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 Lightning causes fires, [Training Dev - Thunderbolt]
 Posted: May 3 2018, 08:45 PM


The sand felt warm as the afternoon sunlight beamed down on it. The ocean actually felt calm today as it lightly brushed up against the sand. Blue merely just sat on the ground, gazing upon the small rise and fall of the water. Beside her, a trio of pokemon sat and seemed to be having a nice conversation.

Sasha, having found the ability to emit electricity from her wool, was messing around a lot with said ability. She poked at the sand, and started to make it fly up in the air. She seemed absolutely thrilled with this new entertainment. Both the human and the pokemon enjoyed the sheep’s growing pride and passion with the shock. What worried Blue, though, was the chance that Sasha could accidentally shock Mary or Pyro.

Surprisingly, though, the mareep tried her best to keep her attack out of the way of her teammates. She would always make sure the baby and her friend were out of reach before she focused her energy on the ground and let loose.

The process went on for a long time, with the group just simply watching the sheep’s antics. Over time, though, Pyro seemed to get bored. He started to fidget about, scratching at the sand beneath his feet. The pictures he made consisted of random marks that would most likely take hours for another to comprehend. Mary took note of this, and began to make little lights of fire to try and entertain the skunk.

Now having his attention clearly focused on the new embers, Pyro stopped scratching the sand and furthermore Sasha, who was too busy trying to zap a nearby rock to notice. The baby squeaked in amusement, and tried to paw at the fire as Mary kept lightly tossing them in the air. Unfortunately, Pyro’s wishes were shattered as the houndour kept him away from the fire with a paw.

The stunky opened his jaw in shock and betrayal. Why wouldn’t Marymom let him touch the fire?? It was amazing! Pyro started to squeak little shouts of annoyance at the other demon. “(Marymom! Let me touch da fire! I wanna!)”

Mary let out a small sigh, and stopped her embers, much to the dismay of the skunk. “(Pyro, calm down. I just don’t want you to get hurt, that’s all.)” She explained in a soft voice. Her teammate preceded by letting out a small wail. The wail sent Sasha literally bolting over to the group.

“(What happened!? Who hurt you!? Mary, why is he sad!?)”

“(Sashi, calm down. He just wanted to touch the fire.)”

Pyro had now returned to scratching the sand in a fit. Behind him, the human had actually fallen asleep, which was an unspoken miracle to the team. Her quiet snores played in the background of the growing mess.

Pyro suddenly perked his head up to narrow his eyes at his two caretakers. He took a big breath of air and his cheeks started to puff out. Mary glanced over to the skunk, and let out another small sigh. “(Pyro, I’m sorry, but I’m not letting you hurt yourself- Oh good lord!)”

Mary and Sasha backed up suddenly as the small baby let out a few puffs of fire. The little embers were tossed into the sand, and soon disappeared. Seconds of silence passed, but it was quickly broken by Sasha’s absurdly loud laugh.

“(Holy hell! Pyro, was that fire!? Mary, did you see that!?)” A large smile of pride was clear on the mareep’s face. She started to beam.

It took a few moments for Mary to respond. “(I-I didn’t think he’d be able to produce fire this early… I could tell he had the organ to create it, but holy heck.)” She stood wide-eyed at the now squirming baby, who seemed surprised at the fire himself.

Sasha blinked, and immediately turned to her friend. Her words came by quick and seemed to be just one whole word. “(Marymarymaryteachthiskidfire.)”

Mary raised an eyebrow. “(... You sure you want Pyro to learn how to control fire now..?)”

“(Yes!)” Both sheep and skunk screamed in unison, making their dog companion draw back slightly. After a few brief thoughts and glances to both teammates, Mary took a long sigh and nodded. “(... Fine, I can’t say no to both of you cute things.)”

Sasha beamed in pride, and started to hop around. Pyro squeaked in joy, and flailed his paws in the air. Mary blinked, and subtly smiled.

“(Oookay, while you do that, I’m gonna try and break this rock.)”
The mareep stated as she walked off towards a nearby boulder. Mary opened her mouth to mention that said statement was impossible, but she kept her words to herself.

After another sigh, the demon turned to the younger one. “(Okay… You think you can do that fire trick again?)”


808 Words

 Posted: May 25 2018, 08:29 AM


While Pyro attempted to bring up more fire in his throat, Sasha was now focusing on the large boulder she was walking towards earlier. The sheep was circling the large rock, narrowing her eyes at it. Suddenly, she bleated loudly and several sparks emitted from her wool.

