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Feb 18 2018, 10:58 PM
The voice of the crowds were carried by the wind as the last two contestants left the frozen lake. A small smile tug on Andrew lip when the excited chirps of Adanna drown them out. It look like all of his dance training with Adanna would be put on the test today. A small tug at his skates confirm that he was ready to start as soon they where announce. Grabbing the paper fans from his pocket, he lead the way to the ice edge.

/Act One/

With the voice of the announcer called out, both of them glide out to the middle of the ice ring and turn to face the judge. With a small bow, Andrew stood still with both of his fan close while Adanna stood in front of him with her wing close against her body. On an unheard single they both started to flow into motions. Both the fan like wing of Adanna and the paper fan of Andrew open up to hid their face, their seconds lay flat above chest level and slowly move across their chest to be outstretch away from them open wide. With a snap Andrew close both fans and spun around in a corkscrew, Adanna following his lead, both stopping in a crouch, wings and arm cross over there chest with fan open on either side of them.

/Act Two/

They didn't stay there long, they were both moving forward with a slight push of their legs. Just before they hit the edge of the ring, they split and cross each other, going to each side of the ring. There they stop parallel to each other, turning to face one of another with their hands stretch to the other side, showing their respected fans to each other. Without missing an beat, both started to flow, mirroring each other from their respected side of the ice. With their hand in front, they moved their fans upwards above their heads with three small taps of the ice, they then lower one to chest level before snapping it closed.

/Act Three/

With an close fan over heart and an second open one above the head, Andrew closed his eyes and breath deeply, trying to remember the pose Adanna made him copy over the months. The open fan fall down his stretch out arms to his side. The close fan crease across his chest down his arm before opening once more when it reach his palm. He move them both forward, keeping both of his arms stretch out, to across his body to the other side. He brought one fan up his arm, closing it when it reach his shoulder. The second was brought up to cover his face, and with his eye open he saw that he was back to the center facing Adanna. With a small smile, they both turn to the judge and bow before leaving the ice.
Jan 11 2018, 10:34 PM
Dusk hated standing next to his Father, it not the people, it not what was happening, no it because he needed to smile. Starring at the grieving family without showing emotions was hard, smiled or frown and you be disrespecting the family, the dead and the spirits. "...send Dick off to a peaceful afterlife. Where he no longer..." He stance was noticeable straighter, the weight in his hand gotten much more heavier. His role in this was about to come along, it simple but so important to the right people. "Death is in all forms, and it leave it mark in both bad and good. Before we leave, we have a final gift from the fallen. Dusk?"

It was time, with a light heart inspirit of the heavy air, Dusk slowly left his from his father side. He pass the crying sisters, the sorrowful brother. He offer them no sympathy, it wasn't he place. No that trial is on their own shoulders, and that of their family. Finally he stood tall in front of the parents of the dearly departed. Both live a harsh life, used to the danger of Terrene and the price it cost. It shows that it not the first time they lost someone, both stone face all through out the service, yet every now of then the mother let lose a tear and the father eye water.

"As the body pass, and life fade away, your memories linger. Yet in time memories fade, and when such a day come," Dusk spoke softly, unwrapping the cloth in his hand to revel a unfinished wooden craving, It was soak in water, slightly fracture from spending week underwater, yet still recognizable to the family. "This shell remind you of the one you lost. Of the good days you have and the loved he brought to you." The service finished after he handed it to the Father, "Rest in peace, Dick Mason."

Later that night he was resting at the camp site outside of the town proper. While a few had offer to let them stay, fewer for free, his Father decided to camp outside instead. He felt drain from all the services they had perform today. Apparently there was a swarm of deadly fish earlier this month, and as their main food source is fishing, there was a lot of death. It did't help that after Mason death, the death rate increase because of his ghost type. But he shouldn't speak ill of the dead, and try to bring his thoughts in a difference direction. Like why was his father, Victor, was smiling like an idiot and what is in that basket.

"Dad? Wha-AHHHH!" He started to ask before he was trap in the tentacles of Lucy, the Jillicent brought him up to his father. "Hello son! I have the most wonderful news!" He shouted at him, a flash of red show that his mother Gengar was hiding within him. "Little Dawn had perform her first service! Which mean you can now go one you journey!" Oh, oh no. Dust knows actually where this was going, and doesn't like it one bit. "Oh?" It it was posible, his father smile got even wider. He blame Soul, the Gengar always enhance his father to this state. "Look like you know what that means after all! Good!"

When he wake up, the moon was high in the sky looking down at him. The weight of a Pokeball was on he chest, telling him that his fear was true. A sigh escape him, sounding something more fitting to someone that had given up to living. "Damn it dad, i didn't thought you would actually do it." It was a small comfort that he know his father wouldn't truly abandon him, mainly just leave alone under the watch of his team of ghost. There no point in fighting it, he was "alone" til either sunrised or he find a partner. "Let's get going I guess."
Jan 11 2018, 04:47 PM
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Making An Example [starter]<br>
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Jan 8 2018, 09:39 PM
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<div class="simpappname">Dusk Daemon Banette</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">20 - Male - Heterosexual</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">Appearance</div>
Dusk is a tall man that stood a tall five feet and eleven inches, Being surrounded by ghost and the cold and dark they bring turn his skin into an unhealthy pale color. He keep his brown hair short, just enough to cover his forehead. The most shocking thing about him was the color of his eyes, the color of which was a fine light blue-grey. From a far enough distance, it almost look like they where white, which mix with his family reputation lead to some unflattering rumors. As tradition in his family, he has a small memento of his grandparents, the top half of a broken pokeball that he turn into a necklace.
Due to the countless of ghost types surrounding the Banette family house, Dusk grown up in constantly gloomy home. His clothing reflect that fact, as he prefer to wear cool and dark colors found on ghost pokemon. His main outfit consists of a light violet clock that stop just above his knees. Hiding underneath it is a short sleeve pale blue t-shirt, there a small design of a shuppet floating across his chest. Below his waist are some traveling pants being hold up by some string. A touch of mud and dirt are usually on his legging and boots, hinting at his family job.

