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 Safe for a split second, [Dev]
 Posted: May 17 2018, 05:00 PM


It was... Actually a quiet day today. Blue gazed out the window, glancing out into the street. It seemed pretty tame. There were people talking, some shopping, and some stray pokemon prancing about. For once, angry fights weren't breaking out.

A small smile spread across the girl's face. She glanced over her shoulder, expecting to see Chuck or Fleet. Nobody was there, though. Chuck was out fishing with Scotch and Whiskey, and only Arceus knew where Fleet was... It felt sort of lonely with no humans to talk to.

Blue's gaze shifted over to the side of the room, where her team of pokemon were in a big sleeping pile. A light laugh escaped the tiny girl as she once again returned to looking out the window.

Suddenly, the urge to go out rushed through her. It was such a nice day, and nobody else was around here. Plus, she hadn't even really gotten into any violent situations lately.

A bold smile flashed upon Blue's face. She quickly began to grab her backpack and threw on her worn out shoes. Once that was settled, the girl rushed out the door and onto the placid streets of Oasis. Her pokemon still remained in the house, sleeping soundly.

Of course there were stares. There always was. There always will be. Blue walked boldly through the street, but she never dared to meet someone in the eye. She could hear someone mutter something, but she couldn't tell what it was.

Blue let out a small sigh. She was used to this, but that never meant she didn't like it. Still, she tried her best to smile.

As she was walking, Blue tried to take note of the area and details of the building. She didn't really plan on leeching off of Chuck forever; he didn't deserve to have to deal with her. Maybe she could try and find an empty house..? Well, that could be a good goal today.

Well, how would she even tell if a house was unoccupied?.. Heck. What would happen if she tried to build a house in an alley? Where would she even get the supplies? Blue began to awkwardly sweat as her thoughts and concerns continued.

"Hey! Kid!"

A sudden foreign voice sent Blue jumping up slightly. She quickly spun around, a face just inches from hers awaiting her. A taller woman glared down at her, eyes narrowed and teeth bared in some sort of creepy scowl and smile combo. Blue immediately stepped back.

"Yes, Ma'am?" Blue murmured to the towering lady. She backed up once more as the stranger tried to huddle closer. "The fuck you doing out here?" She asked bluntly. The tiny girl flinched up, and her smile vanished.

"U-Um... I live here?" She whispered, chuckling nervously. Her laughing was cut off as the tall lady yanked violently on Blue's hair. The girl let out a series of squeaks as she was once again inches away from the other's face.

"You sure about that, buddy?" The stranger hissed, eyes twitching. Panic quickly began to infest the girl's head. As Blue tried to pull away, the grip on her hair tightened. "H-Hey! Can you let go?" She squeaked.

To her surprise, the hand yanking her forwards was released. Blue stumbled back, and winced. The stranger growled, and stepped forwards. "What makes you think you can infest this nice street, immigrant?" She hissed.

Blue gulped, and glanced around. Nothing seemed to be happening. Some people were now glancing upon the scene, however. "... Uh. I'm not even doing anything, though..?" Blue replied softly.

Another growl rumbled from the stranger. Her hands balled into fists. The other girl's eyes widened. Nope, not dealing with this today. Nope, nope, nope. Blue quickly spun and tried to bolt away.

"Oh no you don't, you smartass!"

Blue let out a short screech as a violent tug came from her hood. She stumbled back, and another hand grabbed her right arm. Before long, the girl had fallen on the ground and was now being dragged by this total stranger.

When Blue struggled to get out of the woman's grasp, the hand tugging at her hood changed to dragging by her hair. After a minute of screams and sharp pain, the hand went back to tugging at the hood. Blue stopped fighting at that point.

... Where were they even going? The girl glanced around, searching for any sign of familiarity. Her eyes still stood wide compared to the dull-eyed witnesses. She glanced up to her attacker, who was too busy trying to drag the smaller girl's weight to notice the clearly visible panic.

Once again, Blue tried to look for a familiar face. She noticed a duo of children, and turned her head towards them. "Help." She began to mouth repeatedly. Unfortunely for the girl, the children just shrugged and turned away.

The painful dragging continued for a few more minutes. Rocks and dirt were stuck to Blue's jeans, and her arm felt like it was going to ripped off. Still, the woman didn't pause for a moment.

Finally, Blue built up the stupid courage to speak. "... Can you please let go of me? It really hurts."

She automatically turned her head as she finished her question, as she expected some terrifying glare to go her way. Instead, the grip on her arm and hood was released. Blue slumped onto the ground for a few moments, and then began to attempt to stand up.

