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May 7 2018, 11:33 AM
Eggs Count: #13

On the outskirts of the city, those unwelcome in most polite conversation lingered. Well, not Fleet, he wouldn't say he was unwelcome, but his new Pokemon was! The eggs were all back home, wrapped massively in blankets until Fleet was certain they were both warm and safe. Either way, it was just him and his Pokemon out here. Thief basked in the sunlight, a new bandage over his chest wound now that it could be safely closed without infection. He still wasn't alright, obviously, but he'd live and be ready to fight again in a few days, a day that Fleet couldn't wait to see. Buddy was laid next to Thief, a bundle of grasses under her nose that Fleet made clear to those nearby that they were hers alone, so don't think about taking them. But his biggest focus was on the Pokemon before him, Rocky, who growled long and low.

She knew she could make a break for it, run for the hills, but it was a simple idea in a whirlwind of fury. Her flank was better and that meant revenge, revenge on any that would give her such a wound, revenge on the one that waved a cloth in front of her face like she couldn't catch him! A roar shook the ground as she charged once more for Fleet, but there was one problem. Her fury was making her predictable. It didn't matter that he didn't have her sheer speed and power, nor her armor or natural weapons, he saw that her charge only had one place to go, straight, and reacted accordingly. And once again she skidded to a halt and roared as he dodged to the side, except this time he added insult to injury and smacked her on her previously injured side, to mock her! A burst of darkness leaked out from her armor, and she snarled, "I...kill you!" She cursed, activating the powerful strengthening move.

...only problem now, she was even slower.

A peal of laughter shook Fleet as he danced around his captured Rhyhorn. Sure she was trying to kill him now, but so did Thief, even if he was smaller. Just look at him now, he didn't try to attack Fleet anymore! So Rocky just had to get this out of her system and learn exactly why he expected them to listen to him...his hand flicked out, holding a clunky knife, but it did its job. Rocky bellowed as a tiny nick opened on her head, between her armor, as if it were the most insulting thing that could have ever happened to her, and then charged again.

And through it all, Thief and Buddy just watched with lidded eyes...
Apr 26 2018, 01:25 PM
Egg Count: 1

"Wa-wake up." Samantha intoned over the sleeping group, but mostly toward Soft and Plasma, who snapped up with bleary eyed urgency, but not Shell or Hunter. Hunter was inexplicably already up, staring eyes studying the landscape, Samantha supposed he couldn't rest in a place with so little cover, she could relate. What she hadn't expected to see was Shell wide awake, perhaps being built for constant running made rest less necessary? Either way, the pack was awake. Well, one member to be was still asleep in their shell. With a little sigh, Samantha reached a claw out to roll the egg towards her, away from the grasses she had practically wrapped around the thing. The thing had been useless weight for a while, but depending on what the woman had told her, the Pokemon within could carry lots of weight, even her eventually. She just hoped it was worth it. But today wasn't a day of walking pointlessly anymore. No, today was a day of fighting and feeding.


Plasma laid his head on his log and willed his eyes to open up, What're we up for? The sun isn't even up."" Soft brushed past him, stretching his back out in a mirror of Samantha until something cracked, "I'unno, but I'm hungry!" Shell had darted to his usual place right under Samantha, who had already harnessed the egg to herself and was currently stomping on the ground until she was certain their precious, but currently useless cargo was safe. "Hungry? Yes, I believe we all are." Now this Plasma tilted his head at, why would he be hungry? He ate berries all the time. Hunter's eyes didn't move, but he turned his head to Plasma and flicked his tongue, "No, not you. I speak of us predators, even that scavenger must want an actual meal by now!"

Plasma could only look around, feeling his face go paler and paler. No, they couldn't! They'd be slaughtered by some wandering pride! But he knew that whether or not he wanted to, they were going. While he looked fed and normal, the others scales and fur were disheveled, their bodies thin. Samantha was the worst of the lot, teeth clenched in anticipation of her usual meal, clothing pressed to an even thinner frame than before. "L-let's hu-hunt!" She growled, and immediately exited the relative safety of the overarching dirt hill they had slept under, instantly vanishing into the tall grass. All the other Pokemon could do was follow, some happy at the anticipation, one other a little bit more hesitant...
Apr 26 2018, 10:24 AM
"D-do you think they'll be nice Free?" Ridley whispered to the resting Pokemon around his neck, reaching a hand up to possibly scratch at the itchy skin, but moving on to letting his partner affectionately. Once again, with Free out, he was talking a bit better and didn't itch as much, her assistance was nice, especially with this new situation. But if there was one thing that Free couldn't do, it was talk, so he didn't expect an answer anyways, having already came up with an answer within his own head. Of course they'd be nice! You just have to worry about being useless! Yeah, that was his worry for today. Also if they thought he talked funny, or if his weird hair was funny, but those were fears for everyday, not this new job of his in the outer Crater City.

