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Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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Absynthe Rose Froste [Application]<br>
▲▲ gains: 160 tokens, +1 Charisma, +1 Stealth <br>
▼▼ losses: -1 Crafting, -1 Hunting <br>
Famine and Strife [Starter]<br>
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▼▼ losses: list here <br>
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Aug 14 2018, 10:21 AM
Absynthe crawled through the shadows, vivid green eyes taking in the people around her. They were scurrying about, trying to go about their lives in the midst of the turmoil that was constantly surrounding them. She was currently in Lavender Town, having gravitated there after hearing about the cave filled with Geodude and Onyx. Even now, rock pokemon reminded her of her parents and gave her a feeling of safety. When she had first arrived, she had watched a Cubone go about its day for a few hours, fascinated by the little creature. She found it strange that the little pokemon was so interesting when her last try at taming a pokemon had gone so miserably for both parties.

Dipping her head, she focused again on what was going on around her. Almost as if called, a stale piece of bread fell before her. Scrambling, Syn grabbed the treasure and fled the scene, hoping to keep it for herself. It had been a few days since she had eaten and her stomach cramped at the idea of food. Once she left the boundaries of the small town, she slowed to a walk and approached the stream that had been her home base of sorts.

Sitting on the bank of the stream, Syn gazed around her, alert for any danger. A rustle in the brush had her back on her feet and facing the noise. Before she could move further, a familiar bone mask peeked through. A soft smile crossed her face and Syn dropped back to the grass. Breaking the bread in half, she offered one piece to the cubone. The young pokemon was wary but hungry. After a few quiet moments, the cubone approached and took the bread.

The pair sat together in silence, each eating their respective piece of stale bread and taking sporadic drinks from the stream. The world seemed stable for the moment, however looks can be deceiving. The first rumbles were unnoticed by the young woman and cubone. As if an Onyx was tunneling up to the surface, the rumbles got louder and stronger.

The first one that Syn actually noticed caused her to pause and watch the cubone beside her. The little guy was getting nervous and having a hard time sitting and eating. A loud crack reverberated through the clearing and she turned her head to see a tree leaning toward the small creature. Leaping to her feet and scooping him up, Syn bolted from the area. The tree crashed to the ground, branches grazing her back and ripping her shirt.

Syn moved as fast as she could across the unstable ground. The cubone was pressed to her chest, holding on as tightly as he possibly could. The shared fear between the pair was almost enough to make her stop and hide, but she could not fight the memories of the earth opening and her mother disappearing inside. Shaking as she moved, Syn tried to get as far away from the earthquake as she possibly could. Before she could escape, another quake started under her feet.

A scream of fear pierced the once calm day. Syn was in a state of pure terror as she moved and tried to find safety. The pair neared the cave and saw that there had been a rock slide thanks to the quake. The entrance was completely closed off and fissures were widening on the face of the wall. A surge in shaking caused more rocks to stampede down toward the ground. Syn tried to outrun them, being hit by smaller and lighter rocks as she moved and tried to protect the pokemon in her arms.

A wave of dust erupted from a fissure behind her, choking the air with particles and making it hard to see. The emaciated girl fell to the ground, her arms still protecting the pokemon as her dark hair fell around them. She had forgotten to braid it that morning and she was suddenly feeling a momentary irritation that the long locks were covering her face. That feeling was gone as soon as it came and she tried to rise to her feet again.

She managed to get to her knees when she saw that there were fissures opening around her thanks to the shaking. Another scream left her lips and the cubone burrowed further into her stomach. A small part of her marveled at the way that the wild pokemon was clinging to her for safety, though she was in no situation to do anything more than hold it close and try to protect him. Green eyes searched for a way out and found only a narrow path between the crumbling fissures.

"I promise... I will do my best..." She murmured to the cubone, struggling to her feet and trying to make her heart slow down. That was a complete failure, but she had to at least try to calm down as she began to walk the tiny path. Her ankle tried to give, twisting on the rolling earth as she tried to walk the path as carefully as she possibly could. When she reached the middle of the path, she felt another wave of earthquake rumble through. The ground beneath her began to crumble.

Flinging herself forward, she tried to roll out of the way of the ever widening fissures. She hit the ground with a loud thump and her air escaped in a rush. Struggling to breathe, she rolled further and then struggled to her feet. The fissures were racing toward her, almost as if in an effort to beat the other to their victims. Backing away as quickly as she could, Syn ran into a tree and felt a wave of panic threaten to overwhelm her. She was trapped! The pair of fissures melded into one larger one before her and the tree was holding her in its wake.

