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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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 Battling & Healing
 Posted: Aug 25 2016, 01:53 PM



Our battles are freeform rather than stat-based. This gives the player a lot of freedom to be as creative as they can; however, as has been stated previously, we like to keep things as realistic as we can. Keep in mind your Pokemon's level, type strengths and weaknesses, battle history/experience, personality, and so forth. All of these should play into how your Pokemon battles. Note: we may reference Pokemon stats for comparative reasons. For example, both Ninjask and Jolteon are very fast Pokemon. However, Ninjask has a higher base speed stat, so generally, Ninjask will be faster than Jolteon.

Keep in mind that due to the freeform nature of our roleplay, some of the following rules can be bent a bit in certain situations. You may also do things that are more unorthodox and creative: flee, persuade, trick and deceive, set traps, and so forth. It's up to you- as always, use your best judgment.


What can be done on your turn? Just like in the games, your Pokemon may attack, your character may switch out your Pokemon, or your character may use an item. Unlike the games, however, we allow you to do multiple things per turn, rather than just one. Here are some guidelines and limitations for what we allow per turn:

◒ Attacking

Your Pokemon may use up to THREE attacks in one turn. However, these attacks cannot all be damaging attacks, nor can they all be status attacks. For example, a Pidgey using Tackle, Gust, and Quick Attack all in one turn would be frowned upon, with few exceptions. Likewise, a Butterfree using String Shot, Harden, and Poison Powder all in one turn would be frowned upon (although this would be somewhat more acceptable than using three damaging attacks, because in most cases using status attacks would require less time, energy, power, etc than damaging attacks). In addition, keep in mind that younger, low leveled, or less experienced Pokemon will struggle using more than one or two attacks in a turn, and that using three attacks per turn for multiple turns in a row will be exhausting for even fit and experienced Pokemon.

Be sure to deduct Energy whenever your pokemon uses an attack!

◒ Using Items

This will take up time, but not typically the whole turn. Your Pokemon may have time to use one or maybe even two attacks before or after an item is used on them. Held items that the Pokemon uses themselves during the battle may or may not take up slightly less time than a trainer-used item. As always, it is up to you to write out how it all occurs. You may even use an item in combination with switching out Pokemon; doing so would use up the whole turn, however, with perhaps a few exceptions.

◒ Switching Pokemon

First, it should be mentioned that unless it is a player vs player or player vs NPC battle with strict OOC rules, it is not necessary to only have one Pokemon battling at a time. If you feel the need or desire to, you may have two or three of your own Pokemon gang up on one opponent.

Switching a Pokemon out for another Pokemon will take up some of the turn, likely about the same amount of time as an item, depending on how you write it out. So, just like when you use an item, your Pokemon may use one or maybe even two attacks before or after they are switched out.

Hits & Dodges

When writing out the battles, you cannot specify that your Pokemon's attack hit their opponent. Further, you cannot comment on how much damage your opponent took from said move. You can write how your Pokemon aimed, how they predicted their opponent's movement, how they executed the move, what they were trying to achieve with the attack: you can do all this, but you cannot actually state that the move hit or that the opponent took damage.

Likewise, a mod will not state whether or not the attacks of the NPC or wild Pokemon that they are controlling hit. It will be up to you to state that, which brings up the topic of dodging. Dodging should not be a frequent occurrence; most if not all attacks in a battle should hit their mark. Partial dodges are allowed, but again, they should not be a common occurrence. If they dodge, you must describe how they dodged. If they were hit, you must describe how they were hit. And don't be afraid to make your Pokemon suffer a critical hit; it makes the roleplay more interesting and more realistic.

Health & Fainting

You are in charge of keeping track of your own Pokemon's health, though a mod may ask you to change it if they feel you are being too lenient or unrealistic. You can keep track of it however you like, though I recommend doing it at the end of your post, tracking health in rough percentages along with notes which state how exactly the Pokemon is responding to the battle, where the worst injuries are, and so on. Pokemon are likely to faint when they have under 15% health.

Not only can Pokemon faint, but they can die. If their injuries are too severe, they may bleed out. Perhaps a particularly violent battle ends with one Pokemon snapping the others' neck. Perhaps a rabid or berserk Pokemon keeps attacking its opponent even after the opponent has fainted. Pokemon death will not happen often to player's Pokemon, but it is a possibility, so remember to be careful!

