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Summer is here! There are a whole bunch of Pokemon swarming, a whole bunch of quests that need doing. We also have two plot-related events: Professional Army and Alpha & Omega, and a slightly less plot-related but no less exciting event, a Tournament!


Summer will be here until September. All of Terrene is heating up; Desert Strip gets more hot and dry, West Forest gets more hot and humid. Thunderstorms rage, particularly in the south. Bug, Electric, and Fire types are more common.





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The Shula Region Pokemon: Terrene

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 Running Updates
 Posted: Yesterday at 04:57 pm



◒ New Temps!

Congratulations and thank you to Kira and Chaos, our newest Temps! We are very excited to have them on board. On the other side of this coin, Finley has been moved to Inactive Staff and Zena has been moved to Player. We wish them luck in their RL ventures and hope to see them again in the future!

◒ Specific Pokemon Topic

When Pokemon need to have their lore significantly altered or added to in order to be more realistic or understandable, or if they are significantly changed for some other reason, the information will be found in this thread!

◒ Development Topic Rewards

We have made a slight change regarding devs: token rewards will only be earned for the first five dev topics completed in a month; for any further topics, other rewards may still be earned but the usual 100 token reward for thread completion will not be earned. Additionally, to keep the site running smoothly and people advancing in a timely manner, we are emphasizing that staff priority will be on adventures, quests, starters, et cetera and that devs may sit in the mod request for a while before being graded.

◒ Berry Locations

In this new thread, we briefly describe what berry trees look like in Terrene and where each berry is most commonly found.

◒ Evolution & Everstones

A few notes have been added to our info threads: Evolution is voluntary on the part of the Pokemon, meaning that the trainer can’t do anything other than encourage/discourage or use an everstone; the effects of an everstone are lingering, meaning that once a Pokemon comes into contact with it (is within a few inches of the stone), it can take anywhere from a few days to an entire week for evolution-halting effects to wear off and allow the Pokemon to evolve.

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