants to be assigned as a baby guardian. I'll keep her level updated here.
Anyway, not much to say other than she can be a tiny distraction or maybe spray some rock-type with a weak Water Gun.

If you'd like to team up, feel free to PM me! I'm fine with any discussions and planning, so hit me up anytime. :D

Sonia Castell
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Jillian Cole
 Posted: Dec 25 2017, 10:18 PM


I've intended to go into the tunnels but I wanted to grind up some levels maybe. However, if Cecilia can get a buddy, she can dive in a little sooner. She has one freebie trip to use. I'm thinking of going for the easy tunnel, since I just have a couple pokemon at low levels and not a ton of healing items.

Cecilia can be counted on to look after any partner she works with. Even though she lost the memories of her past life, her people skills carried over along with her core personality. She's still willing to put her life on the line in defense of others, but she isn't one to go looking for unnecessary fights either.

Her team only consists of two at this moment.

Grape the Gligar: Level 7, sadly without any ground or flying moves despite being a ground and flying pokemon. Still, he loves a good fight! NIGHT SLASH ◒ Poison Sting ◒ Sand Attack ◒ Harden

Sugar the Mr. Mime: Level 6, and still a very new addition. I imagine her telepathy and empathy alone could be very useful even if it is limited since she's a young dual-type psychic/fairy. She doesn't love battle like Grape does, but she could certainly contribute. She's got an approximate crap-ton of attacks though so far Cecilia hasn't even begun to give her enough training to command her to use each one. HYPNOSIS ◒ CHARM ◒ Misty Terrain ◒ Magical Leaf ◒ Quick Guard ◒ Wide Guard ◒ Power Swap ◒ Guard Swap ◒ Barrier ◒ Confusion ◒ Copycat

PM me if you're interested and we can plan how our characters to meet up.

 Posted: Dec 29 2017, 02:56 PM


Heyo ~~~

OKAY so I see people who want to do the tunnels, but haven't seen any match-ups. Any ideas who you want to go with peeps?

I'm offering up all three of my ladies for this. They all have their freebies left, and if Leona gets through her travel before the event ends, she'll be there and able to keep going in. For reference, since everyone else is doing it:


Kay - Klink (Steel)
Level 12
MAGNET RISE ◒ Vice Grip ◒ Charge ◒ Thunder Shock
Ability: Clear Body

Seb - Scatterbug/Budding Spewpa (Bug)
Level 9
STUN SPORE ◒ Tackle ◒ String Shot
Ability: Compound Eyes

Mar - Murkrow (Dark/Flying)
Level 14
Peck ◒ Astonish ◒ Pursuit ◒ Haze
Ability: Super Luck

Barry - Cherubi (Grass)
Level 9
Morning Sun ◒ Tackle ◒ Growth
Ability: Chlorophyll

Ang - Tirtouga (Water/Rock)
Level 5
SLAM ◒ Bide ◒ Withdraw ◒ Water Gun ◒ Rollout
Ability: Solid Rock

Eli - Espurr (Psychic)
Level 6
Scratch ◒ Leer ◒ Covet
Ability: Keen Eye

Glaceon (Ice)
Level 2
ENDURE ◒ Icy Wind ◒ Helping Hand ◒ Tackle ◒ Tail Whip
Ability: Ice Body

Bri - Bellsprout (Grass/Poison)
Level 2
TICKLE ◒ Vine Whip
Ability: Chlorophyll

Furfrou (Normal)
Level 8
Tackle ◒ Growl ◒ Sand Attack
Ability: Fur Coat

King Shellos (Water)
Level 9
MIST ◒ MIRROR COAT ◒ Mud-Slap ◒ Mud Sport ◒ Harden ◒ Water Pulse
Ability: Sand Force

Minion Shellos (Water)
Level 8
ACID ARMOR ◒ CLEAR SMOG ◒ Mud-Slap ◒ Mud Sport ◒ Harden ◒ Water Pulse
Ability: Storm Drain

Fairy Island Zap zap Eggo ~~

So, from the above, I'm confident Shae could help someone through any of the tunnels. I'm open to suggestions on who could accompany her!

