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Terrene continues to heat
up, both in temperature and in conflict. Beta is asking for spies to infiltrate Omega's camp, while Dentelle simply wants to inquire after the scientist's progress. Later in the season, Beta is hosting his annual crater city tournament, where people can test their Pokemon and their leadership and strategies against one another.


Summer will be here until
September. The heat of summer is here in full force, as well as the accompanying summer thunderstorms. Bug, electric, and fire types all thrive while others wilt under these conditions.







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Jun 8 2018, 04:10 PM
Cynthia entered the training grounds with a bit of uncertainty and suspicion. Like a queen regarding a questionable new castle, she kept her posture upright and her head held high as she examined the various setups, inspecting every detail. Amnisiad sat on her shoulder and also peered down at the various objects. In her entire year as Cynthia’s companion, she had never seen such a confusing array of human devices.

It was still early in the day, but already the summer sun was starting to strike down on the plains with intensity. With the tournament coming up, it was surprisingly crowded. Hopefully some of the people would drop out as the day got into full swing and they sought shade. Cynthia finally settled on the target and dummy field. As she was tentatively poking and pulling one of the straw dummies into place,
Amnisiad chirped a curious note from her shoulder, wondering what these strange things were. They looked a little bit like creepy humans without any hands or feet or face.

”Training dummies. You hit them as hard as you can.” Cynthia explained. Amnisiad cocked her head to regard the creepy human device with a beady black eye. She understood “hit”. With a triumphant caw, or rather a chirp, she sprang off of Cynthia’s shoulder and Tackled the straw dummy in the face, smacking her wings and body into it and following it up with a vicious Peck in the middle of the “forehead”. The dummy was surprisingly hard, the straw packed together closely and forming a dense mat.

Cynthia smiled at the bird’s ferocious attack. Amnisiad always had so much spirit. Suddenly, she was approached by an enormous striped canine. She stopped and turned to look at the orange and black creature in awe and surprise. ”You must be immensely powerful. Just look at you...” she murmured.

“Ahem.” A man on the creature’s back drew attention to herself and Cynthia looked up in alarm. “You paid for a Bishop’s services, correct?” Cynthia seemed apprehensive, and she eyed him warily.

”I suppose I did...” she glanced around at her surroundings, wishing she could ask for someone else’s services, but having a feeling that if she wanted a bishop, this is the one she’d get. Resolutely Setting her mouth in a hard, thin line, she turned back to Amnisiad, who was still clinging onto the training dummy and staring incredulously at the great fire canine. ”I hope you are a professional,” she warned, despite the man’s vastly superior Pokémon, she would not tolerate any funny business and she felt it was important to let him know of that straight away.

He seemed a bit taken aback. Nobody had ever accosted him in such an accusatory manner for seemingly many years. He spoke in a regal, presumably soothin tone of voice, “I understand. I assure you that I am entirely a professional. It is my duty to provide assistance.”
Jun 6 2018, 11:17 PM
From June 16 to June 24th, I'm going to be on planes or in Italy with Flameink and his family! So I probably won't get an opportunity to post. I'll try to sneak an hour or two in here or there (I believe we're going on a few long bus rides) but no promises. And I will most likely dedicate every bit of time I get to the tournament threads, which I hopefully won't be completely inactive in/get disqualified from.

I will almost certainly take a lot of pictures with my smartphone but not with a "proper" tourist camera because I'm lazy and don't want to carry a big camera everywhere XD.
Jun 3 2018, 04:08 PM
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<div class="simpappname">Rachel Aster</div>