<div class="simpappdesc">Personality</div>
Being isolated from a young age turned Dusk into a quite person. While not antisocial, he doesn't look for interactions but does enjoy them when they happen. While he wish that the world was fair and safe, growing up helping burying the fallen and learning their stories have given him a darker view. This view in turn develop a sense of dark humor, which was greatly influence by the ghost type that surround him.
While he is used to death, and not afraid of his own, does not mean that he undervalues life. He deeply understand it, and knows that losing a single life is a great deal. So he hate those who take it with out a good reason to. Unlike other who shy away from the more dangerous breeds of pokemon, he is more incline to them and see them as misjudge. He wish that one day the view on them would change to something less fearful and more respected.

<div class="simpappdesc">History</div>
Dusk Daemon is the oldest son of the Banette family, who are know for their association with ghost type pokemon. The Banette family are one of the luckily few families that are able to brag about how they were able to survive three generations. Showing up around the time of when the first house in Ashfeild was being built, they created roots in nearly every town. They where first outcasted, as their founder had a ghost for a companion. They started to heal from those rumor when they followed Beta to build Crater. During the years after they took care of the dead of the sorrowfully passed in hope that they won't come back as ghost.
Dusk is the first child born in the third generation, the first to be born in Crater, and is expected to inherit the family business. Growing up under the Banette household isolate him from other children, either by their parents or by their own fears. Seeking some form of friendship lead him to the ghost that are attracted to the small grave yard that his family take care of. Influence by them, he spent most of his time under their care learning about them and his family life style. By the time he was eight, he was helping his father with his duties while at home. During the late winter and early spring, they would travel the town performing last rites.
One his eighteen birthday, he was given permission to go on his own travel across the land of Terrene as soon as his younger sibling were old enough to take over his duties. With two years to go til they where, Dusk began to plan out his travel and learn some skill that would keep him alive. When the time come for him to go out on his own, he was with his father preforming last rite at Oasis. Planing to leave start there, he was given a ball and went to find a starter the night of.

<div class="simpappdesc"> AjSol - Pacific Time Zone - He, Him</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
Dec 3 2017, 10:59 PM
Egg 16

"What do you mean that the cart wheel is broken!" A young lady, a daughter to a Deacon, yelled out to the peace officer that was driving the cart. She was getting agitated with him, and look like she was a step away from hurting him. Luckily for the driver, his partner was trying to calm her down before she attempted to hurt him. It wasn't going too well, but it at least make for an amusing sight Andrew decided as he climbed down from the wagon. Though he did winch when she started to threaten to send them to her father.

His eyes landed on the broken wheel, a good portion of it was damaged from a hole in the road. Say hole was being slowly flied by the driver Zebstrika so that it won't cause more incidents to a later cart. Unfortunately that was the spare wheel for the cart, their first one was broken on the was to Ashfeild. Lucky they where the third cart in a company of ten, so they could get a new wheel from the next cart. But until then they had to wait, as each cart had to leave at different times due to a herd of Pokemon in the area.

The next cart was believed to come by around noon and from what he could see from the sun it barley ten o'clock. Two more hours til then, the peace officers say they could explored around the area, so Andrew was going to take chance and stretch his legs. He recognized the area from when he was originally traveling to Crater, and knows that there a clearing near by to let his girls out. He can also introduced them to the new egg, especially Cornelia and Gavivi who haven't seen an egg before.

He was slight worried about it, as they were still hatchling themselves. It doesn't help that the child will be born blind, and would need most of his attention after it was born. The other two might think he was abandoning them for the newborn, something that would hurt them more so as both seen him as a parent. Hopefully the other girls will be there for them, and he will need to ask Lillian to keep a good eye on them. More then once Andrew found himself thanking whoever was watching over him that he had his starter, no matter what quirks she had.

Speaking of Lillian, Andrew felt her tugging on his pants, look like it was time to get going. "Hey! I know a clearing near here, anyone want to come?"

"It is better then waiting around here." "We can do an early lunch Miss Rose." The others two members of the wagon responded. Normally he would just leave, but then it would be breaking the deal he had made to get a ride to and from Ashfeild. In return for the ride, he would be an extra body guard to Miss Rose. Who apparently recognized him from the Crater tournament and wanted to meet him. Or rather meet Gavivi and Sovanna, who species she hasn't seem before. The other two where also "personal" invite of the girl, a seamstress who had a friendship with the girl and the girl caretaker.

Leaving behind both of the peace officer to wait by the cart, he lead the group to the clearing he know was there. This was after his companions loaded him up with the needed things to make a picnic spot. It didn't took them too long to reach it, and his past experience sorely help out when it came to build the fire. He actually had to stop himself form reaching for a tent that wasn't there. With the fire roaring, the Caretaker, a Miss Sera, started to make them all lunch. In the mean time both Miss Rose and Mrs. Wanger started to talk about the sight they seen in Ashfeild.

Seeing that he had the chance to leave, Andrew took the time to sneak further away from them to the other side. His sense of duty keep him from leaving sight fully, but he is clearly too far away to hear them or vice versa. With that small comfort in mind, he slowly begin to let out his girls one by one.

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