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May 17 2018, 01:59 AM
The peace officer assigned to the farm didn't usually have much to do. There was a night shift and a day shift, but normally the farm was quiet and peaceful. If one of the children got lost or went missing, he would go search for him and if anyone was injured, he would escort them to a healer. If a wild pokemon strayed onto the farm and attacked, then he would assist in removing the creature. However, most of the pokemon that troubled the workers were weak pest pokemon. Oddish would invade the gardens at night and attack when the workers pulled them up thinking they were weeds. Scavengers like rattata would sneak in and try to feed on the crops and other food stored away. Birds and bug pokemon would attack the crops and trees. The peace officer usually handled these, using his own pokemon to fight the wild ones.

While many of the workers themselves had pokemon, few were actually trained to fight. There were also the farm pokemon themselves, a few mudbray and a couple of miltank. These pokemon weren't trained for battle either, and they became frightened and ran if they were attacked. Frightened farm pokemon were actually a greater danger to the workers than the pest pokemon themselves. The miltank and mudbray could trample a careless person if they spooked and stampeded.

Soren now had two pokemon, and he'd been told by none other than one of the city's ambassador's that it was his duty to train them to fight. It was common knowledge that pokemon became stronger after every battle, but Soren was still pretty scared of having his pokemon fight. He loved them, and he didn't want them to get hurt or killed. He didn't like the idea of hurting other pokemon either, even wild ones. Therefore, instead of taking his little team of pokemon someplace very dangerous, he wanted to start small and close to home. Pest pokemon were common enough that he was certain he could find some if he looked hard enough, but they were also common enough that he would recognize them and know how to handle them.

"I can help scare the pests away," Soren offered when he approached the peace officer assigned to the farm on one rainy spring morning. It had just begun to drizzle as the workers were waking up, but the dark heavy clouds overhead promised a more aggressive storm to come. Thus, the peace officer was in his office instead of out among the fields and workers. The office was just a small brick building attached to the farmhouse where the peace officers could take breaks or store notes and supplies. "My pokemon and I need the practice, and that way you won't have to do so much work." Soren tried to make himself look charming, folding his hands behind his back and smiling up at the young man. Soren was only a little damp from the rain, if anything the droplets clinging to the ends of his hair added a nice effect.

The peace officer's name was Linton Rocco, and he hadn't been a peace officer very long. This was his first time working at this particular post, and he hadn't been warned about Soren ahead of time. The man had short brown hair, brown eyes, and his smooth unblemished skin was a healthy reddish brown. In fact, he didn't look too much older than Soren. He was an adult, but just barely by Soren's guess. He must have done something impressive to earn his position then. Maybe he had very strong pokemon

"I don't know, if you get hurt, I'll be in big trouble..." Linton replied, crossing his arms and thinking hard. "Plus, you could get sick running around in the rain. Wouldn't you rather enjoy a nice day off?"

Rainy days were a special sort of blessing to the workers on the farm. Since the rain did the job of watering the crops and made it unsafe to perform many other chores, it gave the workers a much needed rest. They'd still harvest what needed to be harvested and tend to the needs of the farm pokemon, but there would be no sowing, hoeing, or weeding done today. Unless the workers chose to take on extra work by volunteering elsewhere in the city (there were plenty of jobs that didn't get days off do to inclement weather), they could perform the few chores still necessary and spend the rest of the day napping or playing. Normally, Soren would take the opportunity presented by a rainy day to run off and explore the city or play games with his pokemon. However, Ambassador Aster had told him that training was very important, and Soren realized that he might not often get a chance to train his pokemon all day or in the rain.

"Defending the farm is part of my job," Soren replied puffing his chest out a bit in an effort to look bigger and stronger. "And Ambassador Aster says we should train our pokemon in all types of conditions. Even in the rain. How's this? I'll just take care of the little pests. I'll come get you or call for help if I see anything big and scary that my pokemon and I can't handle ourselves."

"Hmm..." Linton considered the eager teenager a bit longer, "I suppose that's fine. But don't get in over your head. Call me before you or anyone else gets hurt. It's not just you I'm worried about. There are plenty of other workers here that I'm responsible for, you know."

"Yes sir! I promise!" Soren gave the man a joyful little salute before he hurried off to the barn to get his pokemon.

In her stall, Genesis, his girafarig was just waking up. Curled up beside her was the golden fluff ball that was Nimbus, Soren's mareep. "Good morning!" Soren greeted the pokemon as he quickly brought them both some breakfast and water. "Today we have a very important job to do! We're going to look for any pest pokemon on the farm and chase them away! You two will get to help me."

