Our old universe has
fallen into impossible chaos and destruction, but the Legendaries will save us; are saving us; have saved us. Soon many lives and memories will fill this new world, and give it purpose.


As Terrene leaves behind
the long, dark nights, their minds turn to friendship and romance at the second annual speed dating! And don't miss out on the clover hunt or the poetry season. Our plot event, alpha & omega, is drawing closer to its end, but is still going strong for now.


Spring will be here until
June. The rainy season begins in the tropical areas; the rest of Terrene begins to thaw and warm, shaking the chill of winter and creeping toward the heat of summer. Fairy and grass types relish in the season of rebirth and renewal!







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Today at 09:48 am
Along the edge of the forest, Cynthia was attempting one more training session before her journey began.

It was difficult, though, to convince her Pokémon to cooperate. Atalanta would barely even listen to her, preferring to glare at the human and the others and refusing to follow anything that resembled an order. This frustrated Cynthia, naturally, so she’d taken to leaving her alone except when she was actively feeding her.

Iphigenia wanted to train, but the going was painfully slow without sparring matches, and she wasn’t willing to spar against Amnisiad. She protested, ”What if I hurt her? What if she hurts me? It’s too dangerous.”

So Cynthia was stuck resorting to trying to find wild Pokémon for Amnisiad to practice with, or keep trying to use the annoyingly difficult and slow tactic of target practice. On the outskirts of Forest Beach Village, she frowned thoughtfully as she wrapped leaves in a long strip of soft, fresh bark, trying to make some sort of training dummy that wasn’t as hard as a tree. Beside her, a dirty wooden spear permanently stained with blood and dirt stood upright in the ground, within reach just in case. Usually nothing too dangerous came this close to the village, but Cynthia would be remiss if she grew so naive so as to not even have her primary weapon nearby.

Amnisiad chirped cheerfully and “helped”, grabbing the strip of bark whenever it came her way, eagerly tracking it with her eyes and snatching it out of the air with her sharp little beak. It looked like a big worm! She tugged it tight, and only reluctantly let go when Cynthia gave it two sharp pulls in quick succession. Cynthia wound the strip of soft inner bark around the leaves once again, and there it was. Back again, the strip of bark was dangling right before Amnisiad’s eyes. With a triumphantly loud chirp, she grabbed it once more.

”Ammy, how will I ever finish this if you’re constantly grabbing it away from me?” Cynthia chided gently. ”None of our friends are willing to spar with you or Iphigenia, so I’ve got to get this dummy made so you two can practice.”

The bird didn’t understand. Nor did she even listen. She just chirrupped happily and grabbed at the bark as it came around again.

May 21 2018, 07:28 PM
So, sometimes it’s hard to think of ideas. Or sometimes you literally can’t figure out how to increase loyalty or train. Here are some ideas! Add your own!

Strength - lifting or pushing weights, doing body weight exercises

Endurance - running long distances, using the same attack over and over, or you can combine it with any of the other categories like strength to make it into “lifting or pushing weights, but like, really far”

Tolerance - “plenty of people can dish it out, but it’s rare to find someone who can withstand it too”. Got a Fire type? Into the pool! Got an Ice type? Go stand next to the furnace!

Agility/obstacles - running/flying/swimming through narrow spaces, around small objects, leaping or climbing over various things

Sprinting - practice running faster

Flexibility - stretches, assisted or not (be careful not to push too hard if assisted...)

Accuracy - this mostly applies to ranged attacks; pick a target and throw your moves

Reflexes - “snatch the pebble from my hand...”

A particular move - pick some move that your Pokémon has and practice! Get the techniques down, practice hitting harder or faster, etc.


Food - maybe you want to reward your Pokémon with its favorite meal. What, you don’t know its favorite meal? You’d better try some different things! Behaviorists like to use preference tests. See which food or which bed a Pokémon chooses first. Try switching the positions as a negative control. Experiment.

Grooming - many Pokémon, particularly social or semi-social ones, but even solitary Pokémon too like Purrloin, enjoy a good grooming session. Tease out those knots, or brush off that dirt. Make your Pokémon’s coat (or hide, or feathers, or scales) shine.

Simple games - particularly for the young, or the young at heart, fun games can boost the bond between two people (yes I just referred to Pokémon as people). Hide and seek, tag, keep away, catch or fetch, building a sandcastle or a twig house, or just drawing cool patterns in the dirt...

