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 Breakthrough, [Event Quest][Jace, Leona, Elliot]
 Posted: Aug 5 2018, 07:20 PM


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》》》 @Sev, @Kaien, @BestBella

After the violent thundering of electricity and the gutwrenching sound of something tearing, the blackness of the interdimensional portal swallowed the space in the middle of the steel ring, growing and widening until it reached the edges.

After a thorough examination of every inch of wire, the two steel, oblong hoops, and the portal itself, Omega gave a small nod, "The tunnel is stable. Gale, go fetch the volunteers. Let them know that we're ready."

Because it was the first time a large number of people would be crossing through, Omega felt the need to double and triple-check his device. Rather than bringing a bunch of relative strangers to stand around impatiently, potentially rushing the scientists in their careful work, he decided that he would simply have them gathered after the portal was on and everything was running perfectly smoothly.

In a few minutes, Gale returned with the ragtag group. Lucine brought out a small bundle of sticks, brandishing them at each person who was going to go through the portal with a stern, brisk instruction, "Pick one." The three shorter sticks were drawn by Reina, a anxious-looking young woman with long dark hair and deeply tanned brown skin, Jacob, a man with dirty blond hair neatly pushed back off his face, and Leona. She nodded curtly and spoke matter-of-factly, "Alright. If you'd rather use your own weapon, give it to someone else." She shoved a six foot spear into Reina's hands, who looked at it and bit her lip nervously. Next, she picked up the metal dagger and hunting knife, and handed them to Jacob and Leona, respectively.

Quin reached out and put her hand on Omega's shoulder, squeezing it tightly in a silent attempt at conveying for him to stay safe. She was going to be staying back and watching the portal this time, making sure nothing bad happened to it and trapped the humans and Pokemon of Terrene in the Suffering Universe. Being trapped there... her blood ran cold just thinking about it, and all the hairs on her arm stood up, but her face didn't betray any of her emotion.

"The sooner we leave, the sooner we can get back. Keep your Pokemon in their pokeballs; you don't want them running amok in the void. Remember what I told you earlier: stay calm, stay with the group, and stay on the path. Let's go."

With Eve and Edna at his side, he stepped through the oval-shaped, opaque blackness, vanishing in an instant. The rest followed. The void was dark and dimensionless, filled with terrifying nothingness. A simple white path was the only recognizable feature. It seemed as though it were painted onto a ground. If one tried to stop and observe their surroundings for too long, they would surely go mad. Jacob, a naturally curious man, tried to look out at the emptiness, but he quickly grew dizzy and he stumbled, nearly falling off the path. He gasped in alarm, but Eve and Edna were quick to rescue him from his own blunder. Eve raised her spoon towards him and closed her eyes to steady and calm his mind, while Edna quickly conjured up an additional illusion: another square of plain, white solidity that held Jacob's weight and convinced him that he was not falling, and he was not in any danger. Jacob shakily got to his feet and returned to the path, keeping his eyes focused on it closely now.

When they finally pushed out of the suffocating emptiness, they found themselves in a sparse forest. Sunny patches filtered through the young trees, and they could see that the sun was almost directly overhead. Even though it seemed to be roughly noon, the air was much cooler than it had been in Terrene. Small buds coming from the thin, straight trees suggested it might have been spring.

Partially hidden by a few of the young, randomly scattered trees was a house. In the distance, barely visible for the number of obscuring new growth, were more houses, gradually built closer together. Reina took a few steps towards the house and examined the dilapidated state of it closely. The blackened remains almost looked like they had burned, many years ago. But now there were small, dainty plants growing out of its corners and moss breaking the stone masonry down into pebbles.

The only sound that could be heard was the light whistling of the wind, and the only signs of life were the young plants growing all around them, pushing out from the layer of leaves that hid a crunchy and ashen ground beneath.

Behind them, the portal shrunk down until it was about the size of a plate, but stopped thanks to the wire that Gale was holding. He handed it off to Lucine, who was going to stay behind with Omega and guard the portal.

"Did everyone make it through alright?" Omega's eyes scanned the group of people.

