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Posted by: Jani Aug 12 2016, 01:06 PM
Participation Points

◒ What are they?

Participation Points, also known as PP, are earned through OOC participation in making this forum run smoothly, and they can be redeemed for IC prizes! For example, anytime you post in our typo-spotting topic and we fix the mistake, you get points. There will be plenty of other opportunities to earn PP as well, so keep your eyes open! Most ways to earn PP will be detailed in the post following this one.

(Fellow admins and full mods, keep in mind that we are exempt from PP. We don't get these rewards because we are slaves to the site. Slaves, I say! Temps can still earn PP, however.)

◒ How can I keep track?

You can post in this topic to keep track of a running total of your PP until you are ready to redeem them for a prize. Please only post once, and then edit that post when needed. Mods, please edit the member's post when you redeem some of their points for prizes.

◒ Are they cumulative?

No. Whenever you redeem a certain amount of points, those points will be removed from your running total. You'll have to save up for the prize you really want!

The Prizes

◒ 5 points

x4 berries of choice OR x1 random specialty pokeball OR x2 supply packs.

◒ 15 points

x1 rare candy OR x2 sweet hearts OR x1 random gourmet honey.

◒ 25 points

x1 half-price voucher OR x2 skill patch.

◒ 50 points

x1 random held item OR x1 random evolution item.

◒ 60 points

x1 Pokedex OR x1 saddle fit to a Pokemon of your choice.

◒ 75 points

+1% shiny encounter chance OR x1 random Pokedex upgrade.


Posted by: Jani Sep 19 2016, 11:52 PM
Earning PP

◒ Typo / Mistake Spotting

(2 PP) Post in our topic and we fix the mistake. You will not earn the PP if we feel like you are abusing this system, if you are obnoxious or impolite about it, or if we deem it wasn't actually a mistake and thus doesn't need fixing.

◒ Suggestions

(1 PP) Post a suggestion in this Questions and Feedback forum that does NOT get implemented. The suggestion must be legitimate and well thought-out to get points.

(3-5 PP) Post a suggestion in this Questions and Feedback forum that does get implemented. We will determine how many PP you earn based on how well thought-out the suggestion is and how much of the suggestion we implement.

◒ Refer a Friend

(2 PP) If you refer a friend, you can claim this reward after they get their first character approved. There is currently no limit as to how many referrals you can get, but if this is abused I will implement one.

◒ Redesigned Pokemon Sprites

(5 PP) I would like Terrene to have its own versions of Pokemon such as Shellos, Basculin, and Vivillon. If you can redesign these Pokemon (and I approve of the redesigning), I will award 5 PP per Pokemon sprite. The sprites must be redesigned in the XY/SM fashion, meaning they must be animated gifs and they must have the same design/feel as all the other sprites. Good luck, and thanks in advance!

NOTES: Shellos and Basculin can have East/West forms or North/South forms, or perhaps all four. [South Shellos is done!] Vivillon needs one form for each of the major geographical areas: Fairy Island, Desert Strip, Rolling Mountains, Lion's Plains (AJ has suggested for Lion's Plains and I really like it), Western Great Forest, Eastern Great Forest, and Paradise Island.

◒ Create Sprites for NPCs

(5 PP) I would love to have sprites for our major NPCs. If you're good at making or editing trainer sprites, try your hand at one of our NPCs! If the admin team approves of it, you'll get the participation points.


Posted by: Moes Oct 5 2016, 02:33 PM
+5 PP : Sorted Uncommon Rarity
5 PP

Posted by: Kitsu Oct 17 2016, 07:56 PM
+2- spotting a mistake
+2- spotting a mistake
+4- ideas on materials
+5- sorting rare list
total pp

Posted by: Chaos Dec 8 2016, 09:15 PM
+21 PP - Mistake spotting
+25 PP - Mistake spotting
+2 PP - Mistake spotting
+5 PP - Sorting Rare Pokemon List by type
+16 PP - Mistake spotting
+12 PP - Mistake spotting
+1 PP - Suggestion
+4 PP - Mistake spotting
+2 PP - Mistake spotting
+2 PP - Mistake spotting
+10 PP - Judging for Coordination on Ice

