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As Terrene leaves behind
the long, dark nights, their minds turn to friendship and romance at the second annual speed dating! And don't miss out on the clover hunt or the poetry season. Our plot event, alpha & omega, is drawing closer to its end, but is still going strong for now.


Spring will be here until
June. The rainy season begins in the tropical areas; the rest of Terrene begins to thaw and warm, shaking the chill of winter and creeping toward the heat of summer. Fairy and grass types relish in the season of rebirth and renewal!







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Apr 6 2018, 11:37 AM
Sonia vaguely recalled meeting professor Dentelle during the memorable day when she bought Bebe's egg. It was one of the best decisions she had ever made, considering just how much she loved her little baby rat. When the girl came back to Ashfield after a trip to the Crying Plateau, Bebe wasn't really a baby anymore, she was more of a toddler... As shown by the way she energetically sprinted beside Sonia as the group was heading to the professor's lab.

There was no way Sonia wouldn't be interested in meeting other cute babies like Bebe. Looking after a tiny Pokémon was a huge responsibility, but also lots of fun and part of her regretted that Bebe had grown as much as she had. She couldn't wait to see all of the sweeties! The woman was dashing along the streets of Ashfield, with Bebe, Kaname and Ares struggling to keep up with her and Tiro comfortably rested on her shoulder. The Joltik and the Ekans weren't quite sure why the trainer was so enthusiastic. Kaname knew exactly, but as usual he was only showing polite, distanced interest and Bebe... It would be hard to decide whether the woman or the Rattata had a wider grin on their faces.

They finally stopped in front of the door. Sonia stretched, adjusted her hair as if planning to impress the babies she would be looking after...

"Phew. Let's all do our best today, okay?" she said to her Pokémon before opening the door.
Apr 4 2018, 02:06 PM
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<div class="stillvt"> @Shasyu </div>
<div class="stillvn">Kaname [50%]<br>
Bebe [100%]<br>
Ares [25%]<br>
Tiro [63%]<br>
Azurill [31%]<br>
Social/dev for loyalty and rethinking life choices
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It was over.

<p>Sonia's thoughts were a mess. A lot had happened in the recent days, and she hadn't yet sorted out her feelings. All she knew was that they needed to get away from this beautiful yet dangerous place.

<p>They walked back into the forest immediately after their encounter with Azurill and her allies, retreating into safety. Sonia was carrying Kaname, who had been clinging to her miserably all the time. Tiro was sitting on her shoulder, while Bebe and Ares were behind them. Sonia was unusually silent during the trip back into the forest, focusing on carrying her Sylveon and getting away as fast as she possible.

<p>They eventually found themselves surrounded with the familiar landscape of trees all over. Sonia breathed a sigh of relief and walked up to a tree, placing Kaname gently on the ground. He lay quietly, with eyes closed, his body moving up and down rhythmically with his slow breathing. The woman sat on the ground next to him, looking up at Victor with tired eyes.

<p>"Think this is far enough? We can set up tents here and hopefully nothing will attack us. I don't think Kaname is enjoying being carrying around that much."

<p>She had a distant look in her eyes as she glanced up at him, but smiled regardless. Their journey had been very draining and she wasn't the happiest about having to go back right away... But considering the state of their Pokémon, sticking around wasn't wise. She wasn't sure if she wanted to come back later, either.
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Mar 25 2018, 05:53 AM
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(Crater resident training alone)

<p>Jillian had been eager to try the training fields ever since she heard about them. She was still learning about how this city worked, but she had to admit that Beta had some good ideas with this place. Jillian could surely use an opportunity to train her Pokémon if they wanted to survive without relying on others. With Primrose on her shoulder, she entered the target and dummy training field. The person at the entrance only had to look at her brand to know that she didn't need to pay. The fact that this place was free to use for Crater residents was what sealed the deal for her. She wouldn't want to be spending tokens without first trying this place out.

<p>It looked like she was going to be alone for the training. She welcomed the sight of an empty training field with a satisfied grin. Jillian didn't like having others get in her way. She reached for two pokeballs in her pockets and released Mint the Skiddo and Hazel the Sandshrew. After putting the spheres away, the trainer leaned down and extended her arm, letting Primrose run down onto the ground. All three Pokémon looked around this strange place curiously. They were getting used to strange sights in the human city, but this place was new.