『 Randomized weapon distribution: NPC Reina gets a 6ft spear with metal spearhead; NPC Jacob gets a 1ft metal dagger; Leona gets a 6in curved metal hunting knife.』

『Timeline (In Terrene): Late summer, late morning; approximately a week and a half after Omega's speech and call for aid. 』

 Posted: Aug 9 2018, 04:57 PM


The dagger thunked into the ground, tossed by the woman with a small amount of forced. It bounced out and landed flat, just to be picked back up by her once more. She repeated this a few times as the foxes were running around. They were supposedly chasing each other, though it was mostly Jolteon dipping in and out on Neptune, as she normally did. He seemed to enjoy the sport and challenge of it, and was certainly getting quicker than he was when they first left the forest together. But he wasn't even close to a match with the electric-type yet, especially since she seemed to have an unending spout of energy that no one could match.

It had been about an hour, the trio waiting on the scientists. Well, Leona was waiting on them as she was asked to sit on standby, and the other two were still sticking around with her as usual. The threw the dagger into the dirt once again, thinking about what was to come. They'd announced the portal, and asked for volunteers. And of course, she'd been one of the first few to volunteer. There weren't many of them willing to try something so experimental, but it was something she'd been hoping would happen all along. ever since she heard about this 'Witch's' work and rumors about the old world, she'd been wanting to find out more.

And after she found out more, she knew she wanted to go back.

If he was to be believed, as was the leader of Crater City, then there was a whole other world separate from their own. A world in which some higher beings were pulling humans and pokemon alike, taking them from it and putting them here. And that transition was the cause of their memory loss. Her memory loss. All she wanted, all she strove for, was to reclaim what was lost to her. What was unfairly ripped from her mind and tossed aside like useless garbage. Who was she? How did she grow up? What kind of world and people were around her when she was a child?

It wasn't clear how old she was, but it could be inferred she was an adult. She was older than those considered teens, based on her physique, and younger than most who were parents or 'middle aged'. From what other people guessed, she was likely somewhere around 20. If that was the case, if that could be believed, that's 20 years of time, of experiences and knowledge, that were suddenly gone without a trace. A change, a 'rescue' as some called it, that she never asked for. Or maybe she did. But the woman knew no matter how bad, she never would have asked for this.

Maybe this was all some cosmic being's version of a joke, granting a wish in the worst way possible.

All these thoughts and more had been dwindling away in her head for seasons and seasons since she appeared in this world, in that forest. It drove her crazy, through tears and screams and anger. A myriad of complex unresolved emotions and questions that before, there was no chance to receive and answer to. But now? Now this Omega character had apparently opened a way back. A chance to go back to where she started. To find who she was, people she knew, things she did. A chance to try something, anything, that could help her get her memories back. So of course she hadn't hesitated in volunteering.

Becoming a bit tired from all the playing around, the vaporeon was the first to call it quits. He wasn't in any way exhausted, but he wanted to lay down and get a snack. The water-types demeanor was still pretty harsh and distant, clearly displaying that he didn't fully trust the woman nor her intentions just yet, and she understood that clearly. But, despite that, he was starting to relax a bit. Though it wasn't to positive terms yet, it was acceptance that she didn't bear complete ill will to him. It was acceptance that being in a group and hunting together, eating together, sleeping together - all of this while being independent wasn't a bad life.

He flopped over next to the woman, who placed a hand on his head. She fished with her other hand in her pack, pulling a strip of meat and feeding it to the vaporeon. He started munching as the jolteon dashed over, clearly expecting some of her own. Leona chuckled and tossed a strip of dried meat in the air, the fox grabbing it and chomping away before it could hit the ground. She continued petting the blue pokemon as the other was trotting around as she ate. She was tired of waiting, her dagger sticking out of the ground as the blade was dashed into the hard, dense dirt beneath them.

Luckily they wouldn't be waiting any longer. The young man sent to hail them called her name, having been familiar with her after her months of assistance around the camp. She wasn't closely acquainted to anyone really, but she'd done enough that her name was at least known by most. Especially since she'd volunteered to go into the other world. That was the current gossip, as people spoke with both fear and excitement at the possibilities. Mostly fear as to what would happen with such trips. If the other world was really in such a bad state, people wondered if it was good to open a path between the two. What kinds of things would that release on their world.

That was the least of her concerns. They would fight off anything that tried to force it's way through. After all, they controlled the portals. Surely they could manage stopping anything from coming through unwanted. There was too much potential gain from these trips to back down, and all this work couldn't just be dropped because of a little risk. She pulled her dagger and holstered it on her belt, pushing and standing up. Neptune got to his feet as well, shooting a dirty look at the other human. He tended to shoot such gazes to all humans, herself included if he was in a right bad mood.