 Posted: Sep 4 2016, 11:09 PM



The healing of most injuries (bruises, minor cuts, and so forth), as well as recovering from general battle weariness, is assumed to be done between topics. Even a fainted Pokemon is healed between topics. This doesn't need to be written out, nor do you need to spray down all your Pokemon with potions at the end or beginning of each topic. At the beginning of each IC topic, your Pokemon are generally assumed to be healthy, unless the topics are taking place back to back, such as in travel threads.

Exceptions to this are long-term injuries or sicknesses. These will be recorded by a mod in your Pokemon's notes section at the bottom of their profile. The note will also likely indicate how to heal the Pokemon's injury or how long it might take for the injury to heal naturally.

◒ Potions

In Terrene, potions are liquids or salves contained in clay or wood jars. They are not applied through a spray nozzle, as Terrene doesn't have the technology to create plastic spray nozzles. They are simply poured or spread across the injured part of the Pokemon, and they disinfect the wound, numb the area somewhat, and expedite the natural healing process. They are not a cure all: they will not set broken bones or cause lost flesh or limbs to regrow. All they do is allow the natural healing processes to work much faster than they naturally would.

Regular potions heal about 20% health, super potions heal about 40%, and hyper potions heal about 60%. The amount that a potion heals can change based on the character's medicine skill.

◒ Pokemon Centers

Pokemon Centers do exist, but they are not high-tech like the ones we are familiar with in the games and in the anime. Rather, they are essentially low-tech veterinary offices, with a couple of doctors and/or nurses that can examine your Pokemon and provide professional expertise. Perhaps they might prescribe a medication. They will almost always have the generic healing items in stock; potions, antidotes, and so forth. There are multiple Pokemon Centers in both Ashfield and Crater. Forest Beach has a small Pokemon Center. Oasis has none thus far but has a couple of semi-experienced doctors around town.

 Posted: Feb 26 2017, 05:05 PM


Damage Dealt

To help us all estimate the approximate damages that the various Pokemon moves do, we have a chart that lists the range of damage that each move power might do. So if you want to know how much damage your Pokemon's move should do, go to a site like Serebii and find out what the move power of the move is, then find that move power on the chart below. In addition to the chart, there are a few extra guidelines:

Regarding age and experience: Pokemon who are young, inexperienced, weak, and/or low-leveled should tend to deal damage nearer the lower end of the damage range. Pokemon who are healthy, strong, experienced in battle, and/or high leveled should tend to deal damage nearer the higher end of the damage range.

Regarding STAB: a Pokemon using a move that matches its typing should also tend to deal damage nearer the higher end of the damage range.

Regarding type advantages: x2 effective moves should add approximately half damage. x4 effective moves should deal approximately double damage. For type disadvantages: x0.5 moves should subtract approximately quarter damage, x0.25 should deal approximately half damage.

One-hit knockouts should generally be avoided, unless one Pokemon has a very distinct advantage against the other and uses a powerful move.

Critical hits and partial dodges are completely up for interpretation.

Recoil should generally deal ~8-12% damage.

The ranges below are for Pokemon of similar levels (either the same level, or only one level higher or lower). If your Pokemon is significantly higher leveled than the Pokemon it is attacking, it will have the potential to do more damage, typically at about plus or minus 2-4% damage per level difference. The opposite is also true, of course. Use your best judgement!

◒ Chart for Damage Dealt

10: ~4-24%
15: ~6-26%
20: ~8-28%
25: ~10-30%
30: ~12-32%
35: ~14-34%
40: ~16-36%
45: ~18-38%
50: ~20-40%
55: ~22-42%
60: ~24-44%
65: ~26-46%
70: ~28-48%
75: ~30-50%
80: ~32-52%
85: ~34-54%
90: ~36-56%
95: ~38-58%
100: ~40-60%
105: ~42-62%
110: ~44-64%
115: ~46-66%
120: ~48-68%
125: ~50-70%
130: ~52-72%
135: ~54-74%
140: ~56-76%
145: ~58-78%
150: ~60-80%
155: ~62-82%
160: ~64-84%
165: ~66-86%
170: ~68-88%
175: ~70-90%
180: ~72-92%
185: ~74-94%
190: ~76-96%
195: ~78-98%
200: ~80-100%

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