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March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Yesterday at 09:54 pm
Once more, one of her fingers found its way into her mouth from one of the afflicted wounds that the blasted Pokemon had given her. The young woman had opted to take off her boots, placing them next to the edge of the small creek she had found a few hundred feet away from the outskirts of the village. Oh, Trouble could at least look a little bit ashamed! Vertigo scowled at the scratches and bites on her fingers, carefully running them around her ankles and heels.

With a sigh, she warily eyed the creek and scowled at Trouble, who merely ignored her and stuck his nose in a nearby bush. He was sniffing pretty intensely, so she didn't know whether if he was scoping out the area in an effort to be apologetic or seeking for the next berry to add to their small collection. The young woman dipped her first finger into the water, testing to see if it was salt water from the nearby beach.

A brief scowl flitted across her face as she recalled the most recent 'adventure' she had had with the blasted Aron. He constantly went head-first into things, choosing to be reckless and throw everything to the wind! Why couldn't he stop for a minute and think things through? Why couldn't he make a plan? Oh, it was aggravating! The young woman ran her fingers across her heavily pocketed pants, searching for the zipper beneath her knees.

Within a few moments, she placed the lower legs of her pants on top of her bag and rolled the pieces of cloth on her feet. Carefully walking into the creek, she hissed at how cold the water was. She'd need to be quick or she would get really sick. With the rag she had stolen from inside a person's house, she dipped it in the water and scrubbed at the wounds heavily. Almost immediately, she hopped out of the creek and shoved her socks back on, the bottom half of the pants being reattached in record speed.

Okay. Much better. Vertigo removed her hoodie, staring at the water contemplatively. I could use a good wash as well, she thought contemplatively, before dipping the rag once more into the clear, rapidly rushing river. The cold splash of water to her face was shocking and woke the young woman up almost immediately, clearing her mind from any last dregs of fog.

Rapidly scrubbing her arms and face, she dipped the cloth in the creek again and rapidly scrubbed the stench away from underneat her apartments. Panting, she turned to glare at the Aron, who was nibbling on a bare branch and looking utterly bored. He could be useful for once! Muttering under her breath, the female yanked the hoodie back over her head and let out a reluctant sigh of relief.

The young woman sat next to her bag, rummaging through it for the two hunks of stale bread, cheese and berry salad she had stolen from a food stall. Vertigo hadn't eaten since dawn, so it would probably be good to get something in her stomach. She could feel it cramping painfully, even as she offered the other piece of bread up to her companion.
Feb 21 2018, 02:15 PM
It was surprisingly cold on the mountain, hence why Vertigo had chosen to keep Trouble in his Pokeball. Oh, that had been quite the day. She had spent all of eight hours chasing the blasted armored Pokemon around the base of the mountain just trying to get him into his poke-ball. Finally, gasping and lacking the stamina to go forth, she had decided to just leave it for the night and rest.

The black-haired young woman had tried explaining to the Pokemon that it was necessary for him to be in the poke-ball, but he had refused to be pulled into the blasted thing. Vertigo winced at the next thought: Trouble wouldn't exactly be pleased when he was let out again. In fact, he'd probably try to bite her fingers and toes, while nipping at her heels.

No, she wasn't looking forward to that. However, there was one moment when she stumbled on Omega's camp and had immediately been pounced on by the crazed scientist. From his ramblings, she had vaguely made out that there was a cave nearby and he wanted her to go in and find a bunch of metal. ..Metal? That instantly reminded her that Aron was still in his poke-ball.

A chill shivered down her spine as she faced the dark entrance of one of the nearby caves. Well, she might as well give it a go.

Feb 20 2018, 10:15 PM
Vertigo knew when Trouble bit into her finger or nipped at her ankle again that the little Pokemon wanted something. Most likely it was his attempts to get her to free him. Despite their lack of affection for each other, the Aron was actually quite good company when he wanted to be. At least he was there when she got strangely weepy whenever she stared at the ring on her left hand for awhile.

As the young woman peered blearily around her white surroundings, she involuntarily shivered at the cold. Why couldn't it get warmer around here? Vertigo wanted heat and warmth, something that she could use to her own benefit. While the snow was on the ground here and the chill was in the air, Vertigo often had trouble falling asleep.

The dark-haired woman actually hissed at Trouble as she rubbed at her eyes, idly sucking on her wounded finger. The blasted white-shelled creature grumbled, cuddling into the warmth that Vertigo gave off. Despite their rocky beginnings, the young woman was a remarkably good cuddler and ran way too hot.

"Like I've said before," Vertigo grumbled, her voice raspy and her hair all messed up from where she slept at the side of one of the abandoned buildings, covered by a large blanket that she had stolen from someone's house while they were out. "You're too much trouble for me." She let out an irritated groan, stretching upwards and cracking out the kinks on her elbows and fingers.

As she stretched, Vertigo couldn't help but feel remarkably delirious and dizzy from doing it.
Feb 16 2018, 08:25 PM
[intended for a loyalty gain]

The look on Vertigo's face as she teleported in was utterly blank, her dark eyes staring at her surroundings with a certain lack of emotion that could be alarming to some people. Even as she just stared at the snowy white landscape, the young woman's mind was working furiously. What the hell just happened? Why did she feel like she was forgetting something particularly important?

Stretching out her arms experimentally, the female could feel her elbows creaking and crackign slightly as she moved her unfathomable gaze to stare at both of her hands. The light from the sun glinted off of something on her left hand, and as she brought it closer to peer at it with a faint tinge of curiosity to her face, the twenty-three year old could make out a steel band on her left fourth finger.

A stab of pain and immense sadness washed over her as she stared at it, making Vertigo's mouth twitch down into a frown. Why did she feel this way? It was confusing. "What the hell?" she murmured softly, straining her memory in an effort to remember... anything. Anything. Anything at all. Her vision flashed white, pain rocketing through her skull as she strained a little too far. "Ugh, not pleasant." she muttered under her breath.

She tilted her head slightly, squinting up at the sky and mumbling irritably. "I know my name's Vertigo and that I'm... twenty-three." the black-haired young woman stared blankly at a tree, trying to determine what else she knew. Apparently, she had her basic functions still. Her name and age. What else? What else? Um... she knew those were trees. And that the bird staring back at her on a branch was a Pidgey. Not to mention she knew that the little grey envelope sitting innocently on the ground nearby was made of new cloth.

Feb 2 2018, 08:24 PM

want to make a comic or something of Terrene? post it here
totally didn't get this idea from kaien
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