She turned and followed Gale, heading back as they gathered the others. The two foxes followed behind, the water quiet as the jolteon barked here and there in a one-sided conversation, curious about where they were going. She didn't know what was going on, but whatever it was it had the humans residing in this strange gathering place acting up. She hoped it was something big. She was ready for something exciting and new to happen, and even her own human seemed especially restless over the last couple days. And now they were heading somewhere specific, so hopefully it would be fun!

It wasn't long before all the volunteers were there, the formed portal dark and bleak in front of their eyes. It wasn't like anything she'd ever seen. There was a pit in her stomach as she looked at it, the lack of knowledge about what it was or where exactly it would go filling her with a bit of uncertainty. But her determination steeled her resolve as Lucine spoke up, calling to draw sticks. It was an odd way to dish out weapons for sure, but she rolled her eyes and participated without a word. She had no interest in talking to Lucine any more than necessary anyway, so it was easier to just play along. So she stepped up, drew her stick, and received a dagger. It was much nicer than her own, the nice steel-work of the blade making hers look like nothing more than a sharp rock.

Omega spoke, speaking short instructions based on longer instructions they received previously about entering the portal and crossing through to the other side. This was their first time going through, for those volunteers who weren't directly working on the portal itself. This would be her first time crossing through the odd space between worlds, that looked dark and foreboding. She knew it was important to keep focused and close to the group. Though she wasn't a huge fan of being told what to do and how to do it, she kept her mind on the bigger goal. It was required to get safely to their destination, and she desired getting there more than anything. She needed to get there and see it for what it was. To see if she could find what she was looking for.

But there was that note about pokemon that needed addressed. Her gaze dropped to the electric-type at her side. The vaporeon was staying out regardless - not having possession of the pokemon's pokeball in the first place, there was literally no way to avoid leaving him out. But she supposed she could return the jolteon, if she was willing. The last thing she wanted was the fox to end up getting lost to the void, and lost from her side forever. She supposed it was worth a shot to see if she was willing to get into the ball. Just until they got to the other side. She pulled out the ball and palmed it for a few moments, knowing they were all ready to leave otherwise. Kneeling next to the pokemon, she held out the ball silently.

As the male human was speaking, Neptune couldn't keep his eyes off that darkness. It was definitely unnatural. Sure, he didn't have very much experience with the world or natural things altogether, but that thing? That was certainly unnatural. There was no question. As he looked into it, it sent a shiver down him spine. They weren't going in that thing, were they? Most of the places these two took him were normal and interesting, with only the normal danger to expect. But this was on a whole other level of crazy to be imagined. He really didn't want to go in there. If they were going he... he wasn't sure. He could leave now. He could just stay behind and wait for them to come back - but would they come back from such a thing?

The electric-type took notice of his trance of fear, and knew there was only one way to get him out of it. She thought it was always fun to tease him as it was, but making him challenge his fears was the best way to get him to go with them. And, well, she'd prefer it if he came along. He was fun. "I think we're going in there. You aren't scared, are you? I'm not. I'm excited to go in." The vaporeon looked taken aback by the question. He was scared, but he couldn't let her think so. "Me, scared? No! Of course not! I'm fierce and strong. Nothing scares me!" He held his head up proudly, trying to stuff down the pang of fear plaguing his mind. If they were going, then he could do it! He was braver than them. He had to be!

Jolteon was not enthusiastic about the ball being presented to her. She wanted to see what was inside the weird dark thing. She of course felt the uncertainty and bit of panic about the dark space, but her curiosity about it outweighed her fear. And knowing that Neptune didn't have a ball was less than great. But, as always, she knew the human wouldn't ask to put her in the ball unless she felt it was absolutely necessary. What a pain. "Tell me all about that weird place as soon as I'm out, got it? I want to know everything, you lucky dude!" With that out to the vaporeon, she tapped the ball. Leona nodded before activating it, recalling the pokemon into the device.

