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winter will be here until
March. Aside from the western Great Forest, which is too warm, and the Desert Strip, which is too dry, snow begins to fall across the region. The chill of the season has just about every area firmly in its grasp. Ice and Dark types become more common as the temperature drops and the daylight fades.







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Today at 12:35 pm
Below is a list of locations available on Terrene and inside each of them - a list of characters that are currently in said location. This is for the sake of keeping track who is where to make plotting a little easier. Hopefully, someone will find this helpful!
Keep in mind that sometimes seasonal events allow characters to meet in event areas, allowing interaction even if characters are normally in different locations.

I will try to keep it up to date with my best knowledge. Other people with editing powers, you are also free to update the list when you know a character had changed locations or entered the world. If a character is traveling, include that as well! The list is in alphabetical order.
If you can't edit the post, you are also free to post here to let us know something needs edit and either I or another bored staff member will make the changes and delete the post to keep the thread clean.

This thread can also be used as an open threads/looking for quick plots kinda thing, so make yourselves comfortable!

I might add some coding here at some point to make it look prettier, suggestions are welcome. xD I tried to include all characters that have participated in threads in the recent months, but I probably skipped someone, so... Let me know if I did!

Desert strip (Oasis village)
Arshia Heera ◒ Kaien
Blue Skies ◒ Bestbella
Dusk Daemon Banette ◒ Ajsol

Rolling mountains (Omega's camp)
Gabriel ◒ Kira

Lion's plains (Crater City)
Andrew Sol ◒ Ajsol
Ivan ◒ Shasyu
Jillian Cole ◒ Rissi
Zahir Das ◒ Jani

Great forest, west (Ashfield city)
Aimess Baskerville ◒ Desklamp
Alic Eron ◒ Blackbird
Bijou ◒ Tere
Cade Lucian Flair ◒ SomeGuest
Cynth Petalburg ◒ Jani ◒ traveling to Crater
Jazzi ◒ Jupiter
Leona Isabelle Yeol ◒ Kaien
Nox ◒ Sev
Shae Jean Ledoux ◒ Kaien
Sonia Castell ◒ Rissi
Sebasten Mikaelic ◒ Blackbird
Victor Emerson ◒ Shasyu

Great forest, east (Forest beach village)
Cecilia Clark ◒ Amissa
Christi ◒ Ravenwing
Cynthia ◒ Rixie
Matthew Noble ◒ Kira
Vertigo ◒ Storm

Fairy island

Paradise island
Feb 22 2018, 03:27 PM
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<div class="stillvt">@Shasyu</div>
<div class="stillvn">Kaname [100%]<br>
Bebe [100%]<br>
Ares [100%]<br>
Tiro [100%]
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<div class="stillvp">

Their long and tiring journey came to a pleasant end. They reached the plateau and the splashing water of numerous ponds that surrounded the area invited them to relax. Of course, it was still winter and too cold to get into the water, but Sonia was delighted to be in such a beautiful place. She walked around the puddles, taking in the sights - both the ones nearby and the distant ones, visible from the top of the hill.

<p>Her Pokémon had been accompanying her outside of her pokéballs - the newly befriended Ekans. that she had decided to name Ares, had been sticking behind and was probably the happiest that they reached their destination. He rolled up on the ground, not wanting to hear another word about going anywhere for the next while. Bebe the Rattata was full of childish energy, as always, and already trying to get acquaintanced with the nearby ponds. Fortunately, Kaname was there to grab her with his ribbons, keeping her at a safe distance as if she was on a leash.

<p>The newest addition to Sonia's team was a Joltik named Tiro. The woman stood a few meters away from the plateau's edge, where she could get a good view on the forest they had just gone through. Her eyes were almost sparkling with happiness, as she was holding the bug up. "Can you believe it, Tiro? We've gone so far! Have you climbed so high before?"

