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Yesterday at 07:24 am
Ri had waited long enough. She was getting antsy and anxious. She needed to leave these damned mountains now, and head for Oasis Village. She wasn't entirely sure how urgent it could possibly be, but it felt damn urgent in her own mind and she felt desperate to head over there right now to go and find Blue and make sure she was alright. Then, if she was, immediately work on convincing Blue to leave with her to somewhere.... Else. She didn't think anywhere in Terrene could be called definitively safe, but Ri thought that Oasis had an extra amount of danger that Blue shouldn't stay in. Her brain had been stuck on this train of thought since that speed dating event near Ashfield, and now she was starting on the path that would hopefully end with Blue in a position where Ri could help and protect her. Blue spiked Ri's protective tendencies with a vengeance, and spurred her on this path.

She took a deep breath. She'd already packed up her tent, and everything she needed otherwise was crammed into her jacket pockets. Said everything else was mostly just a map and compass, which would hopefully help Ri not get hopelessly lost and actually get to Oasis. It worked all the way here, so Ri was sure she'd possibly only get slightly lost instead of hopelessly lost on the way. Anyways, here she was standing on the edge of Omega's Camp, prepared to leave. She looked over her shoulder to take role call in her head. Venom, Sai, Arashi, and Andy were all here. Yuki was in her basket, which Ri was presently carrying. Ri turned her eyes to path ahead and took a deep breath, closing her eyes briefly.

"Okay. Okay." She murmured softly to herself. This was it. She was pretty anxious, both about the journey and the destination. She was worried about if Blue would be hurt when she got there, or if Blue was possibly dead. Admittedly, it was probably mildly irrational, but the anxiety was there and palpable and it slithered like a snake around her heart. She was similarly concerned about the journey there, since while she was exploding with anxiety over Blue, why not start fretting about the safety of your pokemon as well? Admittedly, she was always mildly worried but this was a little much. She forced herself to take another deep breath. Okay. She'd never seen one of her pokemon die... And she silently promised herself that she never would... Throwing herself on a spear would be preferable to such an experience.

Doing her best to soothe and suppress her anxieties... She began walking. No journey ever began with taking those steps.
May 18 2018, 09:12 PM
((Goal: Get a smidge of loyalty for Pidgey/Andy so he stops being a flight risk and in the lowest tier of loyalty. Otherwise, low-key loyalty for Arashi probably and trying to kick development into Venom.))

Ri’s legs were killing her. The walk back to Omega’s Camp wasn’t terribly horrible by itself, but combined with fleeing for her life… It felt longer than it was probably, and her leg muscles burned. Especially since the rushing adrenaline that kept her going before had faded by now, since her life was no longer in imminent danger. More importantly, Yuki was not in imminent danger. She was glad for that, and she really didn’t mind the exercise that much…. But she felt she reserved the right to complain in her head. She was sure everyone did it, unless you had optimism and naivety permeating every cell of your being… Which was a rarity she was sure. She wasn’t sure she met anyone like that… Maybe Blue. Maybe she wouldn’t even complain or whine in her own mind, since… Well… Could Ri recall Blue really complaining about much? She didn’t think she could, even though she was sure that Blue had plenty to whine about, a good deal of it justified. Her shit treatment in Oasis Village, Ri’s shit treatment of her…. Seriously, Ri let Venom almost kill Sasha, and yet Blue chose to still hang around Ri. The redhead groaned, and concluded that Blue was too oblivious to see what a shitty friend Ri was. Even so, Ri didn’t want to let go of that friendship. She’d protect Blue, which was why she wanted to go to Oasis Village soon. She… Wasn’t entirely sure she could now that she had some time to…. Think, especially since well… Ri’s anger burned hot, however it tended to come and go in waves. She figured it’d be far too emotionally exhausting to stay angry since she had that little… Date with Blue. Anyway, since she had time to think a little, she had no fucking idea if she could actually protect Blue. But, she supposed she’d be doing her damnedest. If Ri didn’t, then she supposed she was far worse than unworthy of Blue’s friendship and might as well go drown herself in the sea.