Rain droplets pattering against the roof of the barn could be heard as well as the sound of mudbray joyfully braying in the distance. The mudbray had already left for the field. They'd been watching the sky all day yesterday, hoping and praying for rain. Rain meant a day off for them as well, but it was more than that. It meant a day of bliss. They trotted through the fields, splashing in the mud. They chased each other and splattered each other. Nothing made them happier than a day of rain and mud, and as long as they didn't harm the crops, the humans on the farm were satisfied to let them play.
May 15 2018, 03:12 AM
[[Takes place directly following Try Everything]]
[[Development goals are to gain loyalty and experience for all pokemon involved]]
[[Two Crater City residents training on the field without a (paid) professional]]

Soren hurried to finish up his work as quickly as possible. Luckily, he seemed to be growing more skilled at handling Genesis. Either that or she was learning to better anticipate what he wanted and identify his verbal and body language. It was probably a combination of both, but for whatever reason the second half of the day passed much more easily than the first. It helped also that the cart became lighter and lighter the more deliveries that they made. The sun was beginning to set as they headed back to the farm, and Genesis and Soren both felt almost cheerful. Soren could hardly wait to meet up with the ambassador so that he could learn more about how to train and care for his pokemon. Genesis, however, just wanted to have her tack removed so that she could eat, rest, and relax.

As soon as Soren got Genesis home and into the barn, he scrambled to undo all of the straps and fasteners. Once free, Genesis gave a deep sigh of relief and shook her body all over, sending up a cloud of dust that had collected in her hair from being on Crater City's roads all day. Soren sneezed and put the tack away. "You need a good brush, but we don't have time right now. We need to hurry so that we can meet with the ambassador for training." Soren told her as she watched him expectantly.

She personally had no interest in training after she'd already worked hard all day. She'd only told him that she wanted to train because she'd thought it would make him take her tack off sooner. All she wanted to do now was sleep and eat. Genesis tapped her empty food barrel with a hoof and looked at the boy. "We'll have to eat on the go today, girl. I'm hungry too." Soren told her as he began stuffing his bag with carrots and apples for her to eat later. They'd had to skip lunch since they'd started off so far behind. He'd need to feed Cumulonimbus too. His mareep hadn't been out of his pokeball all day.

Soren had been torn about whether it was a better idea to keep his mareep in his pokeball while he and Genesis worked or if he should let the mareep out and leave him on the farm. Having the lamb out of his pokeball and trying to follow them in the crowded, dusty streets as they worked seemed like a serious hazard. However, Nimbus was so young that Soren was afraid of what he'd get up to even in a relatively safe place like the farm without supervision. Thus, Soren had opted to carry the mareep along even if it made him feel guilty that he hadn't had time to play with him. He packed even more carrots and apples and a couple of berries too for treats.

Genesis didn't like the way Soren was behaving, and she didn't intend to cooperate with this madness. He called her when he went to leave the barn, but she stayed in her stall. She laid down, and when Soren came to check why she wasn't following, she pretended to be asleep. Soren was just as tired as she was though, and he didn't have patience for this. He simply tapped the button on Genesis's pokeball so that she was sucked inside. She didn't have to walk if she wanted a short rest, but he wasn't going to miss training tonight.

Soren quickly ran inside the farmhouse and grabbed a large chunk of cornbread made with vegetables and herbs that he found on the counter. The other workers, including Soren's father were gathered around on a blanket on the floor where they normally sat together for their evening meals.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Ivka demanded, shooting Soren a glare.

"I have to go! I told Ambassador Aster that I was going to meet with him to train my pokemon." Soren explained. The others regarded him with wide eyes. His father looked surprised, but he didn't comment.

"Oh, you're so full of it!" Ivka accused, but instead of retaliating verbally, Soren looked at her with his eyes crossed and his tongue hanging out grotesquely before bolting right back out the door with his stolen prize.

Now all he had to do was skip on back to the ambassador's house. Hopefully he'd still be waiting, but if not he'd already told Soren where to find him. Before he left the farm though, he passed Ivka's personal flower garden. The spring had brought up a riot of colorful blossoms. Soren briefly looked left and right to see if anyone was watching him, and finding himself unattended, pulled out his bone knife. He cut the stems of a few flowers, lilies, gaillardias, queen of the prairie, black eyed susans, daisies, and lupines. They were the kind of flowers that grew like wild weeds on the plain, but Soren thought they were beautiful anyway. Once he'd arranged what he thought was a passable bouquet, he ran off through the farm's gate.

By the time he reached the ambassador's house, the sun was low in the sky casting everything in hues of deep lavender but for an orange glow to the west.

May 13 2018, 11:53 PM
[[Development goals are to further the personal plot of Soren's character.]]