<p>She looked away from the wonderful view for just a moment to look for Victor. "I'm sure glad I joined you here! It's so beautiful that I could stay here forever. I wish I had some way of... I don't know, getting a picture of his place. Maybe if I had something to draw with," she rambled on dreamingly, as the setting sun warmed her face. She smirked before adding, "Think they sell souvenirs somewhere around here?"
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Feb 18 2018, 04:18 PM
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<div class="gethurtn">NOTES</div><div class="gethurtnd">

Goal: story+ loyalty gains later on :D

</div></div><center><div class="gethurttri"></div></center></td><td valign="top"><div class="gethurtp">
The sun had already set when the wavy-haired woman stepped into the city. As she walked along what seemed to be a road, she soon found herself surrounded by brick buildings. She was looking around cautiously - there weren't as many people out at this time and those that were there usually minded their own business, talking between themselves and paying little mind to the confused visitor. The trainer no longer had someone to consult, as the rodent was snoring quietly, recovering her energy after the recent battle, while still rested on the woman's shoulder.

<p>She felt like asking for directions would be appropriate, but she didn't even know what she was looking for. Or who she was. Would she make a fool out of herself if she revealed that? She held back a groan. Not knowing anything and having to rely on others was a frustrating feeling she despised.

<p>The decision was eventually made for her when a middle-aged man of a large, muscular posture spotted her. For a moment he was watching her from afar: and as the woman walked uncertainly, with small hesitant steps accompanied by her head turning and analyzing every corner, she attracted his attention. He approached, with arms crossed behind his tall back, then stood in the woman's way, looking down at her with a stern expression.

<p>"Miss, you look like you are new to Crater city," he stated almost accusingly, as his gaze seemed to pierce through her analytically.

<p>The immigrant hesitated. This wasn't much of a question, but he was clearly waiting for an answer. From his serious expression and firm position, to his dark, elegant jacket, he looked like someone important. Someone she probably shouldn't mess with. At times likes this, it was her habit to give people the answer they wanted to hear, for the sake of being left alone and possibly getting a positive reaction that would allow her to act as she pleased. But what was the right answer? Was she not supposed to be in this city? It seemed unlikely that they would be giving her a welcoming party, but she couldn't lie her way through this one. She couldn't just pretend she was from this city if she didn't know it at all.

<p>She gave in, deciding to tell the truth. The worst that could happen would be her getting kicked out of the settlement, she judged.

<p>"That is correct. I came from... Outside, I suppose. I don't happen to remember anything from before I woke up outside of this city."

<p>A light smirk flashed on the man's face, much to her consternation. Naturally, she couldn't remember any cases of amnesia other than her own, but some core knowledge engraved in her mind was telling her that it wasn't a common occurrence. Why wasn't he surprised?

<p>"An immigrant then? You must be confused," he again stated his assumptions instead of asking a question. The woman bit her lower lip barely visibly, frustrated at this form of interviewing her and the fact that he was actually right. Some part of her wished he could just leave her alone, but it didn't seem like there was any escape at this point. Besides, she needed answers.

<p>"I'm not familiar with the term immigrant... Not in this context, that is. I don't know where I'm from or how I got here."
<p>"Immigrants come from another world and they are sent here by portal Gods. You are in luck, miss, because they chose to send you here, to Crater city, where you will be taken care of. Of course, nothing comes free, you will need to make yourself useful. Come, this is no place to talk. I'll take you somewhere where you can rest and I will explain what you need to know."

<p>She raised an eyebrow at how talk-active he had suddenly become. His voice was getting less stiff gradually, and by the time he promised to lead her somewhere else, the woman could sense a hint of enthusiasm. It felt like he was either genuinely happy to help or there was something in it for him. Or a mix of both. He turned and motioned at her to follow, but she wasn't convinced. Explanations sounded pretty great to her and this man's outfit and behavior implied he held some kind of a serious position, which meant he could really provide those. On the other hand, following a stranger who just seemed to want to help felt like some kind of a trap. If it wasn't for her Pokémon being tired from their not-so-peaceful walk outside of the city earlier that day, perhaps she could always fight back.
<p>He took a step forward, then waited for her, seeing that she was hesitating. His eyebrows lowered into a frown as he looked for the right words to encourage her. It was always better to solve things peacefully, he believed. After all, the position was called a Peace Officer.
<p>Salvation came suddenly, as a passing by pair, a man and a woman in their forties, lowered their heads in a bow. "Good evening, officer. Work is done for the day."