It bounced off the attacked object with ease, making not even a dent or a mark. Sasha hissed to herself, and tried once again. The sparks didn’t even hit the boulder. Several deep hoof marks were made in the sand before yet another attack was being launched.

Thankfully, because of Sasha actually aiming, the attack was able to hit the boulder. Unfortunately, it made absolutely no damage. The mareep let out a long and loud screech of anger. She had caught the attention of Mary and Pyro, who had not been successful in bringing back the embers. “(You doing okay?)” The houndour called, her ears perking up. The only response was unidentifiable screams and Sasha making more marks in the dirt. Mary let out a long sigh.

Sasha returned to standing still in front of the boulder, except the violent shaking of anger. Alright… All she needed was more power. Sasha growled, and tried to emit a more powerful array of sparks, fueled mainly by the adrenaline her anger was causing. There were still no favorable results.

She was quickly growing tired of not getting anywhere. Growling loudly, Sasha tried to aim at a smaller part of the rock. Maybe she could at the very least take off a chip of it! At the very least!

Trying her best to put more energy into her attack, she aimed at a small subrock off to the side. She began to try and produce more electricity, her wool seeming to almost expand. Digging her hooves into the sand, Sasha focused onto the small subrock. She prepared herself to launch some shocks.

But it backfired. The power built up suddenly turned itself onto Sasha, and the sheep let out a shocked screech. Her limbs violently shook and she started to wander around in a hurried pace.

Pyro had managed to make at least a tiny bit of flames, so things seemed to be going well for the duo nearby. Mary smiled lightly until an earbleeding scream reached her. She quickly turned her head and stared wide-eyed at a clearly pissed off Sasha. She could hear the human groaning something. Well… Sasha had woken up Blue.

Still, the houndour’s focus remained on her mareep friend. She stood up, glancing down at Pyro briefly before heading towards Sasha.

Pyro twitched his ears as he watched the conversation following in the distance. He hoped Mama was okay. She sounded like she was in pain. The stunky turned to the now waking human, who was rubbing her eyes and staring in worry at the direction of her other teammates. She turned to Pyro, and seemed to murmur some words that he was all too familiar with. “Is everything okay?”

He tilted his head, not exactly knowing how to respond. He glanced back to the houndour and mareep, and sighed. “(Hey, Marymom! Is Mama okay!?)” He shouted, raising his head. The demon dog glanced over to Pyro, to Sasha, and then back to Pyro. She seemed to hesitate before replying. “(Y-Yeah, Py! She’s fine!)”

Pyro narrowed his eyes. Mama didn’t look too fine… She was shaking mighty bad and looked mad. But still, Marymom wouldn’t lie… Right? The stunky looked over at the clearly worried human, and nodded with a smile. The expression on Blue’s face seemed to lighten. He blinked, and quickly tried to bring up some fire. Maybe his new trick could impress the human and make her feel better! Same with Mama!

The stunky quickly inhaled some air, his cheeks starting to puff out. The small human seemed heavily confused, and reached out a hand to pat the skunk, probably to see if he was alright. The hand was quickly withdrawn as Pyro managed to cough up some fire now swelling in his mouth. Although it was very little, it was clear as day to see.

A toothy grin was painted on his face as the human stood wide-eyed at him. But it didn’t take long for her to join in on the smiling, and even started to giggle. She spoke, but Pyro couldn’t exactly tell what she was saying. He did know that she seemed proud, and that made him proud. His thoughts about his caretakers began to fade as he was suddenly grabbed and embraced by the human. They both started to laugh and poke at each other teasingly.

Meanwhile, Sasha’s clearly exhibited pain was starting to fade. That, however, did not make Mary go back to her business with Pyro. She was too busy trying to put some sense into the sheep’s head.

“(But Mary, why can’t I do it! How am I going to improve otherwise!?)”

“(Sasha, you’re going to kill yourself if you try that stunt again! Maybe you’ll just have to wait until you’re older and can deal with this… Whole electricity thing better.)” Mary’s voice was raised, but was still held back from what it could be. Her ears were pinned back, and her eyes tried to remain stern.

“(Or I can suck it up and learn how to deal with it sooner!)” Sasha shouted, clearly not afraid to show her anger. Her hooves dug into the sand as she spoke. “(I want to be stronger now!)”

