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The biggest event of the
season- of the year, even- is the Anniversary Fair! We also have a lore contest for the month of November, and our plot events are still going strong.


Autumn will be here until
December. All of Terrene is cooling by degrees; those in Ashfield scarcely notice because it never truly gets cold there, though they will notice the decreased rains and humidity. Winds pick up, particularly in the southern areas. Ghost types are more common this season.







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 Posted: Jul 1 2017, 01:23 PM


Meet the Staff

These are just quick blurbs describing our staff, so that if you want to request them to take your thread, you know what you might get!

◒ Jani

Site creator and the site dad, admin. For starter threads, Jani controls Arceus as well as Jirachi & Celebi. Average wait time, 2-5 days (depending on the baby); average post length, 300-700 words. Weekends are busy for Jani, so the majority of writing occurs Mon-Thurs; she is at the beck and call of a baby, however, so availability and productivity can fluctuate wildly with little to no notice. In adventure topics, Jani takes her inspiration from the Pokemon that the RNG assigns her, but she does tend toward aggressive, potentially life-threatening situations, especially if she deems they are "asking for it." Voted most likely to legitimately kill your character and/or Pokemon.

◒ Kaien

Jani's life saver and the site mom, admin. For starter threads, Kaien controls the legendary dog trio. Average wait time, 2-3 days; average post length, 400-600 words. Weekends are busy for Kaien, so the majority of writing occurs during the week while he is at work as his workload allows or in the evenings when he gets home from work. In adventure topics, style varies greatly from happy walks through the forest to life-and-limb-threatening situations. Voted most likely to SHAKE IT UP, OOH OOH, SHAKE IT UP.

◒ AJSol

Terrene's sun and resident Pokemon-species-assigner, temp. Average wait time, 3-4 days; average post length, 200-400 words. Insomnia and sleep apnea force AJSol to keep odd hours, and his wifi connection is often sketchy, so availability is inconsistent but he is an active member nonetheless. In adventure topics, AJSol's style is still to be determined, but it is likely to be less violent than the norm. Probably. Maybe. Voted most likely to accidentally suffocate you or purposefully burn you.

◒ Kira

Terrene's favorite sheltered teenager, temp. Average wait time, under 2 days; average post length, anywhere from 250-1,000 words, matching her partner's length. During the school year, she will primarily be around in the afternoons and early evenings; otherwise, she's in and out all day long. In adventure topics, her style is apt to vary wildly based on her mood in the moment. Voted most likely to strike up a passionate conversation about ham.

◒ Chaos

Terrene's speedy little poster, temp. Average wait time, under 2 days, or as fast as possible; average post length, 200-400 words. You can find Chaos around for most of the morning, afternoon, and evenings due to her free scheduling, but for the most part don't expect to see her much on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Chaos' style is to be determined. Voted most likely to start an internal monologue.

Previous / Inactive Staff

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

◒ Finley

Terrene's busy schoolgirl, mod. Average wait time, 3-5 days; average post length, 500-600 words with closer to 1,000 words also not uncommon. During this summer, weekdays is when Finley is available to post while weekends are busy, however once college starts her availability is TBD. In adventure topics, Finley tends to write tough, gritty, aggressive situations, with some variance. Voted most likely to actually have her life together.

◒ Saint Judas

The salt of Terrene's sea, mod. Average wait time, anywhere from hours to weeks; average post length, 400-1,000 words. Saint Judas is on more often in the afternoons and evenings as opposed to mornings, and when life isn't being terrible Saint Judas is almost always active in the cbox. In adventure topics, Saint Judas works more from inspiration than from the RNG, and violent and animalistic situations are a common theme. Voted most likely to throw a dirty rodent at you.

◒ Invi

Terrene's 5-star cruise liner, mod. Average wait time, under 2 days, often mere hours or minutes; average post length, 400-700 words. Invi lives on the opposite side of the world from most of our players and she has recently started college, so posts are most likely to come during our morning/early afternoon (which is her late afternoon/night). In adventure topics, her style is random and potentially dangerous, but you can blame it on her dice. Voted most likely to make you a cup of tea and give you delicious recipes and be an all around lovely person.

◒ Zena

Terrene's wild card, temp. Average wait time, 2-4 days; average post length, 250-500 words. Zena's availability is generally a mystery, as she runs on the schedule of the hospital she works at. In adventure topics, Zena prefers fun and peaceful plots over constant danger and battling. Voted most likely to definitely not kill you, thank you very much.

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