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 Welcome to sunrise, [Unmodded Adventure]
 Posted: Jun 25 2018, 09:50 PM


Blue took a deep breath as she stumbled across the terrain, her eyes trained on the ground. She had... Really no idea why she was out here in the first place. Maybe because she felt the need to try and catch some food for Chuck's stand? Yeah, it was probably that. She didn't hold any weapons in her head, but that was fine with her... She felt odd that her team could probably handle hunting if needed.

Speaking of her team, they were starting to grow in numbers. Sasha and Mary took the front, as usual. The mareep had her eyes set on the area around them, waiting for any danger to approach and threaten her team. Mary held her focus more on the little stunky, who was rolling around happily in the dirt. Joey merely kept himself buzzing by the human's head, murmuring thoughts aloud and examining the Desert Strip.

The walk seemed pretty uneventful, for the most part. The pokemon after time began to start a conversation with each other, leaving Blue alone to herself basically. The girl sighed, and looked up at the sky that matched her name. It was... Actually pretty nice out. Sure, it was hot and she felt like dying right there in her heavy jacket, but nice.

Suddenly, a loud squeak came from Pyro as he quickly sped off into the strip. Sasha bleated loudly, and began to give chase after the baby pokemon. Mary and Blue quickly exchanged worried expressions, and followed after the two running pokemon. The cutiefly let out a shocked series of buzzing, and zoomed from behind.

 Posted: Jun 25 2018, 10:13 PM


[Here are your spawns for this unmodded adventure. You are in control of them, but keep it realistic and reasonable! Remember to post in the mod request whenever you attempt a capture or befriending, and remember that you can only attempt to capture/befriend each Pokemon twice. Have fun!]

a wild Helioptile has appeared!
level 12 ◒ female ◒ solar power ◒ AGILITY, CAMOUFLAGE, GLARE, pound, tail whip, thunder shock, charge

a wild Helioptile has appeared!
level 8 ◒ female ◒ dry skin ◒ pound, tail whip, thunder shock

a wild Cubone has appeared!
level 11 ◒ male ◒rock head ◒ growl, tail whip, bone club, headbutt
 Posted: Jun 30 2018, 05:33 PM


The chase wouldn't last long, but not because Sasha managed to catch up to her adopted son. A few moments into the chasing, the stunky began to go behind a large rock, but he never reappeared. When Sasha got to the rock, she expected Pyro to be hiding behind it. "(Alright, Py. Why did ya...)"

The mareep immediately tensed up in realizing that the stunky had vanished. Her eyes went wide, and she began to scan the area for the purple pokemon. He wasn't that fast, right!? As soon as the others joined her, Sasha turned to Mary. Her expression was in unusual concern. "(Mary, did you see where Pyro went? I don't see him anywhere.)" She murmured loudly, a small shakiness to her voice.

Mary's eyes immediately went wide as well, which didn't help Sasha's growing panic. Joey hovered down towards the two, and began to look over the area. "(... It seems as though the tiny one disappeared...)"

"(I CAN FUCKING SEE THAT!)" Sasha suddenly snapped, growling loudly at the bug. He didn't seem to be fazed, but he inched closer to the human, who seemed to be confused and worried. Blue began to run out further into the Desert Strip, and called out Pyro's name. Sasha tried to take a deep breath, but her throat felt strained and dry. She dug her hooves into the dirt, even crushing a few pebbles. Mary began to sniff around in the ground, her ears perked up.

Sasha eventually felt the ability to scream again. "(Pyro! PYRO! WHATEVER THIS IS, IT ISN'T FUNNY!)" It felt like hell to her throat, but goddamnit if it signaled him to come back, it was worth it. But unfortunately for the sheep, the stunky didn't make an appearance or even a distant squeal. Mary looked at the other in worry for a couple moments before going back to sniffing at the ground. Sasha bit down on her teeth, and began to frantically pace in the dirt. Her head began to burn with thoughts of what had happened to her son. If anyone dared hurt him... The mareep's limbs began to shake and electricity flew erratically from her wool.

