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Aug 14 2018, 04:27 PM
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<img src="https://cdnw.nickpic.host/xBpHDb.jpg"><br>
<div class="to">Ruth</div><div class="to">21</div><div class="to">Immigrant</div>
<div class="to">-Pokemon TBA-</div></div>
<div class="be">
She’s kind of weird, but she owns it and will take no offence from the descriptor. Ruth speaks her mind as words come to it, and more often than not they come to it sporadically and without heartfelt meaning. She generally doesn’t seek human connection because her inner introvert easily suffocates her, draining her socially and making her withdraw, but she has an ironic outer extrovert that pushes her past her limits, actively exposing her to opportunities to adventure and express her playful side - and boy is she ever playful, almost mischievous. Ruth has a tendency to find herself in troublesome situations that are almost always perfectly avoidable had she possessed the strange and elusive quality of self-control. She simply enjoys living. The last thing she wants to do is sit around and let it pass her by, wondering what if. Most of the time what’s frightening in the moment makes for a great story to tell the next day. <p>

Important Notes: <BR>
1. Ruth will have an unexplainable fascination with Ghost, Bug, and Poison type Pokémon. This is due to her love for these three specific types in the Suffering Universe which, although she cannot recall, still makes her excited whenever she sees them. <p>

Visit Ruth’s bio for all the juicy details. <p>
Ruth has a lot of the qualities of a good friend - upbeat, hopelessly honest, adventurous, kind-hearted, full of laughter and joy - except for several one little problem: She’s scarily unpredictable. <p>
By that I mean scarily unpredictable. One minute she’s content to sit in the grass and have quiet conversation, and the next she’s fixated on something she thinks she saw in the distance and running after it to investigate. She has a deep love for learning, so I could see her lingering around people that have some form of knowledge to pass down since she has forgotten so much of what she used to know. Alternatively, she would be willing to spend time with people that aren’t afraid to take chances and have some fun along the way; however, keep in mind that what sounds fun in the moment might turn into something dangerous and regrettable. Ruth isn’t very serious, so she’ll be slow to realize if she has done something wrong or made someone upset. <p>
What’s interesting about Ruth is that, as friendly as she can be, she doesn’t really want any friends. She’ll view most social situations as extremely temporary things. While your character might think it’s the beginning of a friendship, Ruth will have full intentions of never seeing them again unless pure coincidence says otherwise. This could lead to hurt feelings, and I would lovelovelove to explore that possibility. Ruth is really guarded when conversation turns personal, mostly because she doesn’t remember many personal details, but even in the Suffering Universe she was incredibly private. <p>
In short, I think she could make for a wonderfully adequate friend/ally for most anyone, but it’s getting to that point that will be an obstacle. When her inner introvert starts to rear its head she will have a hard time fighting it off. <p>

This would be... amusing. I honestly have no clue what Ruth’s type is so that will just have to be discovered through roleplay, although right now I’m inclined to think she can find just about anything attractive as long as it suits the person and doesn’t clash too terribly with her eccentric personality. <p>
She’s really enthusiastic about learning as I said earlier, and I think she would view other humans as subjects from which to learn - in small doses, of course, lest she socially overwhelm herself. Meaning any type of person is probably on the table for this. <p>
However, it remains true that Ruth is a very private person, so she would be even slower to come around (express affection, interest, etc) in a relationship than she already would be in a friendship. I think she would be completely oblivious to any romantic gestures, which could be humorous to watch unfold for the other person.<p>
Toss characters at me if a romantic plot with Ruth interests you, and I’d be more than happy to have them meet if they’re ever in the same area.
I can’t picture Ruth having many enemies. People might have reasons to dislike her, but getting her to reciprocate that dislike wouldn’t be easy. Even evil people with bad motives, whatever that entails, could struggle to find an enemy in Ruth. She’s such a devoted intellect that she’ll hear just about anybody out when it comes to their individual purposes, likes and dislikes, reasons for doing what they do, how they go about training their Pokémon, etc. She will almost definitely maintain a neutral stance through current Omega/Beta plots and any upcoming plots as well, but I won’t take her being swayed off the table completely. Basically, as long as someone can validate whatever it is they’re telling Ruth, then she’ll be pretty chill.
<h1>Adoptable Plotlines</h1>
1. Modded adventure with Ruth! <BR>
She’ll be more than happy to drag the occasional unlucky soul on some kind of adventure with her, and the crazier it gets the better am I right. Let’s see how many heart attacks Ruth can induce in Terrene. <p>

