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 Heat Haze Daze, [Quest]
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 03:47 PM


Summer was always brutally hot, but it seemed like this particular day in summer was even more so. Dick wiped sweat from his brow as he leaned against the walls of the well. Just because he was a part of a gang, doesn't mean that the gang caused trouble for the residents. Far from it in fact, Tic made sure that the Oasis Village residents were protected and safe, as well as making sure that everyone didn't have to go without something. In this case, it was water. Dick had been purposely assigned by Tic to guard the local well from creatures of the desert, but so far he saw nothing.

He sighed and glanced at each of his Pokémon. Night was preening his feathers, ready at a moment's notice but using the peace to clean himself up. Leaf was perched on his shoulder, also preening her feathers. Gem was floating beside him, also ready at a moment's notice in case there was something squishable. As for Peck? ...Well, after a Boomburst and threatening to keep her in her pokeball so that she wouldn't stretch her wings, she grudgingly waited for orders. In the meantime, she, too, was preening her feathers. Though to be honest, she was hoping that in the midst of a battle, she could flee. She wasn't going to think that out loud though.

While the birds preened their feathers and Gem just floated there, Dick was on the watch for several Pokémon waiting to sneak into the well water. He hadn't seen anything so far, surprisingly, but he was on edge. He knew how precious water was, everyone knew. It was why Tic assigned him to guard the well at this time. But it was a little ominous that there were no Pokémon showing up. But maybe they will soon, who knew? Huffing through his nose, he turned to the well and peered inside it. Nothing but water, though its level was dangerously low. It was not a good sign.

"Where are they...?" he muttered as he looked back at his surroundings and began to pace around the well. Leaf hooted softly as she was jostled around somewhat while being on his shoulder. "Easy there, Leaf." Gazing beyond, he waited for something to happen, hoping for something to happen, truthfully.

 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 04:10 PM



[Here are your spawns. Remember that for this quest neither or nor any of the other mods will be controlling these Pokemon except to determine catching/befriending attempts. You are in control of the story and these wild Pokemon.]

a wild Gligar has appeared!
level 8 ◒ male ◒ hyper cutter ◒ poison sting, sand attack, harden

a wild Helioptile has appeared!
level 5 ◒ male ◒ sand veil ◒ bite ◒ ELECTRIC TERRAIN, pound, tail whip

a wild Phanpy has appeared!
level 10 ◒ male ◒ sand veil ◒ HEAVY SLAM, odor sleuth, tackle, growl, defense curl

a wild Mudbray has appeared!
level 8 ◒ female ◒ inner focus ◒ mud slap, mud sport, rototiller

a wild Rattata has appeared!
level 4 ◒ male ◒ run away ◒ BITE, tackle, tail whip, quick attack

a wild Venipede has appeared!
level 4 ◒ female ◒ swarm ◒ defense curl, rollout

 Posted: Aug 11 2017, 06:18 AM


It didn’t take long for the first signs of trouble to show up. A Mudbray dashed forward and nearly sent Dick straight into the well and knocking Leaf off in the process, braying as it tried to get at the water. “Gah! No you don’t!” Dick growled as he tried to restrain the donkey-like Pokemon. It continued to bray as it reached out for the water, wanting to get a good long drink.

With Dick busy, Peck saw her chance to escape and immediately fluttered away after she got her bearings. She flapped her wings and began to fly off, high into the sky. She would have gotten away too if she hadn’t run straight into a Gligar. Shrieking, she let out a Boomburst that shook the Gligar to its core, but nonetheless remained in midair. With a cackle, it launched its Poison Sting at the Pikipek. Peck screeched as she began to Peck at the Gligar, thoroughly enraged.

While the two were duking it out and Dick was trying to hold back the Mudbray, two more intruders showed up, a Rattata and a Phanpy. The Rattata darted past Gem and was about to reach for the well when Gem suddenly plummeted from its position, using a Tackle to ram its body into the Rattata. It squeaked as it tried to shake off the attack, only for it to continue to ram into it with Tackles. Leaf began to hoot in alarm at the sudden appearance of several Pokemon and tried to help by using Leafage on the Mudbray before spotting the Phanpy trying to lift itself up from the ground into the well. She flew over to the Phanpy, Growling at it while flapping into his face. She immediately regretted it when the Phanpy used Heavy Slam and pinned her against the side of the well. The breath was instantly knocked out of her and she struggled to regain it as the Phanpy turned his attention away from her and tried to get at the water source.