Soren was, as usual, the last one in the barn tonight. He dawdled on purpose because he enjoyed having these quiet moments with just himself and his pokemon. He expected that his dad must feel the same way about when he took care of Destiny. There was something therapeutic about the ritual of cleaning Genesis's stall, bringing her food and water, and cleaning her hooves and coat. It was relaxing for her too, and it was an experience that she'd learned to look forward to at the end of every day. No matter where they went or what they did, if she'd had to fight, pull awful heavy carts of goods, or help Soren with menial farm tasks, she knew that the day would end with food, comfort, and safety in her own little space.

It was night, and the barn was dark except for the dim yellow light of his lantern. Soren was cleaning up, and he took the lantern with him as he did a brief final check on each of the pokemon in the barn. However, tonight as he reached Destiny's stall, he noticed something strange. There appeared to be a hole in the far back corner of Destiny's stall. That could be a hazard. If the Sawsbuck accidentally put a hoof in it, she could hurt her leg. Soren was surprised that his father hadn't seen it first and corrected it already. He was always so diligent about taking care of the sawsbuck that had once been his lover's old starter. Destiny had belonged to Soren's late mother, and his father had taken care of her ever since her trainer died giving birth to Soren.

Destiny was lying comfortably in the straw of her stall with her legs folded beneath her, but she looked up sharply as Soren entered. "Hey, girl. I'm just going to do something about that hole so that you don't get hurt, okay?" Destiny was the strongest pokemon on the entire farm, and she had the potential to be a dangerous threat if she wanted to be. However, ever since her original trainer died, she didn't seem to have the spirit for any activity let alone fighting or training. She obeyed the commands of Soren's father, Gaspar, but without orders she rarely even came out of her stall. Even her looking up as Soren came close was a bit unusual for her.

Genesis was in the stall right across from Destiny, and her ears pricked up as Soren entered her stall. She came out and tried to follow Soren, but Destiny actually stood up as she approached. "Stop," Destiny snorted, raising her tail.

Genesis obeyed, stunned to hear the older pokemon speak. She'd never heard the sawsbuck talk. "Why? I just want to see what he's doing." Genesis said innocently, angling her head to try and see Soren around the larger pokemon.

"He's family." Destiny replied, stomping one foot threateningly. "You're not."

This exchange between the pokemon distracted Soren from his task for a moment. He couldn't tell what they were saying, but he'd never seen Destiny behave aggressively to anyone before and he couldn't help being concerned. "It's okay, Destiny. You know Genesis. You two be nice." He told them. He watched until he saw Genesis rather sullenly take a step back and Destiny laid back down.

Well that was weird, Soren thought as he got down on his knees in front of the hole. He intended to just push some dirt into it to even the ground out, but closer inspection showed that there was actually something inside. He reached one hand inside until his hand made contact with some sort of cloth. The boy gripped the object and pulled it out. It looked like some kind of bag made of a course and sturdy material. It was dirty, but Soren thought that when it was clean it was supposed to be a vivacious pink color. It had a beautifly print all over it, and Soren brought the bag out and flattened it out in his lap. This was a pleasant little discovery, and he wouldn't fool himself into believing that the bag was here by accident. Someone had left it there, maybe they'd been hiding it. It was a clever space. Almost no one came into Destiny's stall except Gaspar, and he cared for her so thoroughly that it was never necessary for anyone else to look at her stall too closely. One could just brush the straw over the hole and no one would ever think to look at it too closely.

Ah, Daddy hid this here. It dawned on the boy, and he glanced back over at Destiny. That explained why the sawsbuck wouldn't let Genesis in either. He might have ordered her to guard this bag, but of course she wouldn't attack Soren. He set to inspecting the bag more closely. It had two straps and appeared to be intended to be carried on one's back. It had some fancy metal fasteners that Soren found could be pulled one way or another in order to open and close pockets. He could feel there was something inside, but before he checked that he wanted to learn as much as he could about the bag itself. The stains on the bag couldn't be identified with the naked eye, but Soren leaned over and gave the bag a good sniff. It smelled like dirt and straw, as one would expect from a bag buried in a pokemon stall, but there was also the faintest smell of...smoke? Definitely smoke, like from a fire.

Interesting, Soren thought though he couldn't figure out what that meant. Maybe this bag had been in a fire in the past or an explosion, but both of those seemed unlikely since the bag probably wouldn't survive it. Finally, he pulled on the metal fasteners and opened the bag up. The first object he found was a book with a cover that was hard, light, and nearly as smooth as glass. On the cover was a brown cheerful image of a buneary. It appeared welcoming and unlike the bag itself, it seemed clean but quite worn.

