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 Housing for Those Not Near Trees, Mainly for Crater City and Oasis Village
 Posted: Feb 1 2017, 12:27 PM


So I was thinking what kind of houses would be there for Crater City, considering the fact that they're nowhere near the forest and are located in Lion's Plains. Then it occurred to me that they could possibly have sod houses, like pioneers when they tried to make their home out west. The sod would be enough to keep them warm in the winter time and is pretty abundant. Maybe there would be some stone houses too mixed with the sod, but I think that would be rarer.

I think the housing for Crater City would be dugouts mostly. Just use an area where there's plenty of sod, make a flat dirt area for the floor that's dug out, as the name implies, then use sod to make bricks and created the building. Of course, they would constantly need repairs if the weather disagrees with them, especially rain.

As for housing in Oasis Village, I was thinking they could be adobe houses like Native Americans that live in the desert. They could use mud brick to build their houses from the ground up. The mud brick would be created through molds while they use clay to seal the houses up. I suspect that the Desert Strip isn't all sand and that they would be able to build their homes using mud brick and clay.

Since they they're close to the ocean where there might be palm trees, they could potentially have wooden houses, but I think those would be rarer. Maybe they could use the nearby plants to thatch their roofs with, but I feel like mud bricks would get the job done better than whatever local plant there is.

 Posted: Feb 1 2017, 12:39 PM


We actually have this already figured out for the most part, it just isn't pretty-fied and posted in the info topics yet. :3 Mud/adobe bricks will be used for both cities. Except for some of the highest ranking officials in Crater, who may have wood houses because they wanna be fancy and they have more resources that would allow them to bring in wood.

So I'll have to give 1 PP for this suggestion!

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