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 red as strawberries in the summertime, [dev]
 Posted: Apr 2 2018, 10:10 PM


Blue smiled lightly as she sat at the table, watching Chuck toss around food in the fire. Her stomach made no note of being hungry, but watching this macho man try and make good food felt amusing to her for some reason.

Nearby, Sasha, Mary, and Pyro sat close to each other in a small circle. They were each taking turns of eating a small wishiwashi that had been tossed near them. While the houndour and stunky didn't have all too much trouble, the mareep took longer to chew and swallow the fish. She didn't exactly enjoy the salty taste of it, but it was food.

She liked feeling like a predator. She loathed the thought of being pathetic prey like this fish, merely existing for others to kill and thrive from it. Plus, there wasn't any grass to eat around here right now. Sasha groaned and took another small bite of the fish.

Fluffy stood lengths away from the group, choosing to sit by her lonesome instead of associating with her team. The ant only sent glares and hisses at the group as acknowledgement. The three mammals gave no heed to Flu.

Blue nodded as Chuck awkwardly shuffled to the table, a visibly burnt magikarp being held in his hands. There were smears of berries on the meat, although it seemed that the actual food either fell or burnt off.

"Buen provecho." Blue murmured, giggling half-heartedly as Chuck turned red with embarrassment and quickly set the fish onto the table. They silently exchanged nods of understand and started to tear pieces off of the fish.

It tasted how it looked. Pretty burnt. The crunch was nice, but the taste of salt and ash put her off. How did Oasis people enjoy this so much? Blue sighed, and crossed her arms to set on the table. She rested her head on her crossed arms, and watched as Chuck chomped on his meal.

"So how was your day?" Chuck asked in-between bites.

"Pretty normal, I'd suppose... Fine." Blue replied in a small whisper. She tried to flash a smile along with it, but it appeared to be plenty forced.

 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 04:25 PM


"You sure about that, Kid?" Chuck muttered, taking another bite of the burnt meal.

Blue perked up. "It was just boring, that's all." She admitted, letting out a sigh. She wasn't lying. The house had gotten old, and she wanted to do something outside. The people of the village as well as the gang kept her from going out in broad daylight.

Still, something about only being able to safely go outside at night felt lonely to her. The only people she could talk to were Chuck and her team, and pokemon couldn't speak.

"... So how was your day?" Blue chirped. Chuck scratched his scalp, messing up his already dirty hair.

"Mine was pretty boring as well. I just sat at my stand all day. I did make some tokens though."

"That's pretty good. You didn't catch any fish?"

"I had enough in stock today, so I didn't have to. I might need help gathering some more, though."

Blue perked up in interest. She enjoyed fishing, although she wasn't the best at it. "You need me to help?"

"Yep." Chuck flashed a smile and chuckled. Blue's faint smile started to shape into a more genuine form. She looked down at her meal, and teared off a chunk to pop into her mouth. "So... Might I ask for your favorite fishing memory? I don't know why I'm asking, just curious."

"Hmm... Odd question, for sure. I'd say this one time with my wife Lisa... I decided to take her out fishing to try and see how much she liked it. She reeled in a squirtle and got so frightened that she dropped the fishing rod. She was just freaking out and apologizing to me about the rod. It was nice to see that she cared." Chuck chuckled. Blue nodded. She could see the tint of sadness in his face as he spoke of his wife.

Meanwhile, Mary couldn't help but keep glancing at the steel bug who had secluded herself from the group. Although Mary hadn't talked much at all with the bug, she had a... Dislike for her. Flu had tried multiple times to kill. The houndour wouldn't be bothered if Flu was obsessed with killing enemies, but she didn't stop there. The durant had tried on multiple occasions to hurt her team, and the dog had witnessed for herself what malice Flu held.

Still, Mary believed the durant could change. Maybe all it could take was a conversation to knock some sense into the damn creature... Actually, maybe more than that. Well, she should start now. The houndour glanced over to Sasha, and then Pyro. She took one last bite of the fish and stood up. "(I'll be back.)" She murmured before breaking off from the sheep and skunk.

Mary approached the durant lightly, being greeted by a loud hiss. "(What the hell do you want, Demon?)" Fluffy muttered, narrowing her red eyes at the other. The houndour growled for a split second before forcing herself to stop. "(... I wanted to talk to you.)" Her voice was soft, and yet urgent. Mary would usually have fear in these types of situations, but she held no fear for Fluffy. The durant was a petty and dramatic idiot. She could be dealt with easily if she decided to attack.