That just left what to do about the water-type. He certainly didn't seem comfortable with the concept of going through the portal. He looked really upset, even if he was holding his head up to pretend he wasn't. If she could talk to him and have a conversation, maybe she could help. But of course, she couldn't understand these creatures. It was really frustrating. She holstered the pokeball and turned to Neptune, trying to figure out how to say it. "We need to keep together to make sure no one gets lost.Do you mind if I carry you?" She held out her arms to get her point across, pointing to the portal and then returning to her offer to carry him.

The pokemon was still not very on board with crossing through the darkness. And he still didn't like the human or any human for that matter. But he thought about how comforting her petting was, and how she was always trying to make him feel better. With a disgruntled moan, he moved forward into her arms.He had to admit being carried was certainly a bit more comfortable an idea than having to walk through himself. It helped to sate his fear a bit, and he was quietly glad for the offer. The woman positioned her arms carefully and lifted him, adjusting as necessary to make him comfortable.

And with everyone prepared, it seemed they were ready to head in. With a deep breath, she followed into the darkness. As they crossed into the space, she tried not to think about it. Neptune wiggled uncomfortably as he looked around, his head aching a bit just looking at the emptiness. A path was created by the ghost's illusion, and she was able to see the people in front of her again. The vaporeon decided to close his eyes, so he didn't get a headache. He didn't like not knowing what was going on, but watching was almost worse in this situation.

Leona was careful as she walked, keeping pace with the others and staying focused on the back of the person in front of him. The pokemon in her arms was unnaturally still. She could practically feel his fear at the situation through his skin, even if he wasn't doing anything specific to indicate it. She'd been around him enough to recognize the tenseness in his muscles as they walked. Her head certainly felt odd as it tried to process what was going on around them, but she concentrated on the shirt in front of her, keeping a single-minded focus to simply get to the other side.Things would be better then.

It wasn't long before they were there. At least, it didn't feel like very long she thought. They were greeted by a rather comfortable view. They were in some sort of forest. It certainly wasn't the forest they knew well, but it was a forest for sure. The natural air and scents of the flora was comforting, and Leo was quick to place Neptune on the ground so he could do as he wished. His eyes were open now as he looked around, keeping his tail and head down as he kept right up against her legs. He didn't like all these humans nor this unfamiliar place. She pulled out her pokeball and released the jolteon, who shook out her fur before looking around, glad to be out.

They all looked around, curiosity and excitement in the eyes of the huntress and her partner. They enjoyed traveling and experiencing new places. Sure there was a risk of going into the unknown, but the possible danger just made it all the more exciting to the both of them. Starry eyes gazed out, spotting the buildings that lie up ahead. They looked quite destroyed, the electric fox snickering a bit at how damaged the human constructions were. "Wow, what a beautiful place to live." Neptune really didn't think this was the time for humor, but the light-hearted demeanor of his friend was pretty comforting to have in the face of his fear.

With whatever instructions were given, she knew it was time to explore. She soaked in the scenery, all the details she could. Her eyes wandered and searched for anything that looked familiar. Thus far, only things she'd had in Terrene. Nothing from the past life that was missing from her. But she wasn't woman to give in so soon. She wasn't about to cave because the first instant didn't deliver what she wanted. She would fight as much as she had to in order to get back what was stolen. The group split, a couple staying behind with the portal, and she would march forward to find valuable items, people, pokemon, or information to bring back. She followed whoever took the lead, eagerly moving with her two pokemon close by but too busy looking around to take any leadership here.


 Posted: Aug 9 2018, 05:49 PM


Jaisen 'Jace' Aurelius
Though Jace had already witnessed the portal opening once, watching it a second time was just as breathtaking. Unlike the other volunteers, Jace got to be near the device because he had helped to create it. He stood quietly off to the side, well out of the danger zone, and watched again as the device crackled to live with a rushing, tearing sound. The first time it had been opened, two of his own pokemon spent every volt of electrical energy they had stored to help power the portal. It had taken several days for Miske and Erimos to recover after that. Now, the Dedenne and Helioptile were in their pokeballs. He couldn't risk being without them on the other side of the portal. Not when they didn't know exactly what to expect over there. There was no guarantee that they would be safe and if they needed to fight, he needed Miske and Erimos at full power.