Farm work. He barely knew what a farm was, much less knew how to work effectively on them! His Pokemon, even Scy, could probably do a better job than him...and he was getting nervous again. What if he didn't do a good job? Would he just be tossed from job to job? Or would they decide he was useless? He was useless in most things, but he wanted to live in this city, he'd never survive anywhere else!? Free's low level fairy aura couldn't do anything to curb his rising tide of panic, flickers of movement already starting to fill the corners of his eyes. Naturally, he tried to ignore them, but this didn't stop his heart from pounding as he gazed upon frightening phantoms of shadowy creatures.

By the time he arrived, Ridley was already jumpy at anything, head down low and hands shaking as he clasped them into hard fists. He didn't even look up as he walked up to whoever it was he was working with, "H-h-hello! My n-name is Ridley. Um, I-I'll do my best to-to work h-here, even-even if I'm b-bad, I'm s-sorry." Only once he got an answer would he raise his head, fear of disappointing somebody swimming in his eyes.
Apr 24 2018, 09:27 PM
(Training with a Bishop once more, who needs money!?)

"I trust that the whole lot of you know exactly what you're training for, right?" The voice of the Bishop boomed through the air as he matched to and from one end of the group to the next, and Ridley obediently looked down as they passed him, unable to even look up at the man astride his loyal Arcanine. These days, it was getting more intense, less fun for the Pokemon. Ridley knew, he could see it in the Pokemon's faces, how they had to be goaded into using an attack. No way he'd say that out loud though.

Because you're a coward. Yes, essentially.

"Ridley!" The shaking man snapped straight up and nodded hurriedly, "Y-yes sir!?" Ridley yelped, did he mess this up somehow? He hadn't even dome anything yet! "You've been showing improvement, I want you and your Pokemon to show this group of newbies how it's done...you can do it." Ridley hated how the last part was added as an afterthought, as if he were fragile, and needed to be guided by the hand. Because I do.

Nonetheless, he stepped forward, avoiding the gazes of everybody present lest he lose his confidence and run away. Most of the onlookers were children, recently Branded and likely better at this than he was. Everybody else was a toss up between newly arrived people and those who had come to visit. He needed to impress them, or the Bishop would look stupid for putting trust in him! Silently, he endeavoured to not release Free for this session, she had trained for a while and, shamefully, looked rather cute than cool.

Two bursts of light announced his Pokemon's arrival, and he sighed as most of the group either ooh'ed or gasped. A demon and a warrior bug. Both were rather impressive to be caught, much less learn to fight. Sunny snorted and stayed by Ridley's feet, more for her safety than any sort of loyalty, while Scy stayed where she had been released, giving full view of scars that lined her arms and sharp scythes that looked like they miggt cut anything. The impressed air didn't last long however, to Ridley's dismay. Sunny hissed in a breath and skittered backwards, telltale stink already starting to fill the air to the group's cries before she disappeared over the edge of the mud pit, squealing as she fell. Scy was not much better, blinking in the light briefly before going completely still, eyes closed and scythes lowered pitifully. As Sunny ran to the middle of the pit and screamed upwards in her shrill voice, the Bishop took control of the situation. Ridley couldn't thank him enough, any more humiliation and he might bring out Free just to calm down.

"They might not look like much, but trust me, they have skill! Isn't that correct, Ridley?" Sensing a pushy intent behind those words, Ridley nodded jerkily and stepped forward. Scy followed his movement with her head, wings fluttering as he spoke, "S-scy. C-can you go-go into th-the pit?" For a moment, he was afraid she either didn't understand or didn't want to listen, for she stared for the longest time downwards, and then suddenly launched herself off the edge. She didn't touch the ground however, fluttering just above the mud and touching down on one of the big rocks by the center. There, Scy looked around expectingly, then settled down and slouched her shoulders as she closed her eyes once more. She didn't seem to know why she was here, but was content to simply breath and not question why she was here, it was better than dwelling on the situation that forced her into this one.

The Bishop heaved a spear from the ground surrounding the mud pit, and handed one to Ridley, just barely sharpened. "This training area is to limit the speed and finesse of your Pokemon, to get them to adapt to less than optimal conditions." Indeed, Sunny stumbled over herself and climbed up one of the ropes, where she hissed at those who locked eyes on her. "We have also provided these spears, to create an "attack" for your Pokemon to counter. Here, Ridley, show them, that bug there, she looks strong." Ridley took the spear with the utmost reluctance, grimacing down at it, but knowing that they would be very disappointed if he didn't do what they wanted. So he swallowed and blinked away the sudden darkness that plagued his vision.

Scy looked up at him, not even raising her scythes, as Ridley shakily raised his arms, and threw the spear...
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