Story/Plot wise, character preference based on above: Cynth, Sonia, or Cecelia

It's always been the plan for Cynth & Shae to meet up and be friendo's, but Cynth doesn't need THAT much help and IDK if Jani is ready for Cynth to meet her in full xD Zahir could use the help, and they'd probably get along fine since he's a social chameleon ahaha ~

Sonia is such a sweetheart, and I feel like she and Shae would hit it off pretty well! Plus, since they are both in Ashfield, it makes sense for these two to buddy up. Victor is also an option, but I'm not confident he'd enjoy her company quite as much, being the quiet somewhat anti-social guy he is xD

I'm wanting Shae to meet Cecelia anyway, just because I feel like they'd get along and low-key Shae might end up trying to adopt her as a travel buddy when she finally gets out to Forest Beach Village. I was considering Cecelia as a pretty good match possbily, if they get along well enough and Amissa wants her to go the same way (Dragon Peninsula & Paradise Island)


Jolteon - Jolteon (Electric)
Level 8
DETECT ◒ Thunder Shock ◒ Helping Hand ◒ Tackle ◒ Tail Whip ◒ Sand Attack
Ability: Volt Absorb

So, uh, with all the ground/rock spawns she will be less helpful. I don't think I would put her anywhere except the Easy tunnel, unless another character could carry them through xD Jolteon does have Detect though, and a few status moves along with her high speed that would help her to be a distration. Also, she would have a lot of fun being a distraction, dodging and annoying some dumb rock creature trying to hit her recklessly XD

Story/Plot wise, character preference based on above: Zahir, Victor, Sonia

Cynth & Leona would be... an interesting combination? No issues with it, but I'm not quite sure how they blend. Zahir would be interesting for Leona to meet, because he's so... Zahir. It'd be interesting for her to meet someone so malleable in social situations, though team wise this match shouldn't ever happen xDD

I think Victor & Leona would get along pretty decently. They share a few similarities, are both 100% content with not talking the entire time (though please let's make them awkwardly talk a bit), and are both more of the loner types as is. I imagine this matchup would be more of Omega's team telling them to team up cause they are too weak to go alone, and they are probably both low-key salty about it xD

Sonia would be fun to throw in with Leona, especially since they had the joust together and have similar starters (Eeveelutions go!!). It would be cool to see them interacting in another environment, and it will give jolteon a chance to praise Kaname on his battling skills.

Cecelia and Leona could be an interesting match-up, I'm just concerned cause their morals certainly don't line up. Cecelia is such a Lawful good to her Chaotic Neutral xD I would feel bad if they got in a hairy situation and Cece is ready to fight for Leona's life, and Leona is like #Peaceout.


Paras (Bug/Grass)
Level 6
BUG BITE ◒ Scratch ◒ Stun Spore ◒ Poison Powder
Ability: Effect Spore

Lunatone (Rock/Psychic)
Level 5
Power Gem ◒ Psyshock ◒ Moonblast ◒ Tackle ◒ Harden ◒ Confusion ◒ Rock Throw ◒ Hypnosis
Ability: Levitate


She's a little more useful than Leona in terms of poke team. Though I'd be more inclined to take on the Easy tunnel with her, I could be convinced to go through the medium tunnel instead with the right partner. Also, she kicks.

Story/Plot wise, character preference based on above: Cynth, NOT ZAHIR, Victor, Cecelia

Arshia would love to watch Cynth going through the tunnels with her disability. To see someone be put into the world with such disadvantages, but have the inner strength to push forward each day and adapt would be something Arshia would respect. She'd have way too many questions on the matter, of course, but overall it would be interesting to see her interact with Cynth.

Arshia & Zahir's meeting is too premature at this point.

Victor is blunt, logical, and prone to think on facts rather than faith. I think his thinking and style on finding and harvesting the ore would be a good match to Arshia, and while he's not the talkative sort, I think they'd get along well enough for the purpose of this trip. I kind of want to see how they blend in the tunnel together, personality wise.

Sonia should not be subjected to Arshia and her... well, Arshia-ness. They'd get along politely well enough though likely. I just don't know exactly what would happen socially between them xD

Cecelia's strong moral compass and sense of heroism/being a cop is VASTLY opposite from Arshia's goal/motive driven mind. Arshia has literally no morals, there being no laws to guide her thought process towards considering the well-being or health of others if it mean reaching her goal. These two, if put in a situation where they had to talk about it, would conflict on many levels, and it's an angle I definitely want to explore at some point.


My initial pairing asks (which can totally be disregarded/changed, but I wanted to stir conversation) would be:

Shae & Sonia
Leona & either Zahir or Victor (Or, if you both are up for it, all 3 could go?)
Arshia & Cecelia

@Jani @Shasyu @Rissi @Amissa


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