[Kaien: 100 PP removed for 2 randomized pokedex upgrades.
1st upgrade: Research Scanner
2nd Upgrade: Berry Tree Locator]

+5 - Poetry contest
+70 - Player Appreciation Month

Current total: 75 PP

Posted by: Invi Feb 11 2017, 09:57 AM
+ 5 PP - Sorting/Typing the Common Rarity section
+ 2 PP - Finding mistake
+ 6 PP - Finding 3 mistakes
+ 7 PP - Grading for Coordination on Ice Event
+ 4 PP - Finding 2 mistakes
+ 2 PP - Writing 2 Poems for the Poetry Month 2017
+ 4 PP - surfing discussion
+ 2 PP - summer swarm discussion
+ 5 PP - for Raspbery!Shellos (South Shellos)
+ 2 PP - Finding mistake
+ 1 PP - Writing one story for Short Story Month 2017

Total: 40 PP

[Kaien: -30 PP for TM: Swords Dance (1 Use)
-10 PP for a Random Held Item: Electric Gem!]

New Total: 0

Posted by: Jinn Feb 12 2017, 05:35 PM
+ 5 PP - Sorting the Uncommon Rarity section
+ 1 PP - Grading for Competition on Ice
+ 2 PP - Spelling mistake
+ 1 PP - Participation in Poetry Month
+ 4 PP - Spelling mistake
+ 2 PP - Counting error
+ 2 PP - Date Error in Running Updates
+ 2 PP - Referred Kira
+ 2 pp - Alerted staff that Alola forms needed updating

Total: 18 PP

[Kaien: 5 PP deducted for 3 supply packs for Luna.]

New Total: 15 PP

Posted by: AjSol Apr 1 2017, 01:00 PM
+5 for Sorting Endanger Rarity
+3 for Lion Plains Vivion design suggestion
+10 for grading Winter Event
+2 for Poem Event
+2 for Summer Discussion
+5 For Player Month
+ 8 Ice Skating 2018

Total: 35

Posted by: Cynthia Apr 26 2017, 12:12 PM
+4: Mistake spotting
+4: Compiling locations of where types are commonly found
+1: Suggestion
+3: Reminded to post the information about Pokeballs somewhere
+4: contribution to Surfing discussion
+2: suggestion for summer swarms species
+1: short story month entry
+2: mistake spotting
+2: Player Appreciation Month

Total: 1

[Kaien: 20 PP deducted for 20 EXP to Amnisiad!
In turn, Amnisiad gains a level! [10 -> 11]]

Posted by: Zena May 24 2017, 05:02 PM
+4 - Surfing Discussion

Posted by: Jae Jun 1 2017, 10:32 PM
+2 summer swarm discussion

Posted by: Desk Lamp Jun 14 2017, 02:02 PM
+1 for entry in May 2017 Short Story Month
+5 for honorable mention in May 2017 Short Story Month
+8 for player appreciation month
+2 for a mistake spotted

Total: 16

Posted by: kira Jun 15 2017, 06:35 PM
+1 for entry into Short Story Contest
+2 for recruiting Desk
+2 for recruiting Chardinal
+2 for recruiting Bella
+25 for Player Appreciation Month

Total: 32 PP

[Jani: -30 for 30 EXP for Sai]

New Total: 2 PP

Posted by: Neph Jul 17 2017, 02:45 PM
+ 4 mistake spotting
+ 2 more mistake spotting
+ 10 Lolita & Goth Basculin
+ 2 from vui's referral
+ 10 mistake spotting

total: 28

Posted by: Amissa Sep 13 2017, 06:59 AM
+2 mistake spotting

Total: 2 PP

Posted by: Rissi Jan 23 2018, 01:37 PM
+6 Mistake Spotting
+12 Mistake Spotting (28-03-2018)

Total: 18

Posted by: Storm Feb 22 2018, 09:57 PM
+2 Mistake Spotting
+4 Mistake Spotting

Total: 6

Posted by: Shasyu Mar 30 2018, 10:03 PM
+2 Mistake Spotting

Total - 2

Posted by: Sev Apr 6 2018, 01:58 PM
+8 - Mistake Spotting

Total: 8

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