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It's the most wonderful
time of the year- meaning, the time of Delibird gifts and of winter festivals! And as always, our plot events are still going strong.


winter will be here until
March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Jan 17 2018, 06:57 PM
So, how does this work? Does it just make everyone within earshot faint? Are Pokemon within their Pokeballs safe? Are humans safe? It doesn't kill, right? Does it actually lower the health to a significantly low number? (Enough to make the Pokemon actually pass out)
Jan 12 2018, 12:55 PM
A few questions, because I'm interested in these mechanics and might be addicted to coding Pokemon-related things.

Quotes ripped directly from: link

"Each successful breeding may result in 1-3 eggs (a moderator will roll for this)."
What are the chances? (Are we allowed to know?) For instance, is it 50% to get 1 egg, etc?

"Each species, gender, and ability have an equal chance of being chosen."
So, for species and ability, I get this. But for gender, what if the species is a skewed gender ratio? Like if you breed a Bulbasaur, is it the normal 87.5% to be male?

"By default, each egg move has a 10% chance of manifesting."
The entire list of possible egg move? Or only the egg moves that are normally passed on by the other-species-parent? For example, Eevee can learn any of: Captivate, Charm, Covet, Curse, Detect, Endure, Fake Tears, Flail, Natural Gift, Stored Powder, Synchronoise, Tickle, Wish, and Yawn. So do each of those get a 10% chance of manifesting? This would mean Pokemon with lots of possible egg moves have an advantage over Pokemon with just four or five. Perhaps the chance could scale with number of possible egg moves...? Or we could just leave it simple.

Assuming Eevee's parent is, however, a Glameow... Glameow is only supposed to be able to pass on Captivate and Charm, based on the Bulbapedia breeding moves chart. So would it have a 10% chance to get Captivate and Charm, and 0% chance to get any of the others? (This is super complicated and I personally don't like it. But I want to check to see what the intentions are in the first place.)
Side note: Since we operate differently with Eevee and say it can't breed outside its various Eeveelutions... this would mean that Eevee and its Eeveelutions basically can't have egg moves...

"If the mother or father knows one of the egg moves that the baby can learn, however, the chances for that egg move bump up to 75%."
What if the mother AND father both know the egg move? 100%? 95%?
Jan 9 2018, 12:20 PM
Table of Contents
1: TOC and current version download
2: README.txt
3: Version History
4: In the Works

Version 1.1.0 is officially released!
To get it working:
Go to the link below
There's a green button that says "Clone or download"
Click on it, then click "Download ZIP"
Download the .zip
Extract the files
Optional: delete crawler.html
Make sure the rest of the files stay in the same folder
Open up index.html using a web browser. I recommend Chrome, but Firefox should work fine, and I think Safari is okay, too.
Click the button to generate Pokémon!

Download link:
Jan 4 2018, 09:34 PM
[[Cynthia continues work on Amnisiad's new move Acrobatics, gives her some kind words and encouragement, preparing to head North in search of Ice types. And they also find a present.]]

Cynthia's eyes tracked the busy flash of orange that streaked across the cold, gray sky. It suddenly plunged downwards, gaining velocity before curving its path into a neat little loop and ending up soaring straight up into the sky once again. A good ten meters into the sky, the bird's velocity ran out and she leveled off, fluttering back to Cynthia breathlessly.

Flying into the loop-the-loop always left her feeling exhilarated, but also mildly terrified. Birds, she now firmly believed, were not meant to fly upside down. But for a brief moment, with wings carefully pinned in such a way that the wind would not gust into her feathers and bowl her off course... it was quite exciting.

Pleased with the progress, Cynthia held out her arm for Amnisiad to perch, and the small bird Pokemon did so. "You're growing and doing very nicely," she praised, warmth in her voice. "Let's try a few more loops, and then we can move on to the next step that the woman told us to practice, okay?"

Amnisiad made a small nodding motion with her head, her beak wagging up and down in the air. Thanks to the Anniversary fair, her skill in the new move improved quite a bit, and the move tutor had even given Amnisiad and Cynthia some tips for how to continue training it; it was much more effective than Amnisiad just struggling to remember how she saw Mama Bird do it and try to mimic the movements to the best of her ability and memory.