<p>"Alright, it's time to do some training," Jillian announced, speaking slowly in hopes of being understood. The three creatures watched her in silent anticipation as she walked up to the dummies scattered around. She felt one, then another that turned out to be softer. She tried picking it up and to her surprise, she didn't have to struggle. It was surprisingly light as if only feathers filled it. The trainer carried it to the center and placed it against one of the target rocks. "This will be a good start. Gather around."

<p>She called her Pokémon closer, waving a hand at them. Mint happily skipped forward, her tail wagging in eagerness, while the other two lagged behind, a little hesitant. Jillian noticed that Hazel was looking around, gazing beyond the target field for some reason.

<p>"This one is easy. You just attack it. Here, let me show you."

<p>The woman put her hands into fists and punched the dummy lightly. The hide was tough, as it probably had to be, but otherwise, it didn't hurt to hit it. Reassured by this newly discovered fact, she did the same with her other fist, faster and harder this time. Perhaps she could also use this chance to train herself?...

<p>Mint's tail danced left and right as her mouth opened in a wide grin. This looked like fun! Jillian stepped back as she heard the Skiddo's hooves, giving the Grass-type enough space for her Tackle attack. The goat rammed into the punching bag, hitting it with the horns on her head. The impact had her stumble back after making the hit. She shook her head, glaring down the immobile opponent, who hadn't moved an inch, even if it got a temporary dent at the spot she had hit.

<p>"Ohh, you're a tough one!" she joked, smiling again. This really was fun!

<p>"Hmm, perhaps putting it against the rocks might make you hurt yourself," Jillian wondered, picking the dummy up again. She moved back, then held it up on the ground, holding its top. The trainer was sure this would be tiring for her arms in a little while, but she considered it a necessary sacrifice. She had to train alongside her Pokémon, after all. She nodded to Mint to let her know it was good to go again.

<p>The Skiddo came Tackling again, this time making sure to put her legs into a stable position before making the hit so that she wouldn't be tossed back by the force.

<p>"Good job, Mint," Jillian complimented, recalling that this had to be a simple Tackle attack. It was the only one she had seen Mint do, anyway. She looked at the other Pokémon and invited them closer with a tilt of her head.

<p>"I don't understand. Why aren't we at that muddy place instead?" Hazel complained, longing for another training area in the distance. Her eyes had been focused on that one instead, but seeing that Primrose skipped closer to the dummy, she followed reluctantly.

<p>"Cheer up! It's so fun to hit this thing. Try it!" Mint encouraged, jumping away to the side. Her tail wouldn't stop moving.

<p>Primrose stepped closer, her eyes analyzing the target. She leaned forward and her nose wiggled as she smelled it, hesitantly. It reminded her of... bird Pokémon, strangely enough. But they usually stayed away from her kind as if she had some kind of an advantage over them. If this thing was also inferior to Pachirisu, she decided it was alright to try her strength against it.

<p>She bounced and turned around, facing the immobile opponent with her back. Then she began swishing her tail, Flailing it left and right and using it to slap the dummy repeatedly.

<p>"Nice, Primrose," Jillian tried to encourage her, but it didn't seem like the attacks were very strong. It was probably better than nothing, still.

<p>The Pachirisu stopped her Flail and stepped away, looking at the dummy over her shoulder. She wasn't quite enjoying it as much as Mint was. Humans surely had strange ways to entertain themselves.

<p>"My turn."

<p>Hazel forgot about the muddy fields, for the time being, approaching the dummy from the site, opposite of where Mint was standing. She eyed the target, picturing herself tearing it apart with her claws and that silly goat staring at her in awe... She smirked, raising her paws.

<p>"Attack, Hazel!" Jillian commanded as the Sandshrew began swishing with her paws, Scratching on the dummy's surface time after time, one paw after another. They still needed to work out some commands and Jillian was pretty satisfied with just letting the Pokémon know what the attacking command was.

<p>"Die, die, die!" the Sandshrew was yelling as she put more and more force into her Scratches, slowly running out of wind with each attack. This hadn't exactly go as imagined.

<p>"Okay, okay, now me!" Mint demanded cheerfully, wiggling her body in preparation before she charged at the dummy again, this time from the side.

<p>The punching bag leaned the other way as the Skiddo hit it, effectively pushing the Sandshrew away. Hazel immediately stopped attacking and took another jump backward.

<p>"Hey! Don't just attack me like that!" she scolded the dummy.

<p>Jillian saw this as an opportunity. "Hazel, fight back," she commanded and, as the Pokémon looked at her upon hearing her name, she moved her arms as if pushing an invisible enemy away. The Sandshrew nodded in understanding.

<p>"Here I go again!"