Inaudible curses went under Flu's breath before the durant retorted. "(Oh really? Why exactly? You need some relationship advice or some shit?)"

Mary turned red with anger and embarrassment. The dog let out a curt growl. "(N-No. I just wanted to ask you some stuff and potentially clear some problems up.)" She forced to keep her voice steady, but her paws shook subtly. The durant let out a short cackle before nodding. "(Fine, sure! Don't think you can help at all, though, Demon! In fact, you'll only make things worst!)"

Mary could sense Sasha's distant anger. The houndour was about to smack the pest outside at this point. Still, she was forced to remain at the most calm. She glanced over her shoulder at her sheep friend, and shook her head, mouthing 'no.' The sheep seemed heavily pissed off from what she could hear, but remained at Mary's silent word.

Fluffy seemed to take deep pride in this, and her antennas perked up in delight. Mary sighed, and nudged the bug with her paw. "(Come on. We're talking outside.)" She murmured. Fluffy narrowed her eyes once again, but agreed with a nod.

The two slowly walked out the door, into the pale moonlight.

 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 09:00 PM


Mary and Fluffy seated themselves in beside the door, facing and narrowing their eyes at each other. Dislike and tensity filled the silence between them. A minute went by, and still no words rose.

Finally, Mary cleared her throat. "(... So. Why are you like this?)"

The question seemed to shock the durant. "(The hell do you mean?!)" She hissed.

Mary narrowed her eyes more. "(I can mean many things. Lets start with the mere basics, you've attempted to kill both Sasha and Pyro, one of which did absolutely nothing towards you. Why would you try to kill a baby?)"

Silence fell, but it was shortly broken by Flu's laugh. Mary gave a look of disgust as the pest answered. "(He dared to mess with me! That little brat should have known not to bother me! He got what was coming to him.)"

"(He's just a kid, Fluffy...)" She murmured, lowering her ears.

"(So!? He should have known better! Well, serves me right to think you and that hideous creature could raise a demon to be a decent being! He's no better than you, you gross freak of nature!)"

Mary bared her teeth. She felt hurt on the inside, but she didn't want to let it show. Annoyance tinted her voice. "(You should have known better and kept your patience! Besides, it was just a bit of snow! Nobody should get upset over snow!.. Hell, he didn't even do anything, it was the other kid!)" She raised her paw and flicked it around as if to emphasize her point.

Fluffy went silent, the malice in her eyes plain to see. Mary sighed and shook her head. "(I'm just asking... Why do you stay here if you're just going to cause issues with all of us? If you hate everyone, why don't you leave?)"

The bug's eyes widened with realization. Fluffy immediately stood up, and laughed. "(Oh my god, Demon, you're right! I'm in the clear right now, I can just ditch you asshats forever! Remember meeeee!)" She jumped up in glee and started to scurry away. Mary blinked in surprise. She hadn't expected the pest to react so quickly and make a decision in mere seconds. Well... This was one way of dealing with this issue... The human probably won't like it, though.

The dog watched as the durant started to scurry off into the moonlight. She took a deep breath. Something about this bug leaving made her feel warm inside... She felt safe.

Suddenly Fluffy came scuttling back.

The ant quickly sped back to where she was before, huffing a bit. "(Oops, I forgot to say goodbye...)" Fluffy hissed, the venom in her voice making Mary's blood freeze. The durant began to shuffle back inside. Uneasy, Mary stood up and followed the ant. She looked down at the pokemon in confusion. Why would Flu of all beings want to say goodbye to the team she hated oh so much?

Then she noticed the glowing pinchers.

Mary tensed up. Her eyes widened. This little pest was doing it again... She normally failed at this, but what if she succeeded this thing..? Fear for what was coming next merely became fuel for her actions. The houndour's widened eyes quickly narrowed and teeth were bared. She let out a large growl, and snapped her jaws around the durant.

Fluffy let out a hellish screech as Mary harshly tugged the bug back. She tried to break free from the grip, slightly pulling the two forwards. The bug and dog kept pulling against each other. It was only until Fluffy lost her balance that there was any other action. Mary growled and finally tugged the durant back more. Her grip was released, and the dog began to hold down the bug down with her paws.

A multitude of screeches occurred, some from Flu and some from Mary. "(I swear to god, you make one good decision in your life and now you're just taking it back!)" The dog shouted, struggling to keep the bug still. Her breath began to grow hot with anger.

"(I'll kill you! I'll kill you all! I'll slaughter the hideous sheep first! I'll kill the human, and then your precious little baby! Then, when you've been taken from everything, I'll-!)"