Mary raised her head, her eyes still wide. She seemed to be much more calm than her sheep friend, but still looked extremely panicked. Her voice was nearly silent as she spoke. "(I-I got his scent... It's mixed in with a few others, and it's fresh... You don't think..?)"

Sasha snapped her head towards the canine, and stomped over towards her. "(Mary, can you track and see where he went!? Please, for the love of Arceus!)"

"(I-I tried to! But it j-just... Stopped. I can't track him...)"

The sheep began to tremble, and she looked as if she was going to break something despite also looking terrified. She pounded into the ground with her hooves, making deep marks into it. "(I'm going to gut someone! Goddamnit! I'm going to gut whoever took Pyro and wrap them up like a present with it!)"

Mary didn't even try to respond to the threat. She kept her head low, as if still trying to track down the lost stunky. She bared her teeth and tried to keep herself from crying. She was terrified, and Sasha's oddly panicked behavior made her feel as if everything was going to hell and would never return.

Blue kept pacing around the Desert Strip while still keeping close to the rock where Pyro had vanished. She looked fairly terrified as well, and was desperately tugging at her jacket sleeves. He had to be somewhere, right..? Nothing would ever happen to him. Nobody had the horribleness to hurt him, right? And then her memories of Fluffy started to pull her deeper into fear. The bug went missing without a trace of what happened to her, and she never returned home... What if that happened to Pyro!? The girl's throat hurt as she tried to manage a yell. "Pyro! Pyroooo!"

Sasha went suddenly still, although her legs still shook violently. He had to be somewhere. He was going to be alright. They were going to find out other again and go home... And laugh... And... And... The mareep was on the verge of crying as she screamed out again for the stunky. "(PYRO! PLEASE!)"

Blue looked back to her pokemon, and winced as she realized how Sasha was reacting to this situation. Oh god... The girl hesitantly turned and began to walk back to the houndour and mareep, Joey still buzzing around her head. When she got close, Blue crouched down to where Sasha was pacing madly. The sheep almost seemed to glare at the human, but it soon vanished as she wrapped her arms around her. A small instinct in her told her to shock the human, but she refrained from doing so... The human was probably just trying to help...

Sasha still felt on edge, but she forced herself to keep still as the human hugged her. She even leaned in as if trying to hug back.

 Posted: Jul 31 2018, 11:52 AM


((Content warning: These helioptiles are brutal against Pyro at some points

A soft groan escaped Pyro as he opened his eyes. But there was no light when he opened them, only a large void of darkness. He squinted for a few seconds, trying to see what was around him. The action was quickly stopped as he let out a loud wince. He was being dragged, and had just hit a sharp rock. He let out another groan, lamely trying to struggle away from whatever was dragging him.

"(Quiet!)" An ordering hiss rang in his ear, making the stunky try and bat away the creature's loud mouth with his paws. Another hiss came from the unknown pokemon as she began to drag him more roughly. Ignoring her former command, Pyro began to whine and struggle about. He didn't like whoever this was, and he wasn't going to listen to her. "(Where's Mama? I want my Mama!)" He defiantly questioned.

An annoyed growl escaped the lizard. Her claws began to sink into the stunky's flesh and she harshly tugged him further into the darkness. The baby let out a pained yelp and further tried to break free from the enemy's grip. "(Mama! Mamaaaa!)"

A smack went across the top of his jaw, making him quiet for a few seconds. The lizard let out a low hiss into his ear. "(Your mom isn't going to hear you, so shut up.)"

"(Let me go! I wanna see Mama and Marymom, you big meanie!)"
Pyro shouted, flailing his paws around in an attempt to scratch the pokemon. She looked up from the stunky for a second before drawing her claws from him. The demon immediately broke away from his attacker, turning around and trying to run back towards where he had assumed they had come from.

But a bigger pokemon now blocked his path. The dark figure seemed extremely similar to the one that had been dragging him. She let out a shaking giggle before she jumped out at Pyro, rolling around in the dirt for a few moments before she pinned the baby down. His head was held uncomfortably against a rock, and the claws that held it down sunk into his fur. He tried his best to look up at the pokemon, only to be greeted with more giggles.

