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Jan 20 2018, 08:11 PM

Of course today would start with his earbuds breaking. And of course, it would be his last pair too.

Eyebrows scrunched, Cade fiddled with the cord. Music reached both his ears, but as soon as he let go his left bud stopped working. Fiddle with it again, twitch and lose it. Repeat for two minutes until the left side stops working completely, and finally give in and resolve to buy a new one.

The boy reluctantly rolled out of bed. He hadn’t planned on going out today, and he wasn’t happy about the change in schedule. The earbuds were thrown into the trash, only to be fished out a second later. Small things like this were getting harder to find, they might not be in stock. And Half-working ear buds were better than none.

The trip wouldn’t take too long, so he was quick getting ready. Instead of agonizing over what he wore, he grabbed a tried and true outfit- navy blue skinny jeans and a black hoodie with wing decals on the back. It took longer than he wished to get his bedhead to look just right, so he only put on the bare minimum for makeup. He finished up with a few accessories, earing and bracelets and the like, nothing too unusual.

Double-checking the mirror, he nodded at what he saw. Not his best, but good enough. Time to go.

Leaving his room, he could hear the clink of dishes coming from the dinning room. Cade scowled. Of course his parents would be eating. Of course he’d have to see them as he made to leave. Putting his hood up over his head, he walked out, resolute on getting out the door as quickly as possible.

Both of his parents turned towards him as he entered. His father, in a nice-looking dress shirt despite the fact he was staying home today, averted his eyes immediately; but his mom continued to stare. Her dress was as cold and white as the rest of the house, highlighted only by the smallest bit of black.

(Cade blamed her for their home, really; he knew for a fact that they weren’t as wealthy as the house made them appear. The crystal chandelier was bought after months saving up, and that wasn’t real mahogany. Everything was too bright and shiny. It was all fake, and he absolutely hated it.)

There was a third dish on the table, sitting across from his parents. He turned his head away, walking straight by both of them. His mother continued to watch until he was finally at the door. He couldn’t hear her sigh over his own frustrated huff.

He felt better after leaving- though that good feeling only lasted a few seconds. The general store was only two blocks, but it felt like more with all the people he had to deal with. Preachers stood on soapboxes yelling about the end of the world. Con artists looked for someone to sucker into a Pokémon battle. Beggar after beggar kept trying to guilt him, and if he had to hear one more story involving some sort of natural disaster, he swore to god…

He stopped to admire Old Man Graffiti’s newest piece of art. The mural took up an entire wall, showing a giant, black dragon surrounded by lightning. It wasn’t anything new; the crazy old coot would often ramble about his experience seeing this Pokémon. He could hear it now- ‘The giant dragon dove from its mountainous perch to terrorize the valley below. A storm formed around the great beast, with winds worse than the strongest tornado and lightning so frequent it may have well been rain. ‘

Cade thought it was all hogwash, really. If such powerful Pokémon existed, there’d be no way it wouldn’t be common knowledge- not to mention the fact that how Old Man Graffiti survived changed every single time he told the story. His only proof was the lightning scars that covered his body, but with the way the world was today he could’ve gotten those from anything.

The man himself was off to the side, facing away from the boy, packing up his things. That was a bit of a surprise, he must have just caught him after he finished, Walking up to the man, Cade asked him, “Out of jail already?”

Old Man Graffiti grunted. “Too full of actual criminals to bother with a graffiti artist.” He turned his head towards him, “Surprised you’re not there yet, though.”

Well, that was harsh. And unnecessary. Cade was a lot of things, but a criminal wasn’t one of them. “Might want to get your brain checked, old man. I haven’t done anything.”

“Not yet.” Old Man Graffiti said, standing up with his stuff. “With the way you’re headed, it’ll be any day now.”

The artist started walking away, obviously done with the conversation. Unfortunately for him, Cade wasn’t. “Now why do you think that? It’s not like I’m going around spray-painting every damn wall I see, or anything.” He said, keeping perfect step with the man. He wasn’t heading in the direction of the store, but Cade could easily loop back after he was done bothering the guy.

“It gets it out of my head,” Dear old Graffiti muttered, “Still see it, every time I close my eyes…”

“Pretty sure painting it all the time would make it stick more, not less.” When the old coot only gave a noncommittal ‘hmm’ in response, Cade decided to continue with a faked cheery lilt, “Today’s art was great, by the way! Way better than the last twenty times you did it. A real shame it’ll be gone by tomorrow.”

“Do yourself a favor, kid and shut up. “

He didn’t shut up. “No patience today, huh? You usually last longer than this.”

Old Man Graffiti grumbled, probably the closest he could do to a disappointed sigh. “You used to be such a sweet kid, too. The hell happened?”

“Those teenage years, huh. Such damn trouble.”

