Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


As Terrene leaves behind
the long, dark nights, their minds turn to friendship and romance at the second annual speed dating! And don't miss out on the clover hunt or the poetry season. Our plot event, alpha & omega, is drawing closer to its end, but is still going strong for now.


Spring will be here until
June. The rainy season begins in the tropical areas; the rest of Terrene begins to thaw and warm, shaking the chill of winter and creeping toward the heat of summer. Fairy and grass types relish in the season of rebirth and renewal!







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 Kaien's Code Shop, For all your coding needs!
 Posted: Sep 28 2017, 10:50 AM


Ever had an idea of how you want a template to look, whether it be for posts, signatures, plotters, or some other type of thread, but didn't have the knowledge or time to put anything custom together? Well, problem solved! The idea of this shop is to take your ideas and my coding abilities to create the templates you've only dreamed about until now!

How It Works:

I've listed a variety of packages and a few add-ons below, with an estimate of how much it would cost for me to put each together. These are only guidelines, and we can certainly customize! Once you've decided which package you want, reply below listing which package, and which add-ons you would like ONLY! This thread is for tracking purposes, so please keep your replies very minimal. Extra details around the specifics of what you want should be sent to me in a PM. That way, if I need clarification on anything, we can PM back and forth (Or Skype, if you would prefer) without cluttering up this shop thread.

Please note: I won't accept payment until the code is complete, however I will not provide the actual coding for it until payment is processed. It goes:

Request - > Details Discussion - > Build Code - > Revisions - > Final Product Preview - > Payment - > Coding Sent To Buyer


For the most part, I will try to stick to the prices below in the interest of being fair, but I may wiggle down prices for shiny new players, since you haven't had time to get many tokens yet. If anything breaks, or isn't quite what you wanted, it's always free to fix it up so long as it doesn't require any additional coding. That is, if your hover breaks and you ask for a tab, then yes, I am going to charge for the tab. If you start using it and decide you want a few things tweaked, it will be free as well.

    + Basic Pack - 1 Token
    -This includes a basic outline/border, background (Img, full color, or nothing), and custom text color.

    +Character Photo &/or Header Pack - 25 Tokens
    -This includes the basic pack, plus a header (within the text block), and a space and code to insert one image (placement up to you)

    +Multiple Photo Pack - 50 Tokens
    -All of the above, plus space & coding for 2+ images, wherever you would like them to be.

    +Tabs Base Pack - 5 or less - 100 Tokens
    -Includes basic pack, 1-2 photos, and header, along with tabs for navigation and other effects. Up to 5 tabs with this option.

    +Tabs Expert Pack - More than 5 - 100 + 15/tab + 10/photo Tokens
    -Includes the tabs base pack, plus as many tabs or photos as you wish! Extra charge for every tab over 5 and every photo over 2, due to how long the code and complexity is for multiple tabs and photos.

    +Hover Pack - 150 Tokens
    -This includes the multiple photo pack, along with a hover function. Must specify how hover should be applied (full post, photo change, text transform, etc)

    +Super Pack - 200 Tokens
    -The dreamers pack. This includes anything within my coding capabilities, which includes everything above plus experimenting with other functions if desired.

    +Add-ons - X Tokens
    -Multiple Boxes - whether it be for pokemon information, other info, pictures, whatever, sometimes one box just simply isn't enough. Price varies based on placement of box, relative to main post. Mostly whether it's a separate entitiy or will be inside the main box, but total won't be very much (if anything).

    -Custom Scrollbar - It's free! Whether you just want a normal blocky scrollbar or one with a design and coloration to fit the template better, I've got you covered. A scrollbar is needed if you want your template to remain at a fixed height - otherwise, the box will expand down to adapt to the text within the box.

    -Borders - Thick or thin, colored or just plain black, borders can add an extra oomph to a template. More shapy or complex borders will, of course, cost a bit more.

    -Shaping - Whether it's simply rounded edges to a box, or fun shapes from circles to diamonds for images or sprites, shaping is totally possible. DO IT FOR THE AESTHETIC~

    -Tables - Though it's pretty easy to simply format line by line to show your pokemon information, sometimes adding an organized table looks a bit cleaner and introduces a little pizzazz to the fray. Could be used for pokemon information, links, character information, notes, etc..

Minor edits or add-ons to codes I have made are free. Minor edits and add-ons to others codes will be priced based on what is needed, and how much coding is required (Most likely free, but depends on complexity)


 Posted: Dec 15 2017, 04:36 PM


Rixie would like a Character Photo &/or Header Pack - 25 Tokens

- Custom Scrollbar
- Borders

 Posted: Jan 19 2018, 02:21 PM


Code completed and delivered.

25 tokens from Rixie's Cynthia to Kaien's Arshia.

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