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 Reluctance, [adventure]
 Posted: Feb 19 2018, 04:25 PM



encounter results
Sasha gains 11 EXP, Mary gains 12 EXP and +1% loyalty (and learns Smog!), Fluffy gains 1 EXP. I'll go edit this all in now, along with the -1 potion used on Mary~

The Seviper, being completely unconscious, had absolutely no way of dodging the vengeful sheep's incoming attack. Unlike down the rest of her body, there was no thick muscles on her skull to cushion the blow. Sasha would feel a bit of a crunch beneath her as some bones shattered beneath her weight (which was not a considerable weight, but given the extra momentum and power put behind it, was enough to crush some of the smaller bones within the now-dead snake's skull).

The crunch was enough to make the Sandile glance over his shoulder. A sheep mutilating the body of a snake. How... interesting.

But then the sheep decided to prance on over toward him, and his interest quickly died as quickly as it had sparked as he was subjected to her running her mouth, bleating and baaing in the way that her kind did.

He had no idea why the sheep was addressed him as though he was a friend. Or on their side. Sure, he was about to harass a Bonsly that apparently she had issue with, but that was mere coincidence, as was the fact that apparently he had killed a feline that had offended her. But if that sheep though he was doing these things as a favor to her, she had another thing coming.

As she directed a question toward him, his expression was deadpan. (Crime scene? The heck was this nasty ball of fluff talking about?)

//Unless you want to be next.//

Meanwhile, all the Bonsly had to say in response to the entire situation was a screamed statement of, //I DON'T KNOW YOU!//

The Sandile snorted, then prodded with a falsely gentle voice, //Mm, and about you babies?//

//My babies!// The young Bonsly shrieked, turning away from the sheep and crocodile to lean over her gathered berries, resuming her attempts to push them away from the group, shuffling them along with her oval-shaped feet.

The crocodile crept up close, directly behind the Bonsly, and began nipping at her heels. //You'll have to move faster than that to get away, mama. You do want to save your babies, don't you?//

The Bonsly squealed and tried to shuffle along faster, only to trip over the berries she was so desperately attempting to rescue.

Hissing out a breathy laugh, the Sandile stretched forward and snapped at one of the berries, severing it in half, juices oozing from his jaws as he chewed very thoughtfully on the half he had in his jaws. Berries weren't really his preferred form of sustenance, but the reaction of the Bonsly? Mm, that was delicious.

The rock-type was too busy being face-down in the dry desert ground to witness her baby being heartlessly and effortlessly bitten in half, but after a few seconds of concerted effort, she was back on her feet. Frantically, she moved about gathering the berries back up. //One, two... Two... Two... Two...// She searched for the third, not recognizing at first that the half-bitten berry lying on the ground between her and the Sandile was all that was left of the third berry.

She stared at it for a moment, then stared at the Sandile, who was stood grinning, green pieces of the fruit's flesh lodged between his teeth, juices dripping down his scaly chin. She took a long, silent moment to process the scene.

Then the Bonsly's inhuman screech pierced the air.

a wild Bonsly has appeared!
level similar to Sasha ◒ female ◒ ability unknown ◒ harden ◒ #4FB477
95%, +2 defense. AAAHH!

a wild Purrloin has appeared!
level similar to Sasha ◒ male ◒ ability unknown ◒ CHARM, scratch, growl ◒ #88498F
dead%, -1 attack, paralyzed, dislocated shoulder, dead.

a wild Seviper has appeared!
level similar to Mary ◒ female ◒ ability unknown ◒ lick, bite, swagger ◒ #94849B
dead%, -1 attack, super dead.

a wild Sandile has appeared!
level slightly lower than Sasha ◒ male ◒ ability unknown ◒bite ◒ #dcb16f
100%. 'Sup losers

 Posted: Feb 19 2018, 07:16 PM


Sasha's expression changed from delighted and angry to disappointed and confused in a mere matter of seconds. She... She didn't know how exactly to respond. She recognized the retile as a demon, and Mary was a demon... She assumed that demons were cool. Not trashy.

The sheep couldn't help but wince at the situation in front of her. She slowly started to back up as the bonsly started shrieking and squealing. Should she help..? Well... Mary had almost been killed last time they helped the bonsly. The tree rock didn't even tell them thank you or try to help at the slightest. Still, the cries couldn't help but make her feel... Sentimental.

Sasha turned and looked over at the human and Mary, then back at the sandile and bonsly. She felt kinda sick in the stomach as she left to walk towards her trainer.

Blue sighed in relief as she noticed Mary starting to move more. The human set down the container the potion was in, and scratched the houndour behind the ear. She couldn't focus on the situation happening nearby, for she was immersed in her anxiety and fear for the dog's survival.

She felt the prod of Sasha's woolly head and she glanced down. "... You okay, Sashi?" Blue murmured, wincing at the dull look in the sheep's face. She felt the rustling of Mary's limbs, and the human hesitated to set the houndour down.

"There, there, Mary... We'll be home soon... Just try and save your strength." Blue whispered with a worried undertone in her face. Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream caught the girl's attention.

She snapped her gaze up, and noticed the bonsly with the berries, sans one. Blue whimpered and stood up quickly, causing the ant in her bag to screech in alarm.

The human quickly shuffled over to the tiny pokemon, almost completely ignoring the demon reptile. Blue dug into her bag and pulled out a random berry, making Fluffy screech more in the process.

"U-Um, here you go! Are you okay, Rocky!?" The girl murmured loudly to the bonsly, not knowing the species actual name. She set the berry in the small pile and even tried to give the pokemon a small reassuring pat.

user posted image : 100% : -1 Attack. Can't form a solid opinion on anything for five minutes.

user posted image : 41% : -2 Attack, +4 Spec. Attack. Paralyzed. Don't mind me, just lying away the pain.

user posted image : 100% : WHY ARE WE MOVING

(Insert Blue image here) : 100% : Currently shoving a Kee berry at the small rock. Probably gonna find some way to piss the sandile off.

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