He didn’t expect for Night to come charging into it, using Night Slash onto the Phanpy. It trumpeted in surprise before using Heavy Slam on him, knocking him to the ground. He simply got back up and Growled at the Phanpy, both of them staring down at each other, waiting for their opponent to make the first move. Leaf took the initiative and used Leafage on the Phanpy, causing him to trumpet in surprise for a second time. The two birds exchanged glances, Leaf hissing a little at him but otherwise did nothing. An unspoken agreement had been made; drive away the Pokemon first, then they would fight each other if Dick allowed it.

Speaking of the trainer, he was still restraining the Mudbray when an idea came to him. Without much grace, he leaped onto the Mudbray’s back and clung onto her for dear life. She brayed in alarm and began to run around the well, using Rototiller in the process to smooth out the dusty ground. “Ha! Can’t do anything now, can’t you?” he crowed, grinning as he dug his fingers into her mane. She started kicking after a while, trying to buck him off. But she was unable to get the human off of her and continued to buck and dig the ground up with a combination of Mud Sport and Rototiller. Although the bucking did one thing, throw his bag into the air. Its contents flew out, scattering along the ground.

One of those objects rolled near Gem as it continued to Tackle the Rattata. Weakened, it tried to crawl away, only for Gem to pin it down hard. There was a sickening crack of bone as it continued to ram into the poor Rattata, soon becoming dyed in red as it squished the creature dead. Once it felt satisfied for leaving the corpse a bloody pulp on the ground, it noticed another Pokemon come towards the well, a Helioptile. The Helioptile let out a cry of surprise as Gem dashed forward and began pounding the yellow lizard with a series of Tackles. It took no notice of the chaos happening behind and above it, simply focusing on turning the Helioptile into another bloody pulp on the ground.

Above them, Peck was faring poorly with the Gligar. He had managed to successfully poison her and continued to shoot Poison Sting after Poison Sting. Shrieking, continued to try and Peck at him. Suddenly, he dashed downward towards the well. She followed in hot pursuit, letting out a Boomburst that affected everyone as they tried to get their bearings.

It only caused more chaos. Now the Mudbray was running around like crazy, terrified by the sudden noise. The Phanpy curled up on itself in surprise, using its Defense Curl to protect it. Leaf and Night, who were used to the Boomburst but still were affected, took a moment to shake the feeling off them before the Rowlet let out a Haze. Gem didn’t stop its assault on the Helioptile, though it was rather pleased that the attack had hurt the electric type by quite a bit. As for the Gligar? It almost got knocked into the well, but managed to fly back up and glide along the ground, weaving in between the Mudbray and her legs to see if she’ll hurt the Pikipek if she even did follow him. And she did, Growling as she followed after the Gligar and tried to Peck at him.

What she didn’t expect was that the Gligar was cunning and was willing to play dirty. He lobbed a particular large chunk of dirt and sand at her with his tail, a Sand Attack move. It hit her in the face and she Growled as she tried to get it off by shaking her head. The smirk on the Gligar’s face didn’t last, for the Mudbray accidentally stepped on his tail. Yelping in pain, he immediately Hardened himself for protection. The Pikipek would have laughed if she could see, but alas, she couldn’t. She let out another Boomburst when the Mudbray stepped on her tail feathers, flittering off the edge of the well to assess the damage. Only a few feathers were missing, thank the legendaries. The Mudbray, in response to being in close proximity to her Boomburst, whinnied and reared herself onto her hind legs, kicking with her front. Dick managed to fall off that time. “Ow…” He grunted and got up, watching the Mudbray run off to somewhere else, away from the well of chaos. He breathed a sigh of relief that one Pokemon was dealt with before looking around to assess the situation.

The Phanpy had curled itself up tighter in another Defense Curl, but both Leaf and Night were still assaulting the ground type. He was slowly weakening, they could tell. But he seemed intent on getting to the water as he uncurled and began to Tackle right into Night. The Torchic stumbled back, his body hitting something hard and round. Turning around, he could see it was one of Dick’s Great Balls. The gears in his head began turning as Leaf Growled and Tackled the Phanpy, who was also Tackling and Growling. The two of them circled around each other, Growling all the while and not noticing Night slowly move the Great Ball closer to the Phanpy. Once he was in range, the fire type kicked the Great Ball with all the strength he could muster. The Phanpy could only let out a trumpeting cry as he was sucked into the ball.