The bird took off into the air once more, flying up and out above the reach of the trees that grew along the edge of the cozy little village. When she was fairly high up into the air, she made a jarring turn and headed towards the ground once again, accelerating into a beak dive. Her wings snapped into position and she sharply pulled up, sending her into another dizzying 540 degree, vertical turn.

She leveled off once more, her flight slightly wobbly as her brain tried to compensate for the rapid changing of directions. As she re-oriented herself, she saw Cynthia below, looking no bigger than herself. Seeing how high up she still was, and feeling a bit daring, she swooped downward, preparing to make another loop-the-loop. She followed through with the motion; her muscles were growing accustomed to the particular bend and weight of the movement, though her insides still protested as they were oddly pushed out of place by the force.

Cynthia clenched her fist involuntarily at the sight of her Fletchling deciding to attempt a second loop in a row. Swallowing hard, she forced herself to relax, breathing in and breathing out. It was unexpected, brave, and probably stupid. But the bird did have enough room, provided she didn't make any mistakes. Cynthia had a flashback to the time that Amnisiad ended her loop still in a descent, causing a frightening few seconds where they both thought she would end up crashing into the ground. Since then, Amnisiad decided to try the maneuver from much higher above the ground. Until this moment. To her relief, Amnisiad had gotten enough practice, by now, that she didn't mistakenly do a 360 degree loop.

Amnisiad returned, landing on Cynthia's shoulder and proudly puffing up her feathers. Cynthia turned her head to look at the bird and chided gently, "That was very stupid... but also very brave." She reached up with her hand and gently stroked the feathers of her Fletchling's neck and chest. With a slightly firmer tone, she added, "Next time, warn me if you're going to do that."
Dec 14 2017, 01:29 PM
I like to color flowers and Pokemon. I'm working on learning to draw, so maybe eventually I'll also be able to draw my own flowers, which would vastly increase my options in terms of what plants/flowers I can do. I've heard rumors that drawing flowers is a lot easier than drawing people and animals, so I have high hopes that this will be coming in less than a year.

Shop Rule Stuff:
I don't like coming up with this so I'm going to basically steal Kaien's, like so:
Once you've decided what you want, reply below listing which options you would like ONLY! This thread is for tracking purposes, so please keep your replies very minimal. Extra details around the specifics of what you want should be sent to me in a PM. That way, if I need clarification on anything, we can PM back and forth (or Discord/Steam, if you would prefer) without cluttering up this shop thread.

Please note: I won't accept payment until the code is complete, however I will not provide the actual coding for it until payment is processed. It goes:

Request - > Details Discussion (via PM/Discord/Steam)(including which images I should use) - > Coloring and Layering -> Revisions - > Final Product Preview - > Payment - > Image Uploaded and Sent To Buyer

Plant/Flower species:
- If you want, you can pick a flower yourself.
- Alternatively, I can pick one for you based on the species and temperament of the Pokemon.
Note: Currently, I need to be able to find a suitable black-and-white illustration of the flower/plant. If I can't, I'll need to go with a second choice.

- Species: Pretty much any real Pokemon you want. (Fakemon probably not, unless you're able to provide a bunch of reference images and a black-and-white version.)
- Color: I will try to find colors that most accurately match the image on Bulbapedia, unless you have a request to slightly alter them. No additional charge for doing the shiny colors, or whatnot. Be aware that if you're requesting an image for a Pokemon you have on-site, you might not be able to ask for crazy weird colors. Or, if you do, that probably won't be canon.
- Poses: If you want a non-Bulbapedia-image pose, you should provide me with a link to a black-and-white print of the Pokemon in your chosen pose.

How many:
- I can try doing multiple Pokemon or multiple types of flowers/plants.

50 tokens per flower/Pokemon

Amnisiad with Sunflowers
(100 tokens)

Melete with Hyacinths
(100 tokens)
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