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Summer is here! There are a whole bunch of Pokemon swarming, a whole bunch of quests that need doing. We also have two plot-related events: Professional Army and Alpha & Omega, and a slightly less plot-related but no less exciting event, a Tournament!


Summer will be here until September. All of Terrene is heating up; Desert Strip gets more hot and dry, West Forest gets more hot and humid. Thunderstorms rage, particularly in the south. Bug, Electric, and Fire types are more common.





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The Shula Region Pokemon: Terrene

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 Vein Popping Out, [Event - Freebie Trip]
 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 07:59 PM


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The pickaxe was heavy in Shadow's hands as she dragged herself into the tunnel, all her Pokemon outside and following her cautiously. They didn't know what to expect from being here, and it frightened them, despite Hubris' and Pyre's initial bravado. But now? It seemed like an even worse idea to do this. Angel glanced back at the Pokemon group then at her trainer, murmuring her misgivings to the whole thing.

"Come on, guys, how bad can it be?" Shadow asked. They could hear a note of tremor in her voice before she steeled herself and continued forward, "Besides, I have you guys with me. You can help." She continued to murmur as she glanced back at the other Pokemon. Kindle, who had also came along despite not being in a pokeball, had stuck close to the tunnel wall, tail puffed up and standing on end. She was worried that he might not be able to fight properly if it came down to it.

"Pyre, can you come up front? I can't see." Pyre hesitated before going towards the front and began leading the way. "Thanks." The girl kept her eyes peeled for any sign of metal that she had to use her pickaxe on. And maybe some Pokemon too, if it came down to that. You'd be surprised at what kind of weapons can be improvised.

 Posted: Aug 13 2017, 11:25 PM


The first alert Shadow would have of potential danger approaching in this dark tunnel was the hurried steps echoing through the cavern. They were hard, powerful, yet small steps that rushed, getting louder and louder as they approached the group. It would be another minute or so before they would be able to see anything by Pyre's illumination, the darkness surrounding them and threatening to consume them. What might seem most odd about this was that there was only a single set of footsteps - only one creature, despite how panicked the steps may seem.

Soon enough the 2 foot grey pokemon would appear in their sight, coming to a sudden halt as they noticed the human and her group up ahead. There were still several feet marking the distance between them, but the humanoid creature's head could be seen at the edge of the light, shooting a double-take behind them and back to the group. A few cautious steps brought the pokemon closer to them, but it seemed unsure of getting too close, eyes passing over each of them as if to assess the danger. But it kept looking back, as if it was being chased by something.

And so it was. Despite the lack of steps hiding the fact that another creature followed the fighting type here, it appeared soon enough. Though, this looked more like an object than a pokemon. The flickering light of the litwick's candle shimmered upon the steel surface, a long sharp blade sticking into the light first. The dark brown hilt was decorated with a blue sphere, with an unmoving black circle in the middle, looking eerily like an eye. At the nd of the hilt was dark blue cloth, weaving out and sharply changing into a lighter blue color at the end. The cloth was wrapped around the sheath for the sword.

It moved into the edge of the light and stopped. If Shadow focused and looked, she'd be able to figure out the sword was not being held by anyone - it simply floated there of it's own volition. Whatever this strange thing was, it wasn't natural, but her prior experience with ghosts might help lead her to a positive conclusion about the blade that hovered across from her, making no further moves. The machop was practically shivering, looking between the two forces and trying to decide on a course of action.

a wild Honedge has appeared!
level much higher than Pyre ◒ male ◒ ability unknown ◒ moves unknown
Floating all spoopy like.

a wild Machop has appeared!
level much higher than Pyre ◒ male ◒ ability unknown ◒ moves unknown
Trying to decide whether humans or possessed swords are scarier.

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