Now, as the portal stabilized and Omega called for the other volunteers to be summoned, Jace moved forward to join them as they drew sticks for weapons. He wasn't sure why everyone was being asked to draw. he had his bow and a handful of arrows already. When he drew a long straw, it didn't bother him that he wouldn't get one of Omega's fancy metal weapons. He could use a knife if he had to, but the metal would be heavy and unfamiliar in his hand. ANd he had never really used anything like a spear, though he had picked up sticks and whacked pokemon and people with them as a much younger person. He would likely do more harm than good with a weapon he wasn't comfortable with. He would rely on his own weapon and hope they wouldn't have to use them at all in the other world. The spear went to a woman Jace wasn't familiar with and the two knives to a man he knew as Jacob and a woman named Leona. Jacob seemd fairly neutral about the blade he was given but, if he was reading Leona's expression correctly, she was quite pleased with the curved dagger that had been presented to her.

A mixture of fear and excitement thrilled through him when it was announced that they were moving into the portal. He allowed the others to go in first, opting to bring up the rear to make sure no one fell behind. A vast emptiness met them and fear threatened to take over until Edna (perhaps with some assistance from Eve) formed an illusory path for them to follow. It was an illusion, Jace knew, formed by Edna to keep people from wandering off and getting lost in the emptiness. It also gave them the sense of something solid to stand on in the void rather than walking on what appeared to be nothingness. Jace spared a few curious glances at the void but the sheer blackness that greeted him made him dizzy so he focused on the back of the person in front of him. The person in front of him, Jacob, spent too long staring into the abyss and stumbled as he moved forward. Whether he would have fallen off the path and away into the empty blackness or simply have fallen as if on solid ground Jace had no idea. Eve steadied the man with her psychic abilities and a square of solid white, much like the path they were on, appeared beneath him and he managed to get back to his feet. Jace helped him up, giving him a steadying presence to focus on. "Best to keep your eyes on the path. Come on, it's not much further now." He spoke in little more than a whisper, not sure his words would even be heard in the void, but Jacob did as he'd suggested and focused on the path before them.

They emerged into fresh air, sunlight filtering down through the branches of young trees. A glance upward told him the sun was almost directly overhead. Either they had been in the portal for a long while, of the time here was just slightly different from Terrene where it had been only late morning. The air was cool, however, much cooler than the summer heat they were experiencing back home. The cooler air paired with the appearance of buds on the trees rather that the fresh green leaves suggested early spring rather than summer. Jace immediately wished he had some sort of journal of writing cloth with him to make notes of the differences in this world and the one he now called home. Further on, partially hidden by the trees and other budding greenery, was a building. It was hard to judge from a distance but it looked like a house and beyond that were more buildings. The nearest building looked to have been burned and plants and mosses were growing out of it. The forest was reclaiming this man-made territory once more. Which begged the question: what happened to the people who had once lived here? Were they alive? Had they been dumped into Terrene or had they fled for somewhere they thought would be safer?

The air was eerily silent. There were no sounds of people or pokemon, not even the chatter of birds on the wind. Jace felt a small shiver of unease. Silence meant danger. Omega's voice disrupted his thoughts and Jace glanced at their small group, doing a quick head count. "Everyone made it through, even the pokemon." He spared a glance for Leona as he said that last part. She had recalled one of her two pokemon but carried the other. He could only guess at the reasoning behind it. Perhaps he would ask her if they had a chance to speak later.

Reina had moved off toward the nearest house but everyone else was still lingering near the portal. Omega was staying behind at the portal, leaving Jace and the volunteers to explore on their own. Jace didn't consider himself much of a leader but since no one else was taking the lead he supposed he should. "Alright everyone, let's see what we can find in the settlement ahead. Try and stick together, we don't want to get lost here and we don't know what to expect. If anything happens, shout for help. We don't leave of companions behind to fend for themselves in a potentially dangers situation, understood?" He spoke, glancing at the others to gauge their reaction. He knew it would be likely that, if the situation was dangerous enough, human nature would dictate that they save themselves and abandon those who were weaker than they would. Jace would try to avoid losing any of these people but he also knew himself. He would try to bring everyone back to the portal alive, but if the situation was dire enough and he had to choose to leave someone behind in order to save the rest....he would do it. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that.
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@Kaien @BestBella
Team Info:
All pokemon are currently in their pokeballs

 Posted: Aug 14 2018, 04:03 PM


Elliot simply stared in wonder at the portal, seeming to be in a type of trance. His eyes were wide and his jaw hung open as he stared. On his shoulders, two birds were perched and staring as well, though the starly seemed to be chatting to the other. Bernadette didn't respond, and instead simply glanced between the portal and her human.