A harsh kick sent the girl back onto the floor, her shoulder swelling in pain. She stayed put, afraid of trying again. Suddenly, the woman began to speak. "So... Where do you come from? A thing as disgusting as you can't be from Oasis."

Blue held back a remark and remained quiet for a minute. Another kick came to her side. The girl let out a loud whimper as the tall lady continued speaking. "Answer me!"

"I-I-I don't know! I just appeared here randomly!" Blue raised her head from the dirt to reply immediately. She squeaked as her hair was once again grabbed. She was forced to face this stranger. Said stranger would seem pretty to Blue if it weren't for the fact that she was dragging and kicking her.

"Oh, really!? And what makes you think you can just cause trouble as soon as you get here?"

Blue began to cough as she tried to respond. Her voice was soft but fear-infested. "N-no! I never w-wanted to cause any trouble, I swear!"

The girl was finally beginning to cry, and the other barely seemed fazed. "Hah! Really? You invade the home of one of our townsfolk, you cause trouble in our bar, and you bring fucking demons into our town! Do you really think you aren't trouble!?"

Blue's face was hysterical in fear and sadness. Her eyes were wide and her face began to become caked in tears, but she was still smiling. The stranger grunted, and let go of the girl's hair. Her face met the ground, and little spots of red formed on her cheeks.

"Why the hell are you even wearing a jacket? It's hot out here." A little excuse was muttered before Blue felt tugging on her jacket. No no no no. Before long, the hot rays from the sun hit her arms. A pink t-shirt brightened in the light.

Blue quickly shuffled up, trying to stand up and face her attacker. The tall woman held her jacket tightly in her grip. The girl grabbed her arms, and backed up from the other. But as the woman started to try and tear the sleeves, Blue immediately rushed forwards.

The jacket was held out of her reach, staring mockingly down at her. Blue tried to jump up and grab it, but no success came to her. "Hey! Give me that!" She pleaded during one of her attempts.

The stranger laughed. Blue paused, and stared at her dead in the eye. A few life-lasting seconds passed, and she went back to her jumping. "Please! Give it back!"

"And why? You're going to die of heat stroke if you're so obsessed with having this. Then again, you would be better off dead, anyways."

"I know that, now give it back." Blue whimpered loudly. The woman blinked, and lowered the jacket down. The girl's face brightened. But as she reached out to grab it, it was yanked out of reach into the air.

Several more minutes of this passed, and the woman clearly became increasingly bored. Finally, with a roll of her eyes, she spoke. "Okay, okay. I'll make a deal. You get your stupid jacket if you let me... Give you some little tattoos."

Blue gulped. She didn't really like the tone going with that, no matter how much she wanted her coat back. She dared to question. "And I-if I don't..?"

"Your jacket is tore to shreds and I give you them anyways. Who knows, I might accidentally break your arm as well." The woman smiled, and stepped forward. "Was that an invitation?"

"N-No!" Blue sputtered, drawing herself back. She stopped, and wiped off the tears clouding her eyes with her wrist. "I-I-I mean, yeah. I'll sit still... Just give me my jacket please."

The woman's insane expression failed to stay, and her smile only remained light. It looked as if nothing wrong. Well, there wasn't. For her, anyways.

Blue sighed, and reached for her jacket once again. It was yanked from her grasp, and a finger was waved in her face. "Nope, not until I get my end of this."

The woman blinked, and sat down on the dirt and the jacket. Blue hesitantly sat down as well. Temptation to snatch the jacket and run arose, but it wasn't acted upon.

As the stranger pulled out a steel feather from her belt, Blue's anxious expression shifted to confusion for a brief second. But as her arm was grabbed and poked with the feather, the expression returned.

A sudden growl and grunt came from the taller lady. She tightened her grip around Blue's arm and brought it to her attention. Along the arm were a few scattered scars, mostly cuts but a bite mark could be seen as well.

"Why is this shit here? I can't draw anything good with this to block it." The lady hissed.

Blue's face fell along, and she tried to yank her arm away to hide the myriad of scars that showed. "I-I..." She started, but didn't care to finish. The lady raised an eyebrow, and began to poke at the upper arm.

"... Why the hell do you want this thing so badly? It's just a damn jacket." She muttered, beginning to cut through the arm. Blue flinched up at the pain and let out little squeaks of pain.

Just ignore the pain... It'll be over soon. Blue spoke quickly, afraid of anything bad happening if she didn't. "It... It makes me feel safe. It's always nice to know I can just hide away by covering my face with my hood. Plus, I need some way of hiding... This mess."