Ri grunted, as she adjusted her grip on Yuki’s basket, holding the basket up to her chest. She admittedly was starting to think about what the hell she was going to do when Yuki was just… Way too fucking heavy to even thinking about carrying around at all times, or just grew too big for her basket. She supposed unless for some reason a large pokemon willing to carry her decided to join up with them… Yuki would one day find herself spending a lot of time in her pokeball. It was a very unpleasant prospect, and Ri figured it’d probably only be necessary when they went on the move. Other than that, then she supposed Yuki could be left behind since it wasn’t totally necessary to always have Yuki by her side… Ideal, sure… However, hopefully this situation would only really come to pass once Yuki was old enough to take care of herself and not get murdered from being left alone.

Of the other pokemon that had accompanied Ri on this excursion, Sai was following behind, and next to her the Pidgey they’d met was flying leisurely. Ri was sure that the avian pokemon was capable of flying faster than them, however was slowing down to keep with their pace. It seemed like… Sai had made friends with the wild bird, and said bird would be sticking around. Personally, Ri shrugged. She honestly didn’t mind, however she hoped that Venom would maybe sit still long enough to listen. She half-expected Venom to try and eat the Pidgey on sight…. You know what? Who was she kidding, that Seviper was hyper-aggressive and Ri wondered if she should curb that. Suddenly an image of the bleeding Sasha and Blue’s distress floated up towards the forefront of her mind. She quietly grimaced to herself. Perhaps… She should try discouraging violent murder for literally no reason in the future. Perhaps… It was time to start putting her foot down. She wasn’t entirely sure about it though… Even if she admitted from a human perspective, Venom sort of was a serial killer. He honestly didn’t need to eat as much as he killed. So… Er…. Maybe she should at least curb the meaningless murder, especially in the presence of someone else. Ri admitted that honestly… It was less concern for morals honesty, and more for peace of mind. Venom did sometimes get them into trouble, she recalled the first serious trouble that Venom had gotten into because he’d instigated a conflict. As well, Ri knew it was a little late, since Venom had almost murdered a Sandshrew in front of her… But, yeah… Maybe curb Venom’s violence in front of company.

Ri needed a lot of time to reflect on this. She yawned. She’d probably have plenty of time back at Omega’s Camp, in between excursions of any sort. Whether she was walking in the mountains, or making another foray into the dangerous tunnels… She’d have plenty of time to think. Though, right now, she was being uncharacteristically silent, and she figured Sai noticed… The Psyduck was eyeing her a little funny.

(What’s up?)” Pidgey inquired suddenly. He’d noticed the Psyduck was staring at her human weirdly, and he was kind of curious what was on her mind.

Sai blinked before gently shaking her head. “(It’s nothing it’s just… The human usually is more… Talkative than this….)” She admitted.

Pidgey tilted his head. “(Eh? Humans talk?)” He asked.

(Well… I think they have their own human way of talking. I’ve picked up some stuff, but she… Talks a lot usually.)” Sai explained. “(It usually fills the quiet… I’m not sure she likes silence all that much.)

Pidgey silently thought about it. He didn’t have a ton of experience with humans, not having much knowledge other than a few rumors. Though, so far it seemed this human disproved the rumors. Could be this human was just a big weirdo, though. “(So… Where are we going?)” He asked instead of voicing his internal thoughts on the red-haired human.

(There’s a place where a lot of humans are staying in the mountains. I think it’s not permanent, though… Humans carry these simple homes around with them.)” Suddenly Sai frowned. “(... Though, when we first travelled… That’s only when the human started using her’s. She just sort of slept in the dirt before.)” She said, sounding a little strange, suddenly realizing how weird her human seemed to be.

