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 Masozi - Fantasy Horse Site
The Heavens
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 01:49 PM


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There was a time when the world of Masozi was absolutely nothing. It was pure darkness, a consuming, abysmal void, and deficient in all of the grand things that it was meant to be. How nothing can be something has always been a mystery, and very paradoxical in nature, though such is the truth. But Masozi would not remain this way forever. For out of that nothing, there actually was something waiting to be born. And that something produced amazing, wonderful beings from within itself.

A random pinpoint in time pushed abruptly pushed aside the darkness, speckling it with new light, and occupied the vacancy which had yet to be filled. This spot was claimed by the heavens. Bright, rolling clouds roamed within the darkness, and the heavens changed the atmosphere entirely. A place that had no hope or future was given those things, paid in full. And the heavens multiplied themselves into even more than that. Where the heavens were, darkness could not stay.

The stars lit up the skies in such a beautiful way. They flickered, twinkled and danced in the pitch black backdrop of the evening hours. The stars mapped the heavens, creating a galactic navigation system, and even arched through the sky in the form of shooting stars. Although stunning and intriguing at night, they did not ever live. The stars emulated characteristics and behaviors of living beings, but they themselves were not. And though they were good in their own ways, the stars were not extraordinary.

All was well for quite a great deal of time, but this would not be enough.

The heavens began to cry out for more, their tears falling from the clouds and collecting together. From these tears, the physical lands of Masozi were created. Plains sprung up from their grassy roots, rivers coalesced together, and forests appeared. Mountains magnificently surfaced from the deep nooks and crannies in the ground. Large, towering stones were shaped in a unique circular design and fiery volcano plates blasted and shifted into place. A new earth-like planet was created, and it growled into existence.

This pleased the heavens for another extended period of time, but once again, it was not good enough in the end. The land, similar to the stars, had the appearance of life, but none actually to be spoken for. The heavens grew impatient and sad again, more tears spilling onto the newly created land masses. What happened next was ultimately the most pleasing, and finally satisfying to the heavens.

From these tears, living beings were created. They had amazing patterns on their bodies, beautiful shades of colors speckling their hides, and breath inside of their lungs. No one individual looked like the next, and their personalities varied greatly. Some even were gifted powers to use to their benefit. Seeing these creations greatly enthused the heavens. They watched over their children with pride and joy. The heavens were also protective of them, so they sent two splendid guardians to watch over Masozi in the flesh.

It was then that the heavens considered their work excellent, and this was the beginning of Masozi.

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