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Aug 13 2018, 06:06 AM
[[Goals for this thread are to develop the relationship between Soren and Ivka and give them a cool rival battle. I'd also like to try and gain some loyalty and experience for all of the pokemon involved.]]

Dear Diary,

My brother and I don't always get along. He's older than me, and he's had his pokemon longer. He used to always lord it over me that he was allowed to travel alone and that he earned gym badges. He even got to visit mom by himself. She always seemed to prefer him to me anyway. I've always been smaller and weaker. He chose the fire type chimchar, while I chose the more placid grass type turtwig. It's an advantage that he doesn't hesitate to exploit whenever possible.

I remember crying when he first left with chimchar, and I was still a little girl. It wasn't all jealousy. I knew I was going to miss him, despite everything. Even if we didn't always get along, I couldn't imagine my life without seeing him every day. He never managed to get all of the gym badges in Sinnoh, but he grew into a strong trainer and I'm proud of him. Now that I'm on my journey, he challenges me whenever we meet to a pokemon battle. Even if we lose, he tells me, challenging each other is how we both grow. We'll probably never be super close best buddies forever or anything like that, but I love him anyway. We help each other become better, and despite our differences, we'd protect each other if we were in danger. We are family, after all.

--Summer Sharp

"Wait, why do I have to do your chores and mine too?" Soren asked, outraged when his sister Ivka told him that he'd now be in charge of taking their youngest sibling Taavi to and from daycare every day. It wasn't even that he really minded. He loved Taavi, and the walk in the cool mornings and evenings was actually a nice excuse to be out of the house instead of doing less pleasant chores. In the past, Ivka insisted on escorting Taavi herself claiming that Soren wasn't responsible enough to be trusted. It was just a change in the usual routine with no explanation provided, and with all of the bad happening in the world right now, Soren didn't trust even seemingly benign changes.

Ivka and Taavi weren't biological siblings to Soren, but in the farmhouse blood relations held little value over bonds formed through forced daily close contact. Since the three of them grew up together, and were collectively considered the farm's children, they were also thought of as siblings. Today was Soren and Ivka's morning to prepare breakfast, so Soren was hearing this news just as he brought in the eggs and the cheese they would use to make bean, egg, and cheese molletes. Ivka had already sliced and toasted bread, and there was enough refried beans from last night's dinner to use for breakfast. Ivka shifted over to slice up some green onions and tomatoes while Soren cooked the eggs in front of the fire.

Right outside the farmhouse door, Soren's zigzagoon, Epicure sat waiting and watching. He knew he wasn't allowed inside, so he sat just outside and looked as pathetic as possible, sniffing the delicious breakfast smells that came from inside the little house. Soren kept the fat zigzagoon well-groomed at least, and he wore a red ribbon around his neck to distinguish him from any feral scavengers that might try to rob the farm. No amount of dressing up would allow Epicure to win Ivka's love, however. Her icy blue eyes cast looks of pure disgust his way, and it was clear that she was one of those humans who would forever see him as nothing more than vermin.

"Because you're older now, and it's time you pull your own weight around here." Ivka hissed.

"I'm already working doing deliveries."

"Then maybe you should move out of the farmhouse and into one of the barracks deeper in the city where the other delivery workers live," Ivka retorted without missing a beat. This was originally suggested by the peace officer that gave Soren assignments and oversaw his work. She mentioned that many workers liked to live with those with similar jobs so they'd have something in common to talk about, but since Soren delivered from the farming district and he'd grown up on the farm, no one was going to insist that he move unless it was decided he was taking up space that would be better occupied by a farmer. "With workers and others leaving the city to hunt down the witch, everyone is going to need to push themselves harder if we're going to get by. That means you too. Which reminds me, don't forget that you'll also need to clean up the kitchen after breakfast and again after dinner. And you'll need to look after my garden out front."

"What chores will be left for you to do then?" Soren asked, trying not to feel crushed beneath the weight of all the extra work it sounded like he'd have to do. He already felt like he has almost no time to himself or to care for his own pokemon. How was he going to manage all this?

"I won't be here. I'll be leaving with the others to hunt Omega," Ivka replied haughtily.