The durant never got to finish her threat. Whatever she was going to say was replaced with shrill cries of pain. Mary stepped away from the pokemon, allowing Fluffy to burn brightly in the fire. The metallic ant's limbs twitched violently, and she even tried to crawl towards the dog.

Mary's eyes were narrowed. She drew up more fire, and quickly launched it at Fluffy. More screams persisted, although they were starting to dim down. The houndour's expression seemed to shift as the ant's shaking limbs grew still. The air fell silent.

The houndour hesitantly approached the still corpse. Fluffy laid sprawled along the ground, her pinchers parted open to scream, but no sounds nor breath came out of her mouth. The exposed limbs were burnt heavily, and curled at odd angles. The metallic skin of the ant glistened brightly, but it was slowly breaking down.

Mary took a deep breath.

(Okay so durant apparently have very horrible special defense)

 Posted: Apr 9 2018, 07:48 PM


Sasha couldn't take her mind off what Fluffy had said earlier. The bug was wrong, she was totally wrong... Sasha wanted to snap that grubby little bitch's neck for talking to Mary like that. Her hooves fidgeted as she sat next to Pyro, who was gobbling up the last of the wishiwashi. He murmured unknown words and flailed his paws in the air.

Sasha glanced at her adopted son. The stunky set down his paws and pointed to his mouth with his claws. "(I'm hungry, Mama.)" He stated, shuffling his paws around. The mareep blinked, and lightly smiled. She turned her head to the small kitchen, and then back to the baby. "(Go grab a berry from over there, I'm sure that'll be fine. Let me check it first before you eat it though.)"

She watched as Pyro bounced up in the air, and quickly scuttled over to the food storage. Sasha blinked, and glanced at the door again. Why the hell would Mary want to talk with that bugger? Fluffy didn't deserve to even be in the proximity of Mary's greatness. Sasha angrily tapped her foot until Pyro came rolling back with a berry in his mouth.

The mareep glanced down at the boy. She sniffed at the berry that he held. Oran berries always smelled like a weird mixture of everything, so this thing was definitely one. Sasha nodded, and the stunky beamed in delight. He immediately started to paw at the berry.

Suddenly, distant screeches flooded the outdoors. Sasha was immediately on her hooves, staring wide-eyed at the door. She glanced up at the humans, who seemed to be too focused of the conversation to notice the chilling voices outside. She looked down at the stunky, and murmured some unknown words before bursting out of the house.

A cold burst of wind greeted her as she stepped outside of the house. Sasha hissed at the chill, and shook her head. She hurried over to the direction of the voices from before. The mareep stopped dead in her tracks.

Confusion was plastered against her face as she stared at the scene before her. Mary was shivering violently, staring at the mess that was laying in front of her. The sheep couldn't even process what it was for a second until she walked closer. Her limbs tensed as she recognized the burnt pile as Flu. She shook her head, and looked up at her houndour friend.

"(Did you..?)" She started, only to interrupted by Mary's quaking voice.

"(I-I didn't th-think-! Oh god, Sashi, I killed her!)" She sputtered. Sasha's eyes widened for a second, but they then settled down on the dead ant. She... Didn't feel much regret for the durant, only shock of the event. Honestly, Sasha probably would have done this herself later on.

Still, Mary seemed pretty shaken up by it. The sheep took a deep breath, and began to poke at the corpse. "(... Well, we can't just leave her there... We gotta bury her.)"

"(B-Bury her!? Where, exactly!?)"

"(Mary, the dirt shouldn't be as hard to dig in as it is in the Winter. We should be fine.)" Sasha reassured the demon.

Mary gulped, and slowly nodded. She reached out for the nearby dirt and scooped out a pawful. Sasha nodded in reassurance and began to assist the dog in her digging. While the dog seemed to be making a good effort, the hooves that Sasha used didn't seem to be the best of use in the situation. Still, she tried her best.

After a few minutes of digging, a reasonably-sized hole sat in the ground. Sasha and Mary exchanged a few glances before the sheep stepped back to grab Fluffy by the neck. Sasha hissed through her teeth as she set the ant into the grave.

The two didn't share a word as they began to fill the hole back up with dirt. The Oasis breeze brought chills as it moved down the city. As the sight of Fluffy disappeared into the dirt, Sasha finally broke the silence.

"(What brought you to kill her?)" She quietly asked.

"(She... Threatened to kill you guys...)"

"(She would have failed.)"

"(But what if she didn't?)"