<p>The dummy leaned to Hazel's side even more as Mint Tackled it again, but this time the Sandshrew was prepared. Her paws were open as she waited for it and immediately pressed against it, pushing it back to the Skiddo. Jillian was making sure to hold the bag a little higher for this so that it was barely touching the ground and effectively allowed the Sandshrew to swing it slightly.

<p>Mint jumped away as the dummy suddenly retaliated. She gave it an eager grin, brushing the ground with one hoof...

<p>"Phew. Okay, I need a break," the dummy suddenly fell to the ground as Jillian let go and stood up, stretching her arms. Filled with feathers or not, it surely had lots of them to give this dummy its size and shape. It was difficult to hold up for an extended amount of time. The woman stepped back.

<p>Her Pokémon were having too much fun to take a break as well. Even when the target was a shapeless mess, sitting on the ground, Mint rammed into it with another Tackle. Seeing that this time it didn't move toward her, Hazel gave up on what the trainer had called "Fighting back" for the time being and continued Scratching it.


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<img src="http://www.marheavenj.net/shizuri/codes/ico1.png" class="jawntatsideicon">
<div class="jawntatsidefld jawntatsidefld01"><img src="https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/0/04/672MS.png"><b>MINT</b> 100%<br>
Having fun. :D<br>
Using Tackle repeatedly!<br></div>
<div class="jawntatsidefld jawntatsidefld02"><img src="https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/1/14/417MS.png"><b>PRIMROSE</b> 100%<br>
Not having that much fun.<br>
Used Flail!</div>
<div class="jawntatsidefld jawntatsidefld02"><img src="https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/c/c3/027MS.png"><b>HAZEL</b> 100%<br>
Having fun but not admitting to it.<br>
Using Scratch and some Counterattack!</div>
<div class="jawntatsidefld jawntatsidefld03"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/UeRGzq4.png"><b>TAGS</b> _some notes here.</div>
<div class="jawntatsidefld"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/L1bzOi7.png"><b>CREDITS</b> _<b>TIME AFTER TIME</b> post template created by <a href="http://outofcontrolx.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=81" target="_blank">JAWN</a> of <a href="http://outofcontrolx.b1.jcink.com/" target="_blank">OOC</a></div>



Mar 5 2018, 11:54 AM
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<div class="gethurtn">NOTES</div><div class="gethurtnd">


</div></div><center><div class="gethurttri"></div></center></td><td valign="top"><div class="gethurtp">
It had been a few days since Jillian arrived in Terrene. Winter was slowly turning into spring - she could feel the air getting warmer with each passing day. Though she had been spending time exploring Crater city, she hadn't ventured out into the wilds again, not since her first hours in Terrene.

<p>But it was time to change that. Most people seemed to be of the opinion that straying too far from the settlement meant trouble. Jillian was sure they had a point. Away from humans meant more wild Pokémon, possibly strong ones. But she didn't want to be bound to one place and there was only one way to prepare for the dangers of the world: facing them.

<p>With Primrose safely sitting on her shoulder (she still didn't feel like getting into a pokeball) and Mint skipping along happily, Jillian went for another stroll around the plains. Hazel was resting in her pokeball, just in case. The Skiddo was more than happy to be outside: she ran from side to side, circling around her trainer as they wanted and occasionally running off to take a closer look at Pokémon passing in the distance or take a sniff at a flower. Her tail was wagging energetically all the time.

<p>"Someone sure is full of energy. Sure you don't want to go into your pokéball, Mint?" Jillian called out to the goat with a lack of enthusiasm in her voice.

<p>Mint only understood one word, her own name, so she assumed the human was saying something nice. The tone wouldn't suggest it, but she was getting used to her trainer's emotionless voice. She turned to send Jillian a bright smile, then ran off forward, bleating happily.

<p>"I'll take that as a no to the pokéball, then," Jillian mumbled, following behind steadily.
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Feb 27 2018, 06:21 PM
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<div class="stillvt">tagging myself</div>
<div class="stillvn">A dev for the sake of getting exp for all of Sonia's pokemon. I desperately needed to start this still in winter or else her timeline would be weird. xD Not like anybody else aside from me wouldn't be able to sleep at night because of this, but still!
<div class="stillvl">
<div class="stillvp">

<p>Sonia had been quiet for a while. Her grey eyes were focused on the tiny screen of the strange device she carried around. Kaname had seen it before, but he only remembered it as a pointless bunch of strange colors. Still, it seemed to have some meaning to humans, as the trainer had been staring at it for a while, occasionally touching it with her fingers.

