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 Boomerang, Give me all you got [Development]
 Posted: May 15 2018, 03:12 AM


[[Takes place directly following Try Everything]]
[[Development goals are to gain loyalty and experience for all pokemon involved]]
[[Two Crater City residents training on the field without a (paid) professional]]

Soren hurried to finish up his work as quickly as possible. Luckily, he seemed to be growing more skilled at handling Genesis. Either that or she was learning to better anticipate what he wanted and identify his verbal and body language. It was probably a combination of both, but for whatever reason the second half of the day passed much more easily than the first. It helped also that the cart became lighter and lighter the more deliveries that they made. The sun was beginning to set as they headed back to the farm, and Genesis and Soren both felt almost cheerful. Soren could hardly wait to meet up with the ambassador so that he could learn more about how to train and care for his pokemon. Genesis, however, just wanted to have her tack removed so that she could eat, rest, and relax.

As soon as Soren got Genesis home and into the barn, he scrambled to undo all of the straps and fasteners. Once free, Genesis gave a deep sigh of relief and shook her body all over, sending up a cloud of dust that had collected in her hair from being on Crater City's roads all day. Soren sneezed and put the tack away. "You need a good brush, but we don't have time right now. We need to hurry so that we can meet with the ambassador for training." Soren told her as she watched him expectantly.

She personally had no interest in training after she'd already worked hard all day. She'd only told him that she wanted to train because she'd thought it would make him take her tack off sooner. All she wanted to do now was sleep and eat. Genesis tapped her empty food barrel with a hoof and looked at the boy. "We'll have to eat on the go today, girl. I'm hungry too." Soren told her as he began stuffing his bag with carrots and apples for her to eat later. They'd had to skip lunch since they'd started off so far behind. He'd need to feed Cumulonimbus too. His mareep hadn't been out of his pokeball all day.

Soren had been torn about whether it was a better idea to keep his mareep in his pokeball while he and Genesis worked or if he should let the mareep out and leave him on the farm. Having the lamb out of his pokeball and trying to follow them in the crowded, dusty streets as they worked seemed like a serious hazard. However, Nimbus was so young that Soren was afraid of what he'd get up to even in a relatively safe place like the farm without supervision. Thus, Soren had opted to carry the mareep along even if it made him feel guilty that he hadn't had time to play with him. He packed even more carrots and apples and a couple of berries too for treats.

Genesis didn't like the way Soren was behaving, and she didn't intend to cooperate with this madness. He called her when he went to leave the barn, but she stayed in her stall. She laid down, and when Soren came to check why she wasn't following, she pretended to be asleep. Soren was just as tired as she was though, and he didn't have patience for this. He simply tapped the button on Genesis's pokeball so that she was sucked inside. She didn't have to walk if she wanted a short rest, but he wasn't going to miss training tonight.

Soren quickly ran inside the farmhouse and grabbed a large chunk of cornbread made with vegetables and herbs that he found on the counter. The other workers, including Soren's father were gathered around on a blanket on the floor where they normally sat together for their evening meals.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Ivka demanded, shooting Soren a glare.

"I have to go! I told Ambassador Aster that I was going to meet with him to train my pokemon." Soren explained. The others regarded him with wide eyes. His father looked surprised, but he didn't comment.

"Oh, you're so full of it!" Ivka accused, but instead of retaliating verbally, Soren looked at her with his eyes crossed and his tongue hanging out grotesquely before bolting right back out the door with his stolen prize.

Now all he had to do was skip on back to the ambassador's house. Hopefully he'd still be waiting, but if not he'd already told Soren where to find him. Before he left the farm though, he passed Ivka's personal flower garden. The spring had brought up a riot of colorful blossoms. Soren briefly looked left and right to see if anyone was watching him, and finding himself unattended, pulled out his bone knife. He cut the stems of a few flowers, lilies, gaillardias, queen of the prairie, black eyed susans, daisies, and lupines. They were the kind of flowers that grew like wild weeds on the plain, but Soren thought they were beautiful anyway. Once he'd arranged what he thought was a passable bouquet, he ran off through the farm's gate.

By the time he reached the ambassador's house, the sun was low in the sky casting everything in hues of deep lavender but for an orange glow to the west.


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