2. Battles! <BR>
She’ll always be more than happy to have a friendly/not-so friendly spar for practice, but this won’t open up until she has gotten a bit of training in with her team. Although, who knows, I’m sure she would be ridiculous enough to throw her barely trained starter into battle with the right person, let me know! <p>

3. What’s this? How about this? [social] <BR>
If anybody is willing to subject their character to Ruth’s limitless supply of questions once she arrives, let me know! She’ll be eager to learn as much as she can about Terrene. <p>

4. Please take her on an awkward date [social] <BR>
This would involve some interest in the romance department, and I’m all for slow burn, but the idea of Ruth agreeing to go on a date that she has no clue is a date really amuses me. How she changes throughout the whole thing as it slowly dawns on her what’s going on will be hilarious to see. <p>

5. Prankster [social] <BR>
Ruth is definitely the type to sneak up on unsuspecting victims people. I could see her scaring someone and then trying to nonchalantly continue her day without stopping to explain herself or converse. Could lead to some tension/rivals or even awkward friendship. <p>

I’ll be adding more as I get ideas! As always, feel free to respond to this thread with ideas of your own or to elaborate on anything I’ve said. <3



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<div style= "float: right;"><a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=12912"><img src="https://cdnw.nickpic.host/mSn3HJ.png" width=20px></a></div>