Opening the book, Soren found pages of lined paper. Paper was almost unheard of in Terrene. The only time Soren had seen paper was when some of the new immigrants that came to the farm brought them over from the other world. "Oooh..." Soren groaned as he leaned back on his heels. This bag and possilby all of its contents were from the other world. He didn't think it had come through with his own father, and the next logical assumption was that these items came through with his mother. The back of the book was crammed with cloths on which words had been scribbled evidently once the paper pages ran out.

Flipping the book open, Soren found his assumption to quickly be confirmed.

Dear Diary,

Hi, my name is Summer Sharp, and I'm ten years old. I live in Sinnoh, and I just got my first pokemon today. Daddy gave me this diary as a birthday present, and he said that I should write all about the adventures I go on with my new pokemon. He's a turtwig, and I named him Tank.
Apr 30 2018, 07:32 PM
Sometimes I'm so tired when I'm trying to write posts that I accidentally produce some funny stuff. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So I thought maybe we could have a thread just to celebrate our most amusing literary errors. Feel free to add your own. This is a (mostly) judgement free thread. We will definitely laugh at you, but we won't think less of you for your mistakes.

" If humans were going to capture humans and make them live in boxes, the only decent thing for them to do was at least make sure that box was clean." From Brighter than the Sun Once again Soren, you're in the wrong dystopian rpg...
Apr 25 2018, 07:53 PM
Crater City was the second largest town in Terrene, and it was growing fast. The walls always needed to be repaired and built up. Meanwhile new citizens were waiting in tented camps while they worked on homes to shelter them. In addition to all of this, the dirt road that led between Crater City and Ashfield was being paved. It was going to be a glorious road (for at least half a mile anyway), testament to the power and wealth of Crater. People coming from Ashfield to Crater would walk along a firm stone path that would last for years after it was completed.

The completion of these tasks were of high importance and they would be accomplished even if it required some shifting of labor and increased wages. The workers on Soren’s farm were offered the option of helping and promised a significantly higher payment than they normally received for their farmwork. Soren was happy to sign up. The extra money and items would help him gather supplies that he could use to take care of his new pokemon, Genesis.

Ever since he'd captured the girafarig, the pokemon had become his pride and joy. Soren loved her more than he loved any human besides his own father. He wanted to take good care of her and keep her happy despite the fact that he was poor and he often had to ask her to help with difficult chores. Genesis was his best friend, so Soren wanted her to get the best possible care.

Besides that, it was often satisfying simply to leave the farm and try new experiences. Working in construction wasn't exactly a holiday, but at least it was something different. Soren loved learning, any kind of learning really. The joy of absorbing new information overshadowed the suffering of tedious labor. It was lucky for him that Genesis felt exactly the same way, or he would never get her to do anything.

For example, Genesis allowed Soren to put a halter on her today so that he could guide her with a lead rope. She wasn't a fan of the halter. It was, after all, a control device. It didn't take a genius pokemon to figure out that the straps around her nose and the rope were designed so that Soren could control her movements. She suspected that he was training her to walk close to him and follow his instructions. She was strong enough though to yank the rope from him if she wanted. She could fight and protest, and she suspected she could get her way. However, Soren might resort to putting her in a pokeball when he traveled instead, and Genesis wanted to be able to see the city. She didn't like the halter, but if wearing it meant she'd get to study humans close up, then she'd learn to tolerate it.

Today Soren had led her out of the farm and towards the city's main entrance where a long dirt path lead into the plain. Humans around this area were all sweating and breathing hard as they hauled rocks here and there. Many were bent or crouched on the ground, evidently applying smooth stones along the dirt road. What an odd behavior! What could be its purpose? Many of the humans had the same burn mark on their foreheads as Soren, and Genesis still hadn't figured out what that meant or where the burn came from. Humans were such mysterious creatures.

Soren led Genesis over to a man holding a scroll of cloth who appeared to be overseeing the work. "Excuse me, sir" Soren yelled so that he could be heard above the din of banging and clanging construction. Once he had the man's attention, he gave a friendly smile. It was not returned. The human with the scroll simply lifted an eyebrow as he waited for Soren to hurry up and say what he wanted. "Sir, my name is Soren Kolton. This is my pokemon, Genesis. We're reporting for road construction duty, sir."

The man looked down at his scroll and nodded before making a check on it with an inked quill. "A bit smaller than I expected, but I suppose you'll do. We need all the hands we can get." He looked over his scroll of writing cloth to give Soren a look of disdain. "Even very little hands."

Soren swallowed nervously but forced his polite smile nevertheless. He glanced up at Genesis, and the girafarig looked back at him. Then the two of them waited for further instructions.

757 words
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