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Dec 27 2017, 01:51 PM
The cold snow against her nose was rejuvenating, especially ever since she had been let out of the home of her fellow companion. Rune stifled the urge to sneeze, the rough tickling of it harsh against her throat and pressing up against her sinuses. Much to the skiddo's consternation, as soon as she released her muzzle, she let loose a series of muffled sneezes. The golden-haired man's face seemed amused as the little grassy goat glanced upwards, feelings of revenge stirring up within her.

Still, the sneezing was rather rampant. The man let out a soothing murmur, golden-brown eyes sparkling with good humor as he stroked her muzzle. Rune froze instinctively as soon as his fingers touched the area beneath her eyes. Why was he touching him? She wrinkled her little black nose uncertainly, her eyes glued to the fingers touching her. There was a sensation of a mild burning, as if she was straining her eyes to see the fingers gently stroking her face.

Was he expecting something? Rune bleated uncertainly, releasing her head from the man's hold. A brief glance upwards had the little pokemon be subjugated to a mildly disappointed look, so in turn she nosed his fingers again. Even if she was startled, the rubbing felt good. Rune let out another confused bleat, sniffing his fingers tentatively and taking in his warm human smell. On top of the musky scent was a random mix of wood shavings and the fresh scent from being buried in a pile of snow or being among the forest for too long.

The goat glanced up to Alfonse again, who was starting to stand up. Tilting her head cautiously, Rune gently head-butted his leg and wound herself around the pair. Inhaling slowly, she couldn't help but smell something different. Something new. Something that was in the nearest alleyway. Now that the man was digging through his many different bags and packages, the skiddo could disappear for a good few minutes.

Shuffling around the stall, Rune pushed through the eight inches of snow, which barely reached her chest. She was leaving a trail behind her, which was unfortunate. Bleating and shivering lightly from the cold of the powdery white snow, she let out another muffled sneeze. Maybe shoving her way through drifts wasn't a good idea. Mumbling under her breath, she shook out the snow from her grassy coat and clambered her way on top of the snow.

A flash of red drew her eyes back to the alleyway, the little goat not far from the entrance of it. It was... a white and red bird. A bird. With a red lower body, little white tail, and white feathers that dangled down to its chest. A bird? Yeah. It wasn't really paying attention to the mountain pokemon, cheerfully patting down the cover of the basket it was leaving. Wait a minute. A present! Rune could bring her human this basket, so he could open it!

She didn't have opposing thumbs anyways. As she peered down at it, she noted that the object was actually a rather wide basket, but it didn't have a handle. Oh this could be difficult to carry. The cloth that draped over it was a swirling kind of color, probably a tie-dye, not that Rune actually knew that this was that particular design. Bleating cheerfully, she began to push it out of the alleyway, absently noting that the delibird gave the goat a cheery wave before disappearing into the underbrush of the surrounding forest.

Head-butting the basket, she gently moved it out of the alleyway. It took a little bit of maneuvering, but Rune managed to skirt it around the path she had made earlier and into the area behind the stall. Yawning briefly, she wound herself around her companion's legs, bleating loudly all the while. Confused honey-brown eyes met her own eager dark eyes, a confused question escaping him. There's a package, there's a basket! Open the BASKET! Rune prided herself that she was able to easily interpret her human's body language and emotions, as well as his vocal tones. Head-butting the basket eagerly, she pushed it over to Alfonse.

Open it, open it, open it! she snuffled at the basket eagerly, little three-leaf tail wagging eagerly. The golden-haired man gently patted her muzzle, an amused smile warming his expression. Rune couldn't help but feel particularly pleased at her prize as he began to carefully unwrap the tie-dye cover.
Dec 15 2017, 12:06 PM
(made with the intention to increase loyalty)

If Alfonse wanted to be honest with himself, he would have never expected to invite a Pokemon into his home. Especially one that was incredibly clumsy and reckless, although its cheerful disposition was something to marvel at despite its misfortune. The little female goat liked to get into his supplies, although the creature was swiftly taught a lesson in that taking things that weren't hers was a badbadbad thing.

In fact, much of their first day together was exhausting. A lot of "No, Rune!" was said, as well as "Rune, don't touch that!" It was like taking care of a baby! That first night, Alfonse was entirely tempted to just release the little goat back into the wild. In spite of being captured in one of the two pokeballs, the little thing merely bleated unhappily as he tried to shove her out the front door.

How could one little thing be so hard to let go? As soon as she gave him the kicked puppy look, Alfonse knew he was gone. Gone into the depths of the insanity of raising a child-like goat being.


Opening his eyes early that morning, Alfonse was aware of a small body pressing up into his chest. His right arm was draped over the side of the little goat, who was snoozing quietly next to him, head firmly settled on his thigh. A soft sigh escaping him, he merely brushed his finger against the little goat's spine.

Which was actually covered in leaves instead of what he thought was fur. Despite being leaves, they were remarkably soft. Silently, Alfonse marveled at Rune's soft fur and drew his finger along her brown-furred side. Her nose twitched as he continued his gentle administrations, her eyes flying open as he sat up and gently curled his forefinger and thumb around the tip of her right horn.

"Hello, Rune," he murmured quietly, gently letting go of her horn to brush his thumb across her furry cheekbone. The skiddo merely looked at him in incomprehension, bleating quietly and snuffling as she pressed her face into his hands. "Hungry, hm?" he inquired quietly. "Let me heat up some broth from last night and get you some leaves to snack on."
Nov 20 2017, 12:36 PM
[dohtml]<link href="http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
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<div class="simpapplication">

<div class="simpappname">RAINE</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">18 - FEMALE - DEMISEXUAL</div>

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<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
personality goes here, 2+ paragraphs, please! Up to 100 tokens may be earned from this section.<p>

<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
history goes here, 2+ paragraphs, please! Up to 100 tokens may be earned from this section. (Even though your character won't remember most of their history if they are coming over from the Suffering Universe, the rest of us are certainly curious!)

<div class="simpappdesc"> JINN - EST - SHE/HER</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
Nov 20 2017, 11:56 AM
now that i officially state that i'm off of hiatus, i must tell you guys that i'll be gone this friday til next friday.

reason why?


specifically deer hunting. it should be interesting.

my dad and i, along with my grandpa and his friend, are all going. i'm super jazzed to go b/c every single time i've gone so far, something interesting happened. XD
Nov 18 2017, 04:04 PM
i mean
if you have one that is

if you want to add me to your friends list, my friend code is:

3411 - 4909 - 8288
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