Aug 9 2018, 11:24 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style=" width:275px; text-align:justify">“We’re almost out of antidote again.” The nurse was tending to a badly poisoned Cascoon, trying to comfort it with gentle strokes of her hand as it sat there, helpless, eyes closed, shifting violently as though it was trapped inside of a nightmare. She stood from its bedside and nervously twiddled her thumbs. “I don’t think this one is going to survive long enough for another shipment to arrive.” A hrrmph sounded from across the room, drawing Ruth and the nurse’s attention away from the sad sight of the Pokémon – a rather easy thing to do when it was so difficult to look at. <p>
The woman had fire in her eyes that burned redder than her hair, arms crossed over her chest. “If the authorities would allow someone to handle the problem more directly, then we wouldn’t need another shipment of antidote. This is getting ridiculous.” Ruth pulled a pen and paper out of her back pocket, appearing to take notes. The woman straightened in her seat and cleared her throat, haughty and self-important. Finally someone was listening. “It’s just some lousy poison-type. The world wouldn’t miss it if it was suddenly gone, especially not after all of the damage it has caused us, our city, our families – are you writing all of this down?” The nurse peeked over Ruth’s shoulder and then immediately cupped a hand around her mouth, stifling laughter. The red-headed woman stood from her chair abruptly and then stomped over to the two of them, snagging the notebook out of Ruth’s hand. She analyzed the page for a heartbeat, expression darkening. “Care to explain?” She held the notebook in front of Ruth’s face, a sliver away from touching her nose. Inscribed on the page was a tiny drawing of a Butterfree with half-coloured wings. <p>
Ruth shrugged. “It’s a drawing of a –” <p>
“I know what it is!” The woman rolled her eyes, exasperated. “If you aren’t going to take this seriously then you should just leave. This isn’t a game. That wild Pokémon is seriously affecting some of our lives.” <p>
“I was already briefed on the situation before I left Lavender Town. I have all of the information I need. Leave it to me.” The back of her thumb collided with the space beneath her neck. She sported a radiant smile, but it seemed out of place in the gloomy Pokémon Center. She reached out a hand for her notebook, but the woman unapologetically let it fall to the ground in a graceless heap of crinkled paper. <p>
“Excuse me, miss?” Another nurse popped her head around the corner, calling for the red-headed woman. “Your Starmie is ready to go home now.” As if on cue, the silver starfish hesitantly poked its head around the corner, lifting one of its appendages in a sleepy wave. All of the woman’s anger evaporated on the spot as she rushed over to pick up her Pokémon, planting a kiss on its bright red gem. “Come on, Starmie, I’ll fix us up your favourite lunch.” She turned back to Ruth, lips pursed – clearly her vendetta against the wild Pokémon wreaking havoc in Viridian Forest was personal. “Here’s hoping you’re half as good as they say. I’ll take matters into my own hands if I have to.” She pushed past Ruth without another word, knocking her back with a hardy shove of her shoulder; it was rather rude, Ruth thought absentmindedly as she recovered from the sudden imbalance, but she sent the woman off with a friendly wave nonetheless. She was quick to follow, but right before she reached the door she sunk a hand into the bottom of her backpack and pulled out an antidote, leaving it unattended on the countertop. That Cascoon certainly needed it more than she did. <p>
~ ~ ~
There was a darkness to Viridian Forest that she didn’t recall being there whenever she visited the city as a child, a feeling of forebode that sent shivers down her spine, a coldness that held no ties to the weather. She paid no mind to the sets upon sets, rows upon rows, of beady eyes that followed her movements from the treetops, the shadows. The wild Pokémon that called this place home were afraid. They had been watching their backs, cautious of every change in their environment, for a very long time – too long. It was strange for one Pokémon to be able to do so much damage single-handedly. There had to be a reason for it. People said it was bad, nothing more and nothing less, but Ruth couldn’t believe that. There was such a thing as an aggressive Pokémon, sure, but this took it to a level that Ruth couldn’t consider a possibility without significant facts. She was sent here to learn, rehabilitate, help, but the red-headed woman’s threat still hung in the back of her mind. If she couldn’t, then the wild Pokémon was very likely doomed. <p>
It was easier to track down than she anticipated, leaving behind a trail of wilted flowers and blackening plants, dripping poison. She saw it before it saw her, the tip of a yellow rattler hanging out of a shrub, and she slowly knelt onto the ground and unzipped her backpack – loudly. It never occurred to her how noisy a zipper could be, how noisy simply breathing could be, until standing in the middle of a deafeningly quiet forest with a wild Pokémon pegged a danger to society. She might as well have set off a chorus of fire alarms with how sharply it coiled around to face her, its yellow eyes distrustful, angry, as a forked tongue slipped out and into the air to taste her scent, discerning prey from predator. It couldn’t be any bigger than the length of her arm, but a poison-type could be the size of her pinky nail and still pose an alarming threat. A moment of silence passed between them in which Ruth simply stared into its eyes, trying to gauge what it was thinking. The snake, feeling small under her scrutiny, did what it had been doing for weeks, had been taught to do in order to survive, and lunged for the exposed skin around her elbow. What happened next took place in a series of flashes, holes in her memory, as instinct kicked into overdrive and forced her gloved hand to intercept its mouth, its poisonous fangs. Her fabric caved in beneath the pressure of its Acid attack, and she just managed to weasel out of it before it made contact with her skin. She tossed the glove onto the ground, and the Ekans immediately retracted its fangs from the melted mass, searing the blades of grass beneath it. <p>
