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 Quest Contributions, for player appreciation month
 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 01:50 AM


Quest Contribution

◒ Plan Future Quests!

As explained here, this is where all quest suggestions must be posted to be eligible for the raffle we are doing for player appreciation month!

Keep the length requirements in mind when posting your suggestions- if a quest suggestion is deemed to short, we will ask you to add more to it, otherwise it cannot count. Also, remember that the limit is five suggestions per person. Other than that, knock yourselves out!

 Posted: Aug 1 2017, 07:47 PM


.... [cough] I labelled some so it'd be easier to tell where each one starts and each one ends. So yeah. These are my three ideas and um.... Probably not gonna do more. Eheh...

Taboo Pet

For every belief held by the general public, there will always be a minority who would believe otherwise. In regards to the beliefs surrounding the dark-type pokemon that exist, they are no exception. One such individual in Ashfield is completely against such beliefs, having befriended a Poochyena and gained its trust. Despite the stigma associated with its typing, she insists on keeping him around for his friendship, no matter what other Ashfielders may have to say about her decisions. However, that does not stop what those Ashfielders have to say.

After an incident in the area that is accepted as Ashfield’s marketplace, her beloved pet that most would be content to write off as a mangy demon mutt, was driven away by humans living in Ashfield and into the dimly lit jungle, where most of its kind called home. The owner of the Poochyena would ask for a trainer willing to help her plight without judgement to go into the forest and retrieve Poochyena. She is without pokemon aside from her “Poochy”, and thus needs assistance bringing him back home. She claims that he is easily recognizable, with a clear scar from a scratch that blinded him in his left eye, and missing several patches of fur. As well, he is noticeably less anxious around people. She has offered a friendship bracelet she had crafted herself, so her pet will not attack any who will try to retrieve.

She is not particularly wealthy or swimming in riches herself, but offers enough food to be assembled into packs for travel.

There would be some pokemon spawned, in rounds, before the girl’s Poochyena appears and is found. The pokemon would either have to be defeated or convinced to leave the volunteer and their pokemon alone.

Shadow Thieves

Around Ashfield City, it is known that the dark and gloomy jungle is filled with many dangerous pokemon. However, out of necessity, many individuals must venture into the dangerous depths. Even those without the protection of pokemon must brave the woods at one point or another. Two such Ashfielders ventured into the forest, with the intention of collecting berries for their small shop that they ran together. However, in a moment of inattentiveness they had ventured too far. They had realized too late that they had ventured into the territory of a pack of different dark-type pokemon. In their haste to escape from the dangerous demon pokemon, they had accidentally left behind some precious belongings of their’s, such as a well-crafted bow that had been passed down in their family and an evolutionary stone that they had received as a gift from a family friend. Lacking pokemon of their own, they ask any trainers willing to assist to locate the pack that had attacked them and retrieve their valuables.

The Ashfielders are simply desperate to have their belongings returned, and care little for what state the pack of dark-types is left in after the fact. They do not know which pack of dark-types took their valuables, and it will be a challenge for the trainer to locate the correct pack and either defeat them or convince them to leave without the items or to simply return the stolen goods. The Ashfielders are willing to reward trainers who successfully return their valuables to them with currency and some useful berries known for healing ailments induced by pokemon that usually are more of an impediment than blunt damage.


As of late, many sightings of dark-types closer to Ashfield City than usual have been reported and complained about. Some of the more analytical minds in the city have concluded that the most likely cause is that they are expanding their territory towards Ashfield, despite the strong presence of humans usually keeping wild pokemon from coming too close to the city. After all, people did not often get attacked by wild pokemon within the settlement.

A local man known for being particularly brazen in his opinion of the demons has suggested that they go and drive the dark-type packs back. However, the label of demon is based in what appears to be quite rational fear. Not many are quite as bold to attack a large group of dark-types that is apparently strong enough to begin expanding their territory in the direction of humans. As such, the man decided to provide an incentive and offer a reward to the trainers who assist in driving the dark-types back away from Ashfield.

Despite the man’s expectations that any trainers will likely attack the packs and force them away with violence, his demand can be fulfilled if the pack is convinced to go away from humans instead as well. However, it is possible that a more diplomatic solution will yield a lesser reward than if you employed violence.