Kindly words or tones - Even if your Pokémon doesn’t understand humanspeak, it’s usually easy to detect and understand tone of voice. Anger, fear, joy, gentleness... body language and level/quality of sound are often universal, at least enough to get the general idea across. Figure out what your Pokémon does to show how it’s feeling, and try to mimic that. In addition, simply talking and pointing to things as you describe them can work well towards teaching your Pokémon humanspeak.
May 18 2018, 12:42 AM
Avery's face was dark when he returned home from the day of tough working. The warm spring sun was beginning to sink towards the horizon, beginning to cast long shadows at the edges of the houses and the walls. His brow was furrowed more than its usual, resting frown as he shoved the door to his house open.

"How was your day, Ave?" his mother came rushing to the doorway. She saw his expression, and her face twisted into a sorry, upset look, "O-Oh, no... Is everything okay?"

"I'm fine. It'll be fine," he responded, pushing past her worried self. He shrugged his sword and pack off, setting them on the back of a chair, and headed towards the washroom. He grabbed a cloth and a yoke with a large bucket hanging from each end -- meant for fetching water -- and turned back towards the door.

Rachel was still looking at him, grabbing onto the corner of the wall with a concerned look. He made eye contact with her for a fraction of a second before turning away and insisting, "It'll be fine."

Holding the bucket contraption tightly, he left the house as quickly as he had come in. He took it to the well. Silently and grimly, he filled the buckets. Once full, he hoisted the yoke onto his shoulders and took gradual, lumbering steps back to his house. He brought it around to the back, away from the street and prying eyes. Space was a bit tight, but his parents had insisted on having a small yard and garden anyways. It was useful to allow the Pokemon out to stretch their legs. Plus, it had provided an endless source of amusement and learning for Avery as a young child. And right now, it was filled with beautiful spring flowers and lush, light-green leaves.

He placed the water buckets down and shrugged the yoke off, allowing it to rest on the ground. He knelt, heaving a great sigh as he prepared himself to deal with this unexpected situation. It was bound to happen eventually, but he thought he would have more time. He thought he would have at least another year of teaching her to build her strength -- both physical and mental -- and preparing her for this eventuality. Kneeling beside the bucket, he tapped the button of Anthuria's pokeball.

Anthuria reappeared when she was safely back in Crater City. Her several hours in stasis allowed her physical trauma to heal somewhat, but not her mental trauma. She opened her eyes to find herself face to face with Avery, but she was not soothed by his calm, solid presence as she usually was; she was simply too distressed.

Avery dipped the cloth in the cool well water, soaking up a good amount. He pulled it out of the bucket and water streamed down from it. Without waiting for most of it to flow back into the bucket, he took the cloth and used it to wipe away the dust and drying blood from her scaly skin. Rivulets of dark droplets ran down her body and into the clean, rich soil at her feet. He dipped the cloth and wiped her down, again and again, first removing the worst of the carnage, then starting to go back and clean more thoroughly. The water turned murky and brown; he did his best to block her site of it by placing it just slightly behind her front leg.

She closed her eyes again as she allowed him to clean her, pressing into the reassuring weight of his hand. Cool, refreshing water felt good against her body, and he even dribbled water on and dabbed at the leafy growths, rejuvenating them after a day of hard work. It was almost peaceful, as he removed all the... she trembled and jerked as her mind stumbled over the reality of what was on her.

"Anthuria," he spoke, trying to draw her attention back to him and her surroundings. She opened her eyes and shook slightly but otherwise didn't move, her face giving a faraway, haunted look. "Anthuria!" He spoke again, slightly louder. Her wide, red-brown eyes finally met his. "You had to do it. If you didn't kill it, it would've killed you."

The leaf on her head drooped sadly, wilting away. She knew that she had to. She knew that if she hadn't struck out, the Geodude would have killed her.
"I know... I know that. I had to. But that doesn't make it any better! Maybe... Maybe it would've been better if I... if I just..." her gaze dropped to stare at herself, examining her broad chest and her sturdy legs.

It was a gaze full of loathing and disgust, and it was enough that Avery realized she was wishing she didn't kill it, even knowing that it would've killed her instead. He wasn't pleased with this. "Anthuria," he spoke sharply, but she didn't move. "Crater City is important. It stands for hope, and for safety. Do you agree?"