"You? How come you get to go? You're barely older than I am!" Soren glared at her, hating her pretty face. Ivka would be considered seventeen in autumn, but her exact age was a mystery. This was so common that Soren thought nothing much about it. Hardly anybody knew what their exact age was. Still, this meant she was considered an adult, and she'd grown up beautifully. She probably signed up with one of the peace officers who were in love with her. Soren suspected two, specifically. Poor idiots.

"A few years makes a big difference, it seems. They'll need branded workers on the journey, and me and my pokemon met the requirements. Loyalty, obedience, and usefulness. What's wrong, Soren? You didn't make the cut, I'm guessing," Ivka gave a superior smirk. "Those eggs are done. Let's put it together so we can eat, shall we?"

Soren didn't even get a chance to retaliate, but he couldn't think of anything satisfying to say anyway. Did she know that he'd asked the ambassador to take him along and let him help? And did she know that he'd told him no? A burning combination of anger, fear, and loneliness churned inside Soren. It wasn't fair! Soren had trained so hard with the ambassador! His pokemon were strong and smart, and Soren could be useful too. Why was Ivka allowed to leave with the others to help, but Soren was made to stay behind?

Soren was so filled with bitter jealousy that he barely touched his breakfast. His stomach was that awful nauseous and hungry combination that often came in times of high anxiety. At his father's insistence, Soren took a few bites and at least finished his milk, but the rest of his mollete was given to a grateful Epicure after breakfast was over. Soren crouched down and hugged the zigzagoon, and Epicure joyfully licked any crumbs from Soren's face. At least my pokemon love me, Soren thought sadly as his jealousy began transforming into a feeling of abandonment. First the ambassador, and now his own sister...how many others were leaving? Was Jillian going? What about Ben? How empty and lonely would Crater City be without them?
Aug 12 2018, 03:09 AM
[[Could I please have an elekid spawned from the Great Forest East swarm?]]

Cecilia had volunteered to help the village with a project, a kind of scouting mission. It had been explained to Cecilia shortly after she arrived in Terrene that the village she'd come to live in wasn't very old. It wasn't too long ago since it's founding, which was part of why so few people lived there yet. The people who lived in the village knew how to make the most of the land that they lived on, and the hunters especially collaborated to map out as much of the forest as possible. The forest near the village was well-documented, but the areas further out were a huge blind spot. They wanted to know what was out there, what kind of pokemon could be located, what plants, what rivers and landmarks there were waiting to be seen.

Cecilia had the heart for an adventure, and she'd spent most of the summer putting the finishing touches on her new house and helping the other villagers with odd jobs and errands. She spent some brief time in Crater City for a tournament, but aside from that she'd stayed close to home. She was beginning to feel an itch to go out and explore, so this job was exactly what she wanted. She'd been given a clay jar of ink, and she already had a quill made from one of Sweet Pea's shed flight feathers. All she needed to do was to head into the unexplored territory and mark whatever she found on her map.

Cecilia and her pokemon had started the day in good spirits. Grape and Sweet Pea both enjoyed flying in the forest, and with their sharp eyesight they would be able to warn Cecilia of oncoming danger before it arrived. Cecilia carried her bow and arrows as well. Maybe she could get some good hunting in, or in the worst case, she might need it to defend herself. There was no telling what she might run into.

However, as Cecilia got deeper into the forest, the sky above darkened. It wasn't just the thickening of the trees that made it darker, but purple-grey angry clouds were gathering overhead. Cecilia saw them and considered going back, but decided to press forward anyway. She wasn't one to fear getting wet or dirty, but once the fat raindrops began to fall, she did recall Grape into his pokeball. The gligar was weak against water, and she didn't feel a need to torture him by making him fly in the rain. Sweet Pea didn't mind the weather, at least. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it, splashing the water on her feathers all around as though the rain was her own personal shower.

