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 QUEST: Shadow Thieves
 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 11:31 AM


QUEST: Shadow Thieves

"A thief believes everyone steals."

[Quest courtesy of Kira]

Around Ashfield City, it is known that the dark and gloomy jungle is filled with many dangerous pokemon. However, out of necessity, many individuals must venture into the dangerous shadows. Even those without the protection of Pokemon must brave the woods at one point or another. Two such Ashfielders ventured into the forest, with the intention of collecting berries for the small shop that they run together. However, in a moment of inattentiveness they ventured too far; they realized too late that they had ventured into the territory of a pack of dark-type Pokemon. In their haste to escape from the dangerous demon Pokemon, they accidentally left behind some precious belongings. Lacking Pokemon of their own, they ask any trainers willing to assist to locate the pack that had attacked them and retrieve their valuables.

The Ashfielders are simply desperate to have their belongings returned, and care little for what state the pack of dark-types is left in after the fact. They do not know which pack of dark-types took their valuables, and it will be a challenge for the trainer to locate the correct pack and either defeat the demons or otherwise convince them to abandon the stolen goods.

The event has also convinced the berry sellers that it is finally time for them to catch and train a Pokemon of their own; if you manage to catch a non-demon Pokemon during the course of the quest, you can return it to the couple for an extra reward. They will reimburse whatever pokeball you use.

You will be in control of whatever Pokemon are spawned for you; however, for this particular quest, captures and befriendings have more potential consequences than normal (normal consequences being that it negatively affects character reputation for most NPCs/natives) and may be graded a bit harder than most. After all, your character will quite literally be going into the dens and homes of these demons; not only will they be more aggressive than usual since you are invading their territory, who is to say that the rest of the pack won't pursue you if you spirit away one of their own?

Spawn Info:

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

4-5 spawns per round/pack. Each pack can only be encountered once. The Rattata/Stunky Pack is the group that has the items.

1. Poochyena + Houndour Pack
2. Rattata [Alola] + Stunky Pack*
3. Scraggy + Sableye Pack
4. Vullaby + Murkrow Pack

25% chance of spawning an additional non-demon Pokemon:

1. Foongus
2. Hoppip
3. Lileep
4. Burmy
5. Ledyba
6. Scatterbug
7. Wurmple



Quest rewards:

  • the 100 tokens for completing a topic
  • 2 random berries native to Western Great Forest
  • 5 berries of choice native to Paradise Island


2/2 taken. To claim this quest, simply create your quest topic and then post here with a link to it.

 Posted: Sep 4 2017, 05:26 PM


http://pokemonterrene.jcink.net/index.php?act=ST&f=21&t=1576 - Ri is in it for the reward. Nothing else.

 Posted: Jan 20 2018, 05:50 PM


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