Blue pointed to the scars on her arms before continuing. "I feel ashamed of this, honestly. I want to hide it and never explain. My jacket offers that, and I need it."

"... That's nice sweetie but a simple 'I like the color' would have been fine." The lady muttered. Blue began to realize the pain again and kicked the ground repeatedly with her foot to try and get her mind off it.

The time passed by painfully slow. It was hard to ignore the steel feather cutting through her skin. Over time, Blue began to wonder what was even being scarred into her arm.

"Um, excuse me..? Ma'am?"

"Don't call me Ma'am, shitbag. Clara." The lady growled. The feather sunk in further for a brief moment, forcing Blue to hold back a scream. After a bit, she returned to her question. "S-Sorry- Ow! But can I ask what you're doing?"

Clara narrowed her eyes, and started cutting into the forearm, despite her prior complaints. "What does it look like I'm doing?.. Oh, the drawings. Show it to your nonexistent friends, they'll tell you."

Blue ignored her, and turned away from her bloody arm... What would people even say if they saw her arm? They'd think she's a big reckless idiot. She'd have to explain what caused them... And Arceus knows she didn't want that. People would get angry at her. They'd yell at her for causing herself this.

Blue started to sob again as Clara continued carving markings with the feather. Through her clouding eyes, she could see a word being formed on her arm. She couldn't see what. She didn't want to see what.

More time passed. It seemed like it lasted centuries. Finally, the painful cutter was removed. The pain still swelled in her arm. Blue still remained, now shaking.

"... Here you go, you weakass. Maybe we'll see each other soon." Clara laughed and smiled. Blue wanted to scream at the thought of meeting this lady again. She kept her mouth shut.

Then she noticed the jacket was beside her. Blue's teary eyes widened. Immediately, the jacket was grabbed and pulled over her and her now bloody arms. Without looking back, she started to bolt home.


2163 Words

 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 09:30 PM


The door creaked open loudly as Chuck stumbled into the house. In his left hand, he was clutching onto a net full of both squirming and dead fish. In the other, a neat set of new clothes. Scotch was humming a soft song as she hopped behind her trainer, the sound of maracas echoing as she did. Whiskey also galloped aside the human, his eyes narrowed and ears perked up. He was on guard for any odd happenings.

So when the faint sound of sobbing reached the group, the herdier was already on the case. He let out a loud bark, and rushed into the spare bedroom of the house, where the smaller human had been staying in.

When Whiskey threw himself into the room, he stopped himself. There was no enemy trying to harm his trainer's child. The child was in a corner, bawling her eyes out and clutching her stained red jacket sleeves. He let out a surprised bark, and glanced over nearby, where the child's team stood staring at the mess that was their trainer.

"(What happened?)" The herdier barked over to the team. Another canine turned to him, and winced. Her voice was quiet as she responded. "(She... Just came home like this. I don't know what happened, but it's really upsetting for Sasha and Pyro.)"

Upon looking behind the houndour, Whiskey could see the mareep and stunky murmuring to each other. It took a bit of effort to hear what they were saying.

"(Mama, Human is going to get better, right?)"

A brief moment of silence fell between the two, and Sasha seemed to gaze at her trainer before replying. "(... I don't know, sweetie.)"

Surprisingly, the mareep held a concerned look on her face whenever she took glances at the shaking human. She would hesitantly force herself to look away, though.

Whiskey subtly nodded, and barked over his shoulder towards his trainer. It didn't even take a few seconds for Chuck to quickly stumble in, the net of fish having now disappeared. His eyes swelled with worry as he noticed the shivering and bleeding girl on her bed.

"Hey, dear... What's the matter? Tough day?" He murmured, bending over by the small girl. The hands clutching onto her sleeves only tightened, which caught the man's attention. His eyes widened for a second, and he immediately set an arm around Blue as if to hug her.

He wanted to say something, but he couldn't find the words. For now, he simply sat there partially hugging the sobbing girl. Over time, she would eventually hug him back. Her hands gripped tightly around his shirt as she cried into it.

Chuck remained silent, allowing the girl to eventually run out of waterworks. Still, he wondered what had happened that made the bloody spots on her jacket. He introduced the idea of a gang member into his brain, but tried to dismiss it. No human in their right mind would hurt this harmless child. Not while he was alive and with her, anyways.

The man would take a long sigh, and wrap his arms around Blue. He hugged her tightly, and forced himself to brave through the girl's current state.


521 Words

 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 05:46 AM


It took a while, but Blue was finally able to calm down slightly. She hadn't released her hugging grip at the slightest, and still had her head buried in Chuck's shirt. Still, she wasn't shaking and crying nearly as much as she had been.