“(You’ll become stronger in time! You can’t force this!)”

“(Just watch me!)” Sasha screamed, hastily turning and trotting over to the large boulder. She tried to ignore Mary’s little whimpers as the dog walked back to the now wide-eyed and confused human and skunk.

Sasha took a deep sigh, and briefly just stared at the rock… She was going to break this damn thing. She wasn’t stopping this until she did.


987 Words

 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 11:38 AM


Sasha growled under her breath as she narrowed her eyes at the large boulder. She briefly started to stomp in the dirt with her hooves and took a deep breath. She was going to break this thing. She was going to turn it into rubble.

The sheep let out a loud battle cry as she jumped towards the boulder. For once, she did not try and expel electricity. Instead, the mareep landed on the rock's side with her hooves, and kicked off of it. She twirled in the air for a few seconds before she landed safely back onto the dirt. Sasha growled, and shook out the dirt in her wool. Okay, warmup over! Time to get back to this thing!

Sasha tried once again to expel some electricity from her wool. The sparks came out pretty lackluster, most likely due to her attempts from earlier. Still, she tried to create more of the bright sparks. After a few minutes of doing so, there was still no luck.

A series of curses and hissing went under her breath. She tightened her limb muscles, and once again ran at the boulder. She jumped, and bashed into the rock with her hooves. Although she'd never admit it, her hooves started to ache for a bit from the impact. The sheep growled and kicked off the rock. Before long, she had landed back onto the ground. She felt like she had done some damage, although no cracks showed.

But still... She wanted to do more. She wanted to make electricity, damn it! She needed to break this rock somehow! Sasha growled, and tried to stir up electricity once again. The regular amount of sparks were starting to return, fortunately, but it was still less than she had hoped for. Curses went murmured under her breath, and she tried to force more electricity to expel. She tightened her muscles, and dug her hooves into the ground. Her limbs started to shake heavily. But still, the sparks were not wanting to be released.

Sasha wanted to scream out in anger. She paused her attempts at summoning more electricity to just simply stand there. The mareep's gaze briefly glanced over at her team, specifically Mary. The canine was staring at her with those worried eyes. Those large, fearful, and beautiful eyes. A feeling of guilt stuck in her stomach, and she quickly looked away. She couldn't look at her. The concerned gazes from the houndour always got to her.

The sheep growled under her breath, and kept standing still for a few moments longer. She bit down on her teeth, and stomped her hooves into the sand. The force from the mareep had sent them further than needed into the dirt, and some sand was kicked into the air. Sasha let out a short but loud bleat, and braced herself before forcing a series of sparks. It came steady at first, but it quickly began to multiply and grow. It physically pained Sasha as she began to have it go beyond her usual limit, but she tried not to let it show. She needed to do this, goddamnit.

Meanwhile in the background, Blue was trying to play pattycake with Pyro. The problem was that he didn't fully understand it and kept trying to gnaw at the human's hands. While it kind of hurt whenever he did manage to bite down on her hands, Blue merely laughed and continued with trying to teach him what they were supposed to be doing. After a few minutes of this pattern, the girl began to try and hold the stunky's paws up. While holding up one of them, she brought it to her hand and did a light high-five. Pyro blinked, and brought his front paws upwards. When Blue showed him her other hand, he didn't attempt to bite. Instead, he clumsily brought the corresponding paw towards her hand and brought them together.

The two began to do more quick movements of the same thing, and Pyro's eyes seemed to be bright with amusement. By the end of their little game, the stunky had the habit of immediately hitting her hands with both paws. Blue began laughing every time this happened.

But their fun was short-lived as Sasha began to let out a hellish scream. Blue and Pyro's eyes went wide almost immediately, and turned their heads to the mareep. Mary was already rushing over to Sasha, who was ticking violently on the ground and letting out bleats of pain. The girl hastily stood up, and bolted towards her partner. As she grew closer, she began to notice the excessive amounts of electricity secreting from her wool. When she was close enough to the mareep, she bent down to look over her.

"Sasha! Sasha! Are you okay!?" Blue asked, panic shaking her voice. Sasha merely groaned in response. The girl instinctively wrapped her arms around the sheep in an attempt to give her a hug. But instead, the electricity coming off of Sasha proceeded to shock her and force her to draw back. A shocked and worried expression grew even more clear on her face, and she quickly turned to reach into her backpack.