He didn’t respond to the sarcastic comment. Instead he continued on as if he hadn’t heard Cade at all. “Such a damn shame. Wouldn’t be able to survive out there, not at all. He’ll go out like Theo at this rate.”

Theo, Old Man Graffiti’s dead kid. Died two years ago. But there was no way he was going to go out like that, because Theo died by-“I don’t do drugs.”

(He really didn’t- even peer pressure from other rebelling kids couldn’t get him to. It terrified him, what those things could do people, what he’s seen. People unconscious in the street, having to rely on strangers to roll them over so they don’t choke on their own vomit. A woman crying in a ditch because she’s too high to understand what’s happening.)

“He just couldn’t handle it no more,” Old Man Graffiti’s eyes were distant. Cade didn’t even know if he could still hear him. “He just didn’t have it in him.”

(Beggars getting their kids to ask for money, not for the food or water they needed, but just because they wanted their next hit…)

“Don’t fucking try to justify how he went- you know what that bastard and his wife did.” When the older gentleman didn’t respond, Cade threw his arms into the air, “They fucking let their kids die! Left them alone just so they could choke on some drug! And you couldn’t help them, because you were stuck in some jail cell because you wouldn’t stop drawing on walls!”

(Sometimes he forgets just how awful grown ups can be.)

The man just stared at him with large, sad eyes. “It was the water. Toxic water fell from the sky. The kids couldn’t handle it- they were already dead when Theo left.”

(Cade refused to believe that.)

Cade practically growled. “Whatever. I’m going to the fucking store. I’ll talk to you more when you’re not so fucking-“


Cade jumped. That yell didn’t sound angry.

“Don’t just- Goddamn it Cade, get out of ther-”

It was too late. By the time the child realized what was going on, a pitch-black wall had already separated the two. The panicked face of the artist was the last thing he saw before he was consumed.

“The hell?” He looked around, could only see the same black wall trapping him on all sides. “Old Man? Hey!” He pounded on the wall in front of him. “Old Man Graffiti? Are you still there?!” He couldn’t hear anything from outside. “This isn’t funny! Oi! Old Man! Old Man Graffiti! Mr. Winston!!”

Despite being desperate enough to use the artist’s real name, nothing changed. He was still trapped.

Cade cursed under his breath, backing away from the wall as he started to sweat. Okay, so, he was trapped in a sphere. He could tell it was a sphere because- despite the fact that no light could possibly get in- he could still see everything inside perfectly clear, including the ground. It looked like he was standing on a circular island, surrounded by blackness. This- this wasn’t man made. It was probably the chaos- must be the chaos. There was no way it wasn’t.

He knew about the chaos, of course. He’d even experienced it firsthand before, but never like this. Nothing had ever managed to shake the Flair family. Earthquake? Their house was fortified against that. Toxic water falling from the sky? Just stay inside- they had plenty of supplies.

He had never heard anything like this. A trap that sprung out of nowhere? A black sphere that suddenly appeared? How could he have possibly prepared for this?

The thought struck him like thunder. This was a personal prison meant just for him.

Stepping back up to the wall, he tried to push it. Then he tried kicking it. Belatedly, he realized touching the chaos was probably not a good idea, but he didn’t care. He continued kicking it, over and over, yelling louder and louder, hoping against hope that he could break out, that someone would come and save him. That something- God, the Devil, even Old Man Graffiti’s stupid black dragon- would make everything all right again.

Nothing happened. He stopped, after his foot started hurting but before he broke anything, and sat.

Right. He was stuck. He could only wait, then. Cade didn’t really know when he had started crying, but there wasn’t anyone there to see him, so he didn’t try to stop. (It was all he could do, really.)

(What Cade couldn’t have known was that time moved differently inside the sphere. It was slow; so slow that compared to the outside world time might as well of been not moving. By the time he sat down, Old Man Graffiti, his parents, and everyone else he’d ever known were long since dead.)

His tears were drying up, but he hardly felt any better. He brought his knees up to his chest and laid down his head. The last thought he had before time stopped completely was I just want to go home.
Jan 18 2018, 07:20 PM
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<div id="fullboxg">
<div class="gtitlebox">autumn 2016</div><br>

It's the end of the world as we know it (and I'm not fine) [Starter]<br>
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<br><br><div class="gtitlebox">season year</div><br>

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<br><br><div class="gtitlebox">season year</div><br>

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</div><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=8454" style="font-size:10px;">♒</a><center>[/dohtml]
Jan 13 2018, 09:31 PM
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<div class="simpapplication">

<img src="http://ultraimg.com/images/2018/01/15/nYLC.jpg">

<div class="simpappname">CADE LUCIAN FLAIR</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">15 - Male – Who know? (ace spectrum, probs)</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>