Chuck took this time as a chance for questions. He kept his voice quiet, as if anything louder would set the girl off again. "Blue, are you okay?"

It took a few moments for the girl to reply. The hug she was giving him only grew tighter. "... Y-Yeah."

The man took a deep sigh, and hesitantly tried to pry Blue off of him. It was a bit of a chore, but it could be done. He managed to get her off after some attempts, quickly glancing away as he faced the girl's expression. She looked horrified, as if she had done something wrong. It resembled a scolded puppy.

But the man did soon set his hands on Blue's shoulders and face her dead in the eye. He tried to keep his voice steady and calm as he spoke. "Kid, I'm not stupid. You're anything but okay... Tell me what happened, maybe I can help."

You would have thought he had asked her to commit murder by looking at her face. She opened her mouth, and glanced around constantly. It took a minute or two before she answered. "I-I... There was a-an accident while hun-hunting." Her voice was being choked by the prior crying, and made her stutter on her words.

Chuck took a long sigh. "You know you're a terrible liar, right? You won't get help you need if you keep lying like that." He murmured, using his thumb to wipe away a few tears left on the girl's cheek. While he tried to keep his voice steady, a hint of anger crawled around at his next words. "Did someone hurt you?"

Blue flinched up, and tried to scoot away. Chuck made a small fist as he realized he was probably right. He sighed, and reached for the small set of clothes he had set beside him. He hoisted himself up, and walked over to the girl. The clothes were lightly tossed at her, in which she squeaked slightly.

Chuck blinked, and started to step back. "Your clothes seemed to be getting pretty messed up, so I got you some new ones. Change, and come out to the kitchen so I can look at those bloody spots. And no, it's not an option." He muttered before stepping out of the room, his trusted dog following soon after.

After a few moments, Blue regained her slightest bit of composure and reached for the small set of clothes.

The white tank top that Chuck had gotten her fit actually quite well, despite her previous doubts. Although it fell a little below her hip, it overall wasn't too big for her small frame. The pants were a little long, as they fell onto the ground by her feet. But despite their little flaws, Blue felt much more comfortable in the clothes than her pink t-shirt and jeans.

As for those old clothes, the girl merely folded them back up and set them by her bed. Who knows when she might need them again.

As she stumbled out of her room into the kitchen, her jacket was tossed over her. She didn't care that it was absolutely burning, she needed her jacket. Her hands twitched and clutched onto her sleeves at the thought. She soon grew paranoid that the man in the kitchen would take it away from her, saying that it was for the "greater good."

Still she stumbled into the room where Chuck sat at a stone chair, sipping at a beer bottle like always. The girl gulped, and hugged herself tighter as she walked over to face the man's probable speech

 Posted: Jun 15 2018, 07:31 PM


"Sit down." Chuck murmured as soon as he noticed the girl. She flinched back at the sound of his voice. Still, she approached him, although her steps were light. Her eyes didn't leave her feet, even as she took a seat in a chair by Chuck's. Her hands fidgeted as they hung onto her jacket sleeves.

The man blinked, and raised an eyebrow. As he looked at the red spots that lingered on her blue jacket, she started to nervously smile. Her expression was paranoid, though.

"... So, you mind if I take a look at those wounds?" Chuck murmured, drumming his fingers against his bottle of booze. Blue opened her mouth to argue, but no words came out. She didn't want to have Chuck worry about this. She didn't want him to see her arms. But she couldn't just argue.

He just wants to help.

He doesn't need to! Why should he!?

Be thankful he's giving a crap about you. Don't argue.

Hesitantly, Blue began to take off her jacket. Although it felt relieving to rid herself of the burning heat that it brought her, her ability to relax was taken with it.

Chuck's eyes quickly went to the dark red marks on her arms, close to her shoulders. They seemed to form symbols on both arms. On her left, a symbol that gang members would use for themselves. On the right, three ovals that seemed to form eyes. The sight of them clearly made him angry, but he didn't show it in his actions.

Blue winced as she felt a wet piece of cloth start to clean up the blood on one of the spots. The smell of saltwater filled her senses, and she realized why there was stinging where her wounds were. Still, she did her best to be still.

"So, tell me the truth this time. What caused this?" Chuck muttered as he worked, eyes trained on the pictures that cuts made. Blue sat in silence for a second, but when she did speak her voice was soft. "I... Accident..."

"If what I think happened happened, this was no goddamn accident!" Chuck suddenly raised his voice as he looked up at Blue. The girl jumped back in fear, her eyes wide. The action made Chuck immediately sigh and gesture for Blue to come back. "Sorry, I just... Hate that you're trying to lie about this." He murmured. "Now please, tell me. What happened?"