<div class="simpappinfo">sixty-six - female - heterosexual</div>

<div class="simpappdesc">General OF Crater City</div>
A tall, thin woman, Rachel is just shy of six feet tall. Like her son, she has brilliant turquoise eyes that can appear warm and sparkling or icy and steeled. Her hair is mostly white now, though a few streaks of dirty blonde are still visible. Her face is wrinkled and her skin is pale and fragile, but she still greets people with a wide smile. She prefers to wear simple, light clothing: simple cloth shirts and skirts that typically come to her shins.
Rachel is compassionate and empathetic, but not always the brightest. When someone is upset at her, she will usually try to make it right by showering them with affection and homemade gifts. She is quite the chatterbox, and has a way of making people feel at home and at ease.
She is generous to a fault; she will give and give without thinking much of consequences. Her own needs come last, and she refuses to acknowledge when she’s dealing with hardship. She will lie to others about her own well-being in the hopes that no one will worry about her.
She frequently takes on injured or orphaned Pokémon, nursing them back to health and releasing them or finding them new homes. Though only four Pokémon are “hers” (as in she has a pokeball reserved for them and they almost always stay near her) there are many more who just drop by once every few weeks to say hello and get a bite of food to eat or a bit of TLC from Rachel.
Warning: long and still somewhat WIP<br>
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Dylan and Rachel were two of the closest people to Beta. Rachel was about 15 years old when she arrived in the dust and ash, and was welcomed by Beta. She was mature for her age, no doubt brought on by the suffering she experienced before she was rescued from the ruins of the old world. Though Rachel didn’t have the same lofty goals, she deeply admired Beta’s intensity and determination. She swore to help him in whatever way she could.
Dylan, who was 18 at the time, arrived a few days after. Beta saw, and Rachel - tagging along behind him - was there to meet him, too. Beta and Dylan became fast friends, the two similarly aged boys-on-the-cusp-of-adulthood almost like brothers.
The three of them went everywhere together and their band of immigrants, who would later become known as the Council of Generals, grew. What was first a matter of simple admiration and a desire for survival became a nigh unbreakable bond. At some point, slowly but surely, Dylan and Rachel fell in love. They tried to keep it hidden from Beta at first. By this time, he was already intensely involved in creating his own society. Despite how busy he and his council of newly pronounced Generals were, he did manage to notice that two of his oldest friends were acting differently, albeit not for several months after they had agreed to keep it a secret.
Beta was happy for his friends. He was too busy and obsessed with his work to fall in love and have a family, so their family was probably as close as he would get. After the awkward moment of Beta confronting them about their secret, followed by receiving Beta’s blessing in a rather long “short speech”, the couple finally moved in together.
A couple years later, 15 years after Beta and his friends entered Terrene, Avery was born. He was Rachel’s pride and joy, and she doted on him tirelessly...
...until that fateful day, 10 years after Avery was born. It was a normal day, except for Dylan’s Espeon, Percival, acting strange. Annoyed, Dylan eventually left him behind and headed to Beta’s house. There was no meeting scheduled that day, but he had an important favor to ask of his old friend, and he wanted to ask in private.
According to Beta, Dylan arrived in the middle of an invasion. Beta’s Pokemon were desperately fighting off several assassins and their Pokémon, but they were terribly outnumbered. Dylan heard his shouting, and rushed into the house, releasing his Lucario and Braviary. With Dylan’s powerful Pokémon, the tide was turned. In the end, however, Dylan was struck down with a well-aimed dagger thrown while his attention was on Beta. His faithful Lucario became utterly enraged, howling and morphing into Mega Lucario. Beta was forced to pull back with his team, unable to reach the Mega Lucario which threw itself at the remaining assassins and Pokémon. So blinded by rage was he that he didn’t even stop when his strength was spent and his wounds were beyond recoverable. He kept fighting until every last one of his opponents were dead, then he returned to Dylan’s body and protectively curled around it before dying himself.
After the burial, his Braviary refused to come home, resolutely hunkering down by his headstone and glaring at anyone who came near. His Espeon became a silent, hollowed-out ghost that sat in the garden or near Dylan’s pillow. Their little son, Avery, cried and slept and cried and slept. Beta tried to offer condolences, as best as he could, and told Rachel to take some time to focus on herself. She insisted she didn’t need the time, though, and she came to every meeting and started working on various projects with a furor. Underneath it all, Rachel grieved silently and fell into a terrible depression underneath the mask of cheerfully insistenting everything was fine. She stopped cooking; she wasn’t hungry. She stopped cleaning; there was no point.
To make matters worse, Avery changed. He wasn’t the sweet, caring child who loved to play with Pokémon anymore; he became sullen and rebellious. He stopped talking to her. The harder she tried to be cheerful and show him that nothing was wrong, the harder he pushed back. If only she still had Dylan... Surely a strong father figure could reach Avery?
After two years of struggle, she finally gave in and admitted to Beta that, despite her continued sunny disposition and her extreme productivity over the last two years in organizing societal necessities and groups, she needed his help. She needed him to take Avery under his wing.
She was eventually able to heal, slowly coming to her senses and rediscovering the joys in life. She would never love another man the way she loved Dylan, though.

<div class="simpappdesc">Can this NPC be used by anyone? please do! but first pm me</div>
<div class="simpappdesc">Can this NPC be changed/added to by anyone? probably not, but pm me</div>

<div class="tcred"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=1892" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div>
May 28 2018, 06:33 PM
Cynthia was growing restless again, and she knew that soon she’d have to leave. It seemed she had explored the entire area around Forest Beach Village, at least a few miles radius around the quaint town. She had scratched in a few details here and there on her map, using the green pigment from plants and faint juices of berries to chart in helpful landmarks she’d found: enormous trees that had stood for decades, if not centuries, secret ponds and rivulets, an occasional boulder that lingered out of place in the leafy, loamy soil.