Mary whimpered loudly as she stood by Sasha's body. She felt the need to speak, but no words could form from her mouth. Instead, she only watched the mareep twitch and fidget with sad eyes. She wanted to comfort her, but seeing what had happened to the human, she wasn't so sure now. The screams had turned to pained groans, and it hurt Mary's ears and heart all the same.

A part of her was glad when Blue recalled Sasha to her pokeball... But, she still felt bad. She should have stopped her, damn it. Words weren't going to make her stop whatever this was, she should have known better... No, she probably couldn't stop Sasha even if she tried by force. The sheep was stubborn, after all.

"(... Marymom, what happened to Mama?)" Pyro's shushed voice asked suddenly. The houndour flinched up, and stared down at the smaller pokemon. She winced, and watched as the human started to make her way back to the house. "(... Mama was just overworking herself, no need to worry.)"

Hopefully there was no need to worry, anyways.


1035 Words

 Posted: Jul 9 2018, 03:20 PM


The hours passed agonizing slow, after that. Mary kept herself confined near her trainer's backpack, as if waiting for Sasha to pop out any minute. Her face seemed vacant, and she occasionally stood up to pace around the backpack. It was hard for Blue to watch, so she kept herself distracted by playing more clapping games with Pyro.

It was growing dark, and the canine was growing more rushed in her movements. A few scratch marks now lined the floor around the backpack. Mary never took her eyes off the backpack. She barely even looked at anyone else, even Pyro. When the skunk wandered up to her to ask where Mama was, Mary simply answered with a small nod and a wave of dismissal with her paw. "(... She'll be back.)" She murmured, barely audible to the baby.

More time passed, and the moon stood high and mighty in the pitch black sky. Blue was growing increasingly more worried. She was worried about Sasha, and wanted to let her heal in her pokeball for a while, but... Mary was kind of reacting badly to it. The canine hadn't moved away from the backpack for hours, and she hadn't gone to sleep yet unlike the rest of the team... The human didn't even see her share dinner with Pyro.

Blue couldn't find the heart to sleep and leave Mary like this. The human seated herself beside the houndour, who had her vacant eyes trained on the bag. With a cautious hand, she began to lightly scratch her teammate behind the ears. Mary barely responded, but seemed to slowly draw herself back to reality with the action. The girl sighed, and withdrew her hand. "You okay, Mars?" She whispered, almost expecting a verbal answer.

The demon took a deep breath, and finally looked up at her trainer. Her eyes seemed dim in the dark lighting... Almost even dreary. A feeling of sadness arose in Blue's stomach and she winced. Geez, she really wanted to see Sasha, huh..?

With a long and heavy sigh, the girl gave into the dog's inexplicit wishes. Her hand reached into the backpack, gingerly pulling out a scratched up pokeball. A brief thought about Sasha's condition wandered about. Was she even in the state to be out? Ugh... Well, she can't be trapped in there forever. Blue tightened her hand around the pokeball for a split second before hesitantly letting out the electric sheep.

Stray sparks flung into the air, threatening to hit anything around it. Blue immediately tensed up, and let her expression fade from one of guilt to one of concern. Was the excessive electricity still there? Well, at least Sasha didn't seem to be in too much pain now... At least not compared to earlier.

Mary didn't rush up towards the mareep or even bark a greeting. Instead, she just stood in silence. A look of disapproval was stone-cold on her face. Moments of silence, or what seemed like centuries, ticked by. The two pokemon just stared at each other while Blue awkwardly shifted away. She had no idea what was happening between them, but she didn't exactly want to bother them about it. A few unknown sentences that almost resembled pleading come out of the sheep's mouth, but no response came. Instead, the canine turned her back to her, and began to walk off. Sasha bleated loudly, and began to run after her houndour friend. Blue winced, and stayed back from the two.... This was temporary, right? Maybe she should just let them talk... The girl nodded to herself and slowly began to pace back to her room.

"(Mary, wait!)" Sasha called, rushing after the other. The houndour didn't look back, and only quickened her pace as she shuffled outside. Oh Arceus, what the hell was she doing!? The mareep's hooves made deep marks into the dirt as she began to push herself to run faster. Her limbs still ached and twitched from the stray electricity, but she didn't want to give a damn about that.