Blue gulped, and finally started to explain what had happened. "Sh-she was angry a-at me... It-It's my fault, though..."

"You did something to make some stupid bitch do this to you? Why, I oughta... Who is 'she' anyways?" Chuck's voice was back to being raised, which Blue shrunk back at. She mouthed some unknown words, but no sounds came out. The man hissed, and ran his fingers through his hair. "I swear to god, those gang members are actually insane. I doubt you did anything to tick that lady off, whoever she was."

Blue again opened her mouth to argue, but her throat strained to form sounds. So she just lowered her head and didn't speak.

(Content Warning: Mention of self harm)

Chuck sighed as he plopped himself back into his seat. He grabbed the cloth again, preparing to resume cleaning the bloody arms. He paused, however, when he noticed the other scars scattered across her arms. He winced, and looked up at the silent girl in front of him.

"... So, were these hunting accidents too?" He asked, a little more harsh than he intended. Blue's face fell, and started immediately nodded. "Yes! Yes..." She quickly answered, eyes wide.

He wasn't buying it. Chuck's grip tightened on the cloth that he held. He decided to press further. He felt a bit betrayed by the girl, actually. Why did she feel like she had to hide stuff from him? What other stuff was she hiding? "Blue. Stop lying, goddamnit! You're horrible at it, and you're just digging yourself deeper into a hole. How are we supposed to help you if you hide stuff like this!?"

Blue's face snapped from fearful to hysterical with tears. She pulled away from the man, and held her arms tightly. As Chuck tried to approach, she stumbled back even further. A foot stepped in the wrong place, and she soon tumbled to the ground. The anger in Chuck's concerned face seemed to fade as he witnessed his little girl start to shake and sob. She tugged on her hair with some painful force. She couldn't calm down at all.

"O-Okay, just st-st-stop yelling!" Blue cried, her voice cracking as she spoke. Chuck took a step forward, and bent down to Blue. The girl started digging her nails into her arms as she continued.

"D-Don't blame anyone! Blame m-me!" She answered, raising her head to stare at the other human. One of her arms was brought up for him to see clearly. "I did this! N-Nobody else! So d-don't h-h-hurt anyone for it!"

Time seemed to freeze for Chuck. His eyes stood wide, and he muttered unknown words. No... No, she had to be lying. She wouldn't do that. But something in the man's head told him that she was telling the truth. Still... She didn't deserve to do this to herself.

Before Blue had the chance to back away, the man wrapped her tightly in his arms. Sobbing could still be heard from the girl, in which he had to force himself not to cry as well. It would just make the situation worse.

A few minutes of just hugging and crying passed by, though it seemed like lifetimes. Finally, the sound of the girl seemed to die down. Slow, but it was still fading.

Blue's quiet words made Chuck want to cry himself. In fact, he did.

"... I'm sorry... Things would be better now if I were dead..." She murmured, even throwing in a small laugh.

Chuck sat in silence and small shock. Once he recovered, though, he tightened his hug around the girl. "No... No, don't ever say that. Don't ever think that... You are an intelligent and wonderful girl, and don't you think otherwise. You may not realize it, but you are my favorite person. It really hurts to see that you do this to yourself, it really does.

"... Please, tell me about these things. Hiding stuff will only make it worse." Chuck finished, letting it return to quiet. He didn't hear a word or feel movement from the girl in his arms. Worry crept in his mind, and he moved Blue to face him. A light snore was escaping her as her eyes were stuck shut. How did..?

Chuck glanced around him to see Whiskey sitting by. A yawn escaped his mouth. The man was confused at first, but then slowly realized what the herdier had done. While he wanted to talk to Blue more about this, he appreciated the efforts to make her calm down.

Well... He can deal with this in the morning. Chuck hoisted himself to his feet, Blue now dangling in his arms. He took a deep breath, and began to walk into the room where she slept. Her team stared at him with wide eyes, but none made an approach to even ask what had happened.

Blue was gingerly placed in her bed. Soon, her jacket was set on top of her like a blanket. Chuck took another long look at the small girl, sighed, and kissed her goodnight on the forehead before he stood up and went back to the kitchen.


1236 Words

 Posted: Jun 26 2018, 06:36 AM


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Oh Blue you poor thing OTL I'm so here for Chuck basically adopting Blue as his daughter. Also, I appreciate all the incorporation of gang-immigrant abuse in here, both directly happening and indirectly mentioned. Though Blue stop hurting yourself you presh cinna bun <.< Very nicely done!! This was a wonderful read!

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