Pidgey only felt his suspicions about the human that the duck followed being a big weirdo being confirmed. Honestly, he couldn’t see why any human wouldn’t want a nice comfy nest and would want to sleep on the cold, hard ground instead. The human seemed less wimpy than the Stufful he had been forced onto babysitting duty for… But she still seemed to be kind of a loser.

He supposed he still had the option to leave if the human proved to be too lame for his tastes.
May 14 2018, 06:48 AM
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<div class="gtitlebox">Winter 2017</div><br>

The Oncoming Storm [starter]<br>
▲▲ gains: +1 Azurill, +2 Pokeballs, +1 Potion, +1 Nanab Berry, +1 Persim Berry, +1 Belue Berry <br>
▼▼ losses: -1 memory <br>
Trouble Magnet [adventure]<br>
▲▲ gains: +100 tokens, +8 EXP for Asriel<br>
▼▼ losses: n/a <br>

<br><br><div class="gtitlebox">Spring 2018</div><br>

Finding Stability [development]<br>
▲▲ gains: tba<br>
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May 1 2018, 07:57 PM
Ri was thinking one last outing into these tunnels before she moved on from the mountains. She figured that one more trip couldn't hurt... Too badly. At least not permanently. She still had her plans to head to the other side of the mountains towards Oasis Village after her time in the mountains was done. She wanted to see Blue, and check on her. Then, convince Blue to come live in Ashfield with her if she could. If not, then stay in Oasis with Blue indefinitely. Ri cared about Blue enough to not want to leave her in a shitty situation if she could help it. She liked to think she had enough human decency left in her to try and take care of her friends best she could... Despite everything she believed about her inadequacy regarding any area that involved relationships and compassion and empathy. That sort of thing was not her forte, and there was ample evidence to prove that.

Anyways, despite some of the previous tunnel adventures turning sour... She was feeling alright about going in here. She was going with a partner again, and she wasn't sure who the partner was, since the partners were chosen for them. She was sure that as long as her partner pulled their weight... They could make it out intact. At least, with the option to flee. That part was especially important, since it had happened before that the pokemon in the tunnels defending their home had forced Ri and company to flee, to lick their wounds and live to see another day. Though, she was pretty sure that Venom was the one who disliked that solution the most. He preferred being able to assert his dominance.... Mostly through killing, and sometimes Ri wondered if he'd ever chill out.

Ri yawned, standing by the tunnel's entrance with one hand on her hip, and holding Yuki's basket in her other hand. She'd been told her partner would be bringing the pickaxe. She was especially glad, considering she had to carry Yuki. Yuki was kind of heavy, and had gained weight as she'd grown some. She imagined and grimaced at the thought that one day.... Yuki would probably be too heavy and big to carry in the basket. However, she wasn't really built for land travel. Unless Ri could get someone else to join their group and carry Yuki... One day, Yuki might end up a great amount of the time confined to a pokeball... Especially while on the move. She disliked this idea for multiple reasons. First of all, she was apprehensive about trying to get someone to join for the sole purpose of carrying Yuki. Second of all, she wasn't sure how she felt about additions at all. She didn't want to force pokemon to join her, and she doubted she'd ever woo wild pokemon enough to convince them to join her and her group. Thirdly... She liked carrying Yuki, even if she was heavy. It gave her reassurance that the option to protect Yuki was always within arm's reach. Arashi was more of a wild card who was a very energetic and hyper target.

Ri could only hope that Arashi could restrain herself and not get herself killed on this adventure.

Apr 9 2018, 05:18 AM
Ri figured this business venture was... Much more reasonable than her last attempt to procure something. This time, she was planning for travel. She wasn't ready to leave the mountains quite yet, but when she was? She was going straight down to Oasis, and for that she figured... She should probably purchase some more supplies. So, while leaving her pokemon behind in her tent, she went off to find someone who looked like they were selling. As soon as she spotted one, she walked up to them and waved with a civil smile. "Hello, I'm looking to buy some supply packs?"
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