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 I Need A Distraction, [Adventure - Swarm]
 Posted: Jul 13 2018, 12:13 PM


[OOC: Requesting a Dwebble from the swarm! Though negl I have no plans to catch it - I just want to play with the chances that something else might pop up instead 0v0]

Taking a deep breath, the woman stared back at the compilation of tents. Most were the same basic make and coloring, a few here and there having tents with a little more color or simply larger size with better make. But honestly the woman was fed up with staring at them. Omega and his group apparently didn't have work for her to do at the moment, and she couldn't just sit around waiting. Normally she'd go up to the tunnels to harvest metals, and would be able to hunt pokemon while there for food. But since there was no longer a need for metal apparently, she wasn't going up to that legendary forsaken place again.

Instead, she turned her head and looked to the rising hills. When she originally traveled here to the camp, the three of them had been mostly focused on the destination. Being in unknown territory meant that she needed to move quickly and find a home base. Somewhere for supplies and medical care if any of them needed it. In their rush, she'd even chosen not to stop through Crater City. It was an unnecessary detour, and so the trio pushed straight through the plains to the hills beyond. And then focused on finding their way here. She'd noticed some drastic changes to the environment in both areas though, much different than the forest she'd grown accustomed too.

It was certainly going to be tougher to sneak around and run, that was for sure. The constant slopes made progress slow, unless one chose to weave between them. But then, you have to deal with having very limited visibility. While the concept of not being able to see everything hadn't been too far off in the thick forest, these hills were something else. Unlike a tree that she could maneuver around easily, these hills required too much time and effort to track around or over. Not too mention they needed to be able to find their way back.

Nonetheless, with no other duties from Omega's group, this was her chance to explore it a bit at least. Dagger strapped to her hip, she looked down at the foxes. The smooth blue fox, who'd just joined them before coming to this place, and her faithful partner, with yellow fur sparking with electricity. They were quiet for the moment. Still, she nodded to them, and them to the hills, to let them know where she was headed. Jolteon barked enthusiastically, while Neptune stayed silent. He wasn't by any means over his suspicions or trusting of this woman, but their hunts together were actually enjoyable. Not that he'd ever admit it.

Truly, the only one the vaporeon seemed to somewhat bond with at this point was the jolteon - which the electric-type was sure was because the human was a human. She tried to tell him to give her a chance, but it was clearly an uncomfortable topic. Besides, she wasn't his mom! She wasn't about to tell him what to do. If he wanted to be stubborn, so be it. The lightning-fox shot ahead, the other immediately taking it as a challenge. He'd found quickly that the both of them ran a lot, and in truth he enjoyed the feeling. He'd never been able to stretch his legs and soar across the ground before. But he was the slowest, and that bothered him. So he felt challenged each time one of them took off to press forward and try to get faster than them.

The woman was right up with them, keeping within a few feet of them. Jolteon was more the used to keeping her pace down so she didn't lose the others, but she was always glad to see how much quicker the human had gotten since they met. The vaporeon was still pretty pokey, but he was more natural at it with his four legs than the human was. They jogged into the hills, curving around the first hill in the valley and keeping an eye out for any pokemon. Ideally she could take out her frustration on a kill or two, and get some nice fresh meat from something that wasn't living in a literal rock.


 Posted: Jul 13 2018, 01:12 PM



As the girl and her two foxes made their way through the hills of the rolling mountains, another canine stood watching with his arms crossed. These were his training grounds and although he was very territorial, he didn’t stray from challenges that may arise. The bipedal beast watched as the three dashed through the fields.

They were racing one another and even if it seems playful to them, he didn’t see this as a game.Training was serious and if they were going to do so on his grounds, then they’d have to do it against him. Letting his arms drift back, the riolu dashed down the hill toward Leona and her foxes.

The fighting canine zipped over and around the hills effortlessly as he closed in on the group. There was no way he’d let them believe for a second they were faster than him. It didn’t take long for the riolu to speed passed the human girl. She was nothing compared to him. Not even worth a glance as the blur went by.

He could see the aquatic fox closest to him. She was younger and wasn’t really the one he was focused on challenging. It was the mature yellow fox who was the fastest of this pack. The blue dog found himself dashing beside the jolteon as he looked ahead. A smirk grew on his face as he looked over to her. “If you want to race, then you’ll have to beat me. These are my training grounds,” he demanded.

She could refuse him if she’d like but the jolteon would be seen as weak in his eyes. It probably wouldn’t matter to her what his opinion was of the fox but there was no room for weak creatures in his territory. He’d make sure it stayed that way.

wild Riolu has appeared!
level 14 ◒ male ◒ ability ◒ moves
100% health, 95% energy.

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