Ruth readied herself for a follow-up offense, but Ekans was visibly strained from the effort it’d put into its first attack. How strange. Normally a Pokémon could go much longer than that before being rendered unable to battle. She pulled out her notebook, then, taking a moment to sketch out the shape of its body to compare to the Pokedex entry – only she could recover so quickly, so smoothly, from nearly having a chunk of her hand boiled by acid. Looking between her Pokedex and the quick sketch in her notebook, she noticed an unusual kink in the middle of its spine. <p>
Ekans writhed on the spot, clearly in pain. It was trying to arch its back, stretch out its body, but every attempt sent it into fretful distress. Was this why it was acting out? It was in pain. It couldn’t properly defend itself. Ruth grabbed a small package out of her backpack and untied it on the ground, laying out her supplies. She watched Ekans from the corner of her eye. It seemed to be watching her, too. “I’m going to make a mixture of potions and Cheri Berries and, if you’ll let me, I can spread it onto a gauze and wrap it around your injury.” Ekans hissed loudly, a purple smog taking shape in its mouth as it attempted to coil up – Acid Spray. Ruth ducked, covering her face with a hand, but any pain she anticipated never came. When she peeked, the Ekans had returned to its side, breaths shallow ; it had been unable to stand up, and its attack hitched in its throat due to an intolerance for the agony in its spine. “I’m not going to hurt you.” Its eyes slit open, watching her every move with wild intensity, thinly veiled wariness. “Potions normally restore health, and Cheri Berries are for paralysis, but it can only help after how long you’ve been suffering that spinal injury.” The mixture turned into a smelly gunk, and she hastily spread it onto a strand of gauze. She turned towards Ekans, holding it out for it to inspect. <p>
It meekly lifted its head off of the ground, but one whiff had it turning its nose up in disdain – it didn’t need this human’s help. Humans had done nothing but try and hurt it. They always immediately assumed the worst and took no time to pay attention, look beneath the surface of its type, and see how much it was suffering. <p>
This human, however, was paying attention. <p>
More than that, she was being patient. Ruth continued to hold the gauze out to Ekans, hovering it mid-air unflinchingly. Eventually, its stubbornness wore out, and it gave the gauze another chance. Again, it rested its head onto the ground, permitting Ruth to approach and apply her medicine, but it would be watching. The second her hand slipped it would be there to bite it off. <p>
The pain was excruciating, but Ruth was quick and efficient at her craft. She was in and out before the Ekans could twist around, could threaten her with a not-so polite flash of poison-tipped fangs, and it was left to examine the wrap of gauze around its body curiously, uncertainly. Its reptilian eyes found hers. Why did you help me? It didn’t ask outright, but Ruth shrugged her shoulders in answer anyhow. She helped because she could. <p>
She stood and started to re-pack her bag, and through the corner of her eye she observed Ekans cautiously slither closer to her leg. She sighed dramatically, arms stretching skyward in preparation to leave, giving Ekans ample time to close the rest of the distance between them and delicately coil around her leg, rooting her to the spot. She cast her eyes downward in feigned surprise, bewilderment, but in actuality she was pleased to see it take the bait. “Oh, what’s this?” She didn’t mean to rub in its reluctance to be left alone in the forest, but it was hard to resist. Ekans’s tongue flicked against her pant leg, a friendly reminder that it could grab her by the ankle at any minute if she got too cocky. She laughed, melodious and singsong. A handful of wild Pokémon that had been lurking in the shadows started to surface from their hiding spots, her cheerful laughter making it feel safe, restoring their curiosity. She knelt down, offering her hand to Ekans, and after a moment of deliberation, tension on both ends, it allowed itself to be picked up and placed around her shoulders. <p>
“Looks like you’re coming back to Lavender Town with me. You should probably know that I snore in my sleep, so this might be a long journey.” Too late, there was no turning back for Ekans now. Before it could change its mind, she gathered her things and backtracked to the city with a skip in her step. <p>
What a strange creature, the snake thought from its place around her neck, peering up at her from its vantage with quizzical eyes.</div></center>[/dohtml]
Aug 6 2018, 02:16 PM
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<div id="fullboxg">
<div class="gtitlebox">summer 2018</div><br>