A typical first contact with Cade usually involved the child glaring at whoever approached him, challenging them with his gray eyes. Standing with feet spread apart and a slight hunch gives the impression that he'd spring into action at any moment, though whether he was planning on fighting or fleeing was anyone's guess. Being a mere 5’4” he didn’t strike the most imposing pose, though the beginnings of wide shoulders and a particularly nasty scowl helped somewhat.
His fashion style consisted mostly of dark colors, and the few lights he had were strictly for contrast. Skinny jeans were always mandatory, as well as shoes made more for looks than functionality. That was one of the running themes through his wardrobe, as his jackets and shirts would often manage to be both too hot for summer and too cold for winter. If there was one thing he did have that actually managed to work as it was supposed to, it was his hoodies. At least during the colder months, they did a decent job being both warm and comfortable. Beyond this, he also had a good number of accessories, usually bracelets, but also the occasional necklace or earing.
A good chunk of time- and a large chunk of money- was spent on makeup. He used it to cover any blemishes while giving himself just the look he wanted (eyeliner was used a <i>lot</i>). Similarly, his hair was always styled just so. Shaggy hair goes down to just above his shoulders, messy in a way that can only be achieved through time and dedication. Originally black, it was dyed a number of different colors before his current dark blue, and would’ve likely been dyed many more had he remained.
But now that he is living in Terrene, he’ll find that he is without the comforts of home. His hair will eventually return to black. Fashionable clothes will be harder to come by. He won’t be able to keep up with his makeup, and the eyebags and acne he was hiding will be visible. His body will continue to mature, but now that he doesn't have access to testosterone therapy he won’t be happy with the changes. Thankfully he doesn’t have a lot of fat on him, so the change in distribution won’t be too noticeable, so he'll be able to pass for a while, but not forever. He will have to learn to adapt to his situation without having his cosmetics to hide behind.

Face Claim- Ayato Kirishima (14 y/o version) from Tokyo Ghoul </br>
Source- https://www.zerochan.net/1782598

<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
Losing his memories was, in a way, one of the best things that could happen to him. He no longer suffers from the bitterness towards his parents, teachers, and the other important people in his past life, and one would be hardpressed to find something that'll cause the same amount of betrayal and abandonment. Life on Terrene won't be easy, but for the first time in his entire life, he has a shot at obtaining true peace of mind.
But finding true happiness is an uphill battle for everyone, and Cade is no exception. He did not become a completely blank slate upon entering Terrene. The brunt of the pain is gone but some faint scarring remains and still influences his behavior. Cade is distrustful of others, especially of those older than him. He doesn't try to hide it and lashes out at anyone and everyone who tries to get too close. Even those with the best intentions are in the line of fire, as the combined might of his suspicion and still-present inferiority complex can be difficult to get around. That all said, he very rarely resorts to violence, preferring flight over fight. Instead, his weapons of choice are sass and sarcasm, biting riposte able to cut a man at the knees.
(It should be noted that his problem isn't an inability to play nice, it's a desire not to. He can act well-behaved, and quite convincingly, too, but generally saves doing so as a last resort.)
And yet, despite acting like a cornered animal ready to bite at all times, he constantly seeks out others. He <i>needs</i> to be near people. The boy is an extrovert through and through, and often plays the role of the unwanted tag-along in group settings. While many rely on positive interactions to grow to trust someone, Cade instead is influenced by exposure. Even when faced with someone he dislikes he will grow attached if they spend enough time together. This can lead to unfortunate situations where he overstays his welcome, though he is generally able to see the warning signs before it gets to that point.
A large part of Cade's problems stem from his self-centeredness. It is the type of selfishness found in children, where they have yet to learn how to care for others. Cade has always been consumed by his own insecurities, unable to see people past himself. This is an ingrained trait and not something that would've changed in not for one thing: his Pokemon. Alongside losing his memories, gaining a partner was one of the best things that could've happened. When dealing with other humans, his subconscious already expects the worse. Pokemon, on the other hand, are new. He rarely dealt with them in his past life, certainly not enough to remember anything about one. And he's supposed to be one's partner. To <i>take care</i> of it and make sure it remains safe. He doesn't know how to care for another living being, and he knows this. It's frustrating, but he isn't willing to back down.
Cade has always had difficulty feeling empathy and sympathy- but he isn't unable to. He will care for his Pokemon. He is determined to be a good trainer to them. It's a small step, but an important one. Opening himself up to them will allow him to open himself up to others. He will get hurt, of course; but if he's ever to be truly happy, this is how he needs to do it.
Beyond what will hopefully be his character arc, there are a few other things to note. The main one is, perhaps, is his obsession with looks. Aesthetics are extremely important to him, to a point he's willing to sacrifice practicality for it. Impractical though it may be, it is vital to his self-image. It is his main outlet for expressing himself and a good source of relaxation. His self-confidence was born when he started dressing like he does now, and until it grows a more solid foundation he will need to continue relying on it.
He has excellent memory and recall (not concerning the Suffering Universe, of course) and is a quick learner because of it. Things that he doesn't get right away are incredibly frustrating, though.