Bright sparks emitted from the creature, briefly lighting up the lizard's yellow and black face that held an eerie grin. Pyro wouldn't have time to look even further, though, as the electricity from the helioptile began to turn to him. Pain overwhelmed his senses, a burning feeling beginning to form across his flesh. While he had grown up near an electric type pokemon, he was not at all used to the feeling of being electrocuted. The stunky shook violently, letting out an agonized screech. Tears began to well up in his eyes. For as long as the attack continued, the baby would keep screaming out the pain.

The electric shock suddenly ended, along with the pressure being forced against him. He tumbled to the ground, shaking heavily and trying to scoot away from the approaching duo of lizards. The smaller one remained silent and slow while her companion seemed a bit too trigger-happy.

Pyro's voice shook as he spoke, his fear only growing as he felt his body hitting the wall. "(I-I-I wanna go home! I want my mom!)" He cried, beginning to curl up in a tiny ball. The attacking pokemon held barely any sympathy though.

"(Don't worry, you'll be gone from here soon, little demon...)" The smaller one hissed, taking a few steps forwards before she was stopped by the now clearly excited other. "(W-w-w-wait! Hehe, wh-what if h-h-h-hEH his m-mom is th-that other d-d-demon!)" She cackled, the volume in her voice only making the baby cower more.

The smaller helioptile paused, glancing over to her sister with raised eyes. "(Well... If we could lure her here with him... Yes, yes... That'd be two demons gone.)" She snickered lightly. Pyro's eyes widened. Were they going to kill Marymom!? No, that wasn't happening!

A small flicker of fire escaped from his mouth, which caught the attention of both of the giggling lizards. They barely had time to react before the stunky tossed a few embers at the original attacker. She let out a surprised scream as she stumbled backwards. The bigger lizard let out a hiss and began to approach the demon threateningly. Pyro squeaked, frantically looking for ways to escape. Suddenly, a shout came from behind them. "(Hhh... Don't kill him now! How will we get the other demon closer if we don't have him alive!)"

The attacking heliptile's giggling and childish demeanor dropped, and she began to growl. "(... F-f-f-fine.)" She retorted. She stopped her threatening waltz towards him, but she continued to glare intensely at him. The stunky shivered, unable to move his limbs for a few moments.

"(N-n-now... Heheh-h-how's the plan g-g-going?)"

While the two helioptiles bickered with each other over how they were going to go with their plan, Pyro remained shivering nearby. Tears coated the ground as he shivered. He wanted to go home... Maybe he could break for it if they lead him out? Yeah, or shout to warn Marymom... Maybe. Hopefully...

 Posted: Aug 9 2018, 11:04 AM


((CW: Gore

Mary felt herself slowly start to lose her composure as time went on, unable to keep a straight face with how everyone was reacting. She normally trusted Sasha to not break down, but... The sheep was shivering and screaming out for Pyro to come back. She had to be held by the human, who seemed very uneasy with the sheep's unusual behavior and was now crying as she hugged her partner. The girl still seemed to keep an eye out for really any sign of the demon, but came to not avail like every other time. Watching Sasha break down and show clear emotional weakness was not good at all for Mary's confidence in the situation. Her worry for Pyro grew clearer, but in a different way. She started to act more snappy in her movements, hastily trying to find any idea of where her adopted son might of gone. If Joey got too close, she would growl him away.

Her eyes snapped open wide as she heard the faint screaming of Pyro, only to have it be suddenly silenced. Her head was raised high, quickly scanning over the area around her. The faint screaming seemed to have caught the attention of Sasha as well, as the mareep hastily and recklessly ran to stand by the demon. Blue looked up at the two before staring at the cutiefly that hovered by her head, worry clear on her face.

Mary was nearly stomping as she made her way around, trying to catch any signs of the stunky. Sasha joined her, desperately looking around with wide eyes. Suddenly, another scream rang out. It sounded like crying. The houndour shot up, turning herself towards the direction of the scream. Her vision caught the sight of two helioptiles arising from a nearby rock. Her thoughts were filled with confusion for a moment, but they immediately vanished as one of them turned to shout at Pyro's crying.