▲▲ gains: tbd <br>
▼▼ losses: memory loss of all but her first name <br>
▲▲ gains: N/A <br>
▼▼ losses: N/A <br>

<br><br><div class="gtitlebox">season year</div><br>

◒ <br>
◒ <br>

<br><br><div class="gtitlebox">season year</div><br>

◒ <br>
◒ <br>

</div><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=8454" style="font-size:10px;">♒</a><center>[/dohtml]
Aug 6 2018, 08:34 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style=" width:275px; text-align:justify">How hard had the rest of the world been hit? <p>

Did violent earthquakes shake their streets until there was nothing left but piles of debris, rubble, and rock? Did the air feel slimy as it seeped into their lungs? As it slipped down their throat like muddy water? Toxic gas disguised as oxygen. The body seemed to crave it just the same. <p>

Ruth’s quaint little town was suddenly just a little town, and with it being so little the natural disasters seemed to strike faster, more violently. Lavender Town was a shred of what it used to be. Their small, winding streets were no longer discernible from one another, their flower beds of lavender in grayscale. Ruth was afraid to look in the mirror. Her hands looked sickly and frail curled up in her lap where she sat on the middle of the road, back pressed against an abandoned car with flat tires, and the tips of bangs hanging in her eyes looked singed black. <p>

She couldn’t remember the last time she moved. The sun was buried behind funnel clouds on the brink of touchdown, a bolt of lightning frozen in the sky, a chorus of thunder rumbling so loudly, so constantly, that the sound of her voice in her head couldn’t compete for space. She wanted to scream but her lips were glued shut. She wanted to close her eyes, sleep, wake up from this awful dream, but when was the last time she even blinked? <p>

Her sense of time was grossly twisted out of shape, so she couldn’t say for sure when the mist started to settle in. She assumed from the depths of her mind, where she was now locked, trapped, suffocating, that it came from the water and slowly worked its way across Kanto, swallowing it whole, drowning it. She had seen entire buildings enveloped by the mist, only to run her fingers through it and feel no trace of its existence; her fingers recoiled, then, lucky to still be attached to her hands, and it was the last exasperated breath of gratitude she remembered inhaling before her existence turned sluggish and halfhearted. Now, she probably wouldn’t even notice if the mist snuck up on her and took a couple of fingers. <p>

It was almost spread over half of Lavender Town, and soon she was confident there would be nothing left. Her eyeballs shifted in their sockets, slowly turning to where the Volunteer House once stood tall - her pride and joy. The mist was crawling towards it, and soon what was left of it, too, would be gone, vanished into thin air like it never even existed in the first place. She was overcome with a sudden melancholy, a sadness that sunk into her bones, and before she knew what was happening she was standing on unsteady feet and wobbling towards the broken house. It was where she rehabilitated her Ekans. It was where she bonded with it. It was where she lost it. Ruth sank onto her knees, running her hands through the soft dirt, the piles of wood, in search of its skeleton. A morbid thing to do, perhaps, but her body followed its own whims, seemingly disconnected from her brain, an independent entity. <p>

The mist started to encircle, closing in, touching the tips of her boots, but she didn’t dare run from it - there was nowhere it couldn’t eventually follow her to.</div></center>[/dohtml]
Aug 4 2018, 10:18 PM
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.simpappinfo { font-family: times; font-style: italic; color: #ccc; font-size: 12px; text-transform: lowercase; letter-spacing: 1px; text-align: center; line-height: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px; }
.simpappsw { font-family: arial; color: #ccc; line-height: 100%; font-size: 11px; }
.simpappdesc { font-family: oswald; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 3px; font-size: 10px; text-align: center; box-shadow: 1px 1px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.44) inset; color: #A5A5A5; background-color: #292929; padding: 5px; margin: 5px 0px; line-height: 100%; }
.tcred { text-transform: uppercase; text-align: right; width: 460px; }
.tcred a {font-family: calibri; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; }
<div class="simpapplication">