<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>

It could be said that he was born under lucky stars, as his life growing up was rather uninterrupted by the chaos. His family never lost their wealth, never had to deal with homelessness or death. The tragedy that seemed to strike so many around them never connected, it was easy to push it aside as someone else’s problem. His luck would run out eventually, but for good while, his life was peaceful.
He was born within a wealthy-ish family, made up of his mother, father, 12 year old brother and himself. Cade’s name had, originally, been Lucy; but when the barely old enough to talk kid kept insisting he was male it changed. His full name was Cade Lucian Flair, and he was destined for great things (or so his parents told him).
They also told him that the fact he was once thought female shouldn’t be talked about much. He didn’t understand why, eventually coming to the unfortunate conclusion that there was something wrong with him.
(And thus started the seed of insecurity, that would only become more all-consuming as he grew.)
Cade seemed gifted from the start, meeting all his milestones early and showing great curiosity in the world around him. He was very polite, showing respect to the adults around him while also playing nicely with all the other kids. The adults in his life always complimented him on this, praising his kindness and smarts- and he was smart! Smart enough to figure out the challenges put before him. Smart enough to figure out that acting kind and doing well in school got him rewarded. (And smart enough to figure out that acting kind and doing well in school were the only things his parents seemed to care about.)
(Praise had always made Cade happy, a treat after he completed a goal, but eventually gaining praise for praise’s sake became the goal. He measured his entire self-worth on what others said, the need for validation came to drive his every action.)
(It didn’t matter that his parents were constantly comparing him to his elder brother. It didn’t matter that they were telling him how similar they were, how Cade was following his footsteps perfectly. Even if his brother acted cold towards to him, showing him only disdain. It didn’t matter, or so he told himself.)
Being born and raised in Orre, the region with possibly the lowest number of Pokemon, he had very few interactions with them growing up. Instead, he busied himself with schoolwork and sports. He remained top of his class, took his team to the championships. Cade was one of the most popular students in school, due to both the aforementioned and how nice he was to everyone. Even to those normally ostracized, he would always bring his best smile and a helping hand (all faked, of course. In addition to the masks he wore, he also gained a superiority complex to protect himself. Think ‘I’m better than you’ three times fast, maybe you’ll start believing it).
Things started to unravel when he was 14. He had run into a wall, academically. Previously he had coasted through life, but now he found he was actually having difficulty. That little bit of difficulty started a chain reaction that had his carefully formed ego falling to pieces. Focusing more on his grades meant cutting into his social life. Eventually, his performance in sports suffered as well. He started to cheat while his stress continued to build.
When his parents finally confronted him he lied, claiming that he was being bullied. He was surprised, and overjoyed, when his parents started pampering him, telling him how he didn’t deserve such a thing and we completely understand, take a few days off school to get better.
The lie didn’t work forever though, as one day he found himself trying to explain the worst grade he’d ever gotten, and it ended with him having a violent mental breakdown in front of his parents.
After that, they avoided him. They didn’t know how to deal with the problem, so they tried to pretend it didn’t exist. This hurt Cade deeply. He felt more vulnerable than ever, and he wished for the care and understanding that they had shown previously. But as time went on, his wish changed for some attention, any kind of attention. /Anything/ besides the constant tip toeing his parents were doing around him.
It started with a plate. He smashed it on the ground in an act of cold, calculated anger. Had his parents gotten mad or reprimanded him or asked what was wrong, he wouldn’t have continued. But their behavior didn’t change, and all he could think was that he’d have to be worse.
(It was here that he lost the trust in the adults around him. He didn’t want to be the kid who was always following the rules to get a pat on the head anymore, so of course he would rebel.)
(This didn’t solve that problem that was his need for validation, not at all. It’s just that now, he needed someone to let him know that he was exactly the kind of person he was trying to be.)
Then finally, the day came where his luck ran out. On the way to buy a new pair of earbuds he found himself inside a strange circular prison. There were a number of them throughout the city, trapping people within. Unbeknownst to him, time started to slow down within the sphere, while the world outside continued on as normal. Eventually, time stopped for Cade. His family was distraught, knowing that they had been separated while on such awful terms with each other. But time heals all wounds, and they eventually moved on. They worked through their problems, learning to become better people and lead as happy a life as one could have within the suffering universe, before finally passing away.
And it all happened in less time than it took Cade to blink. And he remained there, until the moment he was pulled out of the universe.
<div class="simpappdesc"> SOME GUEST - EST - SHE/HER</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
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