Sasha stood wide-eyed as she stared at the scene, acting as if she were frozen. Mary made no hesitation in barreling through the dirt towards them, growling loudly under her breath. The lizards soon took notice of the demon, and fell back in surprise. The bigger helioptile began to open her mouth to shout out something, but there was no time to speak before Mary crashed into the lizard. The two tumbled in the dirt for a few moments, wrestling against each other to try and gain control. The canine found herself with a few bloody spots on her fur before she was finally able to pin down the yellow lizard.

She growled loudly, making no hesitation as fire quickly erupted from her mouth. She spit it downwards at the helioptile beneath her feet, ignoring the ear-splitting scream that came from her. She opened her mouth to attack again, but the sound of the smaller helioptile made her pause. The lizard had Pyro held against the ground, threatening electricity expelling from her scales. "(Kill her and I kill him!)"

"(Marymom, they're going to kill you! You gotta go!)"
Pyro cried before being silenced by the heiloptile's claws. The houndour remained silent, though her gaze held a chilling rage. She let out a loud roar, letting it echo in the air for a second. The smaller lizard seemed a bit uneasy by the booming voice, but still held her ground as she held down the stunky beneath her claws. After a few seconds, she began to snicker. "(You think some barks can get us out of here?)"

"(Quite so.)"
Mary growled before glancing behind the lizard. The helioptile looked confused for a split second, suddenly hissing and looking as if she was going to electrocute the baby. She never got the chance though, as a sudden loud warcry rang out before Sasha crashed into the helioptile. The weight being set on Pyro was lifted, and the stunky squeaked as he cried and ran from the scene. The stunky scampered over towards the human, who had ran closer to the scene and was crying as she bent down to hug the baby.

Mary nodded to Sasha, who seemed too busy holding her hooves down on the smaller lizard's throat. She had nearly forgotten about the enemy under her feet until she felt a strong rush of electricity make her yelp in pain. Her teeth pressed against each other as she glared down at the helioptile at her paws. She glared even further as small stuttering giggles escaped her anymore. The canine growled, and brought her face down to the other's as she opened her jaws. A poisonous gas escaped her mouth, making the enemy choke on the air as she inhaled it. Mary released another wave of the smog a little before the lizard's tried to lash out at the houndour's neck.

It didn't do much though, and the demon found herself walking off of the lizard. She watched in a vengeful glare as she watched the helioptile roll around, choking on the air around her and clutching her chest. The thought of just finishing the lizard off crossed her mind, but she ignored it. Whatever these pokemon did to Pyro was not in the slightest bit acceptable. They deserved this slow and painful death.

But as Mary glanced over nearby, she realized that she was the only one with that mindset. Sasha, in contrast, was going for a quick and gory death. Her hooves had dug into the smaller helioptile's flesh, allowing her to practically tear the enemy to pieces. Admittedly, the scene was a little hard for Mary to stare at. It was mainly due to what Sasha had done to the helioptile... It didn't even look like one anymore. The insides had turned into outsides, and lied out in the dirt along with blood.

Sasha looked terrified. She stood over the dead lizard with a fearful expression, blood coating her hooves and a bit of her wool. Mary cautiously headed over to the sheep, ignoring the loud choking noises that cried out behind her. She kept her gaze away from the gory mess below her feet as she spoke to the mareep. "(Sasha... Sasha!)"

The electric type snapped out of her trance, and even more fear showed in her gaze. "(Pyro! Is Pyro okay!?)"

Mary sighed before glanced over towards where the human sat and had her arms protectively around the stunky. She seemed to hesitate in speaking. "(H-he should be okay now... Now that these pokemon are gone.)"

The two remained silent for a few moments. The mareep pressed herself against Mary's chest before murmuring under her breath. "(I thought we lost him...)"

More silence and stillness. Mary sighed, and quickly guided the sheep over towards the other members of the team.


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