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Jun 6 2018, 03:57 PM
Taking a walk in Ashfield led to one dizzying mistake after the next. A delivery gone wrong, Rune running off to get into some trash, tripping and falling into a mud puddle... by now, he was incredibly exhausted. Chasing after a Pokemon who generally didn't want to obey wasn't something that a trainer wanted to do. Even so, just as he let loose a rather explosive sigh, the black and white Pokemon's ears pricked at attention.

Alfonse eyed the Skiddo apprehensively, wondering if she would go running off agai- and there she went. Again. With an aggravated sigh, the blonde man wiped a few sweaty strands of hair away from his face and began to run after his companion. As she cut across the path of a vendor trying to carry some boxes across the street, Alfonse quickly ducked behind the man in an effort to not send both him and the other guy careening.

"Sorry!" he called after the man, who huffed angrily and glared at him. "Control your Pokemon, young man!" the vendor scolded as Alfonse skidded around the corner, limbs tucked tightly into his body as he spotted the leafy back of Rune streaking into an alley-way. What was she doing? He panted as he ran after her, narrowly avoiding the side of a build and clipping his arm rather violently. An explosive "Ow!" escaped him as he stumbled over a cloth covered box, tripping over it and colliding with the ground.

His ribs ached something fierce, arm throbbing as he stared at the ground with a vaguely detached feeling resonating through him. Wheezing, the blonde-haired man collapsed against the side of the building, holding his arm across his ribs.

Why wasn't Alfonse chasing her anymore? The Skiddo peered behind her anxiously as she slowed down, before coming to a standstill as she looked around her. Tracing her hoofsteps in the ground, Rune peered around the side of the alley-way with some curiosity. She knew her spontaneous runs were getting annoying, but she just wanted to run around today!

Squinting at his sitting form curiously, the goat-like Pokemon trotted around the corner, earning a weary glare from the older man. "I should have named you Trouble," he commented idly as she approached him, planting her behind on the ground and tilting her head slightly. Alfonse was breathing pretty hard, she noted curiously. His arm was wound across his side, almost cradling the side where his ribs had broken previously.

Rune shrugged unapologetically, getting to her hooves and trotting next to him. Alfonse couldn't help but eye her irritably. "Not gonna run off again?" he inquired sarcastically, wincing as another ragged breath tore pain through his side. Dangit. He probably opened up his wounds again. Caaaalm, his brain told him. Take deep breaths, slow breaths.

Blasted Pokemon.
Jun 6 2018, 03:03 PM

starter is Rune the Skiddo

friends -- so far he kind of doesn't have any? he needs friends though. alfonse isn't one to randomly walk up to a person and cheerfully say hi. he needs physically dragged from his house when he isn't making deliveries or running errands. and that's like... once a week. there will be fights, arguments, some badgering, bartering, and throwing over shoulders. he needs people to go toe to toe with.

enemies -- ie those who don't like him much. alfonse isn't a people person and will literally glare at people if they walk five feet from him. he's not very approachable, this one. some enemies will be made from this LOL

romance -- if there's something that would describe alfonse in one word, it would be oblivious. heck, if you look up this word in the dictionary, he would be the very definition of it. you have to be extremely obvious in your pursuit of him, even then he might not get it.
Jun 5 2018, 10:58 AM
The house that Alfonse built was built probably a quarter of a mile from Ashfield's outskirts. While it is close enough to the city in that he can reach Ashfield in twenty minutes at an average pace, it is also far out enough that Alfonse gets the privacy he desires. He selected the land for it's position on a slight hill, with trees so close together that their branches are almost smelted.

The building of his house started by taking down the trees on the hill, which probably took Alfonse a good five months to chop down and move into piles. This was the first step. Then he measured out and chopped out the logs to his desired dimensions. While there was no sealing measure for the logs to be put on top of one another, he enlisted the help of his father (despite their current relations) to move the logs into the slots he carved out on the ends.

This created a large, one room house in the end. A wooden platform was put in for the floor, approximately three inches from the ground. He cut a rough medium-sized hole in the middle of the floor, before he deposited a lot of river rocks around the inside rim. This creates the fireplace, where Alfonse cooks and keeps the house warm at night when it gets chilly.

While there is no sealing in the walls for the house to hold its heat, they are close enough that wild Pokemon don't accidentally come in and slaughter Alfonse and Rune in their sleep. In the far left corner, there's a square wooden frame that encases the bed. The mattress itself is made of Mareep wool and flattened into a square. It's covered in rough cloth. His blankets are made from Mareep wool as well, slightly scratch-inducing, but comfortable. There's one pillow stuffed with mareep wool and the cloth sewn shut. The bed doesn't stand on legs.

In the closest left corner, there are two shelves placed against the wall and a few cubby holes. This is for storage, while in the corner adjacent to the right of the cupboards, has large wooden bowls cluttered in it and piled together. These are used to heat water, bathe, wash clothes, ect. In the corner opposite the bed, there's a roughly hewn table with one chair.

It's rather spartan and sparse, but Alfonse likes it. Plus, it's all in one room. It's not necessarily huge, but it's not small either. Outside the house (as you face the door), there's a small shanty attached to the right side of the house. There's no door that goes to the actual house itself, but this is used for firewood.
May 25 2018, 10:00 AM
Alfonse wasn't sure what to do. Sell some of his stuff? He stifled the urge to sigh as he rummaged through the supplies he had, wondering what to do with the little white leaf he had stashed in a small jar. Hmm... what to do with it. He tapped the lid uncertainly, putting two of the purple berries with the round orbs attached to it in a bag. Two of the yellow ones with the wavy line and greenery poking up followed them.

He wanted to sell some of the berries he did have to see what he could get for them. He glanced at the white leaf, sighing softly and snagging the bottle. Putting it carefully among the wrapped berries, Alfonse glanced over to the sleeping Rune at the edge of the room. A small smile flitted across his face as he exited his house, walking up to the path that led to Ashfield.

His eyes roved over the chaotic mess of buildings as he approached the general store with an air of familiarity. Mouth twisting, he pushed the door open and walked up to the otherwise empty counter. "I'm looking to sell these berries," he stated smoothly, lifting both bundles onto the counter and loosening their wraps slightly to reveal what kind of berries they were. "What can you give me for them?"

Alfonse picked up the white leaf in it's sealed container. "I also have a white leaf I'm not exactly sure I need, it's probably a herb of some kind. Would I be able to sell it to you?" He inquired cautiously, brushing a strand of blonde hair that shifted in front of his face.
May 14 2018, 07:47 AM
One of the clearings he cleared out for wood was a perfect place for Alfonse to sprawl out under the warm sun, a rare day where he didn't have any commissions or errands to run. So, he packed a small bag of his berry bread, a skein of water, and some bark for Rune to nibble on. After some careful consideration, he left his Pokeballs behind and instead only brought Rune's.

The Skiddo was sprawled out next to him, dozing peacefully with her head slightly on top of Alfonse's ankle. Light brown eyes warmed slightly as he eyed the Pokemon, digging through his pack and tearing a piece of his bread in half. Taking a bite of it, he sat up and eyed the forest around him.

There had to be something interesting around here. Like another person or something.

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