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Aug 4 2018, 02:06 AM
OOC: Loyalty Gains for Gavivi, Aviur and Cornelia

Despite what some people might think, there is an order to the chaos that was the Sol Family. If it only made sense to him and his mons, then so be it, the others don't matter. Even now, with the new inclusion of Aviur, and all his problem, to the mix, the chaotic order is maintained and everything is where it should be. Except there is one thing he has to do before it was perfect, but it was the most dangerous task yet. If he wasn't careful, then he might be left with broken bones, extreme tiredness, and a massive headache.

He was talking about giving the babies their weekly bath. Normally he would let his mons deal with their own cleaning, as they all learn to keep tidy after a while, or in the case of Adanna, want to stay presentable, but the three youngest still need help from time to time. Unforuntally, they got it in their head that they don't need to be clean, usually running away when they see him coming. While Gavivi mainly runs away, Cornelia just see it as a game to play while Aviur distaste the feeling of water on his fur.

Luckily for him, their care takers usually help him along. Adanna was the first to bring him her charge, picking up Aviur and droping him into Andrew arms. Cornelia usually appears a few second afterwards, trying to fight with Aviur for Andrew's attention. Lastly Gavivi is drag into the clearing, Lillian feeling properly annoyed for having to drag her back. Rightly so, as both her and Gavivi where cover in dirt and mud from their little chase. Andrew has a feeling that Gavivi is pruposly make it more difficult for his little imp to catch her then what is consider nessiory.

Yet with a small smile on his face, he collected the last of his trouble makers, before heading off to the river near by. He made sure to walk down stream for a bit, giving a wide breath to where the others of the search party and himself drink from. It wouldn't go so well if someone start a commotion over refilling his waterskin only to drink wet Mankey fur. Or rather, it be too much of a hassle of dealing with the higher up on why he assault someone for causing a commotion about his pokemon, once was enough. Either way, once he found a good enough spot, he set them down before turning to Lillian, who followed them here with their stuff. It was bath time.
Aug 2 2018, 09:05 PM
The marketplace of Crater has mostly become a familiar place for him. His family has truly cost him a small treasure trove on food alone. Luckily he isn't here for any food, this time anyway. He just needed to sell some stuff and a new ball for Aviur. It a good thing that Crater is very organized when it comes to the stores.

"Hello? I want to sell this Map and Ice Heal if you don't mind. Do you have any Balls? I need a basic one."
Jul 18 2018, 06:45 PM
So I want to host a DnD night for Terrene members. Due to many factors, it is written only in a Discord channel. I am gonna try to do my best as a host. So far
Bella, Malcolm, and Kira have said they willing to do so if anyone else wants to join.

I am planning to use the PTU, Pokemon Tabletop United, as my core book, which has three different lore settings we can decide on. Modern, Syfy, and medieval slash Game of Throne typesetting.

Members: AjSol, Amissa, BestBella, Malcolm, Kenos, Kira, Sev, and Shasyu

Download: Direct download to the book

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/a8T4grU
May 1 2018, 10:33 PM
Baby Post: 1

It been a while since he was able to search for any berries in the plains, even longer to find any brush that haven't been pick clean by the many pokemon that feed from them. He still get luckily for time to time, so his research was still going strong, but he need some for his own personal used. Mostly to keep his girls feed, but he still want to used them for medical reasons. So that how he find himself in the sea of golden grass looking for any berries with Adanna flying over head and Aviur being carried in his arms.

Say young fire type was cuddling up into his father chest, he senses was telling him many things happening around him. His ear twitch as the flapping wing of Adanna soar above them, his nose curl up slightly when he pick up the scents of wild pokemon moving around them. He wonder what he will discover today?

May 1 2018, 09:48 PM
The sunlight shine brightly over head, the village was active of movement as each one go on with there business. Most of them, mostly the older ones, go by him with out an problems but the younger ones toss a glare at him from time to time. There where a few exceptions, mostly citizens who family members they had help find earlier the month with finding their lost ones. Even so they still regard him with some disdain but won't actively show it.

Yukiko was sitting next to him off to the side, the young snorunt had gotten used to waking during the day but still isn't as active as she was at night. The two of them were waiting for someone they had meet earlier that week before heading out into the desert. Dusk, himself, is hoping for a Cacnea, which would be the first one in the family as most never had a reason to come out this far before.

Now he just need to wait for Blue.

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