"Come on, girl! Let's keep going", Cecilia urged just as a flash of lightning lit the sky in brilliant light. Sweet Pea swooped down and landed on Cecilia's shoulder, clicking her beak unhappily. She liked rain well enough, but she wasn't a fan of lightning. After a few seconds, the boom of thunder sounded, causing the little rowlet to jump and sit closer to Cecilia's face. The water came down in full force now, drenching Cecilia and her pokemon completely. "Don't worry, the storm will probably pass quickly," Cecilia said, practically shouting to be heard over the sound of the pouring rain.
Aug 2 2018, 06:54 PM
I have an idea for a use for Power Swap and Guard Swap, but I want to see if it would be considered Terrene-legal. It would mainly benefit Soren since he's small and squishy (Cecilia doesn't need to call on her mr.mime for a power boost). Essentially, I want to know if Genesis does a power swap with him, can she loan him her strength for a limited time to do a specific task. The idea came to me because while Genesis is plenty strong, she lacks the thumbs that Soren has. It's not something that I can see being used much in battle, but it would have a roleplay benefit. She would, of course, pay the energy cost for using the move.

Traditionally these moves only trade whatever strength or defense buffs a pokemon has with its opponent, but I thought this would be a fun and creative way of using them as well. Please let me know what you guys think.
Aug 1 2018, 12:18 AM
I'd thought of this idea before, but with the new events and starter process, I feel like it could make this even cooler. Basically, we could have a Want Ads subforum or thread where players can post character ideas that other players can pick up.

I'll use Cecilia as an example. I think it would be cool if a player decided to create her husband or her brother, so step one I would post in the Want Ads thread with what details and history would be absolutely necessary and what would be up to the player who chooses to take the ad.

Step two would be if another player decided to take the ad, which might happen and it might not. If someone decided they want to take my ad, then they would need to PM me first and the two of us can discuss character and plot ideas.

Step three, the player taking the ad creates a character application, but maybe in addition to being approved by a staff member, it also needs to be approved by me since I created the ad.

Some of the benefits of adding a want ad thread would be that it would be an easy source of ideas for players who want to make a character, but maybe they worry about finding an rp partner or making friends if they're new to the forum. This guarantees that the new player will have at least one person open to develop plots with them immediately. Since the new starter system also allows immigrants coming through the void to retain memories, it also opens up the possibility of existing characters meeting past family members and friends, which I think would be fun to play out.

Some downsides could be that it would kind of suck if somebody takes your ad and then goes inactive, or you go inactive, that might take away a lot of the fun of it. Maybe if your want ad character goes inactive, you have the option to repost the ad?
Jul 31 2018, 04:04 AM
[[The goal of this development topic is to gain some loyalty for all of the pokemon involved and introduce Soren's new pokemon to their home.]]

Dear Diary,

I came back to Floaroma Town on my way to Eterna City. The second gym is there, but it's quite a trek even from here. I'm glad that I get to see my Daddy for a while though. We picked flowers in the meadow and visited the Valley Windworks together. I love watching the windmills turn, and sometimes you can meet rare pokemon there. I met my pachirisu Storm there. He's a sweet, quiet creature. Daddy says he'll keep him for me since I'd rather not take him through the dangers of the forest. I caught a buizel as well, and I've named him Boomer. He is a cunning, tricky creature, and he's always hungry. Shadow helps me keep him in line. She's evolved into a luxio now, and she's grown even bigger and stronger than Tank.

I'm facing a new challenge now, learning how to integrate new personalities into my existing team. So many of them are proud and strong willed that it's sometimes difficult to make them cooperate together. We must be as a team if we're to make it to survive the forest and make it to Eterna City. To have any hope of winning in the Eterna City Gym, we must be a family.

I may be young, but I know my duties as a trainer. I must be the glue that binds these conflicting personalities together. I must meet each struggle with compassion and understanding. I must realize that each of my pokemon is an individual with its own hopes, dreams, and fears. Each of them deserves to be loved, and I am happy to give it.

--Summer Sharp

It was the dead of night by the time Soren reached the home of his farm with his new pokemon in tow. Nimbus was lighting the way, but the mareep was exhausted. The hour was exceedingly late and Nimbus was still a very young lamb. Nevertheless, he was determined to lead his boy home. Soren knew the way, but he was depending on Nimbus to be his light. Nimbus would have loved to chat more with the other pokemon, but he simply hadn't the energy left. Every time he blinked his eyes, it felt like it took a supreme effort to lift them again and even the bulb on his tail gave him only the dimmest glow.