Still holding the cubone in her arms, Syn desperately looked for anywhere that she could possibly go to escape the death that was coming to her. Her chest ached from the struggle to breathe and the feat that was causing her heart to pound. Syn called for help, though she knew that she would not be able to gain any in time to save her life. Looking down at the pokemon in her arms, she felt a sob grasp her throat.

"Ok... You have to go and find somewhere safe. I cant protect you anymore... I am going to throw you over there where the fissure should not be able to get you..." She whispered, her words coming out mingled with the sobs. The cubone looked up at her and held tighter. It seemed to be saying that he would stay with her. "No... save yourself. Please." She said quickly, realizing that she was out of time. Extricating herself from the pokemon's hold, she pushed him away and out of the way of the danger before accepting the fate that she had been dealt.
Aug 8 2018, 06:44 PM
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<div class="simpapplication">

<div class="simpappname">Absynthe Rose Froste</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">21 - Female - Heterosexual</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>
Absynthe tends to be one of the types that makes you realize that appearances can truly be deceiving. She is small, standing a mere 5 feet. Wiry muscles hide the strength that she has grown to do her best to build. Her features are well chiseled and seem almost delicate before she opens her mouth and breaks the facade.
While her build is small, parts of her are loud and betray her more than her own smart mouth. Her ebony hair is long, naturally straight, and usually held in a ponytail, all the better to exaggerate her sassy nature with. Bright green eyes tend to sparkle with underlying emotions, though whether those emotions are positive or negative depends on who is around. Her nose is small and her lips are average sized, colored a soft pink. Thick lashes frame her green eyes and a barely visible spattering of freckles cross her cheeks and nose.
If she had her way and the clothing to do so, Syn would be the kind of girl that would be wearing dark, skin tight clothing and heels. She likes to show off her frame and would rather go nude than in a shapeless outfit.

<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
Absynthe Rose... The name barely explains the person behind it. Her mother wanted to give her the ability to be something beautiful in the land of chaos. She is snarky and sassy, nothing anywhere near innocent or pure. There are times when Syn speaks before considering and can definitely be combative rather than adaptable.
Syn grew up in a rough area, constantly beset by natural disasters. Because of this, she learned quickly to fend for herself and trust no one. She even had a hard time trusting her pokemon partner when she tried that once. The poor Zubat was in her care for a whopping week before she gave up and released it. It was easier to steal what she needed than to try to care for anyone else.
This isnt to say that Syn is cold and uncaring. Since her parents died, she has been afraid to let anyone into her heart. She puts up walls and pushes any away that she could possibly care for. The fear is more intense than she lets on, having never loved anyone that didnt leave in some aspect or another. It is because of this fear that she is as snarky and sarcastic as she is.

<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
Syn was born and raised just outside of Pewter City. Her parents were breeders of Rock pokemon, primarily geodude. As a child, Syn had been vivacious and kind. She loved playing with the young pokemon and exploring the dense forest just beyond her home. Her parents kept her sheltered from the chaos that was going on around them and she simply played like a normal child in normal situations.
That normalcy lasted until she was 8. That was when the big earthquake hit her region and started the downfall of her family. Her mother was killed by the broken ground. A fissure opened under their home and swallowed her and most of their pokemon in one gulp. After the shaking subsided, Syn and her father took stock of what was left. 2 Golem and one little Geodude accompanied the pair into town.
They lived in an abandoned and nearly fallen building, trying to survive the chaos intact. While she was fighting to find food, her father was slowly starving. He made sure his little Rose got the food that she needed, as well as the pokemon. When things got really bad, her father released the three remaining pokemon to try to allow them to survive in the wild.
It seemed like life was at a standstill, time seeming to lose all meaning, once those three left. Each day, Syn tried to scrounge or steal food while her father wasted away. When she came home one evening, she saw that something had changed in her monotonous life. Her father was gone. No warning, nothing left behind... just gone. She was 16 years old and completely alone in the world.
For the next few years, Syn traveled from town to town in an attempt to find an area that she could scratch out a decent life. Life was harder and harder as time passed, though she was able to at least keep herself alive. She found her 21st birthday funny, having reached adulthood by some miracle... But that was when the earthquakes started up again with a vengeance.

<div class="simpappdesc"> Chaosy - MDT - She/Her</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
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