She collected her things into her large, shapeless pack. It was surprising how spread out they got. Supply packs and pushed into one corner, her spear resting by the door, some berries haphazardly resting by Nyra’s fruit bowl. At least her basic traveling goods and her flute were still in her pack.

Nyra was teary-eyed as she watched Cynthia gathering her belongings. Green and Iphigenia were quiet, too. Amnisiad chattered on, “Aw, don’t worry about it so darn much! We’ll be back, really! We’ll all see each other again!”

”Sister, are you sure you’ll be okay here, on your own?” Iphigenia fretted as she nuzzled the blinded Deerling.

Green nuzzled her back affectionately, ”Of course! I won’t be alone, anyways. Nyra is here. And Gray! I’m just worried about you! It sounds dangerous out there...”

The larger Deerling snorted gently against her sister’s fluffy yellow and pink ear. ”I still don’t trust Gray. And I’ll be fine. I’m learning to get stronger and someday I’ll grow into a Sawsbuck. Then nobody will mess with me. Or you!”

”Okay, everyone. Let’s start heading out,” Cynthia spoke confidently. She turned back to Nyra and was surprised once again when the woman tackled her into a hug that was very unlike her usual demure self.

”Come back literally any time!” she spoke with a muffled, choked voice.

Cynthia squeezed her tightly and smiled fondly at her, ”Of course, Nyra.” Finally, the petite woman relinquished her grip, and Cynthia was gone.

With Amnisiad fluttering overhead, keeping an eye out for danger, and Iphigenia walking alongside her quietly, wanting to take in the eastern great forest one more time before they left for distant lands, Cynthia headed west. When they were out of sight of the village, Cynthia pulled the black flute out of her pack and frowned at it. ”Let’s see if this works as it’s supposed to...” she blew several harsh notes out of it. Iphigenia winced, and Amnisiad nearly flew into a tree trunk out of surprised distress.

Cynthia smiled sheepishly as the two Pokémon she trusted to be out of their pokeballs stared at her. ”Ah, um, sorry. Would you rather be in your ball?” she pulled the two pokeballs out of the pockets of her shorts.

Iphigenia promptly walked over and nudged the ball, disappearing. However much she would like to have one last quiet walk through her birthplace, it wasn’t worth anything if it was interrupted by the strident, shrill scream of the black flute. Amnisiad, however, shook her little beak back and forth and simply flew on ahead by a few more feet.

Cynthia smiled softly and spoke gently, ”Thanks for staying out with me, Ammy.” She brought the flute back up to her lips and played a few more notes as she resumed walking.

May 24 2018, 09:48 AM
Along the edge of the forest, Cynthia was attempting one more training session before her journey began.

It was difficult, though, to convince her Pokémon to cooperate. Atalanta would barely even listen to her, preferring to glare at the human and the others and refusing to follow anything that resembled an order. This frustrated Cynthia, naturally, so she’d taken to leaving her alone except when she was actively feeding her.

Iphigenia wanted to train, but the going was painfully slow without sparring matches, and she wasn’t willing to spar against Amnisiad. She protested, ”What if I hurt her? What if she hurts me? It’s too dangerous.”

So Cynthia was stuck resorting to trying to find wild Pokémon for Amnisiad to practice with, or keep trying to use the annoyingly difficult and slow tactic of target practice. On the outskirts of Forest Beach Village, she frowned thoughtfully as she wrapped leaves in a long strip of soft, fresh bark, trying to make some sort of training dummy that wasn’t as hard as a tree. Beside her, a dirty wooden spear permanently stained with blood and dirt stood upright in the ground, within reach just in case. Usually nothing too dangerous came this close to the village, but Cynthia would be remiss if she grew so naive so as to not even have her primary weapon nearby.

Amnisiad chirped cheerfully and “helped”, grabbing the strip of bark whenever it came her way, eagerly tracking it with her eyes and snatching it out of the air with her sharp little beak. It looked like a big worm! She tugged it tight, and only reluctantly let go when Cynthia gave it two sharp pulls in quick succession. Cynthia wound the strip of soft inner bark around the leaves once again, and there it was. Back again, the strip of bark was dangling right before Amnisiad’s eyes. With a triumphantly loud chirp, she grabbed it once more.

”Ammy, how will I ever finish this if you’re constantly grabbing it away from me?” Cynthia chided gently. ”None of our friends are willing to spar with you or Iphigenia, so I’ve got to get this dummy made so you two can practice.”

The bird didn’t understand. Nor did she even listen. She just chirrupped happily and grabbed at the bark as it came around again.

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