Desk Lamp
 Posted: Aug 2 2017, 06:26 PM


Quit Horsing Around!

In Crater City, one of the Mudsdale used to transport heavier shipments from place to place has been acting up for reasons unknown, trying to bite humans and recently throwing an extremely dangerous tantrum in the middle of the road. Of course, nobody likes a bitten hand or a kick in the face from a beast weighing over a ton, so the Crater City peace department has elected to find a trainer (or several) who can subdue the Mudsdale, whether by force or friendship. They are offering a reward of a large sum of tokens, split evenly among the group that manages to calm Mudsdale. Up to four people can take this quest, with 600 tokens split among them. The Mudsdale in question is not being used for deliveries, so it is currently in one of the Crater stables and should be easy to find.

bio :: user posted image :: tracker
bio :: user posted image :: tracker
 Posted: Aug 6 2017, 07:27 PM


I've had this one mulling around in the back of my mind since I made my NPC couple. The main problem I foresee is that Pyroars are probably way too powerful for a reasonable person to take on... One possible way around this problem is allowing multiple people to take on the quest. A more radical idea could be having one of the hired hands, as an NPC, assist the player. Perhaps the NPC could have a fairly high level Pokemon, enough to take on the main Pyroar, while the player clears out the smaller PyroarsLitleos, probably.

Pyroar in Mareep's Clothing

There's trouble in Lion's Plains! The flat land and unhindered sunlight make for some excellent tall grass, and the dominating Mareep shepherd, Luke, tends his herds in these excellent grazing grounds a bit out from Crater City, closer to the moisture from the forests.

Unfortunately, Pyroar are the dominating Mareep eater. And there are quite a few Pyroar living in Lion's Plains. A few losses here and there are understandable, but lately a new generation of youngsters, seeking their claim to fame and territory, have gotten brazen. Instead of sneaking around and taking Mareep when they can without being caught, they've begun outright challenging Luke and his hired hands in broad daylight, threatening to attack them and their guard Pokemon! Most of them are still large Litleos, but a few have grown in power enough to just begin their evolution process, and have scruffy half-manes growing in. One in particular, the leader of the ragtag group, is already fully evolved.

Luke has a fairly powerful Stoutland, and Scruffy could probably take on the leader on his own. But he needs someone with the strength and willingness to fend off the rest of the pride while his Stoutland faces down with the boss. Hold them back long enough for him to win the battle! Once the leader is defeated, those still standing will surely scatter.

Possible rewards:
Considering the Shepherd family (yeah, he named himself after he found the Mareep) has a large quantity of exceptional Mareep wool, and the man practically dominates Mareep wool production thanks to his luck in capturing an entire herd of Mareep quite early on... I've always suspected them to be rather rich. So...
1. A good chunk of tokens. In addition to 100 tokens for a completed thread, plus 100 tokens if you succeed in holding the pride back long enough for the leader to be defeated, 50 per Litlleo fainted/captured, 150 per Pyroar. (To be re-balanced as necessary)

2. Some swanky new wool clothes: cut, dyed, and sewn in a style of your choice (in case you don't like crafting)
XXX g worth of wool cloth, ready for crafting (amount to be determined)

3. Some nice berries (maybe 5?) courtesy of the shepherd's wife and her lovely berry garden


A young native has taken it upon themselves to run away from home, believing himself capable of braving the wilderness like the generation before her did. But she is only (twelve? thirteen? some young, naive number)!

His/Her parents are extremely worried, naturally, and they are offering a reward if you can find their son/daughter! He/She has delved straight into a dangerous area full of wild Pokemon, which you will have to battle, befriend, or otherwise convince to leave you alone so you can find the wayward child.

If you find him/her and return him safely to his parents, along with his starter that his parents gifted to him, you are eligible for these rewards:

1. A decent (maybe 100?) chunk of tokens. Whatever the poor parents can afford without breaking their dbank or being unable to feed themselves or their child.

2. A young Pokemon, determined by staff member, who is the sibling of the native's own starter? (Note: if you are unable to save the child's starter, this reward will not be given to you.)

 Posted: Aug 8 2017, 12:31 PM


In the Dark of the Night

Nighttime is when the desert starts teeming with life, for the cooler temperatures cause Pokemon to wander out from their hiding place and do whatever it is that needs to be done. But it is also when the demons and spirits come out to play. Lately, many residents haven’t been getting enough sleep due to paranormal activity. Shadows would crawl from the streets, strange laughs could be heard, something would be hiding underneath someone’s bed. The citizens of Oasis Village have taken upon themselves to hold a night watch, to keep the demons and spirits at bay.