Anthuria nodded her head once, noncommittally. Her leaf flopped sadly. It wasn't really enough, but Avery had to press on, "Crater City needs people. Some can be replaced. Others are more difficult. I would be fairly difficult to replace in Crater. Do you agree?" She nodded, with a lot more conviction this time. "And you. You are a vital member of my team, and you will come to my protection and help me fulfill my duties. Do you agree?"

She hesitated much longer this time. Of course she'd protect him and help him with his goals. But was she really vital? Was she really that important? She thought about the others. There were the two youngsters. They brought joy and peacefulness to all their lives. There was Bluebell, the cheerful, if mischievous, trouble-maker who could turn fierce and strong in the blink of an eye. And Carnation. Nothing ever seemed to truly faze Carnation. Avery and Carnation were practically made for one another. She couldn't imagine anything coming between the deep loyalty and strength that they had. Carnation protected Avery with every breath, and killed... killed many... in the name of survival, or in the name of protecting Avery and the rest of his family. But still, he killed. How could he handle it?

Avery noticed she was fading back out, and he spoke gruffly, "Close your heart to it." He reached out and took the Pokemon's face in his rough, calloused hands, shifting closer to her so her head was just inches away from his. "Anthuria. Do not allow it to get to you. You’re thinking about it too much. You did what you had to. Understand?"

Anthuria's eyes were full of misery. Avery was speaking to her more than he almost ever did, but she couldn't even be happy about it.

May 14 2018, 10:56 PM
Avery was hard to miss as he walked through the marketplace, examining rickety stalls and the wares being sold, peering into windows of more permanent shops. His lip curled up in disgusted disappointment. Who even sold held items? While travel goods and pokeballs and healing supplies were always great, and in demand, today he needed something a bit more special.

Beta had told him of a device that would allow his Pokémon to grow stronger faster. And as Avery’s number of Pokémon grew, his ability to focus on training all of them at once diminished. Anything to boost what he could do would be a relief.

Carnation padded behind him, sniffing the air and keeping a keen watch for any trouble — not that it was likely to come to the giant of a man.

Avery finally found a small, dusty-looking shop that had rows of carefully managed items. He entered and wordlessly tipped his head in a polite, cool nod before getting right down to business, "Do you have a Lucky Egg?" He pulled a set of Protective Pads out of the large leather pack on his shoulders, along with a token pouch, and set them down on the counter pointedly.
May 13 2018, 10:16 PM

Listen, friends, to this short tale:
A reminder of that which must be done,
And a hint to the types of nature you can find,
As the world cycles around the sun.

Autumn scurries, the season of transitions.
See the veil thin, the slumbering spirits awaken.
The world is balanced and neutral,
Except for those with fear of being lost or forsaken.

It’s the busy season; now, everyone pitch in.
Harvest the crops, rake in the fields of hay.
Fatten the livestock; soon it’ll be too cold.
Arrange your stores in a bright, colorful array.

Winter sleeps, the season of rest and dens.
Cold flies through the skies, whirling and white,
Descending upon the land with a torrent of snow,
And shorter days bring shadowy demons that bite.

Deep in their slumber, many are resting,
Absent are fire and flying, grass and bug.
It’s best to focus on craft and skill,
To stay inside, stay warm, and stay snug.

Spring blooms, the season of flowers, pink and yellow.
New buds furl open and the lighthearted dance.
Greenery emerges from every corner,
And fairies mischievously giggle and prance.

As snow melts away, so do the ghosts,
Retiring as days return to full length.
Plow your fields, sow your seeds, and wait patient,
With care, they’ll grow from the ground’s renewed strength.

Summer scorches, the season of heat and frenzy.
Sending forth many-legged swarms, unrelenting and fast.
Intense, fiery energy rising from earth
And beating down from sky, clear or overcast.

The last of the ice retreats to a distance,
Hiding above the world on mountaintops.
Now’s the time to forage, hunt, and gather,
To dive deep into oceans or climb high to treetops.

As summer fades and fall returns,
The year draws to a close, but not an end,
For this circle has neither start nor finish,
This beating heart on which we all depend.

And so the life giving cycle continues,
Blessed be the eternal land and sky,
Seasons flowing in rhythmic beats,
A constant, from before birth to long after we die.
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