<p>The Sylveon was sitting on front of her on the grass and she was relaxing on a fallen tree, on the outskirts of the forest. Bebe was exploring the inside of the hollow tree, Ares was, as usual, keeping to himself on the sidelines and Tiro was, for once, out in the open, next to Sonia. She was being mindful to avoid moving to the left and squishing him.

<p>"Alright! As you all know, we need to do some training. I would like us to work better as a team," the trainer suddenly announced, lowering the pokedex and glancing over companions. Half of them had no idea what she was saying, which was precisely the problem, in her eyes. "I now know what sort of moves you all can do. And you can spar with one another, it's nothing like back when Kaname and I had to beat up a tree."

<p>She stood up and called out the Ekans' name. He came to her soon, a little curious about what she could want, but also worried that it would be something tiresome. Sonia leaned down, resting hands on her knees, "Okay, Ares, we're going to start with your moves. Kaname will help you out, okay?"

<p>She motioned for the Sylveon to come closer, then pushed the two Pokémon a little closer. Ares was frowning with confusion. "Is this an intervention?"

<p>"I think she wants you to train. I don't understand what you're supposed to do, though."

<p>"Okay! I've seen you do this one. Wrap! Wrap attack," she wrapped arms around her body tightly, then pretended to squeeze herself, watching Ares all the time expectantly. The snake's puzzled expression only deepened. "Okay, try it like this. Wraaap."

<p>She grabbed the snake a bit below his head and pulled him onto Kaname. Both Pokémon squeaked in surprise, but didn't resist - although Kaname felt a shiver run down his spine. Sonia gently wrapped Ares around the Sylveon, a bit over his front paws. There was still plenty of the snake body left, waiting on the ground awkwardly.

<p>"Is this what humans call a hug?" the Ekans asked, looking down at the ground in embarrassment.

<p>"See? Perfect! Now squeeze! It's a Wrap attack," Sonia put her hands together tightly to mimic the squeezing. "Wrap. Wrap!"

<p>"She means an attack," Kaname explained hesitantly.

<p>"Oh, of course! So that word she's saying is this attack. I see..."

<p>The snake obediently tightened his grip on the Sylveon, but he remained gentle, making sure he wouldn't hurt his team mate.

<p>"Yes, perfect! You're good at this, Ares," she complimented, patting the snake's head affectionately. He smiled in gratitude. He hadn't done much, but she was so happy. Humans really were rather simple-minded. And he could then see what this what about. She wanted names for his attacking techniques. He could see how this would come in useful.

<p>"Next, we have Poison Sting," Sonia announced after checking in with the pokedex. Ares could feel the Sylveon suddenly tense up at the word "poison".

<p>"Untie me already, would you?" Kaname requested in a tone so unusually weak that Ares immediately listened, out of mercy. Then the snake looked to their trainer for guidance, as the Sylveon slowly backed away.

<p>"I don't think Kaname wants to be our training dummy for this one," Sonia laughed before pointing to a tree. "I can understand that. Back to tree violence it is! Okay, poison sting is..."

<p>She trailed off. There had been multiple ways to use this move, as far as she had seen... But one that seemed particularly useful was when the attacker launched a bunch of tiny poisonous needles. How could she show him what she meant? Instinctively, Sonia put her hands together again, to form a finger gun. She had no idea what a gun was, but somehow this motion felt right for a shooting gesture.

<p>"Okay, look! Poison sting! Poison sting!"

<p>She extended her arms and pointed at the nearest tree with her two index fingers put together, moving her hands up and down. Ares tilted his head to the side. What in the world could she be doing? Was she mocking his lack of hands?

<p>The Rattata came to the rescue, after having noticed that her friends were playing something fun without her. She couldn't let that be. She ran up to stand beside Sonia. "Sonia say attack tree! Watch Bebe!"

<p>The rat opened her mouth to launch a stream of water at the tree. Sonia squeaked. "Eek, Bebe, no, don't spit!"

<p>"It's Bebe's spit attack!" the Rattata explained proudly, ignoring Sonia's scolding tone.

<p>"I see. I can do something similar... Like this."

<p>The snake opened his mouth and did just what Sonia had wanted: sent a cascade of dark purple colored needles. They flew all the way to their target, some of them bouncing off, others sharp enough to get stuck.

<p>Sonia clapped in approval. "Good job, Ares! That's Poison Sting. Poison. Sting."

<p>Ares accepted another pat with a patient smile, but his head was full of questions. That was... a lot of human words to remember.

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