It will not be done in a typical player-mod fashion. Mods generate several ghost and dark type Pokemon that you have to either befriend, capture, or drive them off. Mostly drive them off. But in the end, it’s up to you how the story goes, as you control both your own Pokemon and the wild Pokemon. The reward would have to be something spooky, maybe some Old Gateau. And, of course, tokens.

Eye Spy

Tic and his gang are at it again and have caused quite a bit of trouble with a traveling merchant. They have ransacked his cart and hid the things that were contained with it. The man is seeking help to find his stolen goods and will reward the person with some of said goods if they manage to find it. Perhaps the goods could be Pokemon held items? Or maybe even materials to make something.

This is basically a game of Eye Spy. Players search around town to find the missing goods. Along the way, you’ll be beset by trainer owned Pokemon, whether on their own or a trainer asking for a battle. It’s most likely that Tic’s crew will be the ones asking for a battle, if you want the goods, but that doesn’t have to be necessary. As for the Pokemon without a nearby trainer, you can interact with it however you like, but you can’t catch it. The RNG will be rolled if you discover an item taken from the merchant.

Jungle Jive

Lately, people have been hearing the sound of music coming from the Western Great Forest. Nobody knows who’s playing the strange music, but it’s…nice. But baffling. Your job is to solve the mystery to the mysterious music.

While wandering the forest, you’ll find yourself beset by Pokemon that have been disturbed by the music. The RNG will determine if you find the source of the music. After five tries and failing to find it, you’ll find the source of the music. In the meantime, you have to deal with the disturbed Pokemon. Befriend them, capture them, drive them away, or ignore them as you please.

The truth behind the source of the music is a man with a Ludicolo, a Kricketune, and a Chatot. He will challenge you to a battle with his Chatot and afterwards get to hear some swanky music coming from him. He might give you something if you win, perhaps a music box that can be sold for a high amount of tokens? Even if you don’t win, he’ll give you a consolation prize. As this isn’t an important quest, prizes from the city will be minimal.

Steel Your Resolve

There have been rumors about a man with a Steelix that is about to attack the city. Normally rumors aren’t taken seriously, but the threat of attack has everyone on high alert. Beta has asked Pokemon trainers to help find the man with the Steelix and put the rumor to rest. If he plans on attacking, weaken his Steelix to a certain amount of damage, perhaps around 60-70%. The higher ups will then deal with the Steelix. You will be rewarded with great balls and, possibly, a Metal Coat, along with a large sum of tokens.

To find the trainer with the Steelix, you need to venture out in the Lion’s Plains. The RNG will determine if you meet the man or not. After five tries and failing to find him, he will appear. In the meantime, you’ll be dealing with wild Pokemon. It’s up to you whether to capture, befriend, drive them off or simply ignore them if they’re busy with something. They will be Pokemon you would find regularly in the Lion’s Plains. Also, you’re going to have to fight the Steelix, whether the rumors are true or not.

Quaking in Your Boots

The locals have spotted a giant Whiscash surrounded by Barboaches and other water Pokemon off the coast. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem if the Whiscash didn’t know Earthquake. It has been rocking the homes of the villagers and many fear that it might cause a tsunami if it isn’t stopped. The people of Forest Beach have sent out a call to any and all trainers to deal with the Whiscash and the surrounding Pokemon, driving it away from their shores. Alternatively, they could also attempt to catch the Whiscash and use it as a festival meal.

There will be an RNG to decide if the person has found the Whiscash or not. After five tries and failing to find it, the Whiscash will automatically appear. The RNG will also decide what Pokemon you face, about one to three Pokemon. Most will be Barboaches. It is up to you to decide how to deal with the Pokemon, especially the Whiscash. You can either attempt to catch it (But not keep it. Pokeballs will be compensated for.) or just drive it away. If caught, the villagers will reward you with some supply packs taken from the Whiscash’s meat, along with other things like a large sum of tokens. If driven away, you’ll still get something in return, perhaps a lesser amount of supply packs but with the same amount of tokens as if you captured it.

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