<img src="https://cdnw.nickpic.host/xmt4ed.jpg">

<div class="simpappname">RUTH</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">21 - FEMALE - DEMISEXUAL</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>
Upon first glance Ruth is skin paler than ghosts, long legs, and lanky arms, with a messy head of ginger hair she prefers to keep out of her face. It looks like she has no meat on her bones, and no muscle to support her weight, uncoordinated on her feet, most likely to be carried away by a gust of wind, but on the contrary she can be surprisingly athletic when a situation calls for it. <p>
Her hair just about reaches her belly button when she lets it fall in waves. Her roots are a reddish orange, and it gets progressively more reddish blonde towards the ends, bangs either messily scattered across her forehead or swooped to the side. Her eyes, a light bluish green, she used to enjoy accenting with bright red lipstick when cosmetics were a luxury. <p>
She has a rather odd fashion sense, blending a unique mixture of colours and layers, but one thing she almost always kept the same was her tie-up boots. They’re suited to just about any kind of landscape. <p>
Ruth’s expression, too, is rather steadfast: calm, collected, one of muted curiosity, dreamlike, faraway, out of focus. It’s difficult to catch her off guard, by surprise, in a bad mood, or just about anything in between. She’s fond of neutrality, and she has mastered holding onto it even in the most dire of circumstances. <p>
Face Claim: Nadia Esra
<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
Peculiar is a bit of an understatement. <P>
Ruth marches to the beat of her own drum with no regard as to what shape that takes through an onlooker’s eye. She speaks her mind freely, shamelessly, if not a little nonsensically and sporadically from time to time, but it’s all in the name of lighthearted humour and the maintenance of a carefree atmosphere. Her levelheadedness borders on uncanny, able to take the good and bad in stride and shoulder the worst of it with similar indifference to the best of it. Call it aloof, unemotional, uninviting, but Ruth is perhaps the most socially graceful lone wolf there is. She simply holds the ability to remain calm in incredibly high value, prefers to listen rather than talk, and advocates for patience, independence, and a penchant of kindness for strangers whose paths she crosses. <P>
She’s definitely more of a thinker than a feeler, but she can appreciate spurs of the moment just as much as a carefully developed plan so long as she can make sense of the ideas in her head. First-timers often peg her too robotic and stiff to be any fun at all, but she’s genuinely easygoing and even a little adventurous. She might be motivated by opportunities to expand her knowledge more than the simplistic pursuit of a good time, but it’s motivation nonetheless and it can get her onto the same page as her more free-spirited peers every once in a while. However, being a bit of an introvert, Ruth’s companionship is usually short-lived and best had in small doses. She’s unlikely to get rude or dismissive once she’s had enough, but she isn’t above bluntness, even sharp-edged words, if her wants are continuously being overlooked. Ruth needs time to herself lest others become privy to the extent of her eccentricity. <P>
Upon closer inspection she’s actually quite outlandish and exciting. Her positive attitude and immense appreciation for nature and its inhabitants gives her eyes a silly glow. She appears to be in a constant state of dreaminess, a daze in her eyes they can make her look thoughtless, but it’s nothing more than a painfully mellow exterior. Her mind is inventive, creative, imaginative, knowing no bounds, and it expresses a lot more than what can be gauged from her face.
<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
Lavender Town always had an air of suffering. It was a beautiful little town, really, painted purple by its namesake, but most people that passed through only did so because they had someone to mourn. It wasn’t a bustling city, after all—certainly no place to raise a family! There was an unspoken connotation of paying respects whenever traveling to Lavender Town, a reputation it upheld effortlessly as the home of sad memories across all of Kanto, but to Ruth it was just home. No connotation. No reputation. <p>