The short-lived chase came to an end as Sasha's feet began to dig into the sand. Her pace began to decline in speed rather quickly. She almost shivered at the cool breeze that flew by. "(... Mar-mar, come on!)" Her voice called out, her tone surprisingly meek.

The demon sat in silence by the oceanside, staring off into the distance. But at the lamb's voice, she turned her head slightly. Her paws tightened up as she spoke. "(Sasha, we need to talk.)"

A brief pause filled the air, with no sounds except for the crashing of the ocean. The electric type almost hesitated to seat herself next to the canine. Before a word could even escape from her mouth, Mary interrupted. "(Sasha, how could you do something like that..! Are you really that stupid!?)"

The mareep tensed up in shock and quickly scooted back from the other. A part of her knew she should have expected this, but she was still surprised by the tone of the houndour's voice. "(How am I supposed to get better otherwise!? I want to do this now!)" She responded, growing defensive in her voice.

"(You shove some patience up your ass and do it gradually! You can't just do it all at once!)" She growled loudly, shoving her face towards Sasha's as an emphasis.

"(... And why can't I-)"

"(Do you not realize that you could have killed yourself with that stunt!? Why the hell are you so fixated on getting 'stronger' that you completely disregard your own damn safety..?)"
The demon's loud barking quickly began to mellow down into a worried murmur. Sasha winced. She looked around the area, as if looking for an answer there. Another minute of silence filled the air. "(Well?)" The canine added, her harsh tone having returned.

Sasha bit down on her teeth. Her glancing around the beach grew quicker. "(I... I...)" She searched for an answer, but none came out. Mary took a step closer, growling under her breath. "(Are you going to sit there like a sitting psyduck or are you going to give me a decent answer? I really want to know what made you think that was okay.)"

"(... Mary stop, please. You're scaring me.)"
Sasha murmured, taking a few steps away with wide eyes.

"(Me, scaring you!? How do you think I felt after you decided to make yourself explode!? I thought I lost you for a second!)" The houndour cried, pinning her ears back and baring her teeth. "(Why do you still want to do this?! Do you want to die? If so, I-)"

"(I-It's not that, I swear!)" Sasha interjected hastily. She started to take a step forwards, but quickly drew her feet back. "(I... I don't know really know why! I just... Want to be stronger. If I were stronger now, I could protect you and Pyro... I....)"

"(I can handle myself just fine. And Pyro isn't going to be in any danger he can't handle.)"
Mary retorted with a low growl.

Sasha winced, and looked down to the sand at her feet. She looked back up, and began to speak again. An unusual combination of softness and worry was in her voice. "(Mary, wh-what about that seviper? I couldn't protect you from it, and I nearly lost you! Can you imagine how helpless I felt knowing that I couldn't save you from that!? Mary, I'm fucking terrified of losing you, or anyone for that matter! If I were stronger now, I wouldn't have to lose you... I could protect you from those shitty beings that want you dead... I... I...)"

Electricity sputtered off of the sheep's wool. Sasha looked like she was on the verge of crying, but she didn't. Instead, her face just showed a haunted look of helplessness. Mary winced, dropping her aggressive expressions. "(... Sasha, you're not going to be able to protect any of us if you die... And if you keep at that exploding business-)"

Mary's voice hitched as Sasha pressed her forehead against her chest. The canine could feel the sheep shaking as she pressed herself against her. "(... I'm sorry, I won't do it again...)" The sheep murmured quietly. "(... I just don't want to lose you. I love you.)"

Silence. Mary didn't exactly know what to say in that moment. She glanced off to the side, and then back to the sheep. Her face had a hint of red as she set her nose on top of Sasha's head. "(... Well I love you too.)" She reassured the sheep, who was now sobbing dramatically.

The two sat like that for a while, not daring to break apart the apparent hug. It took the cawing of a passing murkrow for Mary to realize their situation. "(... We should go home now. Blue is probably worried sick.)" She awkwardly chuckled. Sasha didn't respond. She only gave a little nod of acknowledgement.

The two started to head home in silence under the moonlight. Sasha walked slowly with her side pressed against Mary's. The hound simply accepted it, and even smiled slightly as the other let out a little yawn. The electricity burst was still affecting her, huh..? Well, some rest would be good for her... Good for both of them, now that she thought about it. Mary let out a yawn herself, reminding her of her lack of sleep during the day.

She chuckled lightly and continued on their way home.


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