Meanwhile, Peck wasn’t quite done with the Gligar. She Growled and rushed forward, trying to ignore the Sand Attack getting in her eyes. But the Sand Attack was doing its work, causing her Pecks to miss the cackling Gligar. The smile wiped off his face when he was Tackled to the ground by Gem, the Minior having finished dealing with the Helioptile that had been squished to a pulp on the ground after many, many Tackles.

Peck fluttered to a stop as she stared wide eyed at the red Minior. Even if her vision was partially obscured by the Sand Attack, she could still smell the blood on him and see bits of flesh on its sandy, dirty surface. She let out chirps of alarm that didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the group. “Peck what-“ Then the human saw the rock type. “Gem what- What were you-?” He and Peck watched in horror as he began to squish the Gligar with its Tackle attacks, assaulting him quickly and efficiently. The Sand Attack proved to be not very effective on the Minior, instead adding to its rocky armor. Not even the Hardens could stop the Minior’s assault. Everything seemed to shimmer as Leaf let out a Haze, hoping to help the Minior somewhat. But she couldn’t see what the matter was from her angle, she just knew that she had to help. Night, however, could see the Minior and he chirped in alarm at its bloody state while watching the Gligar get squished underneath it.

The Haze ended up working in Gem’s favor. With the effects of his Hardens gone, he was more pliable, more squishable. And he ended up squishing the Gligar head against the ground and the well wall. The body shuddered one time before it fell limp. Everything was quiet except for a strange buzzing noise. Gem turned to the source of the noise, a tiny Venipede that was shivering in fear at the scene before her. He immediately rushed towards the Venipede, intent on squishing her too. There was one Tackle that had caused her to curl herself up in a Defense Curl. Several Tackles later, there was audible crack of chitin as it broke through and liquid seemed to flow through the cracks in her exoskeleton. The Venipede continued to shiver, praying for help to come.

And help did come. “Gem! Enough!” Dick said as he ran towards the Minior. It didn’t pay attention and just focused on dealing the finishing blow to the Venipede. He never got the chance, for he scooped up the injured Venipede as its Tackle landed on the ground. It slowly floated upward and turned to stare at Dick, or rather, the injured Venipede. “Hey! Back off!” Dick shouted as the Minior tried to Tackle the Venipede in his arms. There were the cries of its teammates as they tried to persuade Gem from continuing its endeavor. It tried one more Tackle on the Venipede, Dick barely managing to get out of the way, though he had been nicked by the attack. “I said enough!” The Minior floated in place as it and the human stared at each other for a long time. Then it went back to the dead Gligar and began to squish its body into a pulp, with more fervor this time as though it was angry.

Dick instantly relaxed and began to look around. There were no more Pokemon to be found. “I’ll take you to the doc soon, promise,” he said to the Venipede in his arms that was slowly bleeding out. She shuddered every now and then as her consciousness was starting to blur a little. “First I gotta clean up this mess…ugh, Gem…” He began to go around collecting the things that had fallen from his bag before stopping in front of a Great Ball. “…This could probably help stop the bleeding.” He bent down to pick it up and gently tapped the ball onto her head. She was immediately sucked in. “Good.” And with that, Dick began to clean up the mess, shuddering as he looked at the squished bodies of several Pokemon.

 Posted: Aug 14 2017, 12:13 AM


capture attempt !
A battle capture is attempted on the Phanpy. A great ball has a 60% catch rate on an injured but unfainted Pokemon. Thus, a roll out of 100 needs to be 60 or under for the catch to be successful. RNG says... 47! The Phanpy is successfully captured!
capture attempt !
A battle capture is attempted on the Venipede. A great ball has a 60% catch rate on an injured but unfainted Pokemon. Thus, a roll out of 100 needs to be 60 or under for the catch to be successful. RNG says... 45! The Venipede is successfully captured!

topic closed
▲▲ +100 tokens for completing a topic
▲▲ +50 tokens for completing the quest
▲▲ x2 fresh water OR x1 mystic water (Let me know which)
▲▲ 4 EXP for Night
▲▲ 4 EXP for Peck
▲▲ 4 EXP for Leaf
▲▲ 12 EXP for Gem (they gain a level!)
▲▲ Phanpy is caught!
▲▲ Phanpy will start with 3% loyalty.
▲▲ Venipede is caught!
▲▲ Venipede will start with 8% loyalty.

▼▼ x2 great balls

Nicely done! I really enjoyed reading on how Dick and his team dealt with the mob of pokes trying to get to the water. Also, Gem is SCARY AS HECK. Just a cold-blooded killer apparently xD Anyway, good job and congratulations!

Everything has been edited into your index!


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