Sure, it didn’t have a lot to offer to someone her age. Kids were few and far between, but she preferred the company of books anyway. Story books quickly gave way to research books about their world and the Pokémon in it, and the more she read the more she developed a fascination for them: Their personalities, types, weaknesses, strengths...<p>
While each and every Pokémon stood out to her in its own unique way, she developed a specific interest in three types: Poison first and foremost, Bug, and of course—Ghost. <p>
At fourteen, Ruth got a part-time job at the Lavender Pokémon Volunteer House. Her love of reading quickly established a love of Pokémon, and she wanted to be a part of the organization that worked with abandoned and orphaned Pokémon. Her initial position was unpaid volunteer work, but she worked her way up for four years until, on her eighteenth birthday, she earned a staff position, able to leave Lavender Town on rescue missions she organized herself to help Pokémon across Kanto that were reported to be in need. <p>
It was on one of those missions that Ruth stumbled upon Ekans. <p>
The venomous snake Pokémon was causing quite an uproar in Viridian Forest. People and wild Pokémon alike that surrounded the area lived their lives in fear, under threat of Ekans’s mean Bite and Poison Sting attack. It was getting so bad that people began discussing ways to remove it permanently, but Ruth, upon arrival, asked for a couple of days to investigate on her own before anyone took regrettable action. <p>
Poison-type Pokémon were tricker than others in her opinion. In the wild, if aggressive, they could pose a serious and lethal threat to others. Even now, Viridian City was getting shipment upon shipment of antidote to its Pokémon Center, abuzz with patients suffering attacks from Ekans, failed containment. Ruth was armed with her own antidote when she ventured into Viridian Forest to begin her studies, but what she found was a Pokémon that was exhausted, its spine badly injured, causing it immense pain and making even the slightest movement come across as a threat to its safety. It was only trying to protect itself. It was just as scared as the people of Viridian City. <p>
Ruth tossed her antidote aside and, instead, she sat a safe and respectful distance from Ekans, preparing gauze for its injury in clear view. She took her time, and eventually Ekans felt comfortable enough to approach. She took it back to Lavender Town, and life in Viridian City returned to normal. <p>
Most rehabilitated Pokémon were returned to the wild, or found good homes with suitable trainers, but Ekans stayed with Ruth in Lavender Town long after its spine started to heal. She never did try and capture it, instead allowing it free roam of the Volunteer House with some of the other Pokémon that decided to stick around. Eventually, its poison was all but forgotten; Ekans was just as friendly as the others, just as eager to have a friend. <p>
Life seemed perfect in every way, and Ruth couldn’t be happier with her career and the opportunities it passed into her hands. Nothing could have prepared her, Lavender Town, Kanto, the universe, for what came next. Pokémon Tower was the first to fall when the earthquakes rattled the earth to its core, but there was almost no time whatsoever to grieve. Homes crashed to the ground, walkways caved in and melted like they were coated with hot lava, yet the air was ice cold. <p>
Time seemed frozen. Days might have passed, weeks, months, but it felt like she was living in the same minute. The Volunteer House was roofless, the walls sinking in like portions of the ground were suddenly on a slant, and the trees that used to hang above it were shedding leaves that burned, sizzled, as they hit the floor, peeling off any skin it touched. <p>
The Pokémon were gone. Ekans was nowhere to be found. She could’ve sworn she saw imprints of skeletons in the dirt around town but it was just as likely overturned graves from the ruins of Pokémon Tower, blown across town on a breeze she couldn’t feel against her skin or through her hair. She wanted to cry but the build-up of water in her tear ducts stung like acid. <p>
Her sense of time deteriorated. She deteriorated. Memories slipped between her fingers like water when she was pulled from the remains of her world, but she fought to at least hold onto her name. Try as she might to keep a recollection of her time with Ekans, the Volunteer House, she was left with a feeling of emptiness and the sensation that she had misplaced something important.

<div class="simpappdesc"> CHESH - MDT - SHE/HER/HERS</div>

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