Silence returned to the scene. Sasha blinked, and took a long sigh. She stood up, and slowly began to walk back to the house. Mary followed behind. "(So how will we tell Pyro?)" Mary hesitantly asked.

"(We won't.)"

Mary blinked, and sighed. The two didn't speak another word as they stepped back into the house.

 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 06:02 PM


Blue silently sat at the table, her eyes trained on the door. Chuck was making dinner yet again, and the pokemon were huddled around the table in a cluster. Sans one.

It had been three days since Fluffy's disappearance. Blue didn't know what happened, but the durant had just... Vanished. She felt bad, not being able to find and care for the creature. Her boss had mentioned multiple times that Fluffy was probably just on an adventure. Blue didn't very much like being patronized by those statements, but oh lord did she wish it was true.

She knew that she probably shouldn't like Fluffy, considering the amount of violence she had caused. Still... The durant was completely gone, and Blue couldn't help but feel terrible for that.

"Diiiinner!" Chuck suddenly shouted, causing Blue to jump in her seat. She swiftly turned around, and took a couple short breaths. Chuck had cooked the usual, except the fish wasn't actually burned as much as it could of been. Blue faintly smiled at the dish. "Gracias." She murmured, turning her attention back to the door.

Minutes went by of complete silence except for the barks and bleats and squeaks from the pokemon nearby. Chuck was simply eating away at the fish as Blue still stared blankly at the door.

"Kid, you're still not hung up over that bug, aren't you?"

"She's been gone for three days, boss. I'm worried for her..."

Chuck seemed to stiffen as he loudly cleared his throat. He scratched his messy beard as he spoke. "Kid, I'm sorry... But... Flu might not be coming home. Who knows, she might of died on an adventure..."

"And what if she didn't? She'll be running through this door any minute."

"...Kid, I'm worried about you. You've gotta eat something. You're going to starve at this point."

Blue winced, but she made no eye contact with him. She hadn't taken much thought to caring for herself, as she was too focused on her lost teammate. The girl hadn't even made notice of her growling stomach until now. She looked up at the man, and her smile fell into a dull state.

The girl slowly reached for a small piece of the fish. She tore it off, and placed it in her mouth. The salt taste was strong. Blue sighed and forced herself to gulp down the food, not wanting to offend Chuck in any way.

"Well... I think I'm full... I think I should get some sleep soon." She murmured. Chuck's face showed no sign of hiding concern. Blue sighed, and weakly stood up. She silently left the table, walking past the pokemon that were calmly eating some wishiwashi together.

Blue walked into the bedroom, and made her way towards her little makeshift bed. She sat down and hugged her legs with her arms. She didn't feel tired at all. She didn't want to sleep. Blue was tempted to go outside and hunt for Fluffy herself.

But Chuck was probably right... No... But he had points... But Fluffy still could be alive somewhere, she just had to look... No, Fluffy's dead.

Blue held her face in her hands, clutching her hair in her hands. She started to lightly sob. A small part of her wanted to scream out. At anything, really. She could scream out for Fluffy to come home, she could scream at herself, and she could even scream at Chuck... Although she would never really do that.

The soft touch of wool brushed against Blue's side. The girl briefly withdrew her hands from her head to stare down at Sasha. The mareep seemed to give a concerned expression, much like Chuck. The human softly murmured words even she couldn't understand.

Sasha blinked, and ran out of the room. Blue let out a weak cry of shock. Still, she didn't command the sheep to return. She was alone again.

Blue's tears started to run down quicker as she buried her head in her lap. Her arms wrapped around her legs again in a hug. She let the silence consume her mind.

What seemed like lifetimes went by. The girl couldn't keep calm during all of this. Her breathing grew heavy, and she was almost shaking.

A poke at her side let the girl unwrap herself out of her distressed stance. Blue stared down at Sasha, who now held a large piece of fish in her mouth. The sheep aggressively shoved the food at the girl.

Blue sighed, and tried to look away. The shoving persisted, and even resulted in Sasha attempting to crawl onto the human's lap to shove it in her face. By then, Blue had taken the fish from the mareep. Satisfied with her work, Sasha hopped off of the human and simply stared at her with narrowed eyes.

Blue slowly took the piece of fish and took a small bite of it. Sasha responded with a delighted grin. The human took a small sigh, but smiled. She hesitantly took another bite.

The two ended up falling asleep shortly afterwards, with Mary and Pyro joining the pile a little later. As Chuck laid in his bed, Scotch and Whiskey nearby, the house was completely silent and at peace.

Still, the thought of the little durant still lingered.

 Posted: May 7 2018, 11:23 AM


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