The man had seen the portal before, since he had helped a bit when needed, but he just... It was hard to believe it was real. They were actually going to the old world that he had heard mentioned and referenced time and time again. He wondered what it was like, how was basically everything different from the stuff in Terrene? Omega had mentioned better technology and other things along the lines of that, what could that be like? A wide smile was clear on his face the more he thought about it.

He looked away from the portal to glance between Oswald and Bernadette, watching them stare at him with a blank expression. "... You guys ready for this?" He chirped as he beamed with excitement. The younger bird tilted his head slightly until the chatot murmured somethings towards him that made him perk up and nod repeatedly. The tiny bird bounced up in delight, obviously sharing his trainer's excitement for the portal and adventuring.

Elliot smiled, and his attention was suddenly turned as he noticed that the group was drawing for weapons. He flinched up in surprise and hastily shuffled towards them, making the birds on his shoulders flap their wings to stay stable. As he approached the group, he remained silent and staring at his feet for the most part. The man quickly grabbed a stick and merely shuffled away without a word as he started at it. Well... He wasn't getting a weapon. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing... He wasn't skilled much in combat or in using weaponry, but still, it would have been nice to have at least something.

He glanced back up to his birds, giving them a small disappointed look. He held up the stick in his hands to Oswald's mouth, in which the small bird happily took and proceeded to poke and peck at. Elliot chuckled and turned his gaze over to his partner. "You excited for this?"

"... I don't know." The chatot replied, her voice resembling a differently pitched version of her trainer's. Elliot huffed, and began to stare at the portal. "I mean, come oooon. We're going to see new places! Isn't that exciting?"

The parrot didn't get a chance to respond, as she was cut off by another human speaking out at the group. Elliot perked up to look at Omega, who had said to put all of the pokemon into their pokeballs. He actually seemed to hesitate for a second. Did... They really have to do that? He didn't like being alone from his pokemon for too long. Still, he didn't want to potentially start anything by leaving them out. The man let out a sigh before reluctantly pulling out two pokeballs from the satchel he kept at his side. He turned to Oswald, nodding a brief apology before a red light engulfed the starly and disappeared. He would then turn to Bernadette and do the same.

He set the pokeballs gingerly back into his bag, and walked up to join the group of people following after Omega. Both excitement and wonder rose in his chest, though hints of worry were held deep. He had never actually gone through the portal before, and this should be something interesting... His thoughts began to briefly wrap around what it was like to be in there as he continued walking, not even bothering to notice the others that were with him.

Once they entered the portal, there was almost nothing in sight. A sense of panic and worry became more present in the man almost immediately as he gazed around. But he would suddenly turn his head to the now-appearing white path, as staring into the nothingness was making him dizzy.

He kept glancing behind his shoulder, as if the portal the group had gone through would close at any moment. Was that even possible? Well, if it could open, it could definitely close. Why would they have to open it again if it hadn't closed before? What if it closed while they were in here!? The panic infested in Elliot began to intensify, even more so after seeing what had happened to Jacob. The man had to hold in a scream and glue his eyes to the path as he awkwardly walked with the group.

But his panic would soon be replaced with wonder and awe as he stepped through the other portal and entered into the old world. They were greeted by a green forest filled with sun-dappled trees and a cool breeze. Elliot took deep breaths as he stared at the area around him, taking note of the house that stood in the distance... Where were the people that lived in them? Where were the pokemon?.. It seemed like the group were the only living beings here aside from the growing plants.

He quickly let Bernadette out of her pokeball, afraid of being alone without her for any longer. He debated whether he should let Oswald out for now, but quickly drew his hand away from the starly's pokeball. He would let the bird out later when he was sure it was safe. Elliot was sure the chatot could defend herself if needed, Oswald... Not so much. Once the parrot was released from her pokeball, Bernadette seated herself upon her trainer's shoulder and began to look about.

But when Jace began to speak, Elliot turned his head. He... Didn't really know what to feel about being told what to do by him. Still... It seemed like it was what the group was going to do. Elliot sighed before glancing over at Bernadette. "You doing good?"

The chatot nodded as she looked around, odded out by the new surroundings. The man turned to Jace and blankly nodded before trying to move off to where Reina was going.

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