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 Go For The Kill!, [Training]
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 07:44 PM


(Using a Bishop!)

Ridley was...terrified right now.

A fire dog tore apart a disturbingly human sized dummy to the goading of its human, and Ridley flinched as a torrent of bird feathers spewed forth, his vision speckled in red as his mind was flooded with images of what the dummy was supposed to be. A little lion coughed up bursts of flame until a target was crumbled in black and falling apart. A cat danced around a standing dummy for an agonizingly long time before a burst of energy from its red gem toppled the thing and a single slash opened up the top...for a moment Ridley remembered that was usually where the throat was...

What in Arceues's name were they all supposed to be learning here?

Free wrapped around his neck, flinching away any time a burst of poison or fire blasted dangerously close, but otherwise seemingly trying to rest upon her human. Sunny wasn't out, but he was sure that was understandable, she was still a little hurt and beyond that...he was certain she'd spray someone in this chaos.

Throughout it all, a man rode upon his striding Pokemon. It's canine face seemed friendly beyond the sharp fangs withing and it's red fur radiated heat...an Arcanine...even if Ridley didn't know it's name, he knew it was very majestic, and found himself standing to attention and screwing his eyes shut as it and the man approached. "What are you doing?" The voice was deep, authoritive, for a moment Ridley could have sworn the voice came from the Arcanine. The man leaned past his Arcanine's shoulder as it leaned forward, and Ridley accidently touched it's fur...and then not so accidently patted her again, "H-he's so so-soft." He nearly whispered, trembling smile crossing his face as the Arcanine snorted in what seemed to be amusement and butted into his hands. Ridley didn't miss the scars upon its face, and his heart twinged. Free didn't seem scared of it, cooing toward it as it rumbled back in what seemed like a Pokemon conversation. "She. She is soft, but not in the heart, I can assure you!" The man corrected and stroked the canine in an affectionate manner before peering down at Ridley, who avoided his gaze. "You're confused, first time fighting?"

Ridley coughed out a laugh, "E-everything actually...I-I'm no good-good for most things." A hand drifted up to part his bangs and reveal his burnt forehead, "I'm just-just a li-little Branded." He blushed deeply, somehow already feeling like a disappointment before he startled as the Bishop snorted in a manner that reminded him of the Arcanine, "Nonsense, the Gods have plans for us all, even those who came into this world in your manner. Why do you think you possess a partner like yours if you were not intended to use it?" Ridley had no answer for that, and the Bishop continued, "Come. Let's see what you got." As his Arcanine trotted to a relatively unpopulated area, he turned on his Pokemon's back, "And don't any of you try to slack off!"

Ridley chased after the man frantically, skidding to a halt only to smack into the Arcanine's rump, earning him a cautionary rumble. They were facing a series of targets, rocks lined up in front and the Bishop brandished an arm dramatically, "Hit it, in any way you can." Afterward, he went completely silent, leaving it to Ridley. After a tiny moment, he realized this, and cupped his hands under his chin as he dislodged Free. The Bishop narrowed his eyes at Ridley's scars, but except for a grunt that Ridley couldn't decipher, he said nothing. Free stared up at him and eyed the field with quite a little bit of confusion, and Ridley pointed toward the targets. "Hit...hit that." To get his point across, he seized a rock and flung it, rather weakly, toward the targets.

Even with his explanation, she still seemed rather reluctant, and lifted a rock with her Vine Whip sluggishly. Her throw was true, unlike Ridley's horrendously human throw, but surprisingly sailed under the target! Free tilted her head and cooed in confusion, and the Bishop chuckled. "Common mistake. You do have to remember that things fall, no matter what, rule of the Gods I'm afraid. Watch." With a signal, he drove his Arcanine forward and her jaws flooded with smoke. Even Ridley noted how she aimed upward, not toward the target, and her flame hit true. "Simple. Isn't it?" Ridley looked toward Free, and she scrunched her little face up in determination before seizing another rock in her Vine Whips before flinging it with far more force. Surprisingly, she followed up with a melee strike with both vines as the rock pinged off the target, and the Bishop smiled in approval. His eyes rolled to Ridley's waist, noting the Pokeball, "You have another? Fine, very fine. Bring it out, it could use this."

Ridley bit his lip until it nearly went white as he slowly took out his Pokeball, keenly remembering accusations of Sunny being a demon before he finally relented and released the Stunky. Just as he expected, the Bishop frowned but not so expectedly shrugged, "Capturing a demon, impressive, let's see what it got." He kicked forward a dummy, drawing a hiss from Sunny as she darted behind Ridley, "Have her attack it."

This was more difficult than Free's, Sunny blantly ignored Ridley up until he made to tap the Stunky's flank with his foot, and she leapt forward furiously. By some trick of luck, she collided with the dummy and briefly scratched it, drawing a cry of happiness from Ridley, which she tilted her head to. "Yes! Do it again!" Cautiously, she dragged her claws over it with laborious laziness until the Bishop clicked his tongue, "No, none of that. How do you expect to win with strikes like that? Defeat your enemy, dare I say it, kill them if you must." Something about the word chilled Ridley to the bone, and even Free turned from her personal training (having moved on to launching Leech Seeds under the watchful eyes of Arcanine) and shuddered at the ugly word.

Despite his overwhelming desire to ask why, Ridley swallowed his confusion and hobbled over to Sunny's dummy, trembling like a leaf in the wing. "S-s-Sunny?...That's...that's not ri-right." He raised a shaking foot and stomped on it, "B-beat it...Hhhh-kuh...k-kill him!" A whimper escaped his jaws before he covered his ears and closed his eyes as Sunny leapt for the dummy. Now directed, she sliced it all around the top, clearly aiming for the kill.

"Good, always go for the kill. Continue."

 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 07:45 PM


topic closed
▲▲ +3 exp to both Free and Sunny for the training
▲▲ +8 exp to both Free and Sunny for training with the Bishop

▼▼ -150 tokens (the net loss)

I would have loved to have read more about how they trained, but overall this wasn't bad at all! Free was practicing various moves and receiving instruction from both human and Arcanine on how to attack and aim, particularly from long distances. Sunny seemed to receive less instruction, but the instruction was strong ("always go for the kill") and to a young, inexperienced Pokemon, even a little training goes a long way.

And although this is unrelated to the training, I absolutely loved how you wrote the Bishop. This line in particular was my favorite part of this thread: "Nonsense, the Gods have plans for us all, even those who came into this world in your manner. Why do you think you possess a partner like yours if you were not intended to use it?" That really reveals what's at the heart of Beta's hierarchy and purpose, and it was nice to see that you included that. Excellently done!

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