Soren had said goodbye to Jillian when the two of them entered the protective walls of the city. He hugged her goodbye, though she didn't return it and complained a bit. She at least tolerated it, and Soren felt like he needed that much. They'd survived two frightening encounters together, and Soren didn't think he'd have made it safely home if it wasn't for her. At least she didn't scold him and tell him he should never go out again like some grown-ups might. Perhaps she understood better than most the longing to explore further and expand his horizons. He made a mental note to try and think of exercises for their next lesson whenever he found the time. He felt like he'd caused her trouble by pushing to stay out so late, and helping her make more progress towards her own goals might make it up to her some.

As Soren finally entered the gate and stepped onto the fields of his farm, he still carried Bellsprout in his arms. "You know, if you're going to stay and be my pokemon, I'll need to think of a proper name for you." Soren told the bellsprout softly. Bellsprout were common grass type pokemon, but they had a deadly side to them. They were also poisonous, quick, flexible, and carnivorous. This bellsprout wasn't all that big though. Maybe it was young.

Soren began thinking of flower names, and he came up with several ideas right away thanks to that book on flowers he and Jillian had been reading earlier. He liked one especially well. "How about Amaranth?" Soren suggested. Bellsprout only stared at him, but that's about what Soren expected. He liked the way the word felt when he said it, and he remembered that it meant "unfading" according to the book. Soren knew from his time on the farm that amaranth was more than just a pretty flower too. They produced a nutritious and easily harvested grain. Sometimes at festivals and events, delicious cakes made from amaranth and honey were passed out for people to enjoy. Amaranth was a useful plant, and so too would Bellsprout be, Soren hoped. Thus he settled on the name thinking that the ambassador would approve whenever he told him.

"Don't worry, I'll think of a name for you too, buddy. But Amaranth is hurt and we need to take care of him first," Soren said to zigzagoon, who glanced up to him as he waddled to keep up with the group. Of course, Nimbus and Genesis were hurt too. Soren frowned as a feeling of guilt gnawed at him when he thought of how his pokemon had been hurt because of the decisions he'd made. It didn't seem fair that they always had to be the ones fighting, but Soren wasn't strong enough to battle himself. Plus, he always felt so scared when pokemon began fighting that it was already as much as he could manage to give instructions. The least he could do is to make sure they received good gentle care when they were injured.

Soren led his pokemon into the fields where the radishes, peas, and spinach were almost ready for harvest. Soren thought this would be a good place for Amaranth since these plants didn't grow very tall and wouldn't block him from getting sunlight once the sun came up in the morning. However, people hopefully would be mindful enough inside the area that they wouldn't accidentally step on him. The farm was a lot safer than out on the plains, though sometimes pest pokemon came in and caused some mayhem. During the night hours, Soren's father's zubat Grace patrolled the farm. She used her sensitive hearing to detect threats.

"It's just me coming home, Grace," Soren said, seemingly to empty air. He couldn't see the zubat in the darkness, but he didn't doubt that she could hear him just fine even though he wasn't shouting. "I made some new pokemon friends, so please be nice and help protect them." Grace was not an affectionate pokemon, but she knew Soren and wouldn't treat him or his pokemon unkindly. She didn't necessarily take orders from the child either, but Soren trusted her hunting instinct to encourage her to fight off any predators that might want to finish off his already injured bellsprout.

Soren knelt down and set Amaranth on the ground, allowing the little plant to test the feel of the fertile soil beneath its roots. "I'm going to plant you here for the night. This is a safe place, and you'll get plenty of water and sunlight to get you feeling all better." Soren promised as he gently pushed some soft dark dirt over Amaranth's root feet. Beside him, Nimbus yawned and then finally seemed to collapse on the ground, cushioned by his own soft wool. Soren and Zigzagoon both looked over at the lamb in concern, but a soft snore reassured Soren that Nimbus was just sleeping and not seriously hurt or sick. "Then I guess I'd better put Nimbus and Genesis in the barn so that they can get some rest too."
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