<p>The one called an "officer" turned his attention to them, returning the polite gesture. The immigrant watched the two walk away, minding their own business as they sunk back into their own conversation. What intrigued her, however, were the matching symbols on their foreheads... Like tattoos. A strange fashion choice, the woman determined, brushing the issue aside, and finally choosing to play along. Perhaps this man wasn't a criminal if passers-by on the street greeted him and titled him an officer.

<p>The man led her along the streets, smiling proudly and checking up on her over his shoulder every now and then. She was keeping quiet as she followed obediently, with stiff shoulders and alert gaze, contrasting sharply with the fully relaxed Pachirisu she was carrying. He could tell that she was uncomfortable, but his mind was focused on his success: a task being done well.

<p>Multiple scenarios played out in the immigrant's head and there was not enough information to judge any of them as particularly likely. All she knew was that apparently, her situation wasn't all that special and that she wasn't necessarily getting herself killed by following this man's orders. They only walked for a few minutes, but the same situation repeated: people greeted this officer as they passed him. She was thinking that he was either well known or people here lived in a fairly close-knit community.

<p>Eventually they stopped by one of the many brick buildings that seemed hardly different from the others they had passed. Perhaps a little bigger. He held the door open for her and she soon found herself in a spacious room with sparse furniture and decorations. What really stood out was a wide closet on the opposite end by a staircase leading up, two desks on the side of the room and a rectangular table with chairs in the center. There were various items scattered around the surfaces of the tables: sheets of cloth, feathers, a bottle of ink. A shiver ran down her spine as a reaction to the simple, bare-looking location. It didn't look inviting in the slightest. There was a couple of people inside, sat by either the table or the desks, of mixed age and genders. As the two entered, they raised their heads to glance at the newly arrived, then greeted the immigrant's companion without much interest, before returning to their duties. Interestingly, they all wore jackets similar to this officer's, and none had the markings on their foreheads.

<p>"There we go. Have a seat... Ah, I haven't asked your name. Do you happen to remember it?"

<p>A chair by the table in the center was pointed to her and she cautiously sat down. Primrose's ears twitched as if the sudden change of pace bothered her, but she didn't wake up. Or at the very least, she kept her eyes closed.

<p>"No, sir. I will make it easier and state right away that I remember close to nothing," she answered bitterly, frustrated at her own situation. If she had to be completely honest, she actually remembered nothing, but stating it this way allowed her to manipulate the truth... if there was a need.

<p>"I understand. You have the freedom to choose your own name then," the man who had led her here sat opposite of her. His tone sounded so casual about this that he could as well be letting her choose her favorite tea. "Do you have anything in mind?"

<p>The thought of naming herself just like she had named her Pokémon crossed her mind, but she had been dismissing it. For one, she didn't have that much of a need for a name - in the Pokémon's case, she had required a way to tell them apart and make them react to her. Besides, it seemed like an important choice and after coming up with two names that day, she was already blanking on a name for the armadillo. But when he asked the question... She reached for the book she had arrived with and slid it across the table.

<p>"Nothing in particular, but I could get inspiration from this. If only I could read."

<p>A short snicker escaped his mouth as he grabbed the book. He glanced at the cover, then looked at her. She could see that his eyes wandered off to Primrose - she was just like the Pokémon on the cover. As of then, it seemed like a funny coincidence.

<p>"The author's name is Jillian Cole. Does that sound familiar to you?"

<p>She repeated the name in her thoughts a few times. It had a good ring to it, but did it really remind her of anything? Considering that she had the book with her, it probably should, but there wasn't little she could do with lost memories.

<p>"Not really, but I'm willing to accept anything, if that makes your job easier," she answered, noticing that the man had pulled a writing set closer in preparation to take some notes. He nodded in confirmation, writing down some mysterious symbols that could as well be letters for all she knew. Jillian Cole. She doubted that she was the author of the book, but it was about the only clue to her identity or past life. It would do.

<p>"Very well, miss Jillian. You can call me Luke. As I've mentioned, we are in Crater city, ruled by Beta. Everyone here has their purpose and contributes to our city's prosperity. You work hard and you are awarded for what you do, it is a fair system."

<p>The talk-active side stuck again. His green eyes seemed to sparkle as he spoke. Jillian was starting to believe that he was simply enthusiastic about talking about this city. So far, she didn't share the sentiment - she didn't have much of a reason to care. There were other issues on her mind.

<p>"That sounds interesting," she agreed dismissively. "But I am a little curious about why I am here and what is going on. You could say I'm a little lost... And therefore, probably not in a position to help your city."

<p>"Nonsense. Everyone has a place here in Crater," Luke sounded proud. Jillian had to hold back the need to roll her eyes. Fortunately, he moved on from the topic of the city, "We don't know much about the old world. But we know that the legendaries bring people here. The land is called Terrene and there are other settlements, but Crater city is the most advanced. You are truly lucky to be brought here."

<p>He watched her reaction, but her face didn't shift into an expression of awe as he had expected. Instead, Jillian simply nodded in confirmation. "And the memory loss? It does bother me a little. I had a Pokémon with me, too, but I don't know even know what the species is called. I feel like I had never met her before today."

<p>Luke wrapped his fingers together thoughtfully. "It is natural. Nobody remembers much, maybe except Beta. But he was chosen by the gods, so we cannot really compete with that," he grinned, as if expecting her to laugh, but Jillian's face remained still as she waited for him to continue. "People arrive here not knowing who they are and with newly assigned Pokémon partners. So there isn't much to worry about. I trust that answers your questions."

<p>He again stated her feelings for her. It was starting to get on Jillian's nerves. And this time he guessed wrong. Her mind was still a fuzzy mess and she was uncomfortable with this situation as a whole. She couldn't place her concerns into words, though - not words that would matter, anyway. She let him go on.

<p>"We will proceed with making you an official citizen of Crater city," Luke announced, the shadow of the earlier grin disappearing. He was back to the original, stern expression. With his optimistic words and barely contained enthusiasm, Jillian was starting to assume that this was only a mask. All in all, he looked to be around her age. Perhaps he was new to his position?

<p>"If you insist. But as I have said, I not convinced of my ability to serve this city. I would likely appreciate getting some time to rest and look around," she chose her words carefully, estimating if she would be able to convince him to let her about this her way. She appreciated the introduction, but in the end, she preferred to take things slowly and cautiously. She felt like she was being dragged into something.

<p>Luke stared at her silently as the other officers in the room approached. Jillian's heart skipped a beat. Was this the dark turn she had been dreading? Was it too late to run? She bolted up, so suddenly that Primrose finally lost balance and her safe haven and fell down onto the table. The Pachirisu rolled once before she landed in a sitting position, with an expression of shock. Her beady eyes ran around the faces in the room. The strangers were gathering in a circle around them, towering over her tiny body. Even sitting on the table didn't give her an advantage. She felt her hair standing up as she slowly retreated closed to Jillian. The woman leaned on the table, letting the squirrel press against her body for comfort.

<p>"Human, what is going on? Why did you bring me here?" a quiet, trembling voice asked. She felt betrayed, but at the same time, her only comfort in this unknown setting was the one human she already knew.

<p>"Don't resist. We have dealt with tougher ones," a woman in her forties, standing by Jillian's right, grabbed the immigrant's wrist so swiftly that she couldn't even think about fighting back. Her voice was cold and low-pitched and only contributed to the grave atmosphere.

<p>Jillian grabbed Primrose with her empty arm, holding her tight as she jumped backward, struggling to retreat. The others only watched silently as she fought against the tight grip of this one woman. She only managed a single step - the officer wouldn't let her take another, keeping her firmly in place. Jillian's face twisted into an angry grimace, her eyes darted sideways as she desperately tried to seek an escape route. She caught glimpse of Luke's face, looking down away from the scene. He couldn't help her.

<p>All of a sudden a Pokémon emerged from among the small crowd: a butterfly with white wings and large red eyes. It flew up to Jillian, flapping its wings slowly and gently, making for fluid movements. She hadn't noticed it before, and in this situation, she didn't feel like caring - but it was only a matter of milliseconds when the butterfly joined the scene and released yellow spores onto Jillian and Primrose. The two cringed, looking away, but the trainer was unable to dodge it. She felt the powder tickling her nose and her eyelids suddenly grew heavy. The world went blurry.

<p>"Primrose... Run..." she mumbled, barely consciously loosening the grip on the rodent, letting her break free and run on her own. The squirrel's survival instincts kicked in - she took the chance and jumped off.

<p>Everything disappeared as Jillian's eyes closed.
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Feb 17 2018, 07:06 AM
This is something that I thought would be convenient to have, so I'm just throwing this out here in case it would be useful to others too. :D

My idea is keeping track of where every active character is in one single thread. This is for the sake of easier plotting - like if you ever find yourself wondering "Hmm, who could I do a social thread with?", you check and see it all. This would also help decide where to put newly arriving characters.

Basically I'm thinking like a thread with all the major areas listed and characters that are currently in each area will be included below, together with a note if said character is travelling. I could prepare the thread and updates could be done by anyone with editing permissions whenever they know a change occurs, or by posting in the thread whenever.

The thread could also double as an open thread listing/quick plots center, for things like "Hey my character has an open thread in X" or "Yo, I feel like letting my char get hit in the face, anyone in Y wants to do it?"
Feb 15 2018, 09:08 PM
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<div class="stillvt">556 words</div>
<div class="stillvn">Kaname [100%]<br>
Bebe [100%]<br>
Ares [100%]
<div class="stillvl"> </div>
<div class="stillvp">

<p>Being in Ashfield had quite some upsides, Sonia noticed. She missed the city in some way - not only because there were so many people she could interact with, but also because of all the shops and stalls. Admittedly, there weren't as many as she had wanted, but the brunette still enjoyed stopping by and checking out various merchandise. On this winter day, her attention was focused on a stall with winter clothes and accessories by the main street. The merchant was a middle-aged man, whose face was barely visible from below his cap and scarf, but the way he was resting his chin on his hands and watching her with sleepy eyes implied that he was rather uninterested. Sonia didn't mind - she was happily browsing through various woolen scarves, trying not to think about how many Mareep had to run around naked for the sake of these being made.

<p>The woman's Sylveon was standing on his hind paws, with the front ones pressed against the stall, so he could take a curious look as well. The idea of getting something nice to wear was appalling to him, even if these were mostly meant for humans... He could surely imagine himself wearing a pretty bandana as a collar. Perhaps Sonia could tie it into a ribbon for him... His tail was wagging with interest as he watched his trainer grab another woolen cap and try it on.

<p>"How do I look?" the trainer asked the merchant, but he only gave her a dismissive groan. Kaname, on the other hand, meowed with approval.

<p>"It's pretty! But the previous color was better."

<p>"Can we go yeeeet, Bebe marked her presence known with a long whine.

<p>Sonia and Kaname looked back at the rat, who was sat a meter back and staring at them with annoyance. The Sylveon sighed, but the trainer immediately approached the baby, not before taking off the hat and tossing it back onto the stall - she wouldn't want to be accused of stealing.

<p>"Aw, what is it? Are you worried that we're not paying attention to you?" the woman guessed jokingly, leaning down to pet the little one. Bebe accepted the pat, but her face continued expressing a pout.

<p>"Let them have their fun, little one. They seem pretty happy," Ares the Ekans suddenly joined the exchange, slithering closer. He had been safely staying away from the view, hiding in the grass. He similarly showed little interest in human fashion, but while Sonia and Kaname were busy, he could sit back and rest. He didn't want Bebe to ruin his lazy time. "You can come play with me, while we wait."

<p>The last words were marked with a teasing rattle of the tip of his tail. Bebe's interest immediately shifted to him. Her rattling friend didn't usually let her play with his tail. She couldn't let this opportunity go! The Rattata dashed past Sonia, straight toward Ekans and leaped to grab his tail. Ekans smiled lightly and moved it back just in time, making Bebe follow up with another jump.

<p>The trainer giggled. "Look at you two having fun! You're so good at looking after Bebe, Ares."

<p>As she cheerfully went back to browsing, Kaname shot the Ekans a distrustful glare, squinting his eyes. Ares pretended